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Randy Orton suspended for 60 days!

Randy Orton suspended
for 60 days!

WWE superstar Randy Orton, 32, has received a sixty day suspension from his recent employing organisation on May 30th 2012.

Orton had been in violation of the Wellness Policy, with a statement released from WWE on its website.

“In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Randy Orton for 60 days effective today for his second violation of the company's policy.”

This tallies Randy’s third suspension, though second through the Wellness Policy. Three occasions of the Wellness program means termination for a superstar.

Orton, while not partaking any drugs or steroids as such, chose to smoke in the herbal variety, which still comes under the Wellness Policy. Orton’s first violation was in April 2006.
Here's Rey, on the Wrestlemania Weekend Golf Trip, 2012

Others suspended for the Wellness violations are either injured, due to return or on shaky ground. Some include Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Evan Bourne.

In further debacles, Mysterio, whom most knew when it came out after March, was suspended in February though announced as suspended after March, clouding WWE’s precipitous nature. Rey also appeared on the Wrestlemania tour. Talk about infeasible.

Chris Jericho has also recently been suspended for thirty days following a cultural incident from WWE’s Brazilian tour last week. (See here - Chris Jericho suspended for 30 days! )
I've got the power...

With Jericho’s suspension, Orton was in talks to lead a feud with Dolph Ziggler, Y2J’s replacement.  

While many speculated Ziggler may be filler for a thirty day spot then disappear again, many questions are further posed. With Orton absent also, will Ziggler be dropped? Or shall he be able to rise above, now two stalwarts are away? This would be WWE’s perfect opportunity to do so. Though if it benefitted Dolph with the WWE title at Royal Rumble and a feud with CM Punk that could have ended now, Ziggler would have been in a healthier, headlining position. The absence of Orton would have meant that a second young up and comer could have been launched instead of just one.

Only last week, during Raw, Dolph Ziggler's bulge got a few searches! :o

WWE must understand how crucial it is to elevate new talent amongst the veterans. Now WWE realise they need to find people to call on, in unfortunate circumstances.

Similarly some years ago, a batch of nearly all of WWE’s leading staff suffered injuries in the same time period, including John Cena, Triple H and Undertaker, all in main line feuds at the time.

On Raw’s May 28th (2012) broadcast, Ziggler asked Vickie Guerrero to get him out of this tag team losing situation. “I’m better than this” Ziggler proclaimed. Vickie responded “I’ll see what I can do.”

Generic Wrestler
With Vickie’s powers of persuasion, Ziggler must be launched to the WWE title contention and be ‘re-made.’ Lose the shiny, unattractive tights. Dress accordingly, lose the ass cape and ass juggle and look like a generic wrestler. For WWE, it is optional; though dying the hair back to brunette and short crop is highly supportive to the Ziggler presentation. The longer anyone waits, the more they dip in respect.

Now, does it seem ludicrous that Miz, Ziggler and others were jobbed in such detrimental ways that WWE can’t call on them instantly?

It also highlights that WWE need to produce new stars also, to be lined up for further feuds than relying on the same boring, outdated or mid-level, unable to rise higher stars that are seemingly at the top – Eve, Big Show and David Otunga are valid choices to ‘make’ someone who is lowly and has nothing in the company to do. Though it is invalid to present them, including the Big Show, as the main focus of headlining programming to a paying audience that cannot have any faith in this establishment.

They won’t like this, but it is not about saying “I told you so,” though WWE should have and desperately need a draft shortly. Bet they wish they’d done one, huh?

With Smackdown now stuffed without Orton, Sheamus is exposed. Unable to be carried anymore and not rising as the star WWE have intended for, and Alberto Del Rio still a Raw superstar, regardless, WWE need to call in “The Board” or “Management” to replace Del Rio to Raw. The draft can move him if necessary, as well as reading the riot act of Raw/Smackdown title challenge separation.

WWE is a right mess structurally and needs to emphasize these parameters in order to establish its worth to its audience, or else many will turn off, especially now missing key fixtures to watch.

Smackdown needs new stars in title contention than Sheamus. Raw needs re-structuring. Going into three hours, and uninteresting with the recent 28th May episode, where Big Show also opened with a slow, monotone, drab promo for yet another twenty minutes to half an hour, WWE are ruining themselves from within.

WWE’s 1000th episode of Raw was scheduled for St.Louis, centred around the hometown of Randy Orton.

Also, hire more Women that can wrestle.

P.s. Having a returning Wade Barrett will not be an answer nor solution to his boredom and uninteresting presence.

Cue Brock Lesnar to have some more appearances. With WWE fretting over when to schedule the HHH/Lesnar collision, isn’t it clearly obvious? – Money In The Bank.

Back up your harddrive?

Once again, relying on old hat/established performers shows the disaster WWE come too when it cannot rely on them forever and takes a massive hit without a contingency plan in place. Everyone backs up their system, right?

WWE must produce stars, and seeing as it has a wide pool of people, why are you waiting around? The WWE Universe also wants to see them, rather than doing jobs on Superstars, NXT or the A and B shows. I could mention a list, but I’m certain you already know who would be on that.

In the mish mash of fret, should WWE give a championship of opposing brands to a superstar on the other, while they may do it to a star who is favoured, this will lose them immense respect once the reign hype wears off. Avoid at all costs.
Max and Rand, enjoying some Mojito's...

...Until that Jericho spotted us!

It isn’t all bad news. Rand now has free time on his hands. He can travel over to Britain for a vacation and visit Max Waltham. Maybe we can have a pint and bump into Jericho in a pub!

The Randy Orton heel turn debate article will now be re-scheduled for next month at the latest, though may pop up earlier.

© Max Waltham 02nd June 2012

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