Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Trent Barreta released by WWE

WWE superstar released

WWE superstar Trent Barreta has become the latest star to leave the company on Friday 11th January 2013.

Barreta was on borrowed time for many years, after failing to become interesting with minimal people talking about him, however WWE offered no condolence with its customed “future endeavours” sign off, causing speculation to bad partings from its WWE Universe since WWE quietly disbanded him.

Barreta was mostly famous for NXT minimalism and a tag team with Caylen Croft, though couldn't interest any fans, nor have any ideas on where to take his character.

This was best suited for all involved.

Tyler Reks, who asked for and sought his release a couple months back also departed from WWE, highlighting a potential need for newer stars with fresh opportunities to come forward. Others backstage in WWE should remain, and given chances to work. Those on the list that could benefit the product by leaving range from Ezekiel Jackson, Curt Hawkins, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young and Jack Swagger, though the latter three would likely remain. They should go. Thy do nothing for WWE, and those left can be reworked into solid positions for the company when it gives direction and focus.

Of course, Alicia Fox should probably go, but, she is a demographic among the extremely small number of females, as well as promotional work a positive. 

Further releases are expected to come, as further signings also flow forward. 

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