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WWE Clash (of Champions) 2017

WWE Clash of Champions

Live on Pay Per View from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, on Sunday 17th December 2017, WWE entered its final PPV of the year. Given to  the Smackdown brand, would WWE once more settle for conformity and repeats or start to shape the new year with a wholesome appetiser? WWE Clash of Champions has been shortened to WWE Clash, where Clash of Champions usually features EVERY match as a title on the line. Meh. Let's find out.


Flabby Roode.
Dolph Ziggler finally climbed the mountain and defeated Baron Corbin, in a good effort but pointless hand me down pandering to lift the United States Championship in a Triple Threat. Bobby Roode was also in this triple threat as another of Triple H's TNA cast off add-ons. Roode was highly out of his depth, had zero charisma or personality and is just the same as TNA fodder in WWE. Transitions on moves were awful and simple filler with all slowed down gimmickry and laughable interactions. How WWE think this is glorious success in waiting is somewhat baffling. No one cared.

World Class talents.
The Uso's retained their Smackdown Tag Team Championship, Fatal 4 Way, Tag Team foray in a cracking battle, largely helped by the team of Rusev and Aiden English in a four way with New Day's Kofi Kingston and Big E and odd ends Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin.

Returning the Charlie Hass/Shelton/Team Angle nonsense, added with New Day laughs (hmm) the match was highly upheld by the sheer quality from The Uso's and Rusev and Aiden English. The latter pair have come into their own despite being the WWE 'odd couple' pairing like Cesaro and Sheamus (when creative don't bother giving you anything and hate you, but fans and critics see the talent on offer). It makes WWE look solely embarrassing. Both teams really shone and made the other two throw ins seem more capable in a multi man match than they would sink on their own.

Gable also suplexed both Rusev and English where English almost landed on his neck, which could have caused serious problems for WWE, and an unsafe working environment. Gable should take more care after almost paralysing someone in the ring with sloppy action. 

Both of them need a super hot feud and as we have said for years Rusev is super over and has the potential to be a honourable man with English, who can more than carry himself despite WWE's hate of getting yourself over on talent alone than WWE's silly angles that claw it down. 

Don't let your eyes go lopsided.
Charlotte Flair predictably downed Natalya to keep the worthless Smackdown Women's Championship, by her daddy's submission, in another guided and safely WWE booked match that was repetitively forgettable. The lockerroom ladies, all handful of 'em, were Lumberjackjills.

The Bludgeon Brothers, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, dropped Breezango, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, in another nothing Tag Team match. The Bludgeon Brothers (must have taken five minutes for WWE to think that one up) are just not working in any situation from WWE's lacking laziness. It was finished in under two minutes. Harper and Rowan looked like boring fools and Breezango looked even bigger chumps once again. No one won.

Up next was another Tag Team, Special Referee's match reminiscent of a Smackdown supershow than an actual PPV. Roly Poly, wife cheating (allegedly) and whining windbag of no skill and ratings dropper of three years handed every title by his friend Triple H, Kevin 'moaner' Owens teamed with his ever trusted sidekick Sami Zayn. Daniel Bryan AND Shane McMahon were special referees. After going into business for themselves last month and abusing the show to try and seem relevant, Zayn and Owens would be 'fired' of they lost. Unfortunately they won. WWE missed another trick there.

Resembling a team of late night janitors trudging through the sludge they created, was met with opponents in the jobbing for ignorance hires who can't materialise, Randy Orton and another fandom favourite of Triple 'no business acumen' H, Shinsuke Nakarmura. This project on all three has already failed but WWE aint gots no options left. How sad for them. Attendance is at its lowest ever, int it?

Here's a sexy picture of Randy Orton,
the five star worker,
 just to keep you entertained.
Recent TNA flunkie made WWE champion, acrobatic flyer AJ Styles once more retained in a worthless WWE Championship main event against Indian Summer TV project for Indian market expansion failings, namely Jinder 'Canadian, steroid abuser, terrorist themed' Mahal and The Singh Brothers. 

Mahal's personal toilet brush holders and Styles' mosquito jumping lunacy as the new John Cena with five moves was another jovial embarrassment for a company supposed to be leading the way in 'sports entertainment' and crashing with the waves tremendously through its own bitterness. 

No one can do (or replicate) what I can do. Should have got with the program, honey.

WWE Clash was more of another Smackdown episode that had a special third hour. It was exhausting, boring, repetitive of all year PPV and just random filled with WWE favourites numbing down its talent for in-house favourites the audience hated to see the first time around.

Have the ratings dipped? Are the stands in the arena empty? Does Triple H ever learn to shelve his imbecilic ego of ignorance hires, with his nasty wife joining his bullying campaign and Vince McMahon appeasing them to make a quick buck? Business for WWE is as usual. Down the pan. Its no wonder the stars already there are contemplating leaving WWE altogether or taking breaks. Even its staff are fed up with WWE's moron management. All to try and outdo the man who made them a modern success that just eats at their ego, instead of working together with, Max Waltham. 

Fans have bailed and they are the only ones with any sense, it would seem. All that's left is the Indy darlings who hope, cry, whine and wish for some cuddly teddy bear to hold onto. WWE's media and PR management is at its worst ever that rips into the programs and don't see how alienating they are, comprised with the McMahon's on air trying to salvage some attention fans believe they have zapped from all the fun.

Even in the background, whiny Kev fugly
ruins everything with zero class.
Cheap and tacky copies of Daniel Bryan's catchphrase (derived from Max Waltham once again), thrown together tag teams once again like three years ago, test subjects, steroid abusers and sex fuelled porn stars as champions or height of programming can't even attain an audience. WWE really haven't seen or been bothered to realise just how damaged their product has become, all down to the airhead era of Triple H and his media toting obsessive wife, Stephanie McMahon, who once had high hopes and sold herself off to the highest bidder. Sounds like a street corner fares better.

Boring, useless and empty. Expect much more worseness in 2018. 2017 drought of ignorance in WWE was only the start for the cascading waterfall of sewage to tumble down at the harshest of speed. Though, that's their problem now, isn't it? 2018 is going to rapidly decline. Pull out. We did tell you last year. Guess what? We were right, as always. 

Verdict? Another boring waste of time and zero entertainment. Go do something better with yours.

Happy New Year.

You're Welcome.

PPV  Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Baron Corbin, Rusev, Natalya, Fandango, Randy Orton, No one was good enough.

Man/Woman of the PPV - Rusev

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

WWE Survivor Series 2017

WWE Survivor Series 

The troubling name-themed Pay Per View, Survivor Series, once WWE's greatest year-end Big 4 showcase once again trudged through murky waters.

Filled with filler matches, latent boredom and spot monkey moments akin to every other PPV showing this year, WWE continue to phone it in.

Lacking skill, style, challengers, contenders, champions and all round entertainers, WW still cannot fathom what is going wrong in their crazy world. They do not have time to live in any one else's and that is half the problem. Not in the loop and relying on fandom Independent luvvies already past their prime (who never scored big six months in their debuts) and filled with nostalgia and the over incessantly toxic ego of one Triple H, Survivor Series is once again doomed to oblivion.

6 Man
Tag Team
The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) Vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods)

The starting event of the rehashed The Shield trio, thingy-ma-jiggy, took on their greatest challengers. The New Day. Don't all laugh at once. WWE thought it smart to place this early, and rightly so. Triple H wanted to be the main event once more and the filler show was bound to collapse.

Fan luvvies of the Indy era (real fans have left) gave "a big pop" which translates to a handful of cheers from fickle fans desperate not to admit how bad anything sucks, creatively. The New Day never stood a chance. Xavier Woods' third wheel, sex pest, backstage humping of Paige is his only calling card, and that's not something to be proud of. Kofi Kingston was the main star of the three but Big E was always given priority as the towering block Vince McMahon prefers on show.

As for the trio of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, aka The Flounderers with nothing going for them but have been spared release because WWE have nothing for themselves to rely upon, The Shield pummelled The New Day in a cheap, rushed and rather lukewarm spot match filled with gimmicks to get cheap fans roaring. Slim pickings.

One word description? 


10 Man
Tag Team
Alicia Fox (Team Captain), Nia Jax, Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Bayley Vs Becky Lynch (Team Captain), Carmella, Tamina Snuka, Naomi, and Natalya

How do we keep the divas, sorry 'Women's' revolution (which Max Waltham made and Stephanie and Triple H take credit for, yet solely destroyed with dolly birds) relevant?

A 'traditional' (which means we can't be bothered to think up something new and creative so just chuck all the females out there in one mish mash) match up to fill time.

As if anyone couldn't fathom the odd one out, Asuka, new, fresh and highly raised in profile from last month's match with recently released talent Emma, which WWE let go over bitterness that she stated writers weren't giving her any opportunities (which they weren't) WWE needed to protect Asuka in a now fragile WWE environment. 

A skilled star among a rabble of jobbers, botchers and hanger-ons that can't deliver anything more for this failed project of Triple H's moronic ego fest hatred. Blatant communication of details in the match, falling about everywhere and a right bloody mess of it all, this was the typical diva match shambles WWE has never moved on from. 

It came down to Asuka against recently dethroned Smackdown Women's champions Natalya, who tapped out so Asuka could be the 'sole survivor' which WWE feel gives her some credibility. It does not. She has no being or essence and only Emma made her relevant. WWE have cost Asuka big time with random call ups and no opportunities. Asuka was only on WWE's radar three years ago when Max Waltham complimented her veteran talents to the profession. WWE may just scupper it for her.

It was a few pity cheers that the favourite won among the vest of a bad bunch, but there was no real feeling at all involved.

The Miz Vs Baron Corbin

Another champion verses champion battle which, like the PPV, made zero sense in what become an unexplained brand battle supremacy that had absolutely no prize at all in the end results. Another thrown together pity card. Don't WWE fans deserve better? The real paying fans left when WWE short changed them over the past 2 and a half years. The time when Triple H and his Indy luvvies of ignorant from NXT took favouritism lunacy than professional skill. The future is bright.

WWE decided to let Baron Corbin win over The Miz to establish him as a growing star who has not developed in two years on the main roster of Smackdown. WWE want to avoid the in-house bullying against him, as well as being short on names, to seem like it cares.

It was empty, pitiful and had no skill, filled with pedestrian exchanges and botched fluidity.

In reality, The Miz recently announced he's having a baby with real life wife Maryse, which saw The Miz drop the Intercontinental Championship on the post Survivor Series Raw, to, wait for it... Roman Reigns. The IC curse lives on. 

Tag Team
The Uso's Vs Sheamus and Cesaro

The Uso's dropped Sheamus and the ever talented, one man show that is Cesaro. Apart from his skill and working with very talented competition in The Uso's this match was great in technique, but WWE booked it as filler. When WWE don't respect their talent, even the best on the show become forgettable. No one remembers it, which is a shame as even Sheamus has been re-invigorated slightly in his improving in-ring skills. What was the prize? Nothing.

Alexa Bliss Vs Charlotte Flair

A battle of the Women's champions. What a laugh. Alexa 'best of a bad bunch' Bliss took on what was to be Natalya, dropped at the eleventh hour for Charlotte 'WWE's overhyped failure favourite living off family heritage' Flair. The pair tried their best but it was still too meek, green, clumsy and rushed. In efforts to stand out Charlotte often ruins herself by being too forceful, clumsy and desperate to prove to fans she can go. She needs to learn the inner workings better and she might just be able to improve. I'm not her tutor. 

As for Bliss, her action was weak, covering for WWE fave Charlotte and the division once more suffered as a result of both on show. WWE would have had a better match if Natalya was there, but WWE still can't get it in their head as to what works, and runs back into comfortability angles. It's all been seen far too often and nothing is fresh. WWE is as stale as a rotten cucumber.

Charlotte Flair defeated Alexa Bliss with ease, which made her entire reign over however many months up to this point wasted viewing for all WWE fans hoping for more meaningful 'stuff'.

It was short, laboured and messy.

Brock Lesnar  w/ Paul Heyman Vs AJ Styles 

Go on, kiss him again.
You know you want to...
(Well, maybe not him).
Battle of the champions now. (Again). This time it's the proper people, the guys. Milk carton poster boy Brock Lesnar took on recently crowned WWE Champion (like Charlotte/Natalya) AJ Styles, who dropped Jinder 'the terrorist themed, Indian market expansion cash in, jobber doped on steroids' Mahal.

He is NOT on 'roids.
Repeat, he is NOT on 'roids...
Even Vince knew Mahal would be no match for Lesnar, so instead he gave the main heavyweight title to a loserweight, sorry cruiserweight, action man figurine who jumps around with five moves like all cruisers who need a fly swatter.

Brock Lesnar predictably crushed AJ Styles with ease which has become a theme of crap matches that fans want to attune their anger of WWE into Max Waltham vessel Brock Lesnar as "The Beast" to silence and pummel the ever useless crap on show. Thing is, it's not working, even here, is it? Again it was boring fluff, silly moments and AJ doing daft nonsense that made WWE as much a laughing stock as Dixie Carter's then TNA. Triple H has gone down the same route, with disastrous consequences. 

Another misused talent lost
by WWE's narcissistic hate.
Last week WWE also released talented and often misused opportunity James Ellsworth. WWE are trimming its budget of what it thinks is expendable yet throws away its actual talent because it has no creative ideas and Triple H's lunatic overspending on indy ignorance luvvies that dont materialise. Many on the roster who don't deserve to be there and threatening WWE's future front and back are still employed. Fans have left. WWE are deluded. 

10 Man 
Tag Team
Kurt Angle (Team Captain), Triple H, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Finn Balor Vs Shane McMahon (Team Captain), Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, and John Cena

The Raw roster, at its finest.
Up last was the main event, which somehow contained missing for months egotist Triple H as the main attraction. Wow. Everyone plays second fiddle when Trips wants his obscene moment back in the spotlight to feel important. Can the man who has been destroying WWE's future with ignorance hires and piss poor business acumen really put his ego aside? The spot was originally announced to growing upstart, Jason Jordan.

Vanilla Series.
Since his three years of NXT 'headliners' and delusional claptrap endorsements of them, WWE, under Triple H, has lost scores of ratings, credibility, investors, stock and actual stardom. Don't be fooled by WWE topping up their own stock to save face. Even ratings bribes to tabulators and empty stands of house show embarrassment wont patch that massive sinkhole. Be careful what you wish for. Triple H always has to play games. Ones that never benefit WWE, advertisers, investors or the business, which is highly in decline as we foretold from 2017. And we have been right. 2018 will be worse.

So what was special about this lunacy?

Well, Shinsucker F**kamoron gave Finn 'fag' Balor a head bowing lapdance to his crotch which Balor responded to with a finger dab to his forehead. Wow. These two really are the future of WWE from that ignorance infested overseas hole, which wasn't when Max Waltham discovered it for WWE, in New Japan.

 Comedy Cena takes a tumble.
The other ignorance darling and TNA reject Bobby 'always trying to be Triple H in TNA' Roode, who hasn't even done a single thing in WWE of merit and looks as empty of personality than ever before, filled the numbers.

Samoa 'plodding along' Joe, who returned from injury, was also there, for god knows why.

John Cena was eliminated, who is now back on Smackdown after jumping to Raw in June/July. Say what? 

Randy Orton, the only actual star WWE have was once more dropped after open critique on Triple H's failed pet projects including Kevin 'the ratings dropped' Owen and his sidekick Sami 'coast along' Zayn. 

Kurt Angle almost won the show, but ego ridden nutjob Triple H turned on the Raw captain and cost him an elimination to be eliminated. Kurt Angle's in-ring returns have been an utter mess, and in denial his body is falling apart from it. He shouldn't have bothered.

Eventually Shane McMahon was dropped so Triple H could reign supreme with Vince McMahon's towering obsession in useless non-entity Braun 'brown' Strowman. To look like he wasn't going into business for himself, Triple H seemed to be 'doing something for others' (after destroying the entire products stars minutes ago) with Braun. Knowing Braun issues no creative threat to Hunter, Trips let him beat him up a bit after the bell.

The tally for Raw or Smackdown also became highly predictable throughout the show. The grand prize was nothing and won't be and cannot be followed up on. Once more WWE don't seem to realise how the show had no 'attraction' and lost its own core identity in its 'traditional' set up.

I win. Again. (Say's you).
Misses has joined in pitying
the trophy husband. 
The show ended, but Triple H, as he does, could not resist himself. With his beautiful wife Stephanie McMahon coming to his aide, and provocatively lowering herself in full camera view of her open legs almost flashing her vagina, and bulging breast about to pop out, Tripper had something else planned.

He took a long time to get up, trying to, and very pathetically, raise to his feet, staggering around the ring and falling over like a comedy skit that raised a couple of pity laughs. If this is entertainment, pretending to fall around and feel loved but being a desperate fool, then Triple H has succeeded.

When leaving he pretended not to see the titantron partition leading to the back and turned and smacked face first into it.

The only laugh it generated was a desperate attempt to feel loved and exposed just how toxic the ego of Triple H is to WWE's failing product, which Vince McMahon feels he has to keep happy, now that his ignorant wife Stephanie chose of her own violation to become so, after a good track record. She has done this herself and will have to be prepared for the storm she has purposely created for herself. Vince once told her to keep quiet the next time she has another one of her "bright ideas" last year. Now she's got more of them it seems. Kids today. They just jump in without and business acumen of risk assessment. Money does not equal success. WWE are creatively bankrupt.

As for Survivor Series it was yet again another empty, filler PPV with no talent and all useless moments of WWE 'wrestling by the numbers' and coining it in (not very well) and also faking attendance numbers yet again. When will they ever learn what will equal success?

Yay! Triple H draws!

HaHaHa! What a laugh. 

You're Welcome.

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Seth Rollins, Natalya, The Miz, Cesaro, Alexa Bliss, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton

Man/Woman of the PPV - Triple H

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Monday, 30 October 2017

WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs 2017

Tables Ladders and Chairs 

After last month's worst ever PPV show in decades, Hell in a Cell, which was a paltry 0/10, WWE launched a follow up from the Raw brand, with TLC. Would this far any better despite being hit with last minute changes WWE had not planned for?

Apologies for the delay in the review upload, but, we have a life and if WWE aren't going to deliver and so poorly, why should we bother to stress ourselves because they don't have a life? WWE is all they know, and given how PPV has been booked, we're glad we waited.

Anyways, let's find out.

Live on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017, from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, WWE pulled out its toy furniture once more.

Asuka Vs Emma

Emma 'won' the right in a five man battle to play with Asuka tonight. WWE knew they had no other capable woman on the roster to carry its can with Asuka. The match was decent but WWE's bungled job out of Emma, as predicted, not only stalled the show, the same old mentality of WWE bullies, but also Asuka's debut as just another random victory that means virtually nothing. 

It's the Roman Reigns booking all over again.

Asuka defeated Emma by submission in a technically sound but wasteful match.

As of a week later, two days ago from writing, Emma was released from WWE. It's best female star was let go. WWE have had a unknown problem with her, yet scandal ridden Xavier Woods and Paige, Alicia Fox, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Jinder Mahal and score of other useless talent remain on the roster at the height of programming. All those that have cost WWE its ratings and reputation. 

WWE callously released them on their website, in its regular, cowardly fashion. 

WWE also let go of Summer Rae, who was doing nothing, and the token black homosexual Darren Young, who many people knew WWE were using for media attention to seem less homophobic than they actually are.

Tag Team
Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann Vs Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick

WWE put out a tag team cruisers match. Why even bother. It was poor, laughable and hilariously infeasible that made WWE look like a complete mark with no business acumen once more. No one cares. The token black guys, Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann won. It was forgettable and pointless.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) Vs Mickie James

Champion of perky breasts and not much else, Alexa Bliss, WWE's 'best of a bad bunch' had competish in Mickie James. HaHaHaHaHaHa!

WWE think that's actually a selling point, an ignorant nymphomaniac cheater who sleeps her way around the entire locker room and way past her prime. That's WWE for you. They like their women to be hoes. They just don't want it made public. 

All a big joke.
Bliss had another match by the numbers with sluggish and tender James, who still has no definable qualities other than an old and crusty plus one. Something which WWE have been using as a cheap and boring story.

Alexa Bliss predictably won in a seat warming exercise for Asuka. Mickie James was just another dependable notch on the bed post. 

So much for a women's revolution. This was a bathroom break at best.

Enzo Amore Vs Kalisto (c)

Even worse from WWE was a dreadful cruiserweight title challenge no one gave two hoots about. Enzo, who randomly lost the title to highly ignorant mosquito Kalisto on a quick 'Raw hiring' storyline WWE bend its rules over everytime with zero legitimacy, was another wasteful eight minutes.

Closet homosexual and token Latino midget ignorant acrobat Kalisto, who should never have been given the random 'title' to begin with, proved WWE play idiotic games that they realise are mistakes. Enzo Amore regained the strap with ease. The match was a pathetic mess with no skill whatsoever. WWE should be ashamed of such a disgrace served up to paying fans.

Finn Balor Vs Bray Wyatt AJ Styles

The next embarrassment was this. WWE had to draft AJ Styles in, which made no sense and WWE still did not provide it, to jump around with acrobat Finn Balor.

Finn Balor decided to dress up in his face paint and toilet paper dreadlocks as a 'Demon' we are supposed to be very scared of, instead of hilarious chuckling at.

Treading water on Smackdown and stinking out the place comes ignorant hickory action figure AJ Styles. Another bouncy blancmange in a throwaway match that had nothing to offer. It was meek, all showy fluff and no level technical or enhancing desire.

WWE had originally planned for Bray Wyatt, who recently filmed a vignette posing as Sister Abigail (what?) to battle this 'Demon' face paint stick. 

WWE were planning to have Wyatt perform as Abigail in a dress. Yeah, the audience had their own WTF moment here. WWE seem to think it's amazing. They wouldn't be able to make it good, but of course, I would be able to make this work, so from me it would have potential. From WWE it was pathetic mockery that alienated fans further on the Bray Wyatt screw up project.

Finn Balor beat AJ Styles in a very long, near twenty minute mess that filled up time instead of talent to carry WWE through a bungled mess.

Wyatt and Roman Reigns were said to have been struck down with a mystery illness around the lockerroom, later revealed as mumps. Others believed it was steroids that WWE had covered over.

Thanks for coming AJ Styles. 

Jason Jordan Vs Elias

Has something appealing
in all this mess.
Random drifter Elias, former Sampson, fought with rising star and unexplained switch from other brand as Kurt Angle's 'son' Jason Jordan. 

WWE have high hopes for Jordan, saddled with a stupid gimmick, though has got potential if WWE get it right, which clearly they will ruin once more, as always.

Jason Jordan won. It was just there, at this point and has no feeling to it.

Tables Ladders and Chairs 
Tag Team, Handicap, 5 on 3
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Kurt Angle Vs The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Braun Strowman and Kane

This was the main collision mess. Tables, Ladders, all the fixtures and fittings were thrown around. While it was cheap to encourage a few Independent, hardcore cheers from fans with flying plastic toys, WWE had a lot to answer for.

With Roman Reigns ill with 'mumps' Vince McMahon's brain fart come wave was adding in Kurt 'don't break the neck' Angle as filler for The Shield's grand failure of reuniting repeats.  How embarrassing.

Their opponents were drafted in big man Kane, who has not been seen for roughly a year. WWE teamed Miz with Cesaro and Sheamus. The other two hanger on's, were clear signs WWE didn't rate its Miz-tourage in Bo Dallas and talented but misused beefcake Curtis Axel. 

The Shield's trio of honourary member and two guys of three, ignorant sap Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins and lukewarm Dean Ambrose defeated the other five. Despite a cheap attempt to give fans some hardcore-ish action flying everything around, it was another admission of poor interaction.

Having ill stars was no excuse. The players may have changed but WWE's booking was very much the same format. This speaks volumes on how WWE have neglected business for lunacy to stand out for something. WWE don't even know what they are trying to stand out for.

Oh, and Brock Lesnar wasn't there for this one, either. Even he won't go on such a tainted calamity. 

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Emma, Cedric Alexander, Alexa Bliss, Neither were good enough, Neither were good enough, Jason Jordan, Cesaro

Man/Woman of the PPV - Sister Abigail

Ironic that the theme of the PPV was the one removed from it. Asuka/Emma was a wasted opportunity.

As you read this, before the PPV, Nia Jax also requested to be let go from WWE, which was quietly played down by WWE. She was annoyed with WWE's lack of direction for her, given her time on the main roster and the powerful presences she should have been making. Once more WWE messed up its own division yet again.

AJ Styles parachuting in was a throwaway emptiness with a rag doll toilet paper carnival freak. Bray Wyatt had a lucky escape.

The cruiserweights in tag's and title's, as if WWE didn't learn over the past year, is PPV suicide. 

The stands at PPV were also highly unfilled just like house shows, filling roughly 1/3 of its entire capacity. WWE think nothing of it. Hilarious. The production is still very much the same repetitive lost hole.

WWE are going to have another big hit come their way like the Injury phase that struck everyone down over the last decade. WWE still haven't made any new stars and coasted along for media and self ego. The results are telling. WWE have no leg to stand on. 

No-one cared, it was rushed, lame and empty. Same old routine, daft interactions and coasting along lunacy with gimmick jumps. A cruiserweight PPV at its finest. Which was purely pathetic embarrassment no one could or should be proud of.

Only Emma saved the PPV, despite WWE's hatred of her for their failed booking on her. They treated her with reward over a week later with release. Wonderful.

Whilst she won her debut, Asuka has no presence in WWE and carrying over from a random pit of obscurity in NXT wont correlate to the main roster. At this point in time she is no-one, and WWE are clueless at booking /NXT call ups, thinking that is enough to deliver on them. Airheads. If WWE were smart they would have had Asuka lose and keep the feud going strong. WWE of course, have no clue.

TLC was another bungled mess that served no purpose and is enshrined in the archive as another forgettable PPV.

WWE instantly began moving on to the upcoming mess that is going to be Survivor Series. WWE repeats are at its most troubling ever. There is no future ahead, currently. 

WWE are slowly and blindly driving their mini bus at full speed of the cliff. No-one in WWE has the balls, manpower, talent or creativity among its b*tch boy yes men and airhead fluffers era for egotistical trophy hoarding. Congrats, the trophy is yours. The prize turkey at its greatest decline. 

WWE are too scared to do what needs to be done.

You're Welcome.

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