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WWE Hell in a Cell 2017

WWE Hell in a Cell

Switching up the PPV's once more, this time Smackdown was given the Hell in a Cell gimmick card, laced with Shane 'he'll do a spot' McMahon trying to get over some random fat boy who has failed to ignite Independent scenes as well as WWE viewers rapidly dropping ratings than pounds.

Other card skirmishes were random filler, but would they stand out or just be another afterthought?

Live on Pay Per View from the Little Caesars Arena on Sunday 08th October, 2017, Hell in a Cell began.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Hell in a Cell
Tag Team
The Uso's Vs The New Day, Big E and Xavier Woods (c) w/ Kofi Kingston

In its repeat series, WWE randomly returned the Smackdown tag titles to the New Day trio of lunatics. Nothing new from their stale Raw days then.

They fought, as champions, with spare wheel Xavier Woods, against The Uso's. 

The Uso's held the match together with laced skills and technique to really shine their greatest after we've constantly pointed that out to WWE, who seem to hate The Uso's based on talent than worthless sex pest Woods and over-towering tank Big E.

The Uso's regained the titles they should never have lost in WWE's attempts to create some excitement to title switches. They tend to switch the wrong titles in the first place, and to its new holders is very questionable concern.

The Uso's shone but it was simply a basic match, despite huge effort from the guys as WWE have done a number on them, along with the dreadful back alley black gangs stereotype which had no real feeling of interaction to fans.

Randy Orton Vs Rusev

What should be a motion epic of key players sidetracked from main event successes was another forgettable match despite huge talents in both corners. 

WWE have grown bored of both men, who are two of the only selling points of the brand and company to date. WWE seem to alienate their own strengths, which makes investors and fans rightly worry how delusional WWE's marketing strategies are affecting the actual 'sports entertainment' values.

Once more like previous bouts of embarrassing Rusev, whom WWE now hate, had Randy Orton pummel through with another blasting RKO, which was well done by both, but again, forgettable like its previous bouts over the last two months.

WWE United States Championship
Triple Threat
AJ Styles (c) Vs Baron Corbin Vs Tye Dillinger

A perfect 0.
Random fluffer come cabbage patch doll, Tye Dillinger, was added as a late entry to the battle for some unknown reason. No one cared.

With Baron Corbin in the dog house over the last month for speaking out, and losing his heavyweight title chance, he was given credible booking tonight in efforts to shock the fans on what they do or don't know from fanzine dirt sheet rags.

Tye Dillinger was there as many knew, to take the pinfall. AJ Styles smashed him with the odd finisher thingy as Baron Corbin snuck in, rolled Styles out the ring and clambered over Dillinger to secure the 1-2-3 and lift the United States Championship.

It was a poor run through, highly forgettable, with sloppy interactions, AJ spot monkey acrobatics and an ever floundering Corbin who still hasn't gotten over in three years. It was a welcome change from the looney tune in Styles clogging up WWE titles like the Indy luvvies that killed all progress. It's too little too late, as WWE endorsed such actions that devalued all its lineage.

Title holders and in this case, are simply cushion warmers for random straps of zero value.

WWE Smackdown Women's championship
Natalya (c) Vs Charlotte Flair

In the same old repeat stereotype of 'Women's' matches consisting of Natalya carrying Charlotte every year and WWE's obsession with devaluing its remaining roster for favourites of their daddies, the 'E served another typically useless end.

Charlotte Flair won the match, as predicted, once again, (yawn) by disqualification, making sure Natalya kept her title but again looked like another useless defender of the gold to invaluable (to WWE) blank canvas Charlotte, who still hasn't improved as much as she should have. 

The so called Women's Revolution that Max Waltham birthed, based on female respect, distorted by WWE's airheads in Triple H and Stephanie Mc'media'Man was again another defunct selling point of laughability that only WWE don't seem to see. 

WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal (c) w/ The Singh Brothers Vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Roids. Something to be proud of.
WWE's untranslatable gimp in Shinsucker F**kamoron is yet another NXT experiment from Triple H's failed business acumen which Vince McMahon endorses for his Indian market promotion. 

WWE's Smackdown and even Raw shows have lost massive numbers of attendances, ratings and ticket sales. They gave the title to Mahal, whom they made up as a terrorist type who takes steroids and gets rewarded as its main star, who used to be the fluffer on its lowest shows beforehand. 

Mahal isn't even Indian, he's Canadian. 

Jinder Mahal predictably won in the standard involvements and side attraction distortion to remain WWE's weakest WWE champion to date.

Many believe he's keeping the seat warm for AJ Styles, where WWE once again, has no talent on offer. WWE will naturally make an even bigger mistake. Isn't it wonderful?

The action was sluggish, boring and empty filler with another acrobatic fool involved with a steroid junkie jobber.

WWE quality at its finest.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Booby Roode

The debut of another NXT/TNA fluffer who is in serious need of a charisma and personality transplant, namely Bobby Roode took on resident back layer Dolph Ziggler.

Bobby Roode, another of Triple H's fandom funsies, was given the win, who also tried to be HHH in TNA, which failed pitifully, to fail in WWE too.

It's okay, Roode has the NXT luvvies and Indy marks in his corner as every NXT call up does. They only last for fifteen minutes before they fizzle out as another in a long line of ignorance hires. Thanks for coming.

Another sluggish and piss poor match, where Roode from his TNA days still hasn't learnt how to apply effective holds and transitions with clunky footing is a bloody disaster right of the bat that WWE hope to avoid. WWE make themselves the biggest mark instead now. It won't get over, because Roode is entirely hopeless like all else before him. WWE don't seem to see the real world in its clouded environment. Not my problem though, is it?

Oh yeah, Dolph Ziggler was involved in this somewhere, if you remember him.

Falls Count Anywhere
Hell in a Cell
Shane McMahon Vs Kevin Owens

In its continued failed efforts to get Kevin 'hapless' Owens over, they needed the McMahon's involved. That made it even worse. Vince McMahon came to Smackdown only to be headbutted and suffer a bloody forehead. They raved it was a success. It was dreadful. Owens' headbutt barely connected, his gut bounced McMahon and the spot was bungled. McMahon looked an even bigger fool for allowing such idiocy. he was allowed to bleed on television too, which once more abuses the rules set out for everyone else. Performers are fined huge sums if they purposely bleed on screen. Even Vince's spritely daughter of media whorism, Stephanie, came to supply a towel for her daddy. How empowering, girl.

Christ almighty.
Shane McMahon took the challenge to work with this bulbous travesty that has destroyed WWE's future based on ignorance alone before him. WWE and his best friend, Triple H, thought they could sidestep the issues and defiantly rub this writer's nose in it by being belligerently aggressive. Well done Triple H. You have succeeded. Ratings down, tickets down, stock down, performer value down, fans down, investment down, advertisers down, networks concerned, titles worthless, empty seats everywhere and free ticket bribes. Score!

The ego is real, and Triple H is the problem with WWE's hiring fandom markism of his own failed brain cells more like a brain-fart. The Airhead era is solely on him at this point and his natural wife Stephanie has jumped on the bandwagon to defend her man, which has put her in a vulnerable position as the other half of the lunacy. Vince has always been keen to protect his daughter from the business side of gritty problems, yet has fully encouraged her to jump in head first. Children.

Aside from the politics of WWE, which is widely affecting everything, the on-screen involvement of Owens-Shane O was bloody horrendous. Owens did his routine roll out of the ring after being tired out from a couple of whines and falbby punches that had no level main event quality.

It was all about spots and gimmicks as fans knew.

Big Kev was only there to try and relive his Indy darling days of crushing his body in 'hardcore-ish' 'stuff' including a copycat moment where Shane McMahon jumped off the top of the Cell onto an outside table where Owens was atop. A copy of The Undertaker-Wrestlemania battle was another sigh of pathetic repetition. WWE really do have nothing left do they?

It was also reckless of Shane O to throw himself into the table yet again, risking his entire life for real, over some guy who will never get over, in a cheap match that was all about "holy sh*t" moments and no actual talent.

Sami Zayn was at ringside and pulled Big Kev off the table so Shane would land through it and Kevin Owens could win another tainted and useless jobber victory with zero talent involved. 

Wherever Kevin Owens is, so is Sami Zayn. The pair are a pathetic and lost attraction who failed to draw in singles collisions done to death. Now they are back together as pals which makes them and WWE look entirely feeble and as useless as the acrobats.

It was just sad.

A week before the PPV, Owens and Zayn in a singles match main event on Smackdown pulled another of the shows lowest ever ratings. WWE are completely clueless and heading down the WCW-TNA-Dixie Carter-Jeff Jarrett route of self implosion. 

Why any cable company/network would continue this downward spiral would be absurdly delusional.

WWE is no longer profitable and without the most important people involved in the business, WWE has got no selling points whatsoever. 

You're Welcome.

PPV Rating - 0/10

Men/Women of their matches - Jey Uso, Rusev, Baron Corbin, Natalya, No one was good enough, Dolph Ziggler, Shane McMahon

Man/Woman of the PPV - No one

WWE's Hell in a Cell has achieved history. It is the first EVER PPV to receive a ZERO (0) rating. Pitiful and wasteful to the core, WWE really need to wake up to serious concerns in front of its disastrous programming. 

HIAC is officially the WORST PPV of 2017 thus far and probably will be.

Repetitive, lack of story, no feeling and useless fluffers with WWE's lost ideal, media obsessions and product failings cannot go unnoticed. WWE is a sheer mess right now and WWE have go NO idea what to do to improve it from their board room brain farts.

That's their problem though, isn't it?

Shane McMahon's dive may as well have been a nosedive, just like Owens' drop of the ratings rather than himself.

Zayn still doesn't have a role and no one cares yet again.

Natalya/Charlotte is the official Cena/Orton/Triple H saga that distilled WWE years before its injury served retribution for on air failings. No one cares about Nat/Char LXXVI (that's 76 for all lazy bone, brainless WWE staffers). 

Bobby Roode, what another laugh WWE serve up. 

Followed by the absurdity of a terrorist junkie fluffer and an acrobatic nobody needing a flyswatter. HaHaHa.

Tag battle in a Cage. Oooh, haven't seen that for a while. The result is exactly why.  Yeah, that's a great idea. Airhead decisions with no legitimacy.

Baron Corbin did it. Only because everyone else is so pitiful as an option. Meh.

WWE's future is bleaker than ever and with more PPV's like this and no solid ideas or strategies on how to outline the future, WWE is in worse a position than ever before, and no one ever thought that a possibility. However, now it is more closer than ever before.

Vince McMahon won't be around forever, the brash McMahon's in Steph and Triple H hate those who help, yet they need more than daft hires and wrong media fluff to try and sell a couple of tickets.

The Airhead Era.
No-one in WWE has their head screwed on right and even Shane McMahon disappointed with his latest program. WWE is severely flawed and needs to get it's head out of its ass and into the, ahem, game. No Triple H, lose your ego, it doesn't men you, just because it was once a similar named monkier. 

Start being a professional, but then again, many believe WWE has none and that is exactly why its ego and hate fuelled toxicity in its environment has caused a serious problem for its coming future. 

We will have to see if WWE truly care about their place in the world, than jumping on a flight to talk a two minute nonsense for a quick moment of love that mean absolutely nothing long term.
You're Welcome.

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All Rights Reserved

Thursday, 28 September 2017

WWE No Mercy 2017

WWE No Mercy 2017

WWE No Mercy this year opened on the Raw brand, switched from last year's Smackdown associations. Live on Pay Per View, from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, would the Raw brand be able to reinvigorate the fans, the product and the talent in the dwindling locker-room?

Let's find out.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Miz (c) w/ Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas Vs Jason Jordan

Random switch up from Smackdown to Raw with no explanation two months back and WWE making up its own rules again, now a random plot with being Kurt Angle's long lost son, Jason Jordan was given his first singles title chancer.

The absurdity surrounding the entire situation, angles and lunacy did not detract from the hype of the poor booking, either.

Neither Miz or Jordan were able to provide a strong drawing pull to fan interest, even if WWE think this is an excellent angle. That says a lot about WWE's messy downturn in every sense.

The only highlight Miz has is beefy babe Curtis Axel at his side.

The Miz easily sailed through Jason Jordan, who had no character, sense or need as an onscreen face, which if elaborated on highly, would have been a clever change over to stabilise a star. WWE are far too obsessed with Triple H's Indy darling handouts than any actual talent that might have a chance of succeeding. With that Jordan remains a non-entity and Miz has no change in tepid title holding for lack of competition and vocal annoyance.

The action was lame, lukewarm fluffer to start a random event that needed a point of strong interest to set the show off. The match was another Miz run through to get everyone settled in. It was not good. Bo Dallas distracted the referee so Miz could once more gain an ever boring win of no value to anyone anymore.

Bray Wyatt Vs Finn Balor

This one hasn't ended and will be unlikely to finish anytime soon. How do I know this? Hmmmm.

Finn Balor, fresh off of last month's random victory of nonsense value that kept zero interest from the pint size Cruiser trying to fit into heavyweight stardom was another laughable transition.

Devoid of any charisma, personality and being, and just a jobber on the lucky Triple H lottery, friendship system of hand me downs, ploughed through Bray Wyatt as second time as Finn Balor won another random win that failed once more to elevate him as anything useful to WWE or fan luvvies.

Bray Wyatt always wins, even in loss, but WWE have distorted its attempts to mimic Max Waltham and put their own hatred on the character of Wyatt that has attracted more scorn and hate from critics and audiences solely based on inability to move forward with the star in his own right.

Simply put, once again, no one can be me and mimic it to success. There is only one. As for Balor, who needs the win more, as he has nothing to offer, still can't get over even with titles, debut fireworks, graphics, previous Indy character usage in a new promotion and bouncy jackrabbit jumps in the ring. Awww. A jobber trying to be on the main stage. Ignorance unbefitting for real interest. The only people left watching are the Indy faithful, which isn't many of them, as most dropped a long time ago. These are the ones who look to the audience like they have nothing else in their life going for them, they have to live out lost youth in some random nobody. 

Even the fleshy ass has become stale.
The action wasn't there and largely held together by Wyatt's mystique, which has dwindled immeasurably since Max Waltham stopped feeding WWE's thievery departments lacking real creativity.


We're all bored. But let's hope Finn doesn't literally sh*t himself in the ring this time.


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Cesaro and Sheamus Vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (c)

After last month's random throw together of The Shield v2/3, as neither have anything going for them anymore and have been exhausted to the point of no return that still hasn't gotten over to the fullest extent, are lingering terribly.

Given the expert star that has never been allowed, in Cesaro, WWE once again have much to thank the Swiss Superman for holding together another, otherwise paltry event.

Cesaro's booty makes yet another
perfect fitting as a pro star in waiting.
In this one, the action was once more, for the fourth running Raw PPV, held by Cesaro's expert action, technique and in ring psychology to hold everything in place for bouncy Rollins, bumbling Sheamus and bum rush random Ambrose.

Done to the point of frustration, emptiness and character filler, three of WWE's most selected elite have a lot of work to retain their fading lights.

That's Christmas sorted.
Ever the lunatic, Dean Ambrose proved this statement more so, when he catapulted Cesaro into the ring post, which actually smacked Cesaro so hard that his two front teeth become dislodged into his upper gum line, and broken them. Cesaro proved to be the beefy workhorse of sheer talent by working through the pain staking injury for a fuller five minutes to complete the match.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins retained the titles in an empty rematch to fill the card. Cesaro received a standing ovation from talent backstage, and required surgery.

It does not bode well for Ambrose, who is seen as someone who while loved and cute in part, has nothing to offer for the five years he has been on screen. Once billed as the best of The Shield, is now the weakest of all three and has zero character or skill to offer. WWE are largely to blame, but Ambrose has allowed himself to become weakened by toeing the line into obscurity.

As for Rollins, he's just there at this point, which is troubling as he was and is the best The Shield had to offer, that only Max Waltham saw and acknowledged, which WWE begrudgingly jumped on, to which was a star worthy success.

Sheamus still has nothing to offer, really, but is actually improving in the last couple of months, slowly, which seems that the 'Cesaro Effect' is encouraging him to be the best he can. Maybe that's why Vince and WWE hate him, because people outside of the WWE system can make the talent understand how to boost their core being positively, should they truly listen.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Fatal 5-Way
Sasha Banks Vs Emma Vs Nia Jax Vs Alexa Bliss (c) Vs Bayley

Originally a four man skirmish, WWE quickly slipped a returning Bayley from injury into the mix. It would have been better if they waited.

Goin' for a dump.
The only real contenders, in Nia Jax, the favourite to unsettle Alexa Bliss and Emma, the talented but mistreated gift to the title, were dropped in glorious WWE fashion. However the pair stood out in their own rights and Jax received audience love at one point in a cheap but pleasing to see drop of two of the favourite WWE females in a double slam, including Sasha Banks, who messed the angle by placing herself on top to be dropped. That's what fans continue to cheer for, the destruction of WWE's failed concepts of fandom favourites like bliss, Bayley and Banks, who have delivered something short of the full mix needed for years. WWE are rather slow on the uptake and reward talent two years behind, after the 'Charlotte Effect' killed the Women's Revolution.

Emma was the only solid option, but WWE seem to hate her all of a sudden. Their favourite, as John Cena's father perfectly put it in a recent tell all interview, "has got the body" but not much else. Sasha Banks remains a boring, four time champion who has never actually seemed to be a champ. Ouch. As for Bayley, she was a random insertion that continued her already distilled boredom from before the last six months.

WWE protected and played safe by keeping Alexa Bliss champion. They even vamped up the impending debut of Asuka, on the Raw brand, to combat Bliss. They are clearly warming the title for her, which tends to have the opposite effect when WWE and Triple H's ego ridden micro managing of a star's worth, cripples them instead.

Another reason as to why WWE can't see why its female empowerment division was just a slogan for them and a piss poor attempt to copy me with actual ways forward in making the Women have a real role in the ring and beyond sports overall. More fool them.

Bliss pinned the returning Bayley.

John Cena Vs Roman Reigns

The battle of WWE's big dawgs. Cena/Reigns. Many thought being saved for Wrestlemania, other people than WWE's lame booking ideas thought otherwise.

John Cena took Roman Reigns well in the ring, as can be expected, but was still ruined by his over animation at every god forsaken opportunity which puts him right back into the fan and critic negativity bracket. 

His opponent was John Cena Mark II, the 'Vince McMahon defiance angle of anyone who says no' to succession. For over a decade or two, Cena has attracted the worst ever fan and critic responses of all time based on pure hate, not character base, for lack of wrestling depth. WWE shoulder some blame alongside this.

At least he tried, but the turnbuckle
blocked a manspreader nomination. 
The saga of Cena will now continue, in 'un'natural successor, Roman 'bulky, 6-foot, McMahon style star' Reigns. With the even poorly written lines by McMahon himself, the needless pushes, and three failed WWE titles on Reigns' back at WWE's own bungled booking, Reigns is the most viciously hated man in the business, more than Cena. 

Becoming Cena number 2 will not be forgotten, forgiven or dismissed. Fans are pissed this is continuing again, and won't accept it. McMahon may have got away with Cena, but Reigns is not going to work twice. Fans are also displeased with WWE's constant repeat system that offers no new entertainment blueprints. The decline is real, babe.

As predicted, one of them used the outside furniture. Reigns speared Cena through the announce tables at ringside. As ever, the run through of action, fall away portions, table crashes and 'hardcore'-ish action was another pathetic attempt to get the two most beloved WWE insider stars over.

Both failed to be entertained by the crowd and the WWE often blame fans for their hate. Another failure to listen has cost live attendances drastically of house shows. Triple H's ego boost of live event call ups with NXT has worked so well. Anyone else would have been fired years back. At least he can claim another trophy outside of latching on to his wife, this time, but, you'll never be me, which you are so desperate to emulate. HaHaHa. The salt is real. 

Initially thought of as a No-Contest, WWE rightfully crowned a victor. Roman Reigns defeated the might John Cena with a Superman Punch and Spear. Cena endorsed Reigns after the match in a 'passing of the torch' moment to signify the new John Cena of the company, that has often cost WWE dearly. 

Throughout the bout, fans were angry, raucous, empty, plain faced, no reaction and headed to the bathroom. That should be very telling to WWE, who don't seem to care one bit. Ratings and attendance have drastically sunk over the last three years. 

You're Welcome.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville (c) Vs Enzo Amore

WWE don't like Enzo Amore, who is a grade A clown, which is quite strange since his debut WWE were fully annoying us with his poor diatribe writing speeches that WWE though comedy gold. Fans did not agree. Now WWE, especially Vince McMahon enjoy seeming the muppet of Enzo "ragdolled" through the ring.

It was surprising for many, then, that upon start of the match WWE had Enzo Amore low blow Neville, to quickly nab the most pointless title in WWE to become the new Cruiserweight champion.

Looking ever less the bully, while able to bully Enzo furthermore, WWE, has got a silver lining.

The decision was purely to throw Enzo onto the pathetically lame hole that is the 205 Live show, the midget men acrobatic show. Thank god. Now just dump the title and fire them all. 

Neville will presumably move to the main roster again. 

Amore was brutally crushed and all the Cruiser's jobbed out on the main event closure of Raw, the following evening, which lost heavy amounts of viewers in its third hour, being substantial proof Cruiser's and Tripper's loony tunes ideas don't draw.

No one cares one bit for Triple H's failed trophy system last year with the bouncy man tournament. That's another trophy he can claim. Ha!

The airhead era. Isn't it wonderful?

WWE Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman Vs Braun Strowman

Vince McMahon knows full well that the ugly, blood stained title, and none of any heavyweight lineage, which scores of failed luvvies before it, has no worth as a trinket installed as distraction to the now currently devalued WWE title on Smackdown. How did WWE manage that? Everything is officially worthless. Well played.

Up to combat the title hogging farmer come beast, Brock Lesnar, the destructive mimicry of this writer, had competition in Braun 'Brow' Strowman. Some guy who is a random call up doing not much and favoured by fans only to beat down an annoying star like Roman Reigns, specifically engineered to trick fans for reactions. They aren't that stupid, but hope to gain something from their pricey ticket costs to delude themselves it was money well spent.

How are the ticket sales, by the way?

Brock Lesnar attempt to go back to his wrestling roots in this one, with the German Suplex flings on Braun Strowman. WWE have built up Strowman to try and be Lesnar's competition, but many realise WWE have stalled so long and had weak interactions in show build ups for months that no-one has what it takes to topple the beasty Brock.

Low and behold, Brock Lesnar retained the title over Strowman with a mighty F-5.

By WWE logic, a man who turns over and crushes an Ambulance with Roman Reigns inside (seen on TV escaping and a crane tipping the vehicle) wasn't enough for the poorly written jobber with a weakened roster to call up.

There was and is no competition for Lesnar. WWE feel his title holding and lack of appearances, while claiming a six - seven figure salary is harming WWE. It's a concern, yes, but the real issue is WWE's failure to elevate and creatively produce the right ticket. This is not uncommon. During the previous "injury phase" where all top talents and successors were injured and out of action, WWE suffered a huge hit in lacking stars. It was retribution for WWE's failed acts to make a plethora of competitors. Now look at it. Not even one Indy luvvie or homegrown WWE star can commit to that notion.

WWE has sunk itself and will never learn from the past.

Look everybody, it's me.
Damn I love me.
There is only one who kept WWE stable in recent years, and everyone knows his name.  He who will not be mentioned is the key to every success, but WWE have immeasurable hate and ego festering problems of jealousy they couldn't be good enough.

Everyone Triple H has hired and his NXT attempts at a brand are the sole work of one person. Me. Though Tripper is desperate to steal, put his own stamp on it and make it his own distortion for jealous ego success. How well has it truly gone? Down the pan. You can't be me. How sad and desperate that he hates himself for trying to be me and prove it isn't the case. Without me, NXT, the talent called and all angles would not be possible. Yet, Triple H's lack of business acumen of actual skills, talent sourcing and nepotistic writers and bookers of former 'talent' in back room garage lock ups haven't put WWE in the best light at all. Lose the ego. Hey, that's your problem now though, isn't it? 

The mighty McMahon's. They can get everyone, except for the only one that truly matters.

You're Welcome.

PPV Rating - 1/10

Man/Women of their matches - The Miz, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Emma, Roman Reigns, Nevlle, Brock Lesnar

Man/Woman of the PPV - Cesaro

After the PPV, John Cena began to hint at retirement. We did tell and touch on the issue months back. What else is there left for Cena to do? WWE do not plan for the future and this was also apparent in the previous year. With Nikki Bella, it seems Cena will be looking to settle down with marraige and kids. He isn't going to waste his entire life in WWE for the sake of nothing. Outside the ring, Cena is a decent guy by many estimations, but inside he has not got the talent, which fans and critics can only, truly comment on. If any wrestler puts themselves in this position, they have to expect what comes with the territory.

Emma continues to be the misused talent that WWE have no brains about. Nia Jax is not ready. Alexa Bliss is the best of a bad bunch. The other two are useless, boring and offer nothing of interest.

Same goes for Cesaro, who continues to uphold the roster and deliver the best action that keeps the PPV and himself scoring highly. Without him it would be even more tragic.

Enzo Amore. Whatever. Just disappear.

Generic boredom.
Finn Balor? What? Is he even anything? He has no star. Is he a demon? Is he a guy? Who gives a f**k?

Brock Lesnar is the only thing some come to see, which is saying much as his matches are 5 minutes or less and a sheer dismantling. This is WWE's fault.

The Miz. Ugh. No more, but, then, who else is there?

Once more WWE coined it in and half-assedly pussy-footed through the main show. Lacking skill, style, depth, reason or logical outcomes to the future, WWE, just like its main stars, have nothing to offer. Why bothered wasting so much time on it? Find something better, because WWE is not going to improve under any standards at all. WWE are too scared to do what is necessary. Firing, hiring, writing depth, creative forces and company structure that moves the company forward. They've had their fill for many years, right in front of them. You haven't got long left. I, however, have much to go.

© Max Waltham 28th September 2017
All Rights Reserved