Friday, 7 October 2011

{Vince} McMahon's Meltdown & Return to Television

{Vince} McMahon’s Meltdown 
& Return to Television

In a Brief note, which one wasn’t planning to report, due to courtesy, but since Phoenix was allowed a dirty win at the Hell In A Cell PPV, so here be-ith your receipt.

McMahon, in his 'younger' days.
When he made fairly credible decisions.

McMahon was miffed to an angle involving Alberto Del Rio and Triple H, in which in the backstage segment, aired on the September 19th edition of Raw, Del Rio mentions, as scripted, and deemed sufficient by McMahon himself, that Triple H may be worrying about the day the Chairman returns, indicating McMahon (as always) will return to television, in his CEO character.

Oooh Yeah, you got it going on, babe!
This was nothing ‘new’. McMahon’s characters always receive TV time regardless of how many ‘deaths’ or removals carried out. Those who have forgotten, as soon as McMahon left TV, it was one time mentioned afterwards that he was still the acting WWE Chairman.

Making a good biz decish?

McMahon was said to have grabbed a TV monitor, (backstage, off air), in which he slammed hard. In such an unexplainable rage, even daughter Stephanie was on hand to try and calm the 60+ veteran down. At this rate, it’s a fine way to give yourself a heart attack, and then what will be provided for the family as well as the business? Pause for thought.

Del Rio and the writer in charge were scolded by McMahon for their verbal mishap. Many were surprised as Vinnie granted approval for the segment to air live. Could McMahon play this to his advantage and claim it was to throw us off the scent of Del Rio being an obvious winner at HIAC? Not really, but nothing surprises me on that front.

And yet the glass ceiling still wasn't broken...

It’s likely now that a possible return for October may be rescheduled for November in light of this. One thing we know is McMahon shall return. Question as always, will be a matter of when and in what capacity. 

Maybe McMahon could give me a monitor and see where I throw it, cos he ain't the only one furious at times :@ !! (I'm sure the next one will be thrown Waltham's way).

©  Max Waltham 07th October 2011

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