Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Eve Leaves!

WWE Diva departs 
from company

The WWE Divas division suffered another blow after WWE, who geared the division towards a Kelly Kelly and Eve lining saw the last of their idealistic intent disband from the company to rupture the scene.

With the loss of numerous divas over the last year with wrestler Beth Phoenix and models Kelly Kelly, The Bella Twins, Kharma and promising star Maxine, Eve adds her name to the list upon realising the division has no sustainability left in it from WWE’s lacking direction.

Her time was nearing, after Wrestling Wonders gave her a chance to reform her position. After suggestion and implementation of the ‘Hoeski’ character from Max Waltham, (see and click links below) Eve had more of a place on WWE TV and in the division after just random appearances as a valet.

Hoeski Raw debut
Briefcase Bravehearts
Max Waltham affair
Raw gets ROCKED

Since Triple H has taken charge of talent operations with WWE, the once committed diva enthusiast on women’s wrestling has abandoned the division after father-in-law Vince McMahon decided to let the division crumbled, rather than seek new females and idealists to structure the framework. Triple H, formerly revising the division, conceded defeat and followed the chairman in what has been seen by WWE Universer’s as a “political tactic to control his positions” by eliminating the divas now. Triple H plans to reform the tag tam division instead.

With her contract up, and realising there were no more options to achieve in WWE, Torres played out her time. Her contract expired after WWE Raw’s 14th Jan, 20th episode celebration after losing the (Undisputed Women’s as) Divas Championship to Kaitlyn in a no countout, no disqualification match. Torres later quit on the show after failing to receive implied sexual favours to Smackdown General Manager Booker T and Theodore Long, who received a slap for spurning her advances while laughing.

In reality, Torres plans to spend further time with her martial arts trainer and husband Rener Gracie.

From this point forward, WWE plan to leave its divas to rot. They need someone with the skill to lift it, and that comes from the back end, rather than divas on screen. Hire important people with the knack to make it work, rather than allow it to become defunct and pointless. There is a high market that care and want its place in the WWE Universe, meaning demand is there. If Vince and Triple H can’t be bothered with it, draft in someone who can. They blindly ignore how damaging it affects their company overall by doing absolutely nothing with the future product. It is a shame. When one division crumbles, the rest begin to fall with it. Take the house of cards notion. Future needs to be created, maintained and strived towards, than ignore completely in order to turn success. 

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