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WWE Fastlane 2017

WWE Fastlane 2017

Vroom Vroom! Time to start your engines again. Live on Pay Per View, from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday 5th March, 2017, WWE's short stacked talent brand, Raw presented its next rushed PPV card, Fastlane. 

Featuring a returning Goldberg, no appearance from the Milk Carton poster boy Brock Lesnar and a rabble of ignorant NXT inconsistencies constantly zapping WWE's ratings and investment worth, would Fastlane actually set a powerful beginning to the coming spectacle of Wrestlemania? 

Let's find out...

Samoa Joe Vs Sami Zayn

A battle of two random independent circuit jobbers who have already lived out their usefulness in WWE warmed the bums in seats first. Sami Zayn, plagued by smarks who are clever to know of his past with "Ole!" chants further cheapened the action, which solidifies WWE's interpretation of Zayn as a purified geek.

On the opposing side, was a calamitous bulk of mass that botched, was too stocky and could not work in the ring, which was an infantile embarrassment that WWE are trying desperately to salvage fan hopes from. It was done before it made it to WWE television. WWE are insanely out of touch with their audience and an ignorant TNA jobber won't make the mustard churn tastefully.

The pair put on a cheesy display of back and forth rubbish thinking WWE was an Indy event and still made it worse than the Indy circuit. Blurbs, sloppiness and an occasional jump from flying monkey Zayn was predictable filler at best.

Predictably, Triple H's new lapdog Samoa Joe won after an uneventful fluffer match that cemented Joe's worth as a WWE superstar. Pitiful zombie.

Samoa Joe was also seen being interviewed by a replacement for Tom Phillips. Over the last week WWE had been engulfed in a perverted sex scandal involving Phillips. On a WWE flight, Phillips had begun texting a female fan whom thought he was single and asked him, to which Philips confirmed. Married Phillips instigated an affair he wanted to have adding he would like to "face fu*k the sh*t out of you" to the female fan, hoping it would be sexual. 

Well. We would let cutie Tommy have a go, because we understand men. Lol. For WWE, however, there is no acceptable standards that this is allowed unto and WWE prove time again how depraved it is at not taking any action and turning their company into a sex fuelled, backstage teen campus meets spring break orgy.

WWE have taken no action and continue its perversion standards as a depraved, sex fest, drug taking company of abusers.  Allthemore neglecting its standards on talented individuals and allowing sexual deviants through instead. 

WWE 'Raw' Tag Team Championship
Tag Team
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (c) Vs Enzo Amore and Cass

Following such a disaster was a terrible tag team of botches, jumps, daft interactions and dreadful mic skills. The other were even more horrendously failed baldie boys who gained a freebie last month in the weakest title victory thanks to the Triple H fandom club. 

The ignorance of chicken legs clunk fest Karl Anderson was always a hilarious act, that within one year on the roster has achieved nothing but latch on filler that drags down Luke Gallows' attempts to try and salvage such a crushing pairing. Triple H's classic hire of 'trying to build some momentum' by poaching what a handful of people raved about on a dirt sheet to prove he can give fandom smarks some love (and a rotting ego fest for himself to be loved) proved most catastrophic. He never learns. The last four years with Paige, others and the past two years dropping ratings with his ignorant ego taking over WWE, have served no positive outcome to the business as a whole. What a mark.

The action was continually marred by the baldies with clunky botches, slams and rushed angles that were just insanely rotten. Enzo and Cass, a towering mannequin with zero charisma and a pineapple head midget spouting nonsense in hopes to generate a slight laugh, where not any level hilarious.

Exposed, tepid and a mess in general with spots and slop, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson retained after kicking off Enzo Amore's leg from the bottom rope in a near nine minute wasteful run through.

Sasha Banks Vs Nia Jax

Next up is WWE's ability to prove it has more than two divas on its roster from the past two years. Mixing the lesser important one up, to work with the growing but ever green inadequacy of Nia Jax, Sasha Banks took to the ring. 

Boring, stale, going nowhere, bland and unappealing. Who really cares? Sash, who still has not served time on her 30 day drugs bust for using performance enhancing steroids, covered by her injury prone benching's three to six months back, further alienates WWE's product with more tainted policies as a responsible and female empowering company.

As for the action, Sasha did her general routine of Crossfaces, submissions, a couple of kicks and acting worn out to boost green bulk of suppressed anger, Nia Jax. The only thing Jax has going for her was a shock promo weeks back on Raw which was dynamite. The in-ring action fails to live up to the hype at this point, alongside Banks and a short stack of Raw divas.

Eventually Sasha Banks won with a counter from a bodyslam into a roll up bridge, which was simply a weak end to a lacklustre nothing match.

Cesaro Vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal, jobber to the stars from the past and the returning present without a future has been upgraded to the main roster to make up the numbers. How bad is WWE, really?

To add further embarrassment, he was put into a main event card with the number one wrestler of the past year (and the one before that), Cesaro. 

An unfathomable venture, Cesaro once again stunned the show with technique, grace, style, charisma and in depth talent that boosted the show once more, which the McMahon's secretly despise for getting himself over and hope to claw him down for bullying funsies.

Despite once more a drab opponent, Cesaro stole the show, but fans, who adored Cesaro's professionalism, was a lost cause on WWE's failure to move forward with worthwhile money parting opponents for their so called 'entertainment' values.

Cesaro won, of course.

Rusev w/Lana Vs Big Show

It is highly encouraging to see that the Big Show, finally took Wrestling Wonders' advice on board over the past three to four years and chose to work himself into the best shape of his career. More buff, fitter and sporting some tighter abs, Big Show has been constantly improving which we have always noted at the height of his change. We applaud someone for finally taking our advice without malice and realising if you change, then you will get the respected credit you deserve. We can only tell it how it is.

Going against an equally improved star of the past two years in Rusev, this pair have provided such epic transformations that hope to improve the WWE experience with better options. 

Unfortunately that cannot cover the disaster that was booked for them by the backstage committee who stage these decisions in the matches. The pair tried their best, but marred with daft angles, lacking time and some awkward moments, losing the feel, appeal and ambience of the pissy card before it, this match became a forgetful letdown.

The kicks, power and enthusiasm from Rusev and Big Show was a commendable effort. Big Show took the win after smashing the returning Knock Out punch, which needs to have a more fluid connectivity, as when seen on camera, is exposed as somewhat cheap and half-arsed.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville (c)  Vs Jack Gallagher

Is this still going on? Same sh*t, different day. Neville, working his way through the Cruiserweight division like Paige or Kelly Kelly in the backstage lockeroom, the small man division is still officially worthless. 

A sad and pathetic experiment by Triple H and his obsessive ego of ignorant little midget man jumping about is nothing more than a lunatic side attraction fit for lepers.

Mundane, idiotic and jumping acrobatic weeds for a "Ooh!" moment translates into a glorified "HA!" at the lunacy to stand tall with the actual talent missing from all cruiser muppets.

Plus the purple, chunky belt, which seems to be bigger than the cruiserweights themselves, just does not fit. Vince McMahon needs to resign the title and failed experiment of Triple H's idiotic obsession to outdo Max Waltham's guidance to important tournaments only for Trips to cheapen them with no vision, aside. Triple H is no Max Waltham, or creative genius he desperately tries to get the audience to blindly follow like sheepish clowns.

It is the weakest it has ever been. The longer it goes on, the more of a sham it is seen for. There will be no way back.

Neville won in a pitiful jump around with the pale and tepidly useless non-entity with a moustache and dodgy pants. No-one cared.

Tag Team clowns and newly announced Wrestlemania hosts (hilariously pathetic!) The New Day came out with an ice-cream cart. They want to make ice-cream bars and stuff. Hmm. Didn't CM Punk try this with WWE before they got annoyed and abused him after falling out with him? Or Dean Ambrose's hot dog cart last year? Hasn't this already been done?

Here's a new set of flavours. Tripe H. Bubblegum plop. Unicorn salt. Give 'em a try! How's the stock? You're Welcome!

Roman Reigns Vs Braun Strowman

Rufus Reigns. Sorry. Doofus Reigns. No. Roman Reigns, the WWE Universe's number one guy, took to the stage next. His opponent, a swiftly moved over to Braun Strowman, was hardly main event levels. 

An inconsistency against a jobber squashing, Ryback replacement, who still hasn't gotten over from last year or the year before in the Wyatt Family decided to have a clunk fest now.

The tricks and tips were here. They even did the traditional powerhouse moves of tall, slow, beloved Vince McMahon sticks of sluggish action to put one another through the ever resourceful announce table at ringside. Is there ever any new material? 

After such a run through of boredom and the fans constantly deciding to tell WWE that they still don't dig Roman Reigns with vicious boos of sheer hatred, and cheering for his opponent by default but not giving a hoot when outside of Reigns, WWE are once again at a loose end. 

No. One. Cares. For either of them. Sort. It. Out. WWE have failed yet again. All for their own ego to show off. Karma's a real one! There is nothing these two can do to improve this plight.

Oh, Roman Reigns won, so Vince McMahon could personally troll and stick two fingers up to the WWE Universe saps that complain but (in his mind) "always come back for more". That's what WWE think of you. The bottom of their shoe. Vince seems to forget all those ratings declines when he wishes it. Two years of drops and still going strong. Ouch.

If only you put the ego aside and hired those who would have brought them up? Tut tut. That's your problem now though, isn't it?

WWE 'Raw' Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair Vs Bayley (c)

Look everyone! WWE has another diva. The plus one in the background of the Charlotte/Sasha feud for six months or more has finally got hold of the title from a previous episode on Raw. Protecting Charlotte's 'daddy record history books favouritism by WWE on PPV defences' (which means absolutely zero to the business) Bay'ls could only win on TV, you see. What a way to get over. Not even good enough for PPV. 

With her fun-filled, party streamers and galloping flamboyance, Bayley, a champion by default, fills in the blanks. Charlotte can now be fair game after copying her daddy's record which has constantly killed the Women's title back down to zero legitimacy raised before her by yours truly. 

Another irrelevant title, with Charloitte still failing to wrestle once decent, skilled match since her arrival, not live in her family shadow and do something outside of gimmick spots is a stretch for Charl's and the WWE Universe.

Desperate to claim Max Waltham's "Diva's Revolution" era for their own band wagoning on female empowerment and failing dismally with its distorted development of it, the division has truly crumbled once again by such pitiful standards. There is no wrestling, no charisma, style, grace or depth. Flung together randomly and patchy work in the match, Bayley's leg flips and Charlotte's kicks and manish attitude when appealing to the audience for a cheap moment (when she hasn't lost her rag at them) is another cheap interaction.

Failing to listen, improve and constantly reign it in, they wonder why the division isn't moving with profitable transgressions. Stuck in their own world, telling yourselves what you want to hear, is delusional. We have given countless tips to improve, but none has been sought and implemented and this is the result. Shabby, useless and empty jobber-esq moments hoping to stand out for a split second, before taking a breather then replay the same scenario again in the match rehearsal again. Spin us a new yarn, please. This, is juvenile.

Charlotte does the traditional shove to the outside, before Sasha Banks interferes by running in. Way to establish the ever forgettable Bayley as its title holder in transit. Sasha screamed at the referee as the supposedly 'talented' Charlotte used tights on a roll up. The ref finally stopped her tainted wins everytime, as Bayley then got the better of her with a Belly to Belly suplex to cover for the win and retain the most worthless prize in female wrestling entertainment, the 'Raw' Women's championship. 


WWE Universal Championship
Goldberg Vs Kevin Owens (c)

We all know it will last two minutes. That is all Triple H's title handed favourtism poodle to feel loved for a split second of his disgraced ignorance can muster. Well, it beats the same old routine of Kevin Owens running out of the ring, stalling for time, yelling trash, screaming like a useless b*tch and walking into every rivals' moves to do a sloppy counter as an idle plus one to 'win'.

WWE awarded Big Kev (once again) with some stalling time, to walk around the outside of the ring before trying to wimp out and leave. As we all knew. Triple H's failed experiment of title handing over the past two years, the whining b*tch of foul ignorance doing virtually nothing in his caretaker runs other than drop WWE's ratings drastically and take no notice, is insanely weak and pathetic. We told them years ago. They failed, once again, to listen.

Like the ratings, Goldberg dropped Kevin Owens in roughly two minutes of the bell ringing with a Spear and Jackhammer smash to cover the oafish lump to remove him of the WWE Universal Championship which should have never been given or held this long. WWE were clueless, directionless and cannot make that ugly blood red trinket succeed. Once more, Chris Jericho was involved to serve as a laughable distraction, playing his music in the arena. Thrilling.

As predicted, even on a simply 'get hit and lie down' calamitous Kev couldn't even take a bump correctly and filled the match with sloppy, jumbled and idiotic taking of a simple move. Is there anything he can't do?

PPV Rating - 1/10 (It would have been 0, but a ratings system commands 1.)

Men/Women of their matches - Sami Zayn, Luke Gallows, Sasha Banks, Cesaro, Rusev, Neville, Roman Reigns, Bayley, Goldberg

Man/Woman of the PPV - Goldberg

No, it isn't photoshopped, that's
the real, distorted belt.
An old timer wins in WWE again. Granted, WWE have no options and weak performers, by way of Triple H's failed ignorance hires and fanboy markdom not realising what makes for business sense outside of a tacky slogan to seem like he is on the ball. This is why WWE are in such a position, favouring old timers, but when seeing someone to rival them for the future, it fails to gain talent, and allows a clouded ego to convolute WWE's business matters instead. Ego is truly the icing on the cake to plummet WWE for many years to come. If only it could get over itself and put their hatred aside for those who will succeed and have been loyal to the business. WWE don't seem to have an real, creative, business acumen and it is thoroughly exposed to the fans, investors and critics who were once sold a very troubling lie. Wrestling is in decline for 2017 and beyond and these actions will not improve it. This has been a continual process for the last decade, including over the last seven years or more. WWE are fresh out of ideas at this point and have nothing to offer. WWE is creatively bankrupt. 

Neville continues to be the only cruiserweight in the show and there is no competition. A title with such lunacy has no worth and should be resigned if WWE had any sense. Even as a Network exclusive show, it has no place and further shows WWE's inane levels of desperation to host something for the sake of it.

Bayley could not be more inconsistent in her first title run, grabbing it by way of transit, irrelevance and a sideshow. No-one cares, she has nothing to her and is just there. Her wishy-washy act is further grating and an empty vessel that commands no respect. As for Charlotte and the other ones, the audience has been far too tired and the angles are completely exhausted over the past two-three years. It's pathetic.

Roman Reigns is hated. Braun Strowman is nothing. Neither are wanted, nor needed. 

Much of the above goes for Triple H's recent poodle upgrade in side pal Samoa Joe. Zayn is much the same and is always known as only there to be Triple H's other lapdog, Kevin Owens', plus one. Wherever Owens goes, Zayn is inseparable. All are unanimously useless as future options in entertainment that still struggles to fill cheap seats in Independent shows. 

Luke Gallows desperately needs a break up from the plus one baldie that never pulls his weight and needs relegating with Owens to a pink slip and contract release. 

Rusev made another watchable few minutes in places with a buffed up Big Show, but the show, its production and everything around it was a complete mess that could not do any more for them. 

Cesaro, as great as he continually is, was also limited with a non-entity that shouldn't even be let outside of Superstars. This is not what fans pay money for. WWE really need to get their brain into gear.

Fastlane was proof once more that WWE, it's Raw brand and pitiful direction is another wash with stained entertainment values. There was nothing of interest, poor, infantile, bottom of the toilet bowl rust. As ever, we can go on and on, but WWE won't listen. Until they do, it is best to hold on to your cash, go out, find alternatives, and enjoy other things that reward your time. This has been done over the past two years but WWE have been oblivious. 

King of the Snowflakes. Please like me!
Beg Beg Beg. 
The only 'fans' left are the whiney Snowflake generation of complaining dirt sheet regulars who hope they can ask for a match now and then and Triple H will give it to seem popular. It won't stack up and has no mileage. Is that really WWE's remit? To fail on such a grandiose scale with nothing in its tank? Oh dear. It was the worst event for many a time and easily leads the pack of failed events.

Wrestlemania is shaping up to be an even more terrible event that will not have anything on the card and be another continued washout that has occurred over the last six years, even though WWE believed it was a solid card. Who would have ever thought that the grand spectacle of Wrestlemania would ever sink?

WWE has nothing to offer at this time and needs to get itself sorted out pronto instead of just talking trash and hating with sneers. The company is firmly in pole position. Heading rapidly into the Fastlane of a laxative stimulant bearing down the eye of the bowel, ready to make a big splash, the one which delivers the rusty water right back up at you.

You're Welcome!

© Max Waltham 07th March 2017
All Rights Reserved

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Wrestling Wonders' Year-End Awards 2016

Wrestling Wonders' 
Year End Awards 

Welcome to the annual awards of 2016. The only respectful Awards honours in Wrestling which everyone should hope to seek nomination and win. Being nominated is almost as much a privilege as winning. All hard work, technique and skills of the past wrestling year from everyone eligible will be honoured with due respect here. There are no imitations. 

Awards received on 02nd January 2017 and finalised in text on 08th February 2017. 

Rusev, Cesaro, James Ellsworth, Seth Rollins, Yamato

Without any doubt, James Ellsworth is undeniably the wrestler of 2016. In his short space ascension over the last three months of WWE as the interfering nag of the Dean Ambrose - AJ Styles feud of childish unimportance, Ellsworth was the only stand out selling point. With his raspy microphone technique, shockingly able wrestling action among a starting jobber role, and enough power to convincingly topple AJ Styles for the WWE World title, stalled by WWE on multiple occasions yet to arrive, has shone beyond incredible belief. Ellsworth was the only true stand out force, character and layered professional to build interest back into WWE and Smackdown's dwindling ratings with rays of hope, which WWE have once more erased on an otherwise pitiful 2016 in wrestling today. Ellsworth claims the top, over WW Pro 50 number one, Cesaro, as this award is based on not just wrestling work but the wrestler of the year, overall, and their on-screen presence or achievements of the year to benefit the sport.

Cesaro was the comeback kid, despite rubbish stories, WWE failing to provide him anything on purpose with bitter hate with a hidden agenda, highly embarrassed by Cesaro becoming the second year in a row's Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 number one wrestler of the year, on technique, style, wit and power. Second to Ellsworth only due to being cast aback. The Wrestler of the year is overall, not just skill based, as is fully respected in the Pro 50.

Rusev and Seth Rollins followed respectively. Yamato continues to be under-utilised by still keeps the wrestling skills at the top of his game. 

Charlotte, Asuka, Dixie Carter, Bayley, Sasha Banks

For all WWE's attempts to rebuild a women's division full of two diva's low and behold, Dixie Carter always manages to come up trumps for all the wrong reasons. Dixie Carter became the Woman of the year with all the focus. Calamitous, clueless and self-destructive on her company's very turbulent waters of finance and misdirection, Captain Carter was the only stand out female figure in wrestling, showcasing her disastrous capabilities to pushing her sinking ship further into the ever fateful iceberg.

Asuka continues to reign supreme in NXT. It is difficult to envisage a call up for her soon, among a lacking roster she would be somewhat tainted by. In NXT, once again rules the roost and will inevitably be called upon. WWE need to get it right and perhaps a draft change around would benefit with a roster of transferred Smackdown women to Raw's pitiful diva's stack up, currently.

Bayley was WWE's next interest with fans. While with cheap pops, party balloons and streamers for the female John Cena for kids, Bail's has got some being, but outside of questioning what remains to be seen. She had a bit of buzz and is mildly popular for the time being.

WWE really tried hard to get Charlotte (the only diva in WWE), a failed wrestler with lacking promos, fluffing words, out of her depth with crowds and losing her rag over, to lacking results. Yes, she had prominence, even if WWE tinkered with legitimacy to put her as front of diva house, but lacked everything required to be anything but towering focal point of inconsistencies. 

Sasha Banks continues to be an irrelevance no-one is really that interested in, even with a few 'poppers' in the crowd now and again. You wouldn't even know she was there. Selfies with Triple H won't help.

James Ellsworth, Volador Jr, Cesaro, Shane McMahon, Seth Rollins 

Public sympathy from a random extra taking falls to no-hoper Braun Strowman, and seemingly set to suffer the same embarrassing plight as many others before him in the reprised role, Ellsworth turned a corner with the crowd. Sick of Strowman and impressed by the little man who had something previously unseen in the break out star, gauge fans handsomely with hope and prosperity. Fans sent a message to WWE and Ellsworth hence forth. The man returned to regular, interfering roles in the World title scene between dullard champ AJ Styles and increasing dud Dean Ambrose. Fans needed something new and Ellsworth, brimming with talent, mystery and thrill become their new beloved that beamed a glowing hero the WWE Universe could truly be proud of. 

Cesaro was once more as over as ever despite lacking progression from the booking committee. The number one wrestler of 2016, however lost out to Ellsworth slightly as its number one hero. 

Shane McMahon's return was encouraging and pleasing but eventually run its course.

Volador Jr provided more excellence in the ring as Seth Rollins slips in, but only just, with a very lacklustre directional switch up. 

Rusev, Minoru Suzuki, Alexa Bliss, BxB Hulk, Yamato

There was only one monster brute that fans could rally behind this year. Rusev was the guy that WWE needed, had and fans lapped up. The change in Rusev's nature, skills and boisterous antics with rants, yells and bashing beatdowns gave the fans that moment they required, to shut down annoyances with skill and entertainment, which included WWE's most failed modern concept of Roman Reigns. Rusev held the role on his own style, passion and encouraging interactions, with the United States championship to further captivate and annoy fans in fuller respect to the Bulgarian Brute who is capable of much more.

Close following was BxB Hulk's impressive leadership of stablemates and directional attitude to his opponents.

Minoru Suzuki always manages to make fun moments of comedy with strong interlaced wrestling action that earn him a comedic nutjob with skill, providing a two in one moment on screen to enjoy somewhat.

Alexa Bliss may have mimicked a comic character in appearance, but was vastly improved on the main Smackdown roster and as Smackdown Women's Champion. Her talent has come leaps and bounds in such a short space of time.

Yamato provided leading force BxB Hulk with strong back up and held his own to encourage more interesting wrestling options for 2016.

Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz (09th Oct, WWE), James Ellsworth Vs AJ Styles (18th Oct, WWE), Rusev Vs Roman Reigns (25th Sep, WWE), Volador Jr Vs El Barbaro Cavernario (30th Sep, CMLL) Sept, The Vaudevillians Vs New Day (22nd May, WWE)

A tough choice but the match of the year was Volador Jr mixing it up with El Barbaro Cavernario. The expert scuffle with hasty Caveman dives, swift Moonsaults and an even quicker sparring partner in Volador Jr, the pair put on a near thirty minute expert collision that had the fans lapping up an encore. Two of three fall wasn't enough. Brutal brawls, raw chemistry and superb storytelling make these matches and this one a must see for any real wrestling lover.  

In a close second place is the Extreme Rules tag match between the super hot Vaudevillains and the crowd favourites the New Day. With a tense dynamic, a heated passion for both sides and intense power moves countered by technical whizz, the underrated tag team in the debonair 1920's gentlemanly aura was nothing short of engaging and exceptionally putting all the roster to shame, despite fans and WWE not really realising the true values of wrestling entertainment fully. 

Rusev and Roman Reigns' match-up at Clash of Champions made waves that most could not see. Rusev made Reigns his equal, sold like no other and Roman Reigns managed to look like a credible star once again. Their match has power, action, intent and appeal. Despite the series and feud being short, this was a match with interest.

James Ellsworth's messed up booking decisions after pressure from the real life choices of WWE's decision makers was a poor transition. However, with that in mind, that did not stop Ellsworth once more becoming the pocket-rocket, jobber to main card stardom that WWE were too scared to fully utilise. Over, loved, using wrestling talent and succeeding as a growing force, Ellsworth ironically carried WWE lovey and overrated TNA action figure AJ Styles to his first competent match in WWE. 

Many regard Dolph Ziggler and The Miz's clash at No Mercy outstanding. On closer inspection outside of the hype and it was just as WWE booked it. A look as though change was there but in hindsight the pair, whilst worked well with long time, was full of spots, gimmicks and missed opportunities in places. Given the main event spotlight to cover the World title going on first so Vince McMahon and AJ Styles, among its WWE crew could watch the Presidential Debate rather than focus on its own product. The match became another substandard, 'looks great in the moment' of cheap crumbs served with an expectancy for the crowd of cats to take the scraps at the table.

Roman Reigns Vs Rusev, Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte, James Ellsworth Vs AJ Styles, Tribe Vanguard Vs The Jimmyz, Volador Jr Vs El Barbaro Cavernario 

Like 2015 before it, 2016 was still short on feuds which may signal a downfall to wrestling over coming years with cheap and tacky instalments instead.

This year's feud of the year goes to Rusev Vs Roman Reigns. An odd choice for some, but what was achieved in this mini feud from both, abandoned by WWE's writing and creative system, yet still managing to put on a spectacle in every few matches they had in their late year run over the United States title was a joy to watch. Wrestling style, charisma, workability from both to one another's vulnerabilities and believable switch over's coming of the title where capable of so much more than just a stop gap for WWE to allow side attractions in main event failings to play around and cost more viewers to bail on WWE's pitiful attempts at new age entertainment. 

AJ Styles needed a strong option to dethrone his failed title reign but WWE were too scared and thoughtless to do so, however James Ellsworth provided a true underdog story that seemed likely and should have happened to re-invigorate WWE. WWE again, stalled and lost a real option to succeed its audience once more to protect a friend of Triple H's fandom choices beyond business sense.

Hardly a feud but Sasha Banks and Charlotte, by way of lacking competition on the rostered females, were a constant mess and useless back and forth drained, however, there were slim options left outside of this.

Tribe Vanguard follow on as do Volador Jr and El Barabro Cavernario's joyous matches which were less than noticed by audiences despite their grand successes fully respected here.

Chad Gable, Matanza, Clement Petiot, Mojo Rawley, Fred Yehi

Impressing with his improved stance, capable physique and graceful transitions, this raging powerhouse in Mojo Rawley took off in his short space rise among WWE crowds. While some doubt in the draft call up as a joke act, Rawley has sidestep criticism with in-ring attitude, driven success and smooth interactions with partner Zack Ryder and opponents to stand strong among the pack. An early favourite who is capable of more in coming months.

Independent star Fred Yehi has proven to come a close second with his in-ring displays of technique and styled action that have a place as a capable starter to grow further.

Chad Gable naturally came third with his organic approach to the squared circle. 

Matanza climbed to fourth as Clement Petiot provided strong appeal to launch to number five, among all the Cruiserweight lunacy erasing his prominence as a talented star.

Personality / Game Changer
James Ellsworth, Billy Corgan, Tetsuya Naito, Matt Hardy, The Miz

Not much on offer to begin with, but then came along James Ellsworth, who made all rivals look as inconsistent as they have been over 2016. Point of place, strong transitions, in-ring and outside of it, depth of character and passionate crowd followings, James Ellsworth stunned all to rise as the star 2016 desperately needed. Among it all, freelance star finally gained his WWE contract among title matches, destined to be future World champ, if WWE can be bothered to get on with it. 

Billy Corgan was the predictable a saviour of TNA when the company sought a new investment buyer which he jumped at. It would later transpire that TNA duped and conned him out of embezzlement funding by not offering what was stated, to own TNA outright, which Dixie Carter would never give up out of deluded ego. Corgan sued TNA and still has a case. It is a miracle TNA survived an embezzlement case which is yet another choice that has all but ruined TNA by Dixie's deluded iron grasp of controlling obsession beyond reason. 

The Miz was a heap tactic for WWE to employ but still managed to make the Intercontinental Championship have a place, even if credibility is slowly being eroded from it every time Miz holds it by default. 

Matt Hardy chose to plagiarize Max Waltham with a dumb, bad hair-day nutjob and prove another third rate production after Bray Wyatt failed the big leagues. With a disastrous TNA choice, idiots running around in masked suits and mockery to the Waltham name was a puerile embarrassment for all involved, which once more proves one thing alone. They all need Max Waltham even if they are too stubborn to call. There are no imitations. Yet Dixie Carter is another abstract failure alongside her mocking moron Matt Hardy. Using never gets you to the top. Matt Hardy is just the same old jobber with a bit of makeup plastered on and cheap dialogue based on wrestling's one and only. I should be flattered, but the production is just so poor and inherently laughable, a true fit for TNA. 

Goldberg, Seth Rollins, Mascara Dorada, Cesaro, Heath Slater

Cesaro is once again the man with a plan. Despite WWE failing to write, book or give him any creativity, Cesaro is naturally brimming with it from all angles. Whether a cheap Transporter/James Bond stripper gimmick, or a whirling success with spinning top's Cesaro embarrasses WWE's inside hate with pure success every, single time. Mic skills, physicality, technique, aerial actions and ground prowess, and a Cesaro section to boot, the joke is on WWE for not making him the World champion it truly needs that should have been at least two lengthy runs or three times a champ. Luckily he avoided that ugly Universal mess of a title, which needs to be scrapped before Cesaro gains heavyweight gold.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Goldberg came back after years of absence. We like Goldberg but these awards and critique aren't about cheap popularity. Here, have a cookie. Please. WWE used Goldberg to get some buzz from its dripping ratings faster than morphine on life support. WWE need fresh injections, outside of its 'enhancements' so adding clean and beefy babe Goldberg looked a safe bet, but once more WWE were clueless on booking and his first return was a cheap two minute squash match against one of the supposedly most powerful beasts in the scene today, Brock Lesnar. It lacked finesse among such high hopes. One of the main reasons Goldberg left, and failed to return to WWE for many years until this time.

Heath Slater's return to action with a strong place, title success and climbing WWE's ranks was a joy to behold, and narrowly missed out on a place in the WW Pro 50 2016. 

Mascara Dorada and Seth Rollins follow up respectively. 

Tag Team
The Vaudevillains, American Alpha, Naruki Doi and Yamato, The Spirit Squad (Mikey and Kenny), TJ Marconi and Darius Carter

A close call for 2016 by a whisker each for the top three. The tag team of the year, despite company appearances to make it the top, were The Vaudevillians. After careful consideration the pair climbed to the top since their inception on the main roster, working a green team that injured themselves on live television and stabilised the tag division. While treated like dirt by WWE internally, the duo have a strong fit, poise, style and characterisation that was heated from the start without any words said. That in itself was a true talent to behold. The in-ring dynamic and pairing prove a successful unit that is difficult to detract from. Always adding and propping up other teams with incomparable action is often disregarded, but not here.

Yamato and Naruki Doi continue to dominate Dragon Gate and all its roster singularly and as a unit. Though both are in trouble of becoming stale by company booking not fully utilising their talents to the better advantage they can have. The pair work beautifully together and are a must se for any wrestling enthusiast. 

American Alpha were close, but miss out slightly. Fresh, current and able, the funky fresh organic team of submissions, bounce and energy entertain crowds.

TJ Marconi and Darius Carter provided much needed competition on the Independent scene as The Spirit Squad's return brought an air of interest to WWE again briefly. 

Backlash, SHIMMER Volume 90, Extreme Rules, AJPW Champion Carnival Tag, Day 8, DDT Judgement

Despite a lacking card in places all over WWE and the independent circuit some lesser known gems were out there, regardless of all the 'jump on the bandwagon without thinking' once more fans. Extreme Rules was the best show with mixed up actions, technical prowess by those needed like Cesaro and Rollins paving its build up, at a time of lacking developments on the slim roster.

SHIMMER continues to dazzle with its all female splendour that proves once again women's wrestling, as enhanced by this writer, isn't just a 'opportunity' for WWE's failed steal of a female revolution, where these shows prove female empowerment and the right respect in handling it with respect, as we do, is ever more powerful entertainment. 

All Japan Pro Wrestling's tag carnival was fun, skillful and engaging action to behold.

Backlash and Dynamic Dream Team's Judgment cards followed through.

Dixie Carter, Triple H, Kevin Owens, Paige, Roman Reigns

For the fifth year in a row (how does she do it?) Dixie Carter is the kingpin of Goofball's. Not paying her staff, embezzling funds with deceit from Billy Corgan and losing television deals as company has run out of fresh options on its sell by date, Dixie Carter is trudging along the stained wastelands of TNA. With her real life ego incessantly delusional, hateful and failing to get those who would fix TNA for the better, whilst using mockery angles and anything she can get her hands on to stay afloat at the first opportunity has all but sunk TNA as a credible option. With barely any fans in attendance and more financial stress beyond belief in the red, Dixie Carter may well have to file for bankruptcy. TNA has never made a profit in fifteen years since Dixie Carter has been involved. Wow. That's a long time. Of both Dixie's stranglehold and TNA's disastrous bail outs from her daddy. Even the talent are driven away and only use it as a stop gap, which is simply a Max Waltham knockoff with WWE acts' deleted' from the big leagues. If Dixie Carter ever wishes to succeed, she needs to lose her attitude and hateful spawn she embodies. Though all she does is mock, hate and wants to control what she has no control over because she has no idea how wrestling or business, let alone wrestling businesses work. She is too stubborn to ask for help and with it, will kill off her own company instead. Fans have bailed on her for this. Only a handful of weeping hopefuls remain. 2017 will be her toughest year. She already plans to blow more money on going back on the road, which is the choice that all but killed her financial resources. Can anyone beat her next year for the coveted Goofball trophy?

What hasn't been left to say about Triple H's ego ridden, hatefest plaguing the WWE business side and dropping ratings, audiences and respected booking choices with creative input or worthy hiring's? Always politicking for a chance to boast of NXT under his directionless 'leadership' trying to make a brand out of a developmental territory and marring everyone before they begin with a selfie to show off doesn't benefit anyone. Triple H can never put his mark fandom ego aside and prove business acumen with a level of strange breaking of interpersonal relationships beyond professionalism for the benefit of fans, critics, the business and beyond. The results that follow are testament to such failings. It seems Triple H is the only one who cannot see his imbecilic failings to harp on about something for the sake of it. Can he ever take a step back from himself?

Kevin Owens, another of Triple H's ignorant fanboys, gifted everything, failing to work at all instantly in matches and carried beyond belief is no doubt next in line. In his entire tenure in WWE, all he has done for the company is be a constant whiny b*tch thinking this is the Independent circuit and cannot work to the WWE or general wrestling style at all. On screen title holding for the sake of it and plodding along to feel included makes a complete laughing stock of this 'wrestler' who likes to roll around and scream nonsensically.

Paige's disgraced actions, bed-hopping marriage wrecking and public misdemeanours for WWE including being arrested and publicly assaulting fans at karaoke bars were not at all professional conduct.

Roman Reigns escaped being such a bad option thanks to the worsening actions of all above.

Triple H, Paige, Dixie Carter, Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio

A deeply unpopular man trying to claim popularity, no not Roman Reigns, but the sneering vitriol of venomous King Cobra Triple H, desperate for fans, whom most of he has driven away once more attempted to use 'fan favourites' with call ups of ignorants to try and gain favour for himself. Fans have not viewed Triple H, who thinks he can latch on to success of immaterialising favourites of his own and a few 'men of the minute' chatter on dirt sheets, to get same interest. All of which has been lost. What a true Hoeski. Unfortunately Hunter still hasn't learnt grace, dignity and respect in how to run WWE's creative and hiring departments that he says he has learnt how to juggle from his own screen ego hatefest, with his actual real one behind the scenes. Evaporating the talented likes in the back for his own idolisation of Indy luvvies and lacking gimmicks who will never cut the mustard and embarrass WWE further, Triple H, in his own ignorance to try and outdo creative genius Max Waltham, who respects wrestling to its fullest values, has met with a brick wall. Fans gone, ratings down, favourite friends as handed champion holders, no action or skill and real talent demoted to the back room showers, Triple H is not the saviour fans may have thought he was. His need for self approval and love by the public to prove his ego right has all but demolished WWE's interior walls. A man who says he is open to talent hiring yet snubs those with it to shine on the brightest pedestal only shines Triple H's disgraced attitude, idiotic booking and ignorant hiring's that again, have killed WWE's future for a very long amount of years to come. Triple H's ego is way too big in his own arrogance to believe he can, because he is protected by money, Vince and his wife. On the surface, Triple H is publicly proving, what he doesn't see, a grand failure of all future that shines as a wannabee McMahon that is successful only for being the grand Trophy husband. Less is more. Lose the ego and success will flourish, but at this point, with his hateful attitude, Triple H, doesn't and never will have it. What's next for WWE? Another tournament and NXT bragging with selfies everytime something happens? Maturity is needed. This is in short supply where Triple H's hateful game playing is nonstop, 24/7 with sheer, bitterness, which further shines WWE to all for what it really is.

Paige takes the biscuit above all else in second place. Trashy, foul mouthed and causing constant PR blunders for WWE attacking fans at karaoke sessions, arrested by law enforcement and dating a married man with kids becoming its home wrecker, Paige has let her ignorant reality cloud her so-called professionalism. You can't make a real hater with no skill a professional. They never were one, and fans are starting to realise just how ugly the 'anti-diva' really is. In other news, WWE had finally grown tired of her after she attempted to play and con WWE out of contract issues, public immaturity over Twitter comments and bragging of injuries WWE did not recognise for payout. The trashiest, ignorant flunkie for WWE, who gave her everything which she never once earned and constantly yelled has proven to resemble real life as most wrestling stars cannot separate from and blame others instead. WWE should just have the guts to release this unworkable mess. There is no future for Paige who has done nothing but embarrass the wrestling world as its second most biggest Hoeski.

Dixie Carter was a dirty player when duping investing sap Billy Corgan. Dixie Carter embezzled funds from him for TNA's purse strings. Dixie Carter should be facing trial and prosecution for such fraudulent actions which have only plummeted her sinking ship lower into the, proverbial abyss. What a disgrace.

Kevin Owens continues to stink out the place with his festering ego, failure to wrestle one match, a disgraced look zapping all of WWE's superstar appeal in look, talent, on-screen skills and budget champion stand in when previous hand me down champion was injured and parachuted random Kev had to be given yet another title from the Triple H fandom society.

Alberto Del Rio also slips in with Paige and on his own merits to be another disgraced ignorant Triple H fanboy who failed WWE on the grandest of scale and took wrestling values with him. A dirty international player overseas and ignorant bunny rabbit jumpers with lanky stick 'abs' that never materialise as an actual wrestler further sullied Del Rio's already apparent personal hate fuelled arrogance. To top that off, he broke it off with his wife to trade in for an equally ignorant, trashy fishnet stockings wannabe tart down King's Cross making a grand disaster for WWE and wrestling with constant PR mistakes and arrests. He also blasted WWE for its treatment of Paige, whom Triple H had re-hired Rio in hopes to use him after he had racially and physically abused a former social media worker backstage last year. Triple H, the grand master of booking 'talent' which proverbially spat in his face, yet Trips blames everyone else who warned him prior to being a gluttonous idiot in jumping in steadfastly with no actual point or reason. He has much to learn. Many believe incapable. 

Cesaro, Randy Summers, Fandango, Rusev, Dean Ambrose

A tough call and some strong contenders but Cesaro once more puts himself back atop the pecking order. An all round presence of hotness radiating off of him, even how he stands beams star quality and exceptional studly qualities. Kind, sweet, daring, and delicious, Cesaro has the true makings of a real man that encourages many fans with such respect. 

Randy Summers is fast approaching the heels of Cesaro and isn't prepared to back down on his hotness either. Close but only slightly missing out.

A surprise to many, Rusev has gone from weird looking dude to oxen stud beefcake in the past year. Skills, style and poise of place, Rusev has the beef to deliver some hot properties to wrestling fans.

Fandango is a cutey for some and Dean Ambrose still had some fans when he occasionally bears his chest from the secluding vest.

Randy Summers, Jessie Godderz, Cesaro, Rusev, Randy Orton

Cesaro once more proves why he is the King of the Manspreader (as well as the back and all round hotness) which is so difficult to dethrone. Style, grace and charismatic displays often misunderstood by audiences adds another entertainment value that cannot truly be described. What a talent. It simply exudes from him oh so naturally.

After a huge backdrop beat down, Randy Summers was knocked for six and in his fall from grace, gave a dignified display which was appealing, beautifully done and kept to a wrestling core run through, which almost nabbed the top spot. 

Rusev did not disappoint in February with a wide opened view, whilst feigning pain from the brutish Roman Reigns. Continuing to sell the action and provide elsewhere, Rusev came very close this year which can be seen in such testing efforts.

Jessie Godderz didn't stop placing himself in the top five with another greatly tantalising and moderate display.

Whilst out of the game for most of the year Randy Orton launched back into his once original award victory years ago with a smooth and graceful turnover pinfall showing how masterful one truly can be.

Cesaro, Eli Drake, Randy Summers, Jason Jordan, Dean Ambrose

After losing his defending crown last year, Cesaro proves to have the best buns in the business. Pert, wholesome and well rounded without being shown off in a distasteful manner, Cesaro, exuding general skill, hotness and dignified tantalisation once more takes the prize again. Can anyone beat him, and is anyone really willing to try? 

Randy Summers continues to bear a teasingly playful fleshy derriere in occasional matches to please fans, audiences and add some more wit to the match entertainment. Carefully done and without any manly inhibitions, Summers always delivers highly.

Eli Drake's booty became somewhat exposed in a cage match with a bloated British ignorant goon in a mask. While a klutz, Drake provided some much needed distraction values with a handsomely shaped backside. Smooth, manly and well shaped, another defining moment of proof wrestlers are identified by how well they fit their trunks from the back. 

Jason Jordan's Smackdown title match in an all gold leotard was brave and for many, interesting. It certainly had a golden shine to it. 

Dean Ambrose added a different view in his tight blue jeans among the action at TLC.

Rising Star
Eli Drake, Aiden English, Kento Miyahara, James Ellsworth, Elliot Sexton

A smart guy in presence, depth, in-ring promos and tone, James Ellsworth once again exemplifies a true professional in WWE, and done so in only a short amount of months towards the end of 2016. WWE and the fans' hottest property may be stalled again currently, but when achieving so much success, Ellsworth was the man WWE so desperately needed, with such charismatic skill that outshone everyone as a shining example of knowing how to work, hold himself and succeed beyond creative booking doubters, based on his size and lack of backstory. How embarrassing, doubly then, for WWE, who have been doing creative work for so long and yet cannot even succeed with or without a creative story, and yet Ellsworth naturally has 'it' to drive audiences and entertainment, which WWE now seem to resent for Triple H's fandom failures in AJ Styles and others, who are not excelling WWE as it should. Fans have left. Only handfuls of hopefuls remain. WWE cares not for them.

Kento Miyahara rose to the top in his short, unseen by many and tender interactions overseas to stand tall in a wrestling business that requires something more. Whilst probably unheard of by the masses who follow the obvious, Miyahara exudes certain qualities that brought fans and audiences to the table with a level of interest for the future, thus far, and put most else to shame.

Eli Drake has been a developing grower in the convoluted mess that is TNA's bungled direction. Despite idiotic booking, dumb and ignorant opponents and random matches, Drake still managed to be the main player that delivered strong qualities and workable depth that TNA seem to be the only ones who don't see his talent holding up the crumbling walls of its infested ego ridden ignorance sinking Dixie Carter's ship.

Elliot Sexton has been a growing regular on the WW Pro 50, unheard of by all, until last year, which was fully respected on his in-ring talents. Whilst stalling in places. Sexton is sitting in a comfortable rising position but could risk it all by being ignorant, complacent and having a short, lacking range of opponents desperate to sell out for some bigger fame, which won't benefit him long term. Thought is needed to his star if Sexton is to arise as he once did.

Aiden English is another initially odd choice by fans who fail to understand his in-ring beauty, talent and charismatic depth that he offers to succeed the tag team division and make others look highly competent. Making his main debut on WWE Smackdown in April, at a very desperate time for WWE, had natural charisma and even more naturally hated jeers, just for being there and become instantly over. WWE resented that level of heat and have since relegated them to pre-shows and stand-ins which is baffling when WWE had such a red hot team to capitalise on, in a much needed time of ratings woes. 

Seth Rollins, Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, The Miz

Paul Heyman, Raw, Nov 28th
Promo's are difficult, in short supply and hard to stand out. Though Paul Heyman managed it once more with his outstanding speeches, and can always be looked at to provide WWE with a glimmer of hope among its wayward direction of lacking love interests. The post survivor Series loss of client Brock Lesnar in two minutes to returning beefcake Goldberg was pure gold. Enhanced intensity, dark anger and strong passion was often missing from any lacking competitor who just doesn't have 'it' when it comes to Heyman's natural plaudits. 

Vince McMahon, Raw, July 11th
The silver tongued McMahon's were of the only interest when the war of words which resembles a real disconnect at heart backstage, was intriguing for fans to see when Mr McMahon named joint commissioners. Unfortunately they were predictable letdowns when they named their General Manager's. Fans and critics were interested to see and appreciate that while the McMahon's are this or that, they can deliver on a promo when needed, give or take. Though less is more in some cases.

The Miz, Talking Smack, Aug 23rd
The Miz unleashed a vicious, berating attack on Daniel Bryan in a Talking Smack episode which was more shock factor than anything else. Though it was trying to seem too authentic that it lacked real clarity for fuller flavour. It'll do, but that was about it.

Shane McMahon (March 14th) and Seth Rollins (Raw, 11th July) both gave commendable promo's to continue a strong place among WWE's all round roster.

Max Waltham Appreciation
James Ellsworth

Never has a man broken through such barriers in a short space of time and climb to the top among all else, often ridiculed on height, body mass and definition. Yet that defining point, with added charismatic depth in vocal abilities, rascal antics and world title material has invigorated wrestling once again. Despite WWE dropping the ball with cautioned cold feet and wimpish booking values, Ellsworth has proven to be that shining example to all that deserves nothing more than the Max Waltham Appreciation for his defining year on a troubled and sinking business in the years beyond to come. 

Wrestling Wonders' Hall of Fame

Andre the Giant, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Lei Lani Kai, Gorilla Monsoon, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, Captain Lou Albano, Verne Gagne

Wrestling's tallest giant and rightly named the Gentle Giant, never before had the wrestling world seen such a charismatic and graceful seven foot behemoth. Backed up by his in-ring talent, ability to hold such power and command his presence with fans and foes, Andre was a natural that revitalised the business and fully deserves his place as one of wrestling's greatest. The "Eighth Wonder" of the wrestling world will always be welcomed with open arms in every wrestling memory, built on respect alone for his greatest achievements.  

"Mr Perfect" Curt Henning had an illustrious career, most notable with the WWE then WWF, in such a short space of time, climbing the ranks and into the audiences hearts. His style, undefeated streak and Intercontinental Championship battles were the pinnacle of wrestling entertainment. Even as a sidekick when not performing in-ring duties, Perfect maintained his presence. Outside of the WWF, Hennig also made powerful waves in the NWA and national wrestling promotions, proving to have a raw passion and heartfelt talent that kept fans and critics vying for more. 

As a key player who took off in the Rock 'n' Wrestling connection in the 1980's, Leilani Kai did not falter among traditional characters. Adding a different dimension, and a second glance hula girl look, she romped home with female success in tag team stardom with Judy Martin. Along with the Fabulous Moolah, Kai won the Women's championship over Wendi Richter in a transition that added more females to the championship line, which played its part in stabilising the Women's wrestling division.

One of the best ever announcers, alongside his on-air and legendary partner Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Gorilla Monsoon was the true face of colour commentary. Passion, well mannered and heated interactions with "The Brain" were such raw, rugged spats over the matches they called which encapsulated fans with such unique sentiments. Fans had no choice but to be engaged. Later, moving into other on-screen roles, Monsoon defined that a non-wrestling role could be more than lucrative to a successful career, leading the way for many others in the future. 

Fresh out of "Every Girl's Dream" superstud and resident "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert learned early and worked up the ranks with determination. His passion for the sport led him to great battles with now veterans in their own right, including Bob Backlund. Also chaperoned with tag partners and managers including the notorious Paul Heyman, Gilbert had a raw edge of mid card talent that stunned audiences. He also played his role in building independent wrestling circuits and was the originator of the first wrestling expose interview, Looking for Mr Gilbert.

Captain Lou Albano was a fun, nasty and deliriously tantalising companion everyone wanted by their side. His most infamous surge to reinvigorate the business at an all time low, with Pop Rock star Cyndi Lauper, were instrumental in the Rock 'n' Wrestling connection. Outside of his partnering role, Albano was also a dab hand at smashing his enemies in the ring and offering nothing short of passionate, plausible and true iron grit that demanded unique adoration.

Sixteen time heavyweight champion in various promotions, Verne Gagne proves why he is the longest reigning world champion behind two others. Whether it was his work under a mask, or his technical ground and pound, Gagne was the ultimate man of honour. When Vince McMahon Jr bought out the wrestling territories in the United States, as owner of the AWA, Gagne did not cave to financial greed. Keeping the business sturdy and freelance, Gagne is a powerful godfather who contained the Independent scene many often disregard, which can only ever be truly respected.

Most Improved
Rusev, Cesaro, Yamato, Alexa Bliss, Carmella

Rusev continued to improve his game in the last two years, despite being booked badly or as a forgettable shadow to other favourite, Triple H, flavour of the month freebies. Standing tall and constantly rising above critics to prove talent, in-ring style, psychology and poise of place, Rusev continues to amaze and has gotten better in working opponents as an equal with a tantalising outcome for both, especially in his short work with Roman Reigns. 

Yamato is fully developed and continues to add a new dimension every year. Brimming full of talent, skills and indescribable charisma that can only be seen to be believed, which is a wrestling joy, is a constant improvement that stabilises the landscape continually.

Cesaro is another indescribable superstar, while not fully respected in bookings, creativity or fandom blindness, Cesaro continues to boost the scene, stars, opponents and self development with some powerful mic skills to boot. No-one else has ever been able to get themselves over and stay at the top based on such talents, WWE often seem so resentful of. 

Alexa Bliss has been steadily growing as Carmella has shown strong efforts to mix her character and stay relevant on the roster, filled with scores of talented female stars.

Shane McMahon returns to WWE, Delete or Decay, Shane/Stephanie McMahon brand battles, Women's Revolution, Tribe Vanguard Vs VerserK

Storyline's were once more at their weakest in 2016. The only bearable and moderately interesting one was the tone of a Max Waltham returning Shane McMahon, destined to save WWE from its flagging ratings and wayward direction with an altered undertone. WWE constantly find a new flavour of the month to use the same type of basis to try and recreate. Though on this occasion Shane-O did try to have his own aura within the Waltham shell. Months later its petered out and was a mechanism to get Shane McMahon back into a comfortable place with WWE again.

Second best was the sterling battle, often overlooked with Tribe Vanguard's amazing chemistry with BxB Hulk, Yamato and others, though not fully respected by the masses who are not as exposed to it. It was full of style, charisma and attitude that provided some veteran and technical prowess that encouraged a healthier stance in the wrestling business.

Third place is always TNA. A blatant attempt to plagiarise Max Waltham once again and make a complete joke of everything they touch with no ambition or thought was another laughable entry from the sinking ship of Captain Carter. Bitter, twisted and hateful of Waltham in real life, proud dumbo darling Dixie is intent on ending her own company instead of enhancing it for the better. It was simply jobber Matt Hardy spouting inconsistent words, re-forming with Jeff Hardy, and backyard wrestling with a poor way forward not even TNA had a clue were to run with. It was nothing short of embarrassing and a poor imitation that could never be replicated. There is only one Max Waltham and wrestling's failure to call is going to kill it completely. The value is clearly vital to the business' survival. Demand is high, failure is pitiful. Replication is lunacy. Max Waltham is still firmly geared towards.

The brand battles were boring but offered some consolation. 

The Women's revolution was a complete joke, but nothing else was available.

Flamita, Eita, Aero Star, Kamaitachi, Volador Jr

High flyers have been a disaster for WWE over its failed re-launch of Cruiserweight clowns, but was guided to success from our awards of some of the best highflyers in the business. There is no-one currently better than Volador Jr, a superb luchador who isn't about simply jumping up and down or a novelty spot monkey flip. He's also able to mix it up in the ring with his technical prowess.

Aero Star also provides some very powerful qualities in his delivery that makes viewing live or on TV simply spectacular.

Eita knows how to add height to his short stance as Kamaitachi follows up fourth. Flamita also does a few moments of joy, here and there.

Carmella, Sienna, New Day, Emma, Naomi

Short on style in WWE this year, some did manage to hold their won in places. Naomi, of course, destroyed the roster hands down with her funky fresh, glow grooving attire and rejuvenated essence to the business that was a much needed pick me up and vital encouragement to fans who see the true star Naomi seems born to be.

Emma's dark, delightful and masterful look with a darker shade of lips, sunnies and style came very close, despite WWE attempting to change her look, which makes no sense. Emma has got the true look of a star which exudes power and raw magnetism.

New Day attempted to steal the show at Wrestlemania in some cartoon type, Digimon wearing white suits with Unicorn horns atop their heads to bring the Booty O's Unicorn's to the main stage. It was a bit of a throw away laugh, but when they didn't speak, it wasn't a bad look for a one off.

Sienna arrived in TNA after strong praise and workability every year as a stand out force in the Wrestling Wonders Pro 25 (Female performers list) annually as Allysin Kaye. Adding a colourful level of plumage to her headdress, laden with brimming Peacock feathers and a stunning smile, Sienna was a beauty to behold. 

Carmella freshened up the Smackdown roster during its brand split with some real style and a beautiful attitude. Still growing, Carmella at least has the attire to really give herself a raw edge that can be believed as a credible option to move forward as a strong female as feisty as her clothes.

WWE, SHIMMER Women's Athlete's, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Dynamic Dream Team, Dragon Gate

Despite its failure to elevate talent, raise star quality and push ratings further into decline by choosing ignorant favourites who had no place in WWE nor able to work its 'system' under Triple H's fandom mismanagement, WWE still leads by default. While WWE might smirk at this, it is still a serious concern. 'Winning' as the best of a bad bunch is no shining quality and wrestling, further in decline in 2017 and beyond, isn't likely to improve under WWE's assumptions thy will be okay. 

SHIMMER always prove to be close on the heels of WWE, and with its all female roster, despite WWE's gimmicks with band wagon hitchhiking, an all female roster with powerful women's action, respected wholly by Max Waltham alone, SHIMMER is always capable at standing above the remaining promotions with its powerful ladies outshining the poor men of today.

All Japan may have financial woes, but the quality, style, grace and action is still strong and entertaining. 

Dynamic Dream Team manage to provide humour with wrestling skills to add a different dimension outside of mainstream heavy lunacies, but is still very minimal without mixing it up with new stars outside of ignorant mainstays. 

Dragon Gate is only nominated due to its failure of everyone else being so bad, which is never a good quality to behold under such ignorance infesting the company.

Until next year, where everyone should be looking to impress, stand out for the right reasons and stop pandering to the downward spiral that will be 2017, we look forward to seeing who can rise to the challenge instead of talking, jumping and hatefulness. The awards are available and it is the only ceremony in the wrestling world that influences, counts and everyone copies. We lead. They follow.

© Max Waltham 24th February 2017

All Rights Reserved