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WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017

Coming live on Pay Per View on Sunday July 9th, 2017, from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, WWE launched a brand new PPV. A ridiculous name already slated by scores of fans and critics for its idiotic name, phallic logo resembling a penis and testicles and a rip off from the music song by Jerry Lee Lewis, WWE had its worse brain fart yet. WWE planned to cheat again, but had to settle the copyright dispute it often likes to steal from. How double standard of WWE. This was before the PPV even began.

There was nothing short of repeat matches and standard filler resembling another pitiful Raw show card, with zero logic involved. Would it be able to stand up above the critique and deliver some entertainment or simply gloss over cracks that currently rip WWE infrastructure apart?


Let's find out.

Bray Wyatt Vs Seth Rollins

Now that's creative.
WWE will naturally copy.
Up first was a random event thrown together out of nowhere. The latest cover star in WWE's annual video game repeat series of trash, Seth Rollins, has to battle the eerie dimensions of the start/stop superstar of indecision, Bray Wyatt.

With an awful job by WWE, and a match laced with skill but filler for the starter, Rollins technique and aerials against Wyatt's slower, creepy stance, it was intriguing but fell flat. That's how lame WWE's booking and writing committee have ruined all it's worth. It was insanely underwhelming and just dead air, which is a shame for two of WWE's potential performers who have been tainted as weak and useless for months.

Rollins has no role or being and Wyatt is much the same. In a baffling choice, WWE selected Bray Wyatt as the winner over Seth Rollins. It would have made more sense for Rollins to grab the win. Even now, WWE have no booking clue. 

It was boring.

Cass Vs Enzo Amore

Intent on calling devoid mannequin of no personality, Cass, 'Big' Cass was as laughable as the ragdoll slaughter of Enzo Amore. Vince McMahon enjoys seeing Enzo ragdolled and I can't blame him. Enzo is a pathetic let down but Cass has no depth either.

It was a short five minute blunder which exuded botches, lacklustre action and random fluff ending in Cass gaining the victory over Enzo Amore. The pure definition of filler. It was only there to fill a hole, and a big hole for WWE it was.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Iron Man, 30 Minutes
Cesaro and Sheamus (c) Vs The Hardy Boyz

Same old Hardyz routine.
It's 2020, almost, not 1990.
As predicted, this Ironman tag match running for thirty minutes (how can that even work?) was a rushed and sad encounter that Cesaro could not save. Cesaro again made the match bearable but with weak and useless nostalgia pops from the outdated Hardyz and Sheamus being a nonentity of no popularity, this was a bust.

Rushed, sloppy, all over the place. It was a mess. It needed at least one hour for tag teaming. Whoever thought this idea up needs sacking. How no-one could even consider a thirty minute tag scrap of this nature would fail is very telling about WWE's grand failings at modern production values.

Cesaro and Sheamus won 4 falls to 3, with the third being a cheap repeat countout joke.

An attempt to get cheap heat from fans and cheers was wasted yet again and ever so sloppy, it again looked laughable from WWE once more. This is the best they can provide? lol.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) Vs Sasha Banks

Steroid abusing junkie Sasha Banks (who still hasn't sat out for thirty days since her drug bust almost one year ago) was granted a title match with champ Alexa Bliss. Play dirty and you can win, girls. Inject those needles and be a female superstar like Sash. Great family entertainment from WWE.

Alexa Bliss made short work of Sasha, who has no actual star quality and has fast become a washout plus one like Bayley before her. There is no point to Banks other than being related to WWE favourite celebrity Snoop Dogg, which is why she was hired. How lame can it get?

Botches galore and tame action from Bliss, who is the best of a bad bunch, need real competition. Raw's roster has none (except Emma) and Sasha was the 'indy darling favourite' default fall guy to host some match. How sad once more for WWE.

Like last month's Raw PPV, WWE offered Sasha Banks a measly countout victory. Another laughable repeat of no value. The action was so boring and useless. It was a turnoff. Sasha Banks won by countout.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz w/ Maryse, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas (c) Vs Dean Ambrose

The Miz has added two bookends to his crew with the wife, Maryse. WWE, still clueless to book good ideas, threw Bo Dallas back with missing talented beefcake Curtis Axel. Returning and looking ever so dapper, Axel is the only star of the group that WWE are hoping might bring some notable reputation to The Miz's random encounters.

From Smackdown to Raw.
Same old repeats.
Ever the afterthought.
His opponent was the equally mundane Dean Ambrose. Enough has been said on Ambrose's typecast failings and empty shell. He's just there, and it's boring.

The Miz, of course, is no better.

The IC title remains cursed and has no role than hopeful lineage to a stipulated scrap.

The ever suave and sophisticated hunk,
Curtis Axel.
Tepid, weak, tender moments from a stalling Miz and rushed hardcore tones from Dean Ambrose with natural outside mishaps from plus one's were the typical WWE booking lunacy that took away from the fun. 

Another pointless endeavour that saw The Miz retain another worthless victory.

Ambulance Match
Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman

An EXACT repeat match from Raw 2-3 months back before Brown Strowman got injured, saw Roman Reigns escape the Ambulance tipped over and embarrassed WWE's production of Braun tipping it over with a crane on the other side was another wasteful joke.

WWE think this added something meaningful to the proceedings.

It was the same old routine of sloppy interactions and slowed, bulky carrying with the pair unable to figure out what to do to entertain a live audience. The chemistry between the two was also devoid and non-existent.

WWE's logic after each of them gained the advantage over the other, as always the same routine, was another lame pandering to the audience of 'Brown' non-entity, Braun Strowman defeat Roma Reigns by bundling him into the Ambulance. Braun won. However, Roman Reigns, in true WWE lunacy, escaped the vehicle and stuffed Strowman into it instead. Standing tall over Strowman, the winner, who now looked invariably weak, rammed the Ambulance into surfaces to destroy Strowman. 

Good old Jaime Noble returned to try and force the door open with a crowbar to save Strowman. 

LOL-Man Reigns
So Reigns lost, because fans hate Vince's John Cena Mark II, but rose above as the strongest act as if he has won, also acting in a dishonourable fashion as an honourable fellow. Eh? WWE logic at its finest once again. So entertaining for its dumb fans they want to take money from but abuse in entertaining values.

Heath Slater Vs Curt Hawkins

A random toilet match if ever there was one. It was boring, wasteful and filler, as both know. They did what they could, as Heath Slater won the battle of the ginger jobbers in just two minutes.

WWE Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman Vs Samoa Joe

Further hilarity closed the show. Triple H's new fat friend in Sh*tmoa Joe against the mighty Brock Lesnar to add some, err, depth, was a beautiful squash match. Makes you wonder why WWE feed nonsense stars of ignorance endorsed by Triple H's business brain farts to Lesnar when they are all pummelled in short succession.

The match lasted a momentous six minutes, in efforts to give the ever hapless nobody as Triple H's NXT poodle of a long line some chance to be strong. Joe has done nothing in WWE since arriving on main roster call ups and has been entirely nondescript. What WWE are seeing is somewhat missing from the realms of reality. It really is the airhead era.

Quick reversals, a couple of power moves and a destruction of the random jobber to feed to Lesnar was Samoa Joe. Brock Lesnar easily won and has no competition. WWE are warming the title for Roman Reigns next month at Summerslam, after waiting for the Wrestlemania matchup is taking too long. Yeah, because and absent champion, one who is hated by viewers and random jobbers to fill the void will really boost WWE's product. 

Infeasible start of lunacy feud
with no grasping connectivity.
Do they even see what is wrong with the shows? Of course not, they live in their own bubble of hate and ignorance. The ratings continue to crash through the floor rapidly, even if they bribe companies for higher view counts. 

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Seth Rollins, Cass, Cesaro, Alexa Bliss, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Heath Slater, Brock Lesnar

Man/Woman of the PPV - Brock Lesnar

Quality entertainment continues to be something WWE do not wish to deliver. Coining it in and making a standard approach of blasé run through dress rehearsals don't deliver anymore. Over the last three years WWE has been in trouble and failed to listen, and since wrestling genius that they so despise for giving them everything and at the height of programming, Max Waltham, WWE has nosedived in every possible outcome. When they will choose to wake up without bitterness remains to be seen. Until then, the shows and WWE's future is as bleak as it comes. Fans know it and arn't staying around. It is in decline and is likely to never recover from such a downward spiral. All of wrestling is sinking and it is not a profitable option if this writer is not involved. That's just a fact.

He who laughs last...
It isn't Vince laughing this time.
Before this PPV, also, WWE suffered a massive data leak on its website. All information of users, paying customers to the WWE Network and other WWE services were hacked. WWE issued a statement to its Universe stating personal data and financial details were protected. Though, whn WWE openly lie about their ratings numbers, social media scores, use bribes, cover wellness policy drug abuses, sex and regular scandals and make up fake numbers of attendances in storylines and hope to believe them in reality doesn't fill the air with much confidence, does it?

WWE openly lie about details. They only way to protect your data is to pull out of the ever flawed WWE Network, which has no good shows, PPV and random trash to fill space.

This PPV was officially the return of The Great American Bash meets Judgment Day and Bad Blood. Another rip off, badly named, shoehorned PPV to fill space in the overdone WWE PPV calendar which claims too much unnecessary time with lacking product.

Wrestling is further more sinking and WWE are entering TNA/Impact/Independent ignorance deflation era's. This is officially the airhead era.  No good stories, writers, ignorant bookers from Indy darling hires who want to feel special, nepotism running rife and useless production values. It really is a no brainer. Though WWE are the only ones who fail to see the cold hard truth, and they are not prepared to do what is absolutely necessary, which is vital to its future survival through its own, ignorant ego. 

That's their problem though, isn't it?

You're Welcome.

© Max Waltham 12th July 2017
All Rights Reserved

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WWE Money in the Bank 2017

WWE Money in the Bank 2017

Seeing as WWE could not be bothered with such a performance show, this review will take a report/notes format in certain areas. WWE clearly don't care.

Live on Pay Per View, on Sunday June 18th, from the Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri, fresh in Randy Orton town and full of eager fans to watch, WWE still pulled in less than attractive audience viewers despite its mask to cover its ratings woes. This PPV was now sent exclusively to the Smackdown brand instead of both shows. Would Money in the Bank be the glorious show it has always been respected for, to create a new talent from scratch? Or would it be the same tired out format of thrills, spills and uneventful acrobatics on repeat tussling for the dangling delight?

Let's find out.

Money in the Bank
Fatal 5 Way
Tamina Vs Carmella w/ James Ellsworth Vs Charlotte Flair Vs Becky Lynch Vs Natalya

To try and capitalise further on WWE's failed concept of female empowerment, the Women's come Diva's Revolution clearly petered out. The five man battle was somewhat laughable but had a surprising air of interest from the set off. Though it wouldn't last into the main crux of the bout.

Natalya having to be the one woman powerhouse working the match whilst Tamina played the roll of beat down dogsbody. Bit tepid & rushed.

Charlotte stops Nattie on the ladder as she and Carmella set the top ladder tussles. Charlotte tries to hook the case as Carmella stops and Tamina shoves the ladder over from below from retribution.

Nattie ladder jabs to Tamina.

Crowds cheer "This is Awesome". there wasn't much to make it awesome except for the thrills and spills quick spots, but it had an air of interest in recent WWE messes before it on Pay Per View. Fans will cheer for anything remotely tame and that is not going to help cover diva failings of higher quality for chance moments.

Carmella smash Becky into corner ladder who failed to sell the smash as Carmella flips a Hurricanarana very well to be centre focus setting and climbing the steel stairway.

Charlotte takes command and is now at the top as is the standard run through of Money in the Bank matches of everyone all over the place and getting their turns. The tired format is starting to really drain the momentum of all these specific ladder matches on repeat.

All were taken to the outside as Tamina, Nattie and Charlotte felt the Moonsault flip from Ms Flair to the outside. Carmella was back inside setting the ladder, which had the same stance of Carmella setting three times in five minutes, which doesn't make her look her best among the other show stealers. 

James Ellsworth climbs to the top of the ladder and unhooks the briefcase as he drops it to Carmella, who grabs the victory. The referees argue for a disputed restart as Carmella clutches the case. Fans are livid at the dodgy ending, as Carmella is announced by Ellsworth as the victor. The motion stands as legit in WWE absurd rules. Previously they have had unhooks but whoever holds it when on the ground is in charge. 

It was obvious but made Carmella look weak. 
WWE just made Carmella look highly weak and failed to reward Ellsworth, who was once more the MVP of the show.

So much for the female revolution when a man won the battle for someone else.

*Following on Smackdown LIVE a decision was made to strip Carmella and order a rematch this coming Tuesday. What a way to ruin the match, the female uprising and Carmella as a potential, future superstar.*

Lana was up next with a promo which was simply outstanding. Best short promo heard all year, as sweet as that. Simple and effortlessly delivered.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Uso's (c) Vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E)

New Day arrive, with Paige's pervy sex recording hoe, Xavier Woods.He banged it on WWE time. Ewww.. Trashy sex culture & toilet humour.

The stereotypical gangsta's from da hood, and a Cryme Time revival, The Uso's against the bland trash talkers New Day.

Trombone, close falls and clumsy, tired instances from Big E were very laboured messes than powerful poise. A running head spear into The Uso's with a double knee was poorly moved and missed by Big E that should never have been attempted.

Jimmy pull Jey out from Kofi pinfall. 

Uso's really tried their damnest to make it successful but it was absolutely rotten. 

Winners by countout New Day as Uso's made a tired and beat down retreat with intentional loss.

Lol another cheap ending. WWE are telling you exactly what they think of you. More repeats, phoning in and cheap endings. MITB is over.

They will probably put the Sarge with Jinder lolol. MITB But now getcha glow sticks out!

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Naomi (c) Vs Lana

Lana has returned to Smackdown Live over the last month and has been given the glamour puss Emmalina failed concept, which her entrance makes her look like a porn star. 

The return of Emma, no, Lanalina on Money in the Bank/Smackdown Live. Entrance makes her look like a porn star. Great brainwave Vince. :)

The female Fandango.

So should we expect Rusev to come in and pin Naomi and give Lana the title now?
Divas scraps and quick pinfalls.

So long away from the ring and just thrown in there is a huge ask and as much as Lana can succeed, right now, very inexperienced.

Looks like she's performing in her panties in a 'behind the window/slot machine' porn strip show.

Eva Marie is counting her blessings right now. She is having the last laugh at WWE.

Carmella arrives as Lana has Naomi down.
Carmella does the Dolph Ziggler running joke, cash in, no cash in. This is Vince's humour to troll the audience. He respects you.

It was enough of a distraction to cause Lana a submission loss to Naomi, who looked like a forgettable champion instead of a bold one with a hungry challenger and just a cheap brat goading her.

Wrong person one, and now Lana is dead in the wall as a threat in the Smackdown Women's Divison.

Every match has had a bad ending
Fashion Files. Miami Vice. Law and Order rip off's. Classic WWE bull fresh out of any real creative ideas.

Paul E's old brick phones.

Tyler no selling injury.

lol could it get any worse? A video tape of numbed speech. 

Up next were a random entry on the titantron. It was former Diva Search winner Maria Kanellis

Your debut at MITB, just walk on as Maria and Mike Bennett. Worse than that TNA Miracle crap. This soppy loveboat crap is trash. Boo's rang for Mr Bennett who now took Mrs Kanellis' name. Mike Kanellis, the soppy, dreamy sap so in love, gushing over his wife looked more than invariably weak and empty as a couple starting their new era in WWE. It was laughable at best.

Nauseating. Screechy. Cheap. Tacky. Crap music. Took her name.

No explanation why they were there and just turned up out of the blue. Whatever.

WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal (c) w/ The Singh Brothers Vs Randy Orton

Even in hometown Orton and Mahal are not main evening and the main is the useless male, toilet match with zero talent in it. Mahal's overcrazed celebrations, claims and terrible promos. 

Jinder can't make promo at all. Used for media, which is all WWE can do. WWE has lost all fans. Vince has lost his mind. Steroids bad.

Legends roll... and constant embarrassment, boozer and pervert Ric Flair. Way to ruin it all. And his daughter, in the mind. Wooo! Boring.
Singh Brothers and steroid junkie resembling a terrorist. Classy WWE as ever. 

Steroid abusing, terrorist themed junkie, the WWE champion, no less, a jobber who won the lottery and has no depth at all. WWE fails. 

Add James Ellsworth into the MITB now and make him win to save us ffs! That would have been better for WWE at this point, but they view Ellsworth as a comedy character instead of the only saving grace of heavyweight championship material that can really change WWE for the better. Once more WWE are fresh out of brains. Ratings have sunk. No explanation needed to see why.

Figure 4 Leg Lock by Mahal.

Randy Orton's one man show of Excellency.
Jinder Mahal's back acne is just distracting at this point. We all know what's up. Just waiting for the Wellness Policy violation.


Mahal still unable to take the double DDT drop with his knees being the focus of blocking the fall than taking the bump with clever transitions.


Leg placed on rope by a Singh.

Ejected from ringside to give Jinder, hidden on the outside some time.

The Singh's plan to attack the legends, grabbing Randy's dad as Ric jumps up to pose a punch before Randy Orton saves the day. That wasn't obvious.

Orton has slammed down The Singh's through tables and what not's outside. Jinder Mahal is still secretly out of sight as Randy Orton table elbows one of the Singh's through it. Jinder is back in the ring as he gets the cheap advantage over Randy Orton with a knee kick and arm drop. 

Is Jinder Mahal's knee kick and arm drop slam really that believable? A jobbers move in WWE's computer game GM mode lolol.

Tag Team
Fandango and Tyler Breeze Vs The Ascension

Just because. Mmmmm. X
Before that though, Fandango's chest :p Mmmmmm. Random match with The Ascension. HaHaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Jumping punch knee, punch from Konnor on Breeze botch disastrous.

This was just an empty match to fill in the numbers. Breezango won. It was about 4 minutes.

Video package of previous Money in the Bank winners now. LOL. They edited out Damien Sandow. And CM Punk, of course. 

Money in the Bank
Six Pack Challenge
Sami Zayn Vs AJ Styles Vs Baron Corbin Vs Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler

MITB with Kevin Owens. HHH's favourite freebie gifted fatboy, acrobatic spot monkeys and foreign nobody. Bland. How could this actually be exciting? Well, Jinder Mahal couldn't main event either, could he?

Baron Corbin is the only option and even that is just poorly laughable and inconceivable. Zero talent and ignorant wasters. Gimmick jobbers. 

The Indy Darling mark fandom of flips and splits is here. And Owens rolling on the floor. How exciting.

The best part was Shinsucker F*ckamoron being taken out at the top of the ramp before getting into the battle. At least one piece of untranslatable, ignorant trash was dealt with imminently.

It was the typical Indy Darlings Ladder match. Kevin Owens falling over everywhere, Sami Zayn jumping around everywhere, AJ Styles adding to the cruiserweight spots and Shinsucker Fu*kamoron entirely unrelatable or of any presence. 

The two extra's jobber Dolph Ziggler and some random nobody who WWE hope big things for, treading water as an afterthought forgotten to be there, namely Baron Corbin, was not any level fulfilling.

Corbin, of course is WWE's only option to retain some credibility to boost a new star. This was leaked as plans three months back to boost him and tonight is WWE's only chance. All other's have failed or are entirely green and inable to carry the WWE brand. It was a ladder match of jobbers that proved Triple H's Indy fandom mark-ism is the most laughable categorical failure WWE has ever produced in recent memory. It is embarrassing. WWE continue to think it is good. The ratings have plummeted and 2017 will not improve. 

Baron Corbin predictably unhooked the case in a paltry main event with zero star quality involved. My. How WWE has sunk. HaHaHa. Ignorance is no virtue. Triple H's ignorant ego endorsements have all but ended WWE's future with such airhead decisions. 


PPV Rating - 1/10

Man/Woman of the PPV - James Ellsworth

Men/Women of their matches - Natalya, Jimmy Uso, Naomi, Randy Orton, Fandango, Baron Corbin

The first historic Divas Ladder Bank match was a categorical failure. Making history WWE say. Won by a man. Hilarious. Now, as a result of poor decision making, fans have turned to anger of being short-changed with bullsh*t that they want Carmella, someone they usually like to go forth, lose. This is not heat generating, this is plain stupidity costing future options. Road agents, bookers, writers and WWE have got their brains in their backsides, by the seems of it. That's what happens when you add talentless budget 'wrestlers' to come up with a random 'idea' or nepotistic offspring's who want to feel happy as a fan in the inner circle. Laughable at its very best is WWE's corporate culture of the airhead era. 

It lacked credibility, depth and any sense to build a new star approach for an already dwindling future. The Smackdown Women's division has also suffered another knock as a result. Proof by WWE, that they believe men are far superior to women. 

Naomi has become a minor, lost in the shuffle plus one, who wields the championship trinket as accessory. WWE's booking has made its leading star of the ladies be a random floater, who should be a powerfully honourable champion. She was a boring afterthought alongside the verbally exquisite but god awful in-ring greenery that is pornstar wannabe attire Lana.

As long as James Ellsworth finally gets hands on the WWE title instead of that goof Jinder Mahal the better. WWE failed a whole year. They won't do it. That shows how WWE have lost all creative minds. Call me! HaHaHa!
Vince's idea of looking like giving the fans what they want and using 'female empowerment' message which he doesn't actually believe in, nor has a place in WWE land.

The Uso's also suffered tonight. More of a guessing game still of which Uso is which and looking like gangsta crims Cryme Time with racial profile stereotyping was not a good look. They were actually very good and held the match together, but WWE used them to push New Day forward, who are uber stale non-entities. Though they are more prominent than the tag champs, who are there by default. How embarrassing. 

The card was an expose of WWE as a sham more than it intends. People will see how phoney and empty this card and breath of 'talent' is. Lacking skills, depth and creative instances, the PPV, constantly repetitive and devoid of any entertainment was such an embarrassment for WWE. Sunk to the depths of the irreparable ignorance, WWE has gorged on useless 'talents' from Triple H's fandom mark obsession of one tape viewing hard-ons and no actual vision. The show is a sh*t shower and without the right people on board, WWE is following the Dixie Carter-TNA, Titanic way of production. No one will truly miss it.

That's WWE's problem though, not mine, isn't it?

Many missed opportunities. This was Lana's one and only chance to make good on her claims and defeat Naomi to rise above. She didn't and was utterly weak hence forth on that cannot make the gimmick work. Naomi needs the title, so it was a lose-lose situation all round for both and the actual title.

Fandango and Tyler Breeze have been disliked by WWE but after last month's surprise to them that the team are liked in their recent Fashion Police rubbish, WWE have changed tack. It took them long enough, and now, it is an afterthough, toilet humour, missed op again, than a full on interest booster. Classic WWE. The only highlight was Fandango's topless body selling the action for five minutes.

Randy Orton was the hometown hero who became the heavyweight championship sap. Orton is their biggest superstar (John Cena is divisive, Orton is talented) and often disregarded as fodder. Even when carrying the pitiful company decisions on his shoulders, Orton is always short-changed. WWE's five star worker still makes Jinder Mahal and The Singh's have a place, but is excruciatingly hard work. They don't have 'it' at all. Jobbers as champions. How did WWE honestly think this could work, even as a PR/Marketing move for media attention, which is what WWE seems to be obsessed with under the Triple H delusion programme of headlines instead of headline acts. The man's ego continues to drain the product.

It looks as though Vince McMahon is, slowly, removing all NXT failings and is clearly upset none are pulling their weight. Yet Vince has decided over three years to endorse that ignorance and hope it would work. It has failed and he knows it but hates to admit it. Not one NXT superstar has been a roving success and Triple H's business acumen (what of it) has not got the brains or egotistical willpower to align with the greatest opportunities that will benefit the future. Any other employee would have been fired many moons ago. The damage has already been done and McMahon's failure to listen and act at the very time of necessity has put WWE's future under Triple H's maniacal ego in very dark waters. Is that a rescue boat on the horizon? You have the whistle. Will you blow?

Baron Corbin. Aye aye aye. Three years treading water, jobber programmes over the last year with Dolph Ziggler and a random acrobats, Indy darling ladder mess to gain a top spot by default. How embarrasing.  Such a superstar failing to materialise. Roman Reigns comes to mind here. 

WWE's landscape is dreadful and there does not seem to be an hope in sight. How long can WWE keep kidding themselves within their family feud trying to be all lovey dovey to make Triple H feel like a natural McMahon with talent? Awww. Diddums. Lose the ego b*tch. You might just survive the storm. It's all in your hands, isn't it?

Stock down, operating at a measly $20 a share, and the coming return of John Cena switching from Smackdown to Raw next month won't save WWE. Cena, now billed as a "free agent" which was never the case because he was exclusive to the Smackdown brand shows how desperate WWE are. Moving him to the Raw brand in July and hoping to increase failed ratings won't work. Cena is part of the problem with fans. No one wants the same old, but when Vince and co fail the future because they haven't understood how to make it work from Max Waltham's directions (which can never be replicated) McMahon veers to the past to try and claw something back. Now whose picking up the crumbs? McMahon could have it all, but thinks he is too big to retract. He sees it as a weakness, yet the WWE has been demolished by its own internal failings and ignorant future hoarding of non-entities. Wonderful.

Even the Cena-free agent bullcrap isn't legit. Cena is not free, but, hey, WWE don't do creative anymore and it is also an admission that they have no actual stars worthy of the main event. It's been at least a decade since WWE entered its 'new star creation problems' mode through its own lack of trying.  Cena will return to Raw in July to destroy Bray Wyatt. Good luck with that. 

Oh well, it's your problem now, isn't it, not mine? Of all the hiring's they make, WWE can figure out which one they need. It only takes one success to survive and get back on top. WWE seem to forget loyalty, honesty, how much was paved for them and the disdain of its egotistical hate. WWE will be their own worst enemy. There is no future and 2017 is in decline. There doesn't seem to be much hope for 2018 and beyond, either, at this rate. WWE need to act swift and get on with it instead of dithering lunacy and have real conversations on change. Or simply sink.
You're Welcome.

© Max Waltham 26 June 2017
All Rights Reserved