Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012

Reforming the flaxen formation?

Reviving the concept name of the PPV WWE discontinued some two years ago, No Way Out came live from the Izod Centre, New Jersey on Sunday 17th June 2012. Would re-installing the themed PPV, a favourite no one wanted removed for the cheap branded ones, be able to portray talent, a show, and overall, an experience that facilitated change and content?

Here, are the results from the card.

World Heavyweight Championship

Sheamus (c) Vs Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Originally scheduled for Alberto Del Rio to challenge the champion, unfortunate circumstances, namely a concussion, had to hinder Del Rio's spot. Winning a Fatal 4 Way, number one contendership match for the very title on the pre Raw before Sunday, Dolph Ziggler overcame the odds of The Great Khali, an unsustainable choice, Jack Swagger, no chance of becoming anything, and Christian, the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, locked into a feud with Cody Rhodes, as well as bigwigs up top assuming Christian is below World title material.

Regardless, Ziggler overcame the challenge to fight for the title tonight. In that battle, from the get go, many felt Dolph was one year old and his time has passed. Sheamus was viewed as two years old. Neither have developed since those time periods which should have been the making of them, when they both tasted success, in spite of WWE broadcast booking.

Though the crowd were on Ziggler's side, desperately crying out for change, though only a handful cheering for the man himself as a personality, Ziggs went for a kiss with his squeeze at ringside, Vickie Guerrero. Instantly turning round, Sheamus lunged with a Brogue Kick, which, learning from experience, Ziggler immediately jumped out of the way of receiving.

It was a close call. Sheamus, employing the very same tactic that ruined him, chose to go for the same spot that is just so cheap, been done before, and was completely boring and had no value, which defragmented the match from the very beginning, instead of making it a thrill to see.

Both shortly began to run the ropes, getting some pace built into the encounter, where Ziggler sold best. Sheamus followed Dolph's lead here.

Vickie, at ringside, screamed in support excellently once more cheering "Come on Dolph!" in an exciting passion burner that continued to rally the crowd and her beau supportfully.

Ziggler went to apply the first of numerous sleeper holds on The Great White, the first, was a highlight to see such manoeuvre return and incorporated well. The rest following let its structured placement down.

Looking ever more Mustard tanned, brazen beauty Dolph Ziggler foxed Sheamus, prompting Vickie to laugh hilariously at the champion's flummox.

Ziggler gaining the contendership on the pre Raw broadcast

Soon enough, leading most of the match, Ziggler attempted an interesting DDT up high, centre of the ring, until World champ Sheamus cheaply reversed it after just standing there as a tower block waiting upon command to do something. Sheamus reversed into his own DDT, crushing Ziggler to the mat after a valiant effort to 'show off.'

Classed as "floating" could not be more appropriate.

Ziggler came back shortly after both men were down and stirring to, nailing Sheamus to cover for a two fall.

"Noooooo!" screamed Vickie, with her piercing shrill, expertly protecting Ziggler once again.

Sheamus, once more gained another reversal, after Ziggs' lay down sleeper hold could not quell the champion. Sheamus covered for a two fall.

Delivering a swinging neckbreaker, Dolph reclaimed the match for another two fall only.

Targeting the neck area, Mr. Zigglesworth received more support from Vick "Come On!" she encouraged.

Sheamus charged his lumber essence with a running high knee, which missed and caused Ziggler to clasp on another sleeper. Shortly attempting a cross body off the top turnbuckle in a pace pick up, Ziggler was cut by Sheamus, where Ziggler surprisingly reversed just as quickly. Things started getting pacier seeing a knock down fumble followed by White Noise by the defending champ, where Ziggler dropped down. Both preceded to play in the corner next.

Questions asked as to why Ziggler was in his match with no build up we're put forward by the WWE Universe, whom had a logical point to the posing, however, in this circumstance, when a match has quality involved in it, it doesn't need any backstory if a challenger is hungry enough and puts on a show to attempt to capture said title. The wrestling tells the story. That's how it was before 'entertainment' dominated and defragmented the paying audience’s dreams.

Sheamus perceived to climb the turnbuckle once again, where Ziggler sprung up too. Both were perched up high. Dolph was slammed down by the towering white bulk. “Get 'im Dolph!" Vickie chimed in, to keep the match feel continual.

Sheamus soon reverted to the traditional powerhouse routine, this time delivering ten chops to Ziggler's chest as he was zigzagged through the ropes, back turned and prime target for Sheamus.

The third, (felt like many more), sleeper hold came afterwards; the attempt was countered by White Noise, again, where Sheamus scaled to the top of the turnbuckle. Again.

Shortly following this, Sheamus swiftly ended this match by clouting Ziggler with the Brogue Kick to cover for a three fall to remain World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage, we were treated to another tug at Wrestling Wonders semiotically, where John Laurinaitis caught up to Mr. McMahon strutting up the corridor to his private room. The General Manager of Raw, Smackdown and the executive Vice President of Talent Relations, was sporting a bright orange, though more puce like, suit. The colour scheme of Wrestling Wonders is orange, if you didn't know.

After a brief dressing down by McMahon, Johnny Ace had the door slammed in his face. It wasn't exactly the classic Bobby Heenan/Hulk Hogan moment, but adequate all the same, for today's era.

Ace claimed he needed to "steer this ship" to success. He manages to do this with "dignity" and "honour" he claimed, when questioned about pressure. Ace ended stating he needed to take this show into "tomorrow and into the future" as only he had this empowerment to follow forward with. (Sound familiar to someone you know?)

The next match on the card would be, yes, wait for it, a...

Tuxedo match

Santino Marella Vs Ricardo Rodriguez

Current United States champion, Santino Marella, wasn't deemed good enough to have a title match here or with anyone else. Doesn't that say a lot?

WWE considered melding both the US and Intercontinental titles together once again, because, it simply can't figure out a way to book both, while getting others across with the titles, where the lockeroom is full of potentials to hold the mid-level title, which could boost their career, while a fanbase is bursting for them to taste success and have a role, being seen on the show/s frequently, as their favourite superstars. It would also increase merchandise sales, would it not?

Quality wrestling time was not on offer here, where a break out star or two could have established some worth.

Here's Santino stripping Ricardo of his clothes (and his dignity)

The objective of this match was to strip your opponent, (Oooh), down to their underwear. In a role reversal of a Torrie Wilson/Sable melee of undergarments, this match had a place, but it was stereotypically booked by those who used it as a mechanism of mockery that delivered no entertainment value. Plus, if The Miz and Cody Rhodes were going at it, it would have had much more interest, for example.

As long as you leave the tie on :p

Right match, wrong participants, awful stereotypical booking.

Ricardo managed to keep his dickie bow on, which was a highlight, once the pair chose to stand and rip a sleeve off one another.

In a shocking revelation, Santino, stripped of his trousers, had a cobra on his leg! Phew, we were told it was just "a sock."

Appearing dormant, the cobra struck Ricardo, sending him tumbling down, allowing Santino Marella to regain his stride and strip Ricky Rod of his trousers and all else, as well as his dignity.

Don't mess with the Bieber's!
Ricardo's a fan!

Exposed to his underpants, we saw an image on his backside. The face of one Alberto Del Rio smiled back at us all. That was a humiliating and, for WWE backstage, humorous moment which none in the Universe found pleasing. What a cl-ass act.

If you check out some previous posts, in the Hoekski posts here on WW, you'll notice Max Watham inadvertently instigated this, jokingly asking for a picture on CM Punk's backside, among other things.

Let's face it, wasn't exactly Jackie Chan was it?

CM Punk partook in an interview with Matt Striker, discussing the 'unique' relationship with AJ. It was here that Punk put over his opponents vocally for the first notable time. The technical tactician Daniel Bryan and the bone fide monster Kane, which further added to the match dimension. It was a good promo, seeing AJ creep up once again. Gotta love them crazy chicks.

Intercontinental Championship

Christian (c) Vs Cody Rhodes

Rhodes would go on to use the cross arm scissors in a rare and welcomed return to wrestling, soon into the match after the initial start up comfortability.

With a running jump DDT off the steel steps from Christian and a dropkick followed by a two fall was a pleasing portrayal from both stars aiming to make a match more enthusing for all onlookers.

Christian then chose to clap quickly, where the audience, instantly clapped back in rhythm proving the champion's appeal.

Continuing on with a drop toe hold then slid to the outside to plant a swift slap over Rhodes face, which Cody saw coming, choosing to evade the assault, where Captain Charisma capitalised using the rope drop to the back of Rhodes.

Christian attempted a pinfall where Rhodes rolled through and halted with an attack, allowing both to regain their surroundings.

Rhodes turnbuckle climb came next, where Christian quickly clambered up there to perform an outstanding hurricanrana on Rhodes which was expertly conducted.

Christian gained a two fall for his efforts.

Rhodes soon gained a two fall return cover on the defending champion.

Rhodes' pin was rather seductive and wonderful to witness. With a pin like that, you can sit on anyone's chest. Rhodes again got another two fall.

Christian retaliated with a Killswitch, claiming another close near fall at the two count.

Punching off Rhodes, Christian launched a dive onto Cody, towards the turnbuckle, then seeing knees to the ribs, by Rhodes delivered well, prompting a Beautiful Disaster, missing quickly to force a Killswitch countered where Rhodes missed and Christian then slammed a spear onto Rhodes, claiming a three fall to finish and retain the title, remaining Intercontinental champion in an outstanding display of fluid, tantalising and selective pleasure levels.

An impromptu match came forward next. Seeing some coaching tips from the rip off character of Max Waltham, in the form of Abraham Washington, A.W would give Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes advice.

Impromptu Match

Tag Team Championship, Fatal 4 Way, number one contendership

Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd Vs Darren Young & Titus O'Neil Vs The Uso's Vs Primo & Epico w/Rosa Mendes

With a tag title opportunity at stake, four teams were sent forward to fill the time, with previous PPV advice on Fatal 4 Way outings from WW, witnessing a glamitable fusion of inferious accord.

Uso's, many felt, we're two years too late. The Samoan's dominated the beginning of this four corners match. After a fair starting, a periless entanglement with Primo and Epico then saw those two attempt to dominant the match with their whimsical faltering which interested no one.

Following the lukewarm reaction, pint sized Tyson Kidd soon let out a piercing yell of a leg drop, to the outside, to inject some personality into this deadbeat match up.

Tag team calamity

Following soon after with a frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle onto the rest of the jobbers below, the swerve turned travesty eventually shone through.

The fledging A.W, devoid of any being, attacked client and resident muppet Primo, where the insubordinate drug taker Darren Young was rewarded for his indiscretions of abuse and non-personality or wrestling credentials by pinning Primo for the three fall and number one contendership to the tag titles in the future, with A.W now leading new clients and no hopers Titus O'Neil and the John Cena facial substitute to make a new group where none will evolve as stars.

"You don’t make money by making friends" 

Looks like Donald Trump may surface on the 1000th Raw.

Triple H Addresses Brock Lesnar's legal matters

Triple H returned to the PPV to address the Brock Lesnar situation. Keeping a twenty minute promo down to ten mins minimum, the star to don the corporate suit asked Brock and all things surrounding them to drop the lawsuits, and as a result, settle their grievances one on one.

Triple H, WWE's now business orientated mindforce, asked Brock to meet him, at Summerslam. Laying down the gauntlet, HHH challenged Brock to a fight, not a match. "Let's fight." Can we expect sledgehammer wars at Summerslam? "I'll be waiting" Hunter professed, in parting comment.

Cue a Brock Lesnar YouTube clip? WWE probably are thinking of this, though this is pointless, as it still counts as an appearance. Lesnar inked a six figure salary for a yearly contract, which is based on appearances. Brock is planned for a Wrestlemania match also, though a lot of usage was struck off his contractual appearances at the beginning of the new yearly season after Wrestlemania 28.

Daniel Bryan was seen backstage stretching and preparing for the upcoming match. "What are you doing here?" he asked as AJ crept up to him nearby. She chose to smile briskly at Bry.

WWE Unified Women's Championship

Layla (c) Vs Beth Phoenix

Both ladies chose to begin with locking up where Phoenix had her arms around Layla’s waist.

After reversing this quickly, Phoenix scrambled to the ropes to force a break, halting an attempt for the champion to gain an early lead in dominance.

Shortly Beth was verbally yelling to the crowd that no one was on her level. “You can’t lace my boots! All of you know it!” Phoenix plundered to the world watching.

Lawler claimed it was like that film Mean Girls, though trying to sell the participants in the ring, Lawler could not, as there was no mean streak employed by WWE to either competitor.

Soon enough, after a standard diva match, Layla would steal Phoenix’s crown tiara, wearing this to mock Phoenix as Layla paraded around the ring. Surely if one takes the other's crown, favour is returned? Contorting her body instead of her booty to do a body pop, Layla became the same stereotype of a flimsical diva with no exceptional qualities and became one of the Barbie bimbo clones, when she had a chance to reform wrestling slightly with her limited skillset, which, however has more chances than the typical, which Layla had just placed herself into that same very categorised box. When she ‘moves house’ that box will be labelled and tossed into the junk heap. Your contribution will be null forever.

With a run/bounce collision to Beth, Phoenix found herself on the mat, choosing to shield her face, where Layla chose to play mind games and wait till Phoenix removed her guard, so Layla could plant with maximum force to Phoenix’s face, with a connecting drop down dropkick.

Beth Phoenix shortly regained momentum after carrying the challenge, attacking Layla to the outside. Flinging her into the barricades outside also, as Phoenix was profusely annoyed. Layla recovered to gain a two fall on Beth.

Layla then found herself in the centre of the ring, where Phoenix stretched her open, revealing a hell of a lot to the WWE Universe! Women are hard to come by.

An arm lock up before a Glamslam then saw a back drop from the turnbuckle leading to a two fall, which was countered and a shove then punch by Layla grabbed her a two fall.

Beth dropped a body slam down on Layla. Then body pressing her above her head, Layla cheaply, as champion, snared a DDT on Phoenix, receiving a two count, where Layla questioned the result stating she were sure it was a “three?” fall. 

Ramming her ass into the turnbuckle, Phoenix attempted to change the situation, which shortly saw Layla overturn Phoenix by casting an attack which gained a three fall, in a tragic and pitiful result ending. The match itself was timid. It is a shame to see the division truly dissolve. It’s all about whom and how it is booked, based solely on stereotype, which ruins all progress ever made, or to be made in the future. Is there any hope?

Creeping around, AJ was seen backstage, where she stumbled upon Kane in a dim red corner, where she glanced at the monstrous being.

Cripes! In another Raw rematch that happened just six days prior, the lights dimmed.

Impromptu match

Sin Cara Vs Hunico w/Camacho

Another impromptu late addition, and with late additions, WWE could only consider a rematch already occurred just last week?

Nevertheless, it was adequate in how they had the match, but it was the exact repeat of match structure from Raw, just replayed on the Pay Per View instead. Again, the Raw outing was excellent for both, replayed on PPV, it was a tragic bore, despite their efforts to entice audience, how can you when its all been done before, and has no new angle to build upon?

Wasted spot for all involved and those in the back.

Also, one note to point out is that no matter how fluid, and great a Mexican wrestler Cara is, he is fully uninteresting to the audience. This is due to one sole factor. What is the point of having boring, obvious, non-building matches that don’t create any levels of scope for Sin Cara?

Will AJ be scooping the Wrestling Wonders end of year award for the Hoeski? (Which WW created for WWE.)

WWE Championship

Kane Vs Daniel Bryan Vs CM Punk (c)

This match had interesting parameters built. However, Punk had to win. Punk, as a Raw superstar, holding the WWE championship, a Raw title, cannot lose it to a Smackdown star. Plus no Smackdown star should be in contention for any Raw title. Brand separation exists, even if the Supershows allow talent to pass through on both shows, championship defending is prohibited. Should a Smackdown star win a Raw title, and vice versa, it will be illegitimate, regardless of talented participants involved.

Do we continually ignore or forget our own branded principals?

No. You cannot win the title and then have a contract shifted to Raw, because that’s illegitimate to move as the basis was void to begin with. Plus the contract expiry cheap gimmick has been done numerous times and is pitiful at best as a reason for a star to move.

One WWE Universer stated “They don’t try hard enough on their storylines.” That’s because they get most of them from Max Waltham. Or Bonnie Hamer.

Punk kicked Kane with Bryan to start the beatdown of the third man. Soon, they went at it, with Yes chants at Bryan’s moves, and Punk’s receiving “No!” responses.

Many felt Punk held the title for far too long and having not done much, nor created enough impact or storylines from it and useless at putting others over correctly to build his opponents, which cost him quality matches on offer.

YES! YES! YES!!!!!

Kane later returns to slam Punk into the post. Going for an abdominal stretch, the big red monster then does a dropkick onto Punk! What an interesting surprise and highlight to see Kane take a different stance and mix up the formula.

With many back and forth battles with all three on each other, Punk shortly went for a superplex in a pleasing fashion. Bryan soon had both down on their knees to blast with yes kicks to the stomachs.

With swift bulldogs and pacy action with wrestling manoeuvres galore, Punk, Bryan and Kane put on an incredible show for the PPV that was desperately needed.

At one point Punk was compared to the Legion of Doom with their clothesline attack spot which was intended to respect the legends, which we appreciate, though the WWE Universe found it tacky to encourage, while most stated Punk was deemed too low as a star, even in his rising to attempt this legendary feat. You can’t please everyone.

Bryan soon followed up later with the YES! Lock. Which Kane broke up after a game changer could have cost Punk the prestige.

Kane planted the flying clothesline onto Punk, where Punk soon changed swiftly into a DDT. With Punk now on fire, delivering flying elbows and an announcer telling us the WWE championship is the World title. Oops!

Punk then went for a GTS, but Kane, the monster that he is, countered with a big boot. Chokeslam only gave a two fall for Kane, aiming to remove Punk’s prestige. AJ arrives instantly.

AJ came at a later date, which was the build of the match. The catalyst came to take another ‘Big Show/Smackdown’ bump in which she climbed above the ring ropes after Kane was with Punk, centre of the ring, Kane was launched backward by Punk, into AJ off the apron, knocking her down to the mat.

Feeling the body bounce, Kane turned around, showing concern for his new female interest. (AJ had passionately jumped atop Kane’s lap and seductively kissed him for longer than thirty seconds on the pre No Way Out Raw.)

Kane scooped up AJ and carried her off, reminiscent of a Beauty and the Beast moment. At least it wasn’t Katie Vick.

Shockingly, AJ opened her eyes, glanced back at CM Punk and smiled bright eyedly, whilst Kane carried her off, unaware. Careful how you play Kane’s emotions, dear.

CM Peach!
Kane almost rips Punk's pants off! :o

Kane needed a new angle to be removed from the title spot with a new storyline available, and AJ is that fit.

Back to the match, Punk shortly wrapped it up and nailed the GTS on Bryan. CM Punk remains WWE champion, in a high odds losing match.

Another WWE Universe member stated “changing titles is how you have a division” in response to the lack of title change and uninteresting booking.

Not one title changed hands, and all babyfaces retained in mostly poor victories, apart from the bungled tag match where the periless pairing of O’Neil and Young won.

Up next, a continual travesty of PPV to date, and many more will continue, in order to best Goldberg’s record breaking undefeated streak, which by then, will have made Ryback completely useless and no built worth as a star, because all he could do was squash puny jobbers.

Impromptu Handicap 2 on 1 match

Ryback Vs Dan Delaney and Rob Grimes

The two random jobbers finally have names, which WWE is now going to efforts to announce, when it couldn’t be bothered beforehand.

It was a standard Ryback squash match, which you’ve all seen before, and will continue to do so, which elicited no charisma, depth, or star worth. If you need to crush jobbers to get over continually, then you’ve already buried yourself.

Ryback’s tired arms clubbing opponents showed his lack of charisma. Without any effort also, Ryback cemented his position as lame and boring.

After his crippling victory, Ryback yelled “Feed Me Three” so that he can hurry up the total of one hundred and seventy one squash jobs, or more, to equal Goldberg’s total. If you need to build yourself on someone else’s model, there is no future for you in sight, because you can’t find your own way, and have duly failed in the process, exposing the lack of talent, too.

Click this link here to read the Ryback situation - Ryback's rampage of surplus stock

Wow. Mr. McMahon recovered quick! On the post Raw, McMahon was Knocked out by the Big Show, in which Show completely missed McMahon with the hit, where Vin had to lay on his backside like a complete buffon to the big lummox who alongside Cena in the angle, was equally as useless. Yet, still both receive praise and company portrayal.

McMahon getting "knocked out"

Andy Levine, winner of Tough Enough last year, failed to take a good bump reaction to Vince McMahon and was sent back to developmental, where he was later, subsequently fired. This is just one example.

Steel Cage

John Cena Vs Big Show

Cena and Big Show collided in a Cage. Lord help us.

The structure was in place to mask their failings. It exposed them further.

Both Vince Mc Mahon and John Laurinaitis came to ringside, in favour of each participant, where McMahon was gracious enough to pull out the seat and help Laurinaitis sit down, who was still aided by a crutch.

Are those open arms for me?

Both stars were shameful bookings as a main event, once again, which audience members vehemently expressed. The underline of expletives is vast and unrest is bubbling worse than WWE truly understand how much friction and burning fury they truly cause to its audience watching. Intense unrest is surfacing, slowly but surely.

If Big Show loses, John Laurinaitis will be fired! Here’s a question. While all this is going on, where is that Hoeski Eve hiding? Constantly Ace’s right, or left hand man, has disappeared now his postion is threatened. Hmmm.

Business Hoeski! In an orange skirt!! 

Perhaps Mr. McMahon is eyeing up the Corporate Heel award for Wrestling Wonders end of year awards?

Anyway, to begin this match, Big Show shoved John Cena. There was a monumental pause. What was worse? Big Show doing one move and then standing there for minutes, or Cena, staying down on the mat for numerous time, which usually sees him bounce up instantly. Using the “Big Show is a giant” excuse is infathomable.

After Show preceded to walk around, with Cena still down, the match was one move every two minutes or so. It was painful to watch. After ten minutes, neither had done barely anything to get the match going, Cena was down on the mat and Show just walked around, to catch his breath after being blown up after doing one move!

You truly have No Way Out of this.

The pitiful disgrace continued, the pace, slow, the action, minimal and the main event ruined.

People left.

With a springy bounce and a later drag back in by Cena, once Big Show had attempted to stumble out of the cage door, Cena attempted an escape. Reversing, he slammed Show into the cage in a mish mash of jumbled dysfunction. Both fell down to the mat.

So, then, John Cena chooses to sell for Big Show, but doesn’t choose to do so for anyone else? John Cena is clever. He can sell for someone who poses no potential threat to his company position whatsoever, yet any chance for an up and comer to excel, he instantly buries them in ring portrayal? WWE’s “cash cow” keeps hold of his merchandise sales and doesn’t sell anyone else through stubborn ego then, possibly?

Laurinaitis jetted over to the cage door, upon witnessing Cena make a beeline to escape. McMahon chased to stop Ace, pulling him away.

McMahon then held the door open for Cena?! So, McMahon, a babyface, can cheat for another babyface after stopping someone misusing the door, doing so for a babyface in John Cena, who supposedly meant to breathe morals into his fanbase to do rightful things than wrongful ones? #Contradiction.

Typical, Big Show then clouted the referee with a Knockout punch. He then KO’ed Cena afterwards. WWE used everything to mask a fleeting match, with every possible ending incorporated. “If you want everything, you’ll end up with nothing.”

Brodus Clay (who defeated David Otunga on the pre-show) came charging out with a steel chair in hand in a standoff with Show, in the cage, staring at Clay, at the door, equipped with the chair. Instantly, Santino Marella and Alex Riley charged down the ramp and leaped onto the cage sides to scramble atop, which Big Show instantly stopped by punching them off, through the cage wall, which destroyed both in a senseless move of no sell.

Muppet to the stars, Zack Ryder then came running to the rescue, who was halted by Show also.
Kofi Kingston was the next out, who charged and managed to jump among the cage and scale the heights to clamber to the top rung, where Show greeted him on the other side with a chokelsam grasp clutch. Kingston’s valiant effort knocked Big Show aback. 

Kingston fought (and lost) to Show in a Steel Cage
 on Raw, prior to No Way Out

Unaware to Show’s eyeline, Cena was hoisting himself towards the door pulling along the ropes to make it. He never does that for anyone, amazing how Big Show gets that privilege, huh?

Cena then got up and planted an Attitude Adjustment onto Show, where John then chose to climb the cage, which saw Big Johnny on the other end attack Cena with his crutch from below, to stop him climbing out of the cage, on the roof girder.

Clay, still on the outside, with chair in hand, acting as enforcer, looked insanely weak, as a result.

Show went to the door. Cena dropped down. Both escaped. Near each other. Was this a bungled finish? No. John Cena dropped down the cage to the floor escaping, seconds before Show slithered out the door to the ground. As ever, it was always a timing issue with Big Show.

Clay then chose to hold John Laurinaitis as a form of capture. Isn’t that a bullying thing to do?

Hold someone against their will in this holding manner, preparing to victimise them? Is it something we should be teaching the kids to do?

"John Laurinaitis!"....

Cena hoisted Big Johnny up for an AA. Vince McMahon, who reappeared after his cage door disappearance, asking if the mike was on, told “John Laurinaitis, You’rrrrreeee Ffffiiiirrreeedddddddd!”

That was the green light for John Cena to trash the now fired GM and Exec through the announce table at ringside.
Laurinaitis' People Power era has seemingly ended

All that for you’re fired. John Laurinaitis got his comeuppance. No Way Out was done with.

PPV Rating – 6/10

Men/Women of their matches – Dolph Ziggler, Ricardo Rodriguez, Christian, Tyson Kidd, Beth Phoenix, Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, Dan Delaney, Big Show

Man/Woman of the PPV – Daniel Bryan

Apart from the tag team heel transgression, all babyfaces predictably won, and not one title change was facilitated.

Even McMahon knows that with this very practise that a title is sent to change, in order to keep PPV brimming over encouragingly. Usually the female or mid-level titles tend to be the change should the top titles remain.

Now you know another reason why Ace was in an Orange suit 

The fact the World title match went on first was no bad thing. Sometimes a great match can go first. The crowd was on Ziggler’s ‘side’ though many assume if Del Rio was in this place the match wouldn’t have had the same momentum. Granted, Del Rio would have had less crowd support than Ziggler, though the crowd would have been forced to recognise Del Rio deliver wrestling levels far greater than Ziggler does, though many assume Ziggler’s wrestling, while looks more fluid, because he is an all rounder, where Del Rio, has ground and technique, which puts out a far greater wrestling narrative.

Ziggler looks gorgeous here, but in today's era,
he becomes ever more unattractive, overall
Ziggler was a fair choice, but once again, is still standard filler. The fact Ziggler was stand in and couldn’t cut the mustard for the umpteenth time, shows that Ziggler will never climb the mountain and will always remain on the sidelines. It’s time to let those aspirations go WWE Universe. Ziggler is mid card level at best. Deal with it. Invest in a new star to evolve.

Punk’s match was a thrilling entanglement filled with wrestling and storytelling, which also saw Kane, at times, look different, impressive and compelling. Bryan was again, Daniel Bryan, the best in WWE’s world.

The problem clouding this is the title brand separation of title challenges. Should either win the title, both may be over initially, but would then lose intense respect. The parameters of brand title separation must remain, in order to protect those very champions, and their challengers, as well as the product’s prestige overall. Quick fixes never materialise.

AJ was the sole catalyst for this match structure, though it added perfectly. The outcome was always going to be unknown to the universe that had every option catered for.

Triple H managed to put product time first. He didn’t have too much else to say, because the angle is fading. Though Triple H handled the mic and the message well, WWE need to ignite that fire or it will fizzle out by the time the collision finally happens. With a Wrestlemania match and season build up to come, and limited appearances, this one is tricky for all involved. As much as Brock was needed, the six figure salary deal was an illogical choice. Invest in the new stars you have, that need to be made, than the ones that cannot or won’t fully be around forever after pay offs or talent wears off. Not to mention injury or suspension absences.

When Wade Barrett returns, winning the Money in the Bank briefcase will be an irrelevant choice. Barrett will not become WWE’s new champion force. His time has passed. He lacks the full charisma to branch over that final hurdle.

John Cena once again ruined the show. Though he wasn’t alone on this one. Booking Big Show and Cena as the main event was the most disgraceful thing on the card to all watching. As for the match itself, it wasn’t one at all, but neither could be booked to anyone else. Using the whole locker-room to be crushed which should have been supported was disparaging. The biggest question posed was how Cena was able to sell for Show, yet would not sell for any other performer in years with WWE. Looks like he actually can sell when he wants to, but is completely ignorant to put anyone else over, in threat of his position, because he knows he is that bad a persona.

Ryback’s return of jobbing everyone in the world out was again pathetic and has already over run its course, but, hey Vince loves jacked guys, so has given Ry the run which will only humiliate the efforts of WWE and make it look further embarrassed as a company.

Sin Cara’s return has massive interest, though WWE booked it with a nothing match which helped, again, no-one.

WWE chose to reward a towering block as the new Ezekiel Jackson (wait for that revelation), and a drug taker with a Max Waltham rip off character to re-shape the tag division, based on two no hopers who cannot devise any level of feasibility.

That tuxedo match crushed everyone’s momentum. If it placed the correct people, it would have worked and been less painful. The fact the US champion cannot have a US title match screams volumes for the dysfunction on offer to all in the back.

Christian and Cody Rhodes were the biggest surprises to the universe. Expecting the organisation to give them less time, cheap spots, and installed as a passing thought, these two diehards gave an excellent match adding to wrestling principals, enthusing audience receptiveness, creating a narrative arch, and honouring the prestige of the elegant IC title on offer. Both are also Smackdown stars, challenging for a Smackdown title.

Lastly, the Women. Many claimed this was too long. The problem, was allowing Layla, who isn’t fully capable yet, in the face role as champion, regardless of her credible intentions, cannot stand among Phoenix. Beth has now had all her intense qualities cut out from her, in order to protect Layla’s inept qualities, while aiming to build her as a contentious challenger. Layla was booked because the WWE Universe leaked the Kharma return online, which, once word broke, McMahon swapped Kharma’s return at Extreme Rules for Layla. That’s right WWE universe, because you couldn’t comprehend ‘reporting’ a latest ‘exclusive’ piece of gossip that did nothing for your notoriety trying to get noticed as quality reporting, which then made you seem inferior and stupid to WWE, as always, cost you Kharma’s return, an excellent Divas division follow up between Beth and Kharma, and Layla returning in a role that would have benefitted her better than the one she’s stuck in now, where she is exposed more than usual, despite her efforts to work the role given to her, would have given you eye candy and entertainment and wrestling to enhance your WWE product that you wish to see. The fans screwed Kharma, just as it did Christian in the Jeff Hardy/Edge/Matt Hardy stair shove whodunit angle on Smackdown years ago.

Sometimes, you need to keep your mouth shut, because if you have nothing valid to say, don’t say it for the sake of trying to be heard to remain in a social group that will never accept you. #Naive. WWE will not give you what you want, because they feel you don’t deserve it.

Until then, feel free to follow us on Social Media, because, Wrestling Wonders is the only place that WWE truly listens to, because it makes valid points to help workers, talent, wrestling, and the company, as well those ‘fans’ who understand something deeper to the product.

© Max Waltham 20th June 2012

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