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WWE Extreme Rules 2017

WWE Extreme Rules 2017

Once again WWE opened its Extreme Rules PPV, live on Sunday 4th June, 2017 from the Royal Farms Arena, in Baltimore, Maryland. It was exclusive to the Raw brand. With another named Pay Per View with simple card layout, stipulations galore and lacking talent with old hat performers and absent champions, would or even could WWE be able to survive its extremely dense booking? 

Let's find out.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Dean Ambrose (c) Vs The Miz w/ Maryse

Failed second run.
The boredom of the Intercontinental Championship continues. Resident sap The Miz against even more of a sap that has been all but destroyed by WWE booking, Dean Ambrose. WWE have no one else to fill the void of challenger or champion holder for the sake of it.

The action was once more boring, tepid and pitiful typecasting that has all but evaporated Dean Ambrose as anything meaningful any longer. Two failed IC title runs and a disastrous WWE championship last year from WWE amid growing concerns from this writer have finally ended Ambrose as a main event or compelling mid card star.

His opponent, The Miz, forever a plain weasel with no style, paltry action and the use of his wife to help him out, with yet another lukewarm title holding exercise, does not bode well for anyone in WWE's future. The Miz, of course, won the title once again. The setting is officially still cursed and empty of any charisma. It encourages no feeling at all to its lacking hype. This was simply filler to WWE's very painful cracks ripping its walls apart.

Tag Team
Rich Swann and Sasha Banks Vs Noam Dar and Alicia Fox

Pathetic perverts and druggies.
A pre-show show moved into the main card as filler because the card has no other performers should be warning sign for WWE enough. Laboured, sloppy and pathetic spots of no value of another repetitive formula in WWE, with a match fitting enough for the secondary TV shows, was another puerile embarrassment. 

The only highly was drug enhancing steroid abuser, who still has not served her suspension for 30 days since last Summer, Sasha 'blanks' Banks, taking down ignorant sex pervert and closet homosexual midget Noam Dar. The love angle couples is so sad even for WWE. 

Rich Swann and Sasha Banks won this nothing match that should not have aired and has harmed WWE even more than usual at how it structures p*ss poor card events and expect fans to pay for it.

Ignorant British homosexual Noam Dar, has caused controversy in WWE once more with naked picture leaks and posing for gay selfies sent to other people for seedy sex almost exposing his manhood. This is WWE's finest perverted production. To think this is aimed at kids, too. It also disgraces the LGBT community as they are not all this way. Why Triple H thought this midget was a successful acquisition who has done nothing in his time, makes up the numbers and is injury prone all the time again taints WWE's image and purse strings. How sad.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Kendo Stick on a Pole
Alexa Bliss (c) Vs Bayley

Another yawn fest in the overly drawn out feud already just one month born, with both performers so lacking in style or passion. 

After years of 'on a pole' jokes from audience fans and critics of WWE for being so loose on its ideas, tonight they put a Kendo Stick on one to seem a bit hardcore to get the girls over. It didn't work.

Both females are once more treading water, highly inexperienced for the main stage and victims of overly green call ups rushed through developmental territory turned into Triple H's egotistical playpen 'brand' NXT, which seems not to be focused on training anymore. The results on the main roster have been self evident over the past four years. The ratings support such failings. Triple H's ego won't learn. WWE is sinking ever more fast than ever before and a future looks less than promising under this lacking business, err, strategy.

It was a simple divas match with a few moments of get the stick, not get the stick, everyone take their turn to build some 'ooh-ahh' moments that were simply overdone and wasteful. Both divas could not live up to that pressure placed onto them which should not have had such a lame theme added.

Bayley continues to be lame and an afterthought who just happens to be there to raise divas numbers. Her opponent, Alexa Bliss, is still very green, lukewarm and lacking powerful in-ring presence as a wrestler. She may have some fan following as the best of a bad bunch, but is still way too inexperienced to carry the main brand or title, but there is no one else available either, which hilarious shames WWE's failed diva come women's revolution 'thing'.

The players may have changed but the outcome is still the same, and it is poorer than every for a future to try and encourage as game changing. Alexa Bliss is the best of a bad bunch on the Raw brand, which saw her retain the worthless trinket of no importance. The action was insanely exhausting to watch. Bayley naturally took a heavy beating afterwards. Bayley, a kiddie favourite, could not wield a beating onslaught on Bliss, could she? 

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Tag Team
Cesaro and Sheamus Vs The Hardy Boyz (c)

The returning oldies, with Jeff Hardy working injured, and an inconceivable title run that has been excruciatingly underwhelming title holding only (as standard practice in WWE with everyone these days) did not elevate anyone tonight. 

Cesaro is always the star that WWE hate for being talented in his own right. Saddled with Sheamus and fully nasty now, the show was poor, despite Cesaro's best efforts to sell everyone else. H looked a stooge and the other three are still not anything other than boring, washed up, old timers or lost youth catching up with WWE's disastrous booking committee.

After another long winded bout, Cesaro and Sheamus scaled the cage to become the new WWE Raw tag champs. It should have been amazing, but was simply an afterthought despite having one half of the best performers back on top to gear the tainted tag division to new heights again.

The Hardyz naturally provided all the monkey jumping spots to get some cheap heat again. It was not awesome.

The only highlight was Cesaro's pert backside, in a professional and tastefully entertaining, in-action moment that stole the whole interest of this utterly lame PPV in concept and implementation. 

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville (c) Vs Austin Aries

The long running feud between the pair of Neville and ignorant shrimp Austin Aries continued to drag on. Worn out from its inception months ago as a novelty act, the battles have been nothing but embarrassing toilet breaks. Nothing has changed and tonight was no exception. It did not shine WWE's so called 'little man power surge' once more that sees many continue to call for the Cruiserweight division to be depleted as it never should have been revived.

It is a dead horse failing to drink from the camel's oasis.

The typical jumpy acrobatics continued, in the Indy darlings bounce around teaser to fill the intermission before the real action arrives. That's the role of the division. To fill in before the important stuff. It has no place and is costing WWE way too much money just to change the ropes to purple so Triple H can feel special with his ignorant darlings called up so greenly to satisfy his failed business ego trip.

Neville retained in another useless match which was made into a submission. What a laugh.

Fatal 5 Way
Number One Contendership
Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins Vs Finn Balor Vs Bray Wyatt Vs Samoa Joe

Face of WWE. Thrilling.
WWE's answer to everything, throw all the main guys they want at the top of the roster out in a random free for all and hope for the best. This was pathetically laughable to watch. Once more built on the essence of thrills and spills all over, with spots used literally every second to cover the lacking entertainment values or wrestling prestige, it was just embarrassing for a main event.

The absentee, the champion, no less, Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal Championship, against the winner of this battle. Who really cares?

Cruiserweights as main event
laughing stock.
Thrills and spills. This was a cruiserweights match up with aerial 'stuff' among bigger, more lumbering masses. (And weedy stickman Finn Balor). Everyone had their turn to do something. (Can't wait for Money in the Bank next month). Zzzzz.

Roman Reigns running knee striked Seth Rollins. Rollins did high dives from the top rope and tables outside were broken. Reigns Speared Finn Balor through the ever predictable fall apart partition at the corner barricade at ringside with the crowd. Oooh! It's so hardcore! Or a tiring bore. Used every single year, this is as boring as WWE's laid on spread that fails to do anything new. WWE are fresh out of ideas.

Acrobatics again. Zzzzz.
When they weren't phoning it in, not really bothering to wrestle and just do the WWE blueprint script of actions, the match saw Bray Wyatt have his spooky moments, before being completely demystified by WWE's hate fuelled dropping of momentum as signposting hate.

Samoa Joe, a random plus one, plus size Triple  H favourite, who was called up three months back and has done absolutely nothing just like Kevin Owens, won the match after submitting the ever useless acrobat, Finn Balor, who as the ignorant weed he is, simply passed out.

Instead of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins or even Bray Wyatt, WWE chose Triple H's fandom favourites that continue to claw down WWE's business model and failed entertainment that has all but crippled its ratings. WWE don't care and fans continue to leave after WWE failed to learn why the numbers keep dropping. It's not working.

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - The Miz, No-one was good enough, Alexa Bliss, Cesaro, Neville, Seth Rollins

Man/Woman of the PPV - Cesaro

Inconceivable that Samoa Joe, some random from TNA, is now a number one contender, since doing nothing of value on the roster and plodding along with a chance opportunity 'cos Triple H wants him to lead. Hilarious. Joe has no transferable quality's, has lame entrance music, no presence or charisma and is vacuously out of shape that cannot justify any talent as a leading figure of the company. Many believe he was only chosen (apart from Triple H's erratic hard on) because he is fat and the mighty Brock Lesnar needs some bulk to battle with. Good luck with that. Joe doesn't stand a chance, when Lesnar can be bothered to earn his millions by turning up once in a blue moon. The hilarity of a champion not even there in desperate times of WWE need, and a championship with zero credibility since its birth or title holders devaluating it, is another grand concept of WWE's erratic failures. Joe was the 'focus' of the show. Isn't that saying something when the main thought is a random jobber taking away from some of WWE's mainstream named superstars. 

Typecast repeats.
The Miz is constantly stuck to the IC title as WWE have no options left. Opponents and champions are empty handed in WWE and it is the same repetitive feud on either brand. Boring is not the word. WWE have stained all involved and whatever title used to be iconic is now simply idiotic. All emphasis has been drained from it entirely.

Alexa Bliss is tame and lukewarm. Bayley is pathetic and uselessly tepid. The action, story and meaning is not there and no competition in WWE's Raw divas roster can elevate this disastrous repeat of random title holding boredoms. 

Neville and the Cruiserweight Championship will should have been resigned last year and never brought back perfectly embodies that thought with its lacking event tonight and before it. The same old boredoms, a failed acrobatics waste of time every week/month and zero competition with any depth or charisma once more taints WWE with Triple H's insanely ignorant ego failing to listen or act correctly for the business as is his cheap slogan of constant failure in NXT 'experiments'. Not one act from the NXT call up has been a resounding success in WWE, despite being given titles and high booking favouritism beyond talent.

The tag pre-show thing was simply ludicrous, pathetic and senseless. Highly ignorant, full off steroid abusing women and lukewarm interaction, it was a waste of time.

Delightful saving grace.
The only highlight became Cesaro's amazingly pert and simply beautiful derriere, regardless of sexuality, that was a good sign of stardom, as well as entertaining. Again Cesaro has all the makings, but WWE are all out of ideas with hate and snarl. He and his booty outshone everyone and everything on the card to make something bearable in a poor and pitiful card of boredom, repeats and lacking direction yet again as is standard WWE procedure. The Hardyz were once more boring and shouldn't have bothered coming back. They are highly overrated and it is sad to see nostalgia on WWE at such a desperate time for them and WWE, to try and stay relevant. 

WWE's shows have been earning the lowest ever ratings over just the last month for both its main shows. What an embarrassment. WWE continue to avoid the issue, writing, creative people, or simple action and stars that will make fans rejoice. Blubbering ignorance or slow, out of shape and boring stars like Joe, Reigns, Balor, Strowman or Kevin Owens'es are WWE's highly ignorant delusion on Triple H's obsessively useless ego to feel part of the McMahon family as creative and business genius. Fans left when Triple H threw in all of his failed NeXT projects. His ego is the biggest problem WWE face.

All green, inexperienced (even if they have been on the indie circuit as fans blindly cheerlead, which Triple H, the mark, agrees to get popularity) these stars are out of their depth. No skill, lost in the WWE way of performance and a tame Indy representation that was needed but became too much, exposed WWE and the stars so useless, WWE have misunderstood its business model in modern times. Trying to be me but not with me has cost dearly. Fans have left and continue to realise WWE is not the place to waste their drained lifestyle. Stock is also dropping, even if WWE invest their own capital into it to seem on top.

New WWE future with imbecilic decisions not working out.

Samoa Joe was inconceivable and with any luck will be destroyed by Brock Lesnar next PPV. Even so, it was a poor PPV result that makes no sense or meaning to random Kevin Owens chubsters favouritism by Triple H's fandom freebies club.

In seclusion.
The champion, Brock Lesnar, still fills up milk cartons with his no shows. Missing and unable to defend or even have a championship presence, and not in tune with the WWE 'Universe' as its championship is meant to be, is another categorical embarrassment for WWE. they have no competition nor any stars to be champions.

All championships are officially zapped by WWE of any legitimacy and have no essence or being in worthy acquisitions after Triple H's made game playing of ignorance and devaluing freebies for marketing lunacy.

All WWE PPV's are becoming just another show like its poorly repetitive with empty, nonsensical TV shows and a plain embarrassment. WWE is sunk right now. They will do nothing to repair its wreckage. their ideas are fresh out of water and it does not have the staff to survive the follow ups. That's down to WWE's stubborn and nasty behaviour of hate, than realising what helps. Ego fester's WWE with a toxic distress.

All in all, one thing is clear. 

Who cares?

You're Welcome.

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WWE Backlash 2017

WWE Backlash 2017

Live on Pay Per View from the Allstate Arena in Chicago's Rosemont, Illinois, on Sunday 21st May, WWE presented it's Backlash event, exclusive to the Smackdown brand. Backlash has now moved to an earlier slot from the near end of the year previous airing. With a cluster of NXT Indy darlings called up in the midst of WWE's lacking roster, deflated titles and alienation of most of its fans over the last three years, would WWE's NXT luv-in really exceed cheap expectations? 

With so many green and difficult workers, and Jinder Mahal's absurd title placement, WWE may have a lot more to answer for after the final bell rings tonight.

Let's find out how it went.

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Dolph Ziggler

Fan luvvies rejoice. Some random, non-English flounder of high ignorance has debuted. Prancing around and already a goof on Smackdown, alongside WWE's music-crowd editing software to trick cheers into his non-reactions and Vince McMahon's natural concern's of his translatable persona, was not best forthcoming tonight.

His opponent is the jobber formerly known as Dolph Ziggler. (Remember him?)

Dragged down with lacking feuds and weak NXT call ups to an already minimally sized roster, Ziggler had to work with another Indy darling of Triple H's 'trick the fans to love me' hand me downs. Thrilling.

The acrobatics of this jumpy little rabbit in Shinsucker Fu*kamoron fades quickly. It's all been done before, is nothing new, constantly repetitive and tiring from a Japanese circuit old age performer who doesn't have the transferable qualities to stand tall in WWE. Another Cruiserweight ushered into hopes of a mid card role are not WWE's best defining feature for an already rocky future.

The action was tepid and empty with Dolph Ziggler working tirelessly with spots and daft interactions to make the WWE rookie Nakamoron seem interesting. It will take much more than that.

Missed opportunities with Naka's brawling and technical attempts to seem relevant were a wasted mess, alongside a failed entrance that showed 'moron as exactly that, a newbie NXT luvvie of Triple H's ignorant who won a lottery than talented call up. Nakamora is way out of his depth already and proves yet another failed experiment of the NXT rabble dwindling WWE's product further on Triple H's insane and unlistening ego and ultimately underwhelming.

Shinfu*ker Nakamoron got no charisma, jobber, debut and not translatable as NXT marks scream of. Triple H biggest mark of all.

As predicted Shinsake Nakamura won. Thanks for coming Ziggler.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Uso's (c) Vs Breezango

The Fashion Police, with a complete rip of of Law and Order (WWE's finest ideas are everyone else's) Fandango and Tyler Breeze have gathered interest over recent week's that WWE failed to notice and care for years. Now in a tight spot with more failed tag teams at an all time low, lacking any detail and simply boring, this spread was finally put on. It looked like another simply Smackdown episode.

WWE had its own level of contempt and just put it on for the sake of it. It would not have surprised if the company switched the titles to Breezango to dump them the following Tuesday to the Singh Brothers.

The Uso's continue to be good workers who are always short changed, lost in the shuffle and no one cares about. They are decent workers, but why should anyone care? They are just there, and they are boring to many, thanks to WWE's once more misguided lack of direction.

The action was 'funny' for some and sheer lunacy for everyone else. Tyler Breeze was the focus of the match, dressed in as a Janitor, with a condom on his head. After which he was stripped to reveal a Grandmother's outfit and dress. Thrilling. The Uso's ripped it off and smoothly flung it out of the ring, which unintentionally caressed the side of JBL's face at ringside. Now that was smooth. Good range.

Breeze was stripped of his clothes and moved into another attire. Eventually he was down to his original quick change gimmick after two layers removed. Some fans felt this was a talent something that many on the roster could not provide, including the likes of Finn Balor, who cannot develop from face paint/generic leather vanilla dude like Breeze with three attires and 'entertain' if that's what it is called. Okay, we'll give him that, he does a lot more than others, but in the grand scheme of it all, WWE are only there to mock and play jokes. Go figure.

The only highlight of this battle was seeing Fandango's delightful pelvic gyrations. With a strong chance to win and the drop the gold to the Singh Brothers on the following Smackdown, WWE decided not to have the Fashionista's lead on. 

The Uso's won after a random and forgettable finish that makes them look as much an afterthought as Breeze's daft costume change. It would also have been a perfect time for Fandango to turn on Breeze and go to the mid card. These two are WWE's resident, mocking crew. So much has changed.

JBL, also highly accused of Bullying in WWE and of Mauro Ranallo, a manic depressive, 'forced' to leave WWE, uttered another disgraced comment live on air. JBL - "(Fabulous) Moolah has come back from the dead!" Is there no shame or respect from WWE and Vince? Have some class. 

Baron Corbin Vs Sami Zayn

Another empty match that is meant to favour Corbin. WWE are said to be high on making him their next main event competitor. HaHaHa. That's funny. A random who never materialised for three years since the main roster call up, has always been lurking in the shadows, on pre-shows or missing PPV's entirely and pain staking repetitive feuds with Dolph Ziggler that drove many away.

Tonight, WWE bumped its next world prospect to another jobbers filler match, so veteran jobber and steroid junkie Jinder Mahal could raise WWE's Indian marketing program as main event challenger.

His opponent was Sami 'the mark' 'thanks for coming' Zayn. Is there actually any point to Sami Zayn at all? Give him his pink slip already.

This one was absolutely hilarious. The supposed, new chosen one, Barry Corbin was once more weak, tired and empty of any depth. Three years floundering and this was his strength. WWE are really at a loss on every option now, huh? 

To make matters more hilarious, after all the useless and dreadful mat scrambling by both, and exposing Corbin's lacklustre repertoire, Sami Zayn won with a cheap victory that made even less sense than this booking matchup. Whatever. It was garbage.

Tag Team
Six Man
Charlotte Flair, Naomi (c) and Becky Lynch Vs Natalya, Tamina and Carmella w/ James Ellsworth

Christ what a boring rabble. Some of WWE's strongest females, and the weakling's WWE favours personally, could not be more back to the blueprint of classic diva throwaway matches.

The Women's revolution lasted long. WWE still try to throw that horse to market. It bolted many moons ago.

Apparently this is a "six WOMAN" tag match. Oh grow up. The team led by Natalya are no known as "The Welcoming Committee." What lunacy. Oh, by the way, You're Welcome. How original.

Becky Lynch made a statement early on with an absurd mohawk resembling a red haired cockatoo meets mad lesbian look. That was all she had to offer.

Smackdown Women's champion Naomi was allowed to lose as part of a team in a tag match that needs to set up future options. However WWE absurdly continued to protect the clumsy mess that is Charlotte Flair and have champ Naomi take most of the beatings from the enemy.

With nothing set up for future challenges, repetitive Natalya/Charlotte, Natalya/Becky interactions, WWE have skim nothing short of embarrassment. The diva's division is officially back, with some of its most powerful women on the roster. Classic WWE.

The powerhouse beast babe in Tamina was always a highlight that WWE failed to move on years ago. Against Naomi, it would be the perfect time to enhance the pair's friends come foes. Carmella, who has strong options as we previously notes six months ago, is floundering. Meek transitions, jabs and pathetic opponents exposing her more with the same tepid jabs from Charlotte and co has once more vastly evaporated the clear waters to murky sewage again.

James Ellsworth continues to be WWE's leading performer on Smackdown, always coming into his own in every role, which WWE are too chicken to move into a serious position from last year's hype of WWE title opportunities. WWE are all out of options on everyone and its own amusement mockery angles on fans and performers. NXT has failed.

Becky Lynch tapped out to a very pitiful Sharpshooter by Natalya, so her, Tamina and Carmella pick up a cheap win that means nothing in balancing the numbers of card honour/dishonour outcomes.

WWE United States Championship
Kevin Owens (c) Vs AJ Styles

The Sleeper Match, Good Ol' Owens.
WWE has always been in a tight spot with its dumbed down roster and weak stars left on it given favouritism and spots by default. Triple H's grand vision of NXT has failed on EVERY single delivery, and there has been many since three years ago.

The current experiment of bulbous, useless, charisma zapping Indy darling Kevin Owens, given numbers of titles by favouritism instead of talent and dropping ratings as his main priority makes a continued laughing stock of WWE, who don't seem to know it or simply don't care. We believe its the latter.

His opponent is acrobatic Action Man from TNA, AJ Styles, who has been nothing short of material, move set, title worth and championship material. He's only there by default. WWE's failure to create any main stars and influx of Triple H's obsessed Indy darlings in hopes to gather a small flock of fans has failed categorically. Stock down, ratings down and pitiful production values from WWE on all brands, also at their lowest ever ratings since the dawn of time, rally needs to light a firecracker up WWE's sagging backside.

Wake us when it's interesting.
It was the same age old routine. Kevin Owens' few moves, brawl, scream, roll around in and outside, act hardcore or whatever and take breather spots in less than three minutes of match time was standard booking lunacy continuing. Big Kev's very first move was walking into moves, yelling and in headlocks, taking breather spots with AJ. Outside spots naturally followed next. ZZzzzzzzzzz. This ain't the Indies, dipsh*t!

His opponent is the acrobat who jumps all over for a bit of fun, AJ Styles. The real life Action figurine knows his place. To be the performing monkey always on the outside looking in, trying to get a handful of luvvies to cheer on cheap pops of no actually entertaining poise.

With a minority audience behind the pair of them and a 200 fan strong following from NXT hopefuls desperate not to have their illusion of failings broken, will take blind sides on action for sympathy. Though WWE, who had the catastrophic brainwave of putting this on last, with two non-WWE workers, failing to encourage a new and old audience, has proven a failed project.

AJ did more flippy sh*t on the in and outside, until Kevin Owens did the outside beatdown *Yawn* until AJ Styles was counted out in another pathetic result to protect Kevin Owens, Triple H's pet poodle, who has dropped all ratings over the last two years, with favouritist titles, devalued production and no actual talent. Wonderful.

It was a weak and sad 'add-on' everywhere action spot building mess that was not any level a 'match'.

Luke Harper Vs Erick Rowan

Why is this match on? Toilet break. Filler. Stop gap. No other options. No care given. Predictable. Messy. Waste of time. Goodbye. 

Luke Harper won. No-on could even make out which of them was bad and good. What a fail on WWE's part yet again in its pathetic booking committee. Get some actual talent instead of Triple H's fawning bulls*it statements of his own ego. He cant.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) Vs Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers

Random jobber, Jinder Mahal, fresh from the switch of brand shakeup to Smackdown, was gifted a favoured six pack contenders challenge to qualify for tonight's title opportunity. A random jobber who never made it big, was fired, had and is continuing to violate WWE's wellness policy with the use of steroid enhancing drugs, with Vince McMahon's backing.

Used for WWE's current Indian expansion, a nation with reports of constant rapists, shanty towns and inequality, WWE enforced a drug abuser jobber in hopes to encourage Indians to flock to the show. How classy of WWE's enhancement tactics. 

Rejoice! The Singh Brothers, nee Bollywood Boyz, have names. Traditional ones, of course as Sunil and Samir.

Randy Orton, WWE's only true, consistent and excellent worker, had to work a one man show with the disastrous calamity that was Mahal and his new tag team friends the former Bollywood Boyz, now called The Singh Brothers. How original. 

The match was only held strong once again by WWE's only star act Randy Orton. Fans were somewhat anti-Orton for one reason. Not for disliking Orton, but disliking WWE's way of booking the same type of John Cena, lead star approach, that fuels hatred. This will affect everyperformer who is cast in such a role. Orton also recieved many cheers once beating down Jinder Mahal and his companions at ringside later.

The big moment was when Orton, blocked by the barricade of Jinder's buddy's, saw Orton literally flip and beat down the pair with ringside announce table flinging. One Singh was flipped so high and took the bump incorrectly, which could have broke his neck. Orton laughed, and rightly so for such another green rookie with zero charisma.

No joke, Jinder 'druggie' Mahal
is WWE Champion.
Randy Orton would later attempt the double DDT, rope-drop down slam on the pair, as Jinder Mahal moved around to the back and slid in to catch Randy Orton with a quick and useless finishing move that was standard action to win the WWE Championship in a shock moment that fans found laughably inconceivable.

Fans can and could not believe the finisher, add-ons and weak action by jobber Mahal, who has jobbed to everyone in weeks, months and years, to instantly gain a lottery win come title victory.

In hindsight it become obvious that Vince McMahon chose this option to capitalise on his Indian market expansion of WWE, which will be a categorical failure. Jinder Mahal, its first Indian WWE Champion, in storyline basis only, is a mess. Jinder Mahal is actually Canadian and not Indian at all, meaning The Great Khali is still its only champion. WWE hope Indian fans are easily stupid to believe such blatant trickery.

PPV Rating - 1/10

Men/Women of their matches - Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, Baron Corbin, Naomi, Randy Orton, Luke Harper, Neither good enough

Man/Woman of the PPV - Jinder Mahal


Big ears, Cabbage Patch Doll, Tye Dillinger, who has got nothing going for him and some lame "Perfect 10" gimmick which means nothing at all, beat Aidan English. English, who has the talent, is often hated by WWE, despite being a hot performer, for some random from NXT who is overly green and needs WWE's sound editing machine to look good. Plus the shaved grooves in his hair are so 1997. Tye Dillinger was truly amazing. He couldn't even hit a knee buster with any connectivity on his crowning move. Another flash in pan with zero charisma that just stands and points. Thrilling.

Shinfu*ker Nakamoron, Kevin blubber Owens & jumping Monkey dolly AJ Styles were WWE's leading ladies tonight. WWE are really hoping on the Indie Mark Crowd in Chicago tonight.

The eyes, the nose, the fear, the roar, the veins.
The champ.
WWE's expansion into Indian markets is going to be more divisive for the nation than ever. Seen as a nation of scandals, scams, poverty, slave labour, sweatshops using kids and rapists galore treating Women as the most disrespected class in all the nation, WWE are playing with troubling fire PR wise. No press statement or storyline can protect it from such.

To further add to India's demise on WWE''s part, it's so called champion, Jinder Mahal, has been openly using steroids to enhance his performance and abuse and allowed to bypass the WWE's Wellness Policy program. Vince McMahon is back to his pill popping antics that almost destroyed the WWE in 1984. Many believe McMahon, accused of turning blind eyes and distributing the drugs to talent to make money off them, was favoured by judges at the hands of untold corrupt bribes.

Either way, WWE has lowered its product to an all time low. Fans will not tune in for Jinder 'the junkie' Mahal as its leading champion. The ratings have dropped to their lowest ever on Raw and Smackdown in the past two weeks and month overall. This is not going to encourage that any further. A random jobber who launched to the top in less than a month, using drugs and corruption to get there. A great message for the kids. WWE also have made Mahal resemble a terrorist in its writing, appearance and essence, which is another disgraced betrayal to its supposed nation of sacrificial lambs in the Armed Forces. What a way to respect such honour in instigating a Muhammad Hassan approach once more, which already failed previously, even on a day when Terrorist's around the world struck nations with attacks. Vince McMahon. Classy as ever. Or simply delusional every year failing to see what works. What investor or stockist is proud to support this nature? 2017 is in decline for wrestling and stock should be pulled instantly. It will only get worse for all attached to it. It's also highly disgusting, but Vince McMahon often uses the dead, or any other practise to shamefully try and gain a moment of buzz. Have some class, babe.

WWE's Champion is a Steroid abusing Junkie who represents India, a nation of rapists, slaves, shanty towns & scams.

The tale of the Fat Boy who
wanted to feel special.
The United States Championship is yet another worthless prize that no-one can truly respect or give a single care about, with the face of America an overweight interpretation that many believe all Americans are ugly, fat, rude, obnoxious fast food eaters that makes them hated instead of celebrated. Way to go. The Face of America, Kevin Fried Owens and his big bucket o' Chicken Wings. Wonderful.

Dolph Ziggler did what he could. Dolph is useless but so is the thing he is playing with every time in efforts to boost up the ever green NXT batch of newbie fools that will never materialise on such ignorance. NXT proves a failed experiment under Triple H's insanely self imposed ego. The man cannot separate himself from problems and find the solutions that will exceed his business acumen. Simply put, he doesn't have any. He's just famous for sticking one in the bosses daughter.

This still going?
Fandango's hip gyrations were the only interesting point in a complete useless throwaway match that could have been a good one. WWE always destroy than create. 

Luke Harper? Enough said. Who cares. Erick Rowan needs letting go.

Naomi used as rag doll to look as weakest champ yet? Only her entrance was mesmeric today. The rest was a fail on WWE's part again. The winners we're also an afterthought. Only Charlotte Flair was once again protected, which is destroying WWE's female division yet again. New brand, same old crap.

Should be repackaged
 as Barren Corbin
Baron Corbin. Err, what? Normally the likes of Corbin and Braun Strowman, three years on the roster and never achieving one thing, would be future endeavoured. WWE is at a low point of talent AND empty numbers to put on a show. Then it call's up or hires all the wrong one's full of ignorance that pull down the WWE's walls of credibility. It truly is laughable. 

Backlash perfectly exposes how screwed the WWE lockerroom and Smackdown's roster really is. All green filler matches. NXT/Indy darling fails. The crowd were highly indifferent and not happy with the current product and let WWE know. WWE will use being in 'CM Punk' land of Chicago as an excuse to play it down. Chicago is regarded as one of the most cultural and expressively creative cities in the United States. 

Did a perfect job, with a laugh. 
Randy Orton jobbed out to a jobber? That's funny. Normally many would be fuming but Orton, like the rest of us, can truly laugh. It means nothing and further weakens his naysayers cheering for some goof high on paraphernalia, scandals and jobbed out to all roster stars which no skillset or talent to showcase his title reign. WWE look an even bigger fool and will harm investments and ratings more than it realises. Scores have already cancelled their WWE Network subscriptions, plan to boycott Smackdown and possibly Raw and live shows. All for a few Indians, who are already watching and actually adore Randy Orton than Jinder Mahal. Score!

WWE is the most hilarious laughing stock and ruins itself without anyone else having to try. Failing to utilise or gain those that will make it work, and Triple H's obsessive need to prove more than the trophy husband with his NXT failure playground is embarrassing. EVERY, SINGLE, CALLUP, from NXT, HAS, BEEN, A, CATEGORICAL, FAIL. That's a fact. None has succeeded and those given freebie titles by Triple H luvvins add to it. WWE are in distress. It only has one performer of consistency that was hilarious dethroned for no sustainable reason. John Cena, in the wings, will not be around forever and has already driven most fans away.

McMahon still thinks he's in control, and yet he is not. His decisions are reflective of that. It also marks his level of contempt for fans who shower him with their cash to be rewarded with hate and sneer. You're better off throwing it down the toilet.

Me Me Me.
The NXT ignorance crew will not raise Triple H's grand plans of failed sad-acts to the top of WWE and with its cheap writers, lacking creative plans and producers missing crucial points, WWE is at an all time low, by its own actions. Sucks to be you. That's your problem though, not mine, isn't it? 

It's also a great way to demoralise the morale of the entire professionals in the locker-room that bust their butts for WWE to be rewarded with measly scraps and cutting reputation disinterest.

Triple H's NXT experiment and Vince McMahon appeasing his daughter's husband to feel a natural McMahon, bitter of other brainchild's supporting WWE for years, has failed. Get with it and lose the ego. EVERYONE in WWE on all brands is as green as they come. There is no talent shining at all. 

You're Welcome.

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