Sunday, 20 January 2013

King Kong Bundy hijacks WWE Hall of Fame

Bundy due to receive PWR 
Honours instead

During Monday 14th 2013’s broadcast of Raw, King Kong Bundy earlier dropped a tweet revealing he would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Fans who blindly accept any word on the net jumped at the revelation assuming he would be inducted on WWE’s Raw as the first.

“Sounds like someone listened to the #Bundyholics regarding my Hall of Fame Huge announcement tomorrow night #FIVE.”

WWE showed the first inductee to its 2013 class of WWE Hall of Fame as Mick Foley, though he was interrupted by The Shield before able to speak or take honours speech. It was made official on the following Smackdown, as well as that episode of Raw having a backstage endorsement from The Rock.

Bundy will be inducted into the Pro Wrestling Report Hall of Fame over Wrestlemania weekend on April 5th in New York. They have no connection to WWE, however Bundy humourously trolled the WWE Universe into believing the WWE HOF would honour him. Probably never now, nevertheless, a wonderful job.

This announcement also made WWE Universer’s ask why Bundy had not and hasn’t received his honours to the ceremony for being an outstanding worker for his size and at the height of his era. 

Bundy took on numerous challengers including a bee man and midgets as well as "The Colossal Jostle" against the eighth wonder of the world, Andre The Giant in an hour long time limit. The crowd were electric for that one.


Congrats to Bundy for his acknowledgement on the business, regardless.

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