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Raw is MEXICO!

[17th October 2011 
Results & Review]

The 17th October edition of WWE’s flagship show, Monday night Raw emanated from one of the biggest hotspots on the globe acclaimed for its wrestling notoriety – Mexico City.

The newly appointed interim General Manager, in human form, John Laurin –(how the frig do you spell this name?) –aitis, claimed he understood the needs of the WWE Universe. Apparently receiving Tweets all week (the show was pre-recorded after last week, in which JR was subsequently fired for the umpteenth time), John L had, shock, re-hired JR! Why he was fired to make John seem a listening force to the ailing product, was beyond us all. Michael Cole was a constant misery from this announcement of JR’s impending return.

A pointless angle again...

The main event match was announced for later. It will be hometown hero, Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole against JR and, wait for it, John Cena. This time could have been used for enhancement to other characters, rather than a PPV building exercise between the two main WWE title battlers, come this Sunday at Vengeance.

Our first match was due. A 6 Man Tag featuring Randy Orton, Sheamus and John Morrison against World Champ Mark Henry, Christian and Cody Rhodes.

Told Rhodes will face Orton at Vengeance signalled the World title demotion for Orton. At least he is working with someone whom can contribute to his talents, and the company overall. (Henry will tackle the Big Show, read on for that one).

Maybe 3-4 years later, but at least we are getting it now...

A typical 6 man back and forth until Orton and Rhodes took to the outside chasing after one another. Rand then chased Rhodes all over the arena forcing him up the ramp towards the back where both disappeared through the arena. It then became a 4 man match up.

Rhodes on Orton... 

Anyone watching may have thought Christian now has a chance to receive a win.

Mexico wanted wrestling. And WWE realised it. They got their geo-demographic right.

John Morrison became worked over by Henry, then Christian. With a kick backwards to Captain Ginger, Henry was tagged back in. Morrison almost got the hot tag, but big bad Markie halted just that.

Wasn't man of the match as some claim, though JoMo did work slightly.

Henry then applied the bearhug – a beautiful move that WWE does not like to incorporate on TV. But they  realised this was the only move Henry’s figure could get away with. The bearhug is a very important and powerful manouveur, and should be re-implemented among TV, just not associated with a drab Henry match. Give it to a new and valid performer making their name, at least. Who in WWE would the audience like to hug? Even powerhouse Mason Ryan could have it. (Max Waltham would definatley use it on some. J

After a while Christian and Sheamus went at it, before the breath of boredom was sighed, and WWE finally ended the match. We did get a result on this one. Henry clubbed jobber Morrison down to the ground, and gave him a slam too. It was over. Morrison didn’t show any gumption here. He shouldn’t have won, though Henry’s win was once again, weak.

WWE must recognise that booking the Mark Henry/Big Show angle once again, in the space of 4-6 months, now with a title in place, no less, that this match is not any form of new or current. Who can possibly believe in these stars in 2011? No one. Those whom have to suffer 20 – 30 minutes at best with a sorry excuse for a match. Who in their right mind is willingly going to purchase PPV with them at the helm? Not a lot. It would have been beneficial to add a triple threat if nothing else and have a third man remove both of them from the World title picture. Even should Big Show win, it will still remain the same state of despair. And nothing will seemingly change to its audience, therefore decreasing viewing figures and faith in the WWE system.

After the seemingly long match, the Brodus Clay promos air for the 4th week running. Clay has yet to appear after his month long build up. It’s not looking good, is it? Even Clay would be welcomed over Henry and Big Show as World champion.

The Bella’s were once again booked as ‘fruit’ for the new GM. Placing their arms around John L, the Bella ‘tarts’ (fruit makes a tart, you see), Ricardo Rodriguez couldn’t get a word in after the GM took a phone call. How rude. Alberto Del Rio arrived. It was another office angle that lasted a few moments only, and became forgettable. One did wonder if the WWE ‘sound machine’ was on here. Woo’s seemed to turn to Boo’s. Hmmm.

Over a 4 month period Eve has done practically nothing. Tonight she was given a match. Facing Natalya, along with Beth, Michael Cole accurately proclaimed they were the “Sisters of Salvation”. Amen, Sister!

Natalya: Clearly earned her #4 spot in the top
50 Women's wrestler's list recently from PWI

WWE tried to make the sisters ‘equal’ to the inferior Divas. Making Natalya look completely weak by slapping the booty of Eve, (seriously?), making this company look incredibly short sighted. Eve may be a ‘better’ choice than Bimbo Bimbo, but is lacking on Natalya’s level. She needs to raise her game, not have WWE lower Natalya’s bar. I said bar. If Eve can perform ‘well’ and put on a match with either of the two in the future, it may just add a tiny fraction of 'meaning' to this crumbling ‘division’, seeing as it is severly short stacked. Eve defeated Natalya with the moonsault tonight.
Nose poker Eve and Pointer Bimbo Bimbo

Eve will challenge Phoenix at Vengeance for the Unified Women’s championship.

CM Punk fought The Miz next. Along with R – Truth, Miz berated Punk beforehand. He reminded Punk that he did “something you could not”. The Miz (and R-Truth) removed Triple H as the Chief Operating Officer of Raw, after Punk had tried to do so over the summer.

Vengeance was “gunna get ghot!” R-Truth proclaimed. He was also sick of those who “run their mouth”. R-Truth showed more gusto and deliverance in every word he stated than anyone in WWE. His character since the transformation months ago, which was agreed by WW that he had more options than John Morrison, broke away from jobber to elevate into the form of a star. If WWE really got behind this PR machine of R-Truth, instead of shelving it once Triple H came to power as COO, WWE would and still could have a serious competitor that the audience are already fully behind, as a breath of fresh air. RT would have been the first Black Champion many would have recognised as worthwhile in a long time. He has totally worked a fresh gimmick.

The WWE Universe "Suck!" Where would you like us Miz?

CM Punk seems to have become ‘just another guy’ after his summer fall out as champion and becoming saddled with the Kevin Nash/HHH/ Johnny Ace saga.

After beginning a match which wasn’t that different from when they both lost viewers a month or so ago, their match was cut off. Triple H, by the way, had joined his ‘friend’ CM Punk at ringside to even the odds. R-Truth did his “trademark” as Cole claims, which consisted of R-Tee smashing a bottle of water over Punk. Triple H came after him, who may want copyright infringements looked into. The Monday night Water Wars began!

NaNaNaNa , Hey Hey Hey....

John Laryngitis came at the most inappropriate time once again, and halted Triple H’s chasing of Truth. They had words. Interestingly enough, those not looking didn’t notice that the match had ‘stopped’. No one was seen in ring and all action ceased.

R-Truth did a comedic routine which was also key to storyline, in which he signalled Triple H, in pure DX fashion finger points and all, to wave on out to the back. Get tha steepin’ Triple H floored RT with a right hand. So much for not being a bully for the second time running. (At Hell In A Cell, HHH attacked The Miz when he left the Cell willingly, in handcuffs behind his back, defenceless). 

See Video below for th R-Truth DX motion attack.

It was all about Triple H again. We were then treated to a commercial.

After the adverts, Tripper was shown being escorted from the parking lot /building. Triple H had a problem with his immigration papers, and the GM pledged he would sort it out as soon as he could, he mumbled. David Otunga was Ace’s right hand man in shot on this.

If Triple H had immigration problems, then he wouldn’t have been allowed into the country of Mexico, let alone the wrestling venue. This lackless thought of forward thinking doesn’t get over with the Universe. They question these angles, even if you think they won’t. WWE takes care in its angle’s keeping up pretences, yet they drop this flat on its backside.

And how exactly are the Universe meant to believe in this when, Triple H, someone who was fighting his ‘nemesis’ of righteous truths Max Waltham, oops, I mean CM Punk, that they are now best friends? Awww. Get a room!

The match between Miz and Punk continues on. Punk brings the swinging neckbreaker back to the wrestling world! It wasn’t enough, though. The Awesome Truth grew tired and ambushed, Punk once again. The ref attempted to break it up. CM Punk did get the win however. Seeing as the Awesome Truth will clearly job at Vengeance, it would not have hurt them to succeed here.

Punk getting his booty out again.
The cameraman messed this up.
We didn't need the front shots :@

Punk with the Macho Elbow

Triple H doesn’t do ‘jobs’. If you think he will put these two over, you are mistaken.

Violins! The Mexican Posse were shown on Raw. It was good to see they didn’t go with the stereotype of a sombrero or piñata. It was a bit of class.

Jack Swagger, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler made an entrance shortly after. Vickie, who informed us that she was classed as a “goddess” in Mexico, in her beautiful ruffled dress as a sexy senorita, also said she was the Angelina Jolie of Mexico City. Now this is believable. She looked fantastic and upheld the image being presented. The WWE locker-room should look to this woman for inspiration. Even a Women’s title run is not out of the question.

A perfect shot for all 3 looking strong as a group. Just up to booking now.

Vickie, with her “business acumen” gained a major coup for her clients. ZigSwag will challenge AirBoom for the Unified Tag Titles at Vengeance. (Options coming below).

Angelina Jolie aint got
nothing on her!

Ziggler partook in verbal activities next. He gives us all advice on how to make it. And for the crowd that evening, they should “leave Mexico City and never go back” as he was from the best country on earth, and reigning champ of it – the US champion. At least this angle sold some prestige to the title, which is an inconsistency at this time. He told us we would “never make it”. Tight Ass.

The National Anthem was then sung by Mr.America, Jack Swagger. In the typical Sylvain Grenier / La Resistance booking, Swagger blamed the audience for “putting him off” – that’s annoying isn’t it? Get I Will Survive on the karaoke! Bring Back Jillian! She’s the only one who could sing and gather such interest.

Doing the Jillatonic(underneath).

Zack Ryder was then announced to have a match against Jack Swagger. A brief match for Zack, in which he won! Swagger was annoyed he was foiled by a seemingly lesser man. He and Dolph planned a pincer attack on Ryder from both sides of the outside ring mats toward the announce table. Zack was under attack.

The Brief Ryder/Swagger match below. 

BeefyBro's? Ry squared? Either way it's hunkalicious! Team them!

A knight in shiny oil armour arrived. Beefcake Mason Ryan came! Ziggler would now go 1 on 1 with Ryan. A slap from Vickie, and a near countout later, Ziggler won by DQ. A beat down and powerslam of Ziggler also occurred.
RyRy could merge
Hopefully, ZigSwag will defeat AirBoom at Vengeance. Then, Ryan and Ryder forge a team that fans will be encouraged to support and build up. Both complement each other as a tandem. Much potential is there. A feuding series between both teams could carry this to Wrestlemania and beyond. Ziggler doesn’t need the US title while this goes on and can drop to a developing star.

Watching out for Vickie, don't get countout out!

And what of AirBoom? Isn’t it obvious? Kofi Kingston can turn heel and a new high flying feud which builds both men in the eyes of those who want both to succeed on different levels can be born. Doing them after Wrestlemania is too long, risky and will have lost interest by that time. Strike while the iron’s hot!

What's this?! Dolph Ziggler bows to Jack Swagger? :o

Ziggler is showing promise, and his work ethic is strong. But work ethic doesn’t win over with me, tough, maybe, but I need talent, performance and sheer gusto in wrestling principals. He still has a long way to go, but it’s slightly improving. How long for, I can’t tell you. I have an open mind as you know, and am waiting to be dazzled by anyone brave enough to take me on.

Jack is upset

JR and Cena, backstage in the locker-room, said Alberto was boring him. A snivelling rodent and pathetic S.O.B, JR claims Cole is. Whatever happens, JR “wants” Cole.

WWE didn't put a Product Placement logo up for Nike...

Michael Cole asks “can I have your attention please?! We haven’t missed that every week, but just WHO is the GM? Will I be sent my next email soon?

With claims of egotistical and being put out of their misery, our main event begins shortly.

Cena prepares for Cole, then tags in JR

WWE’s be a star campaign has now reached Celebrity endorsement! Clever WWE.
Del Rio Delight!
Toot Toot!!!!!!!! A linger from Ricardo Rodriguez, and Alberto Delllll RiiiiiiiiO is here!

Cole came out in his, as Jerry Lawler put it, “Vintage” orange singlet and head gear. You may remember it from when the man he sits next to, Jerry Lawler and Cole had a feud in February, travelling on past its shelf life. Lawler did apologise for it.

Cole started the match, in which he wanted JR. Cena willingly accepted and formerly tagged in JR. Cole taunts JR, until Oklahoma’s finest clubs Cole down to the mat. Perplexed, Cole instantly tags Del Rio. The WWE Champion enters with a hasty stride towards JR, whom quickly manages to tag Cena back in.

Cole finds himself in a rock and a hard place...

Headlocks and running the ropes, both did their versions one after the other, before Del Rio beats down Cena. Cena mentioned before the match that Alberto Del Rio has never beaten him. Would he be rewarded a home victory?

Wonderful shot again

With a lift-over and choke submission hold, Del Rio, grabbing the armbands, caused a backdrop to form and slammed Cena down to the canvas. A few pinfalls, with a german suplex also, only amounted to two falls for Alby.
Boomer Sooner!
An arm lock, flip over, then a beautiful double axe handle from Del Rio off the top rope turnbuckle, then delivered a leg choke to which, Rio,  afterwards communicated more instructions to clueless Cena. They were held up for a lengthy time, while Del Rio mouthed instructions to Cena. Ones he had been receiving since every lock up/submission hold throughout the match.

SuperCena arrived, diluting all momentum built to just “reverse it in the last few seconds” – that , surely enough, is the biggest insult to wrestling. Regardless of whom the ‘offender’ is doing it. Wrestling maybe a process, but this is one we do not need participating.

Beautifully executed
After a whirl slam, the 5 Knuckle sh*t fall came, then delivered the tag to JR (and Cole at roughly the same time), in which JR clasped on the ankle lock and Cole playfully submitted. JR wanted this defining moment, and he got it. But it was only to enhance Cena. Anyone else, he may have lost, due to the Vince McMahon humiliation episodes.

Cena and JR wrapped this up. Filled with whirl side slams, and Del Rio dominating the entire match, should Alberto fail to defeat Cena at Vengeance, it would an utter disaster for WWE and will send a clear message that Del Rio’s character shall then become worthless. If WWE have brains, they will know what they are doing. But many do not have faith in that position.

Maybe that’s why Linda isn’t ‘in’. Imagine Vince as a politician. Would you vote for him or anyone in WWE’s power market to make your life changing decisions? When they can easily lose the plot?

Cena gets all the best jobs! :@

JR got his reward afterall

After the match, Cena decided to count. Confusing, right? He picked up some steel steps, then sent them crashing into a lying down Del Rio. John Cena, whose morals state you shouldn’t bully or do any of what he just did, sent a message to the ‘kids’ that it is ok to pick up steps and smash then viciously into a person’s head. Are YOU brain dead?

Del Rio does the starfish spread :)

After this ‘count’, culminating at 10, Cena said it was obvious, in his monotonic voice. After taking so long it became boringly evident. They will face off at Vengeance in a Last Man Standing Match.

Staggering to feet, still maintaining hotness
and a ripped physical body in dualism

It should be noted that WWE turned on it's sound machine once again. The ‘sound machine’ is a piece of apparatus that means WWE can change the output of a recorded show to alter many things in a certain favour. In this case, Cena received many ‘cheers’. Cena actually had many more Boo’s but WWE altered this so that the viewing audience assume he was cheered. This was implemented many times while Cena was a part of the Smackdown brand. That’s how TV works kids, and the WWE, of course.

So, to clarify, Del Rio “hasn’t defeated” Cena once. He worked the whole match in his hometown and was not allowed a win. If he fails to win the LMS match at Vengeance, then what hope is there left for anyone to get over in WWE?

Wasn't rewarded a home victory


Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Champion), Christian and Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Champion) def. John Morrison, Sheamus & Randy Orton
Eve w/Kelly Kelly def. Natalya w/Beth Phoenix (Diva’s/Unified Women’s Champion)
CM Punk def. The Miz
Zack Ryder def. Jack Swagger
Dolph Ziggler (US Champion) def. Mason Ryan via DQ
John Cena & “JR” Jim Ross def. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion) & Michael Cole  

Brief Note: It was also announced that WWE Legends will all live in a house together as part of a new show for the WWE Network. Is this WWE's version of Big Brother? 

The naming angle again... December To Dismember?

A WWE Mania Rewind was also "voted" for as the first show to be screened over the Network Hardly a difficult choice was it, considering the 'offerings'.

© Max Waltham 21st October 2011

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