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WWE Survivor Series 2015

WWE Survivor Series 2015

WWE presented one of its Big 4 Pay Per Views, the grand event that is Survivor Series. Would one of the most epic card events recently badly booked in previous years live up to such high expectations? The twenty-ninth PPV of its series came live on 23rd November 2015 from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. WWE will crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion tonight, since Seth Rollins vacated through injury three weeks ago.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Semi-Final
Roman Reigns Vs Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter

It is fair to suggest Roman Reigns is not over. Booed on arrival and WWE’s chosen one, fans already knew the outcome and were not pleased with WWE’s strained way forward with the series on a three hour PPV. However, the racist ignorance of Alberto Del Rio drew silent crowds too. Not a very good start was it? WWE should have gone with Cesaro. Even motor scooter peddling xenophobe Zeb Colter cannot get empty vessel Alberto Del Rio over.

They sure dragged this tourney out, didn’t they? Why not just make a one on one? Simple. WWE’s choices presented were so ignorant and derogatory to main card entries like Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and others that WWE dismissed such talents for its mid-level champs. Maybe this was WWE’s idea of protection. If so that was a loosely filled concept, but WWE did not do that. They knew what they were booking. WWE hoped to emphasize that its champs are earning their titles, which was GIVEN to every one of them, and none have made any interesting moments with them. The secondary titles and their bearers are redundant and uneventful. Fans have already left since their stars have been demoted. WWE are blissfully unaware and continue not to listen. Ratings are down. 

The match was slow and boring with neither taking a real advantage. Roman showed off his slow power slam moves as Rio ran around a bit and did a foot stomp, here and there. 

Triple H was seen looking on, as the one against Roman Reigns winning. Triple H, who gave his ignorant pals free spots tonight, was heavily booed. Will he ever learn? 

Reigns roared and then went for a Spear as Del Rio cheaply countered for a close two fall. Reigns lifted Rio from the floor with another arm lift powerbomb for a close two fall yet Rio chose not to place his shoulder on the mat and instead on Roman’s chest in a poorly placed botch, which meant had Reigns won, it would have been illegitimate to the whole tournament. WWE don’t seem to worry about these things. Fans and critics do. It’s called wrestling, a worrying concept from a supposed wrestler in Rio who has done nothing of technical value on his unnecessary return to WWE one month ago after his prolonged racism and domestic abuse scandal which saw him fired previously. 

Rio countered soon after with an armbar but Roman Reigns lifted him up again and then dumped Rio to the outside. This isn’t Royal Rumble yet. Roman Reigns smashed a spear on Alberto Del Rio after he got back in the ring to see Roman advance to the finals of his incoming WWE title win with a clean pinfall victory. Tonight was not Alberto’s “destiny” it would seem. 

Up next was a backstage interview where Kevin Owens interrupted Roman Reigns with JayJay or whatever her name is. (JoJo.) In the interview, Owens, who has yet to wrestle in WWE or do anything respectful or impressive, tripped over all his words. Not even a promo could be uttered correctly. This is an option to be a world champion? Honestly? If you have to tell everyone you're back history three months after doing nothing and GIVEN everything by HHH on TV, you failed. Ignorance is no virtue. It will always go wrong for you. 

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Semi-Final
Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose

Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens, who has never wrestled once in his WWE call up and failed to be anything but a waste of space was GIVEN another freebie spot in this tournament. He is a friend of Triple H in real life, so there you have it. Disgraced ignorance of the highest order convoluting the product will only ever be bad for business. WWE will not grow this way. It still fails to listen. He still entered lazily to his fart sounding music, strolling down the ramp like an extra on-set. 

As predicted, Ambrose led the match and quickly rolled Kevin Owens onto the ground in a headlock to cover his inadequacies. Literally one minute in and Owens is staying still on the spot unable to wrestle. Value for money, right there. Ambrose flung Owens over with arm drags and roll ups as Owens stood still and rolled around the floor. When will he wrestle? Who knows, probably never, but keep dreaming. 

Ambrose put in more technical and rigorous efforts to help the match and Owens was flung to the outside once again doing nothing. Owens got a moment and comically rolled himself into Ambrose as a bowling ball with legs that was worthy of kindergarten forward rolling. It did not scream professional wrestling under any context. Ambrose walked into an Owens backbreaker as Owens stood on the spot and yelled to the crowd. This isn’t the indies, sadsack. No-one responded, anyway.

Owens pathetically picked up Ambrose and pulled him an inch toward him to stand on the spot clothesline him in a disgraced, sloppy exchange. The pair were soon both down on the floor until they both got up at a count of six so Owens could get some breathing space for the next run through. Lethargic Owens, who stood on the spot, waited for Ambrose to run to him and knock him at the ropes for a beat down. Ambrose got back into it with an elbow drop at two. 

The pair traded minor blows at the top turnbuckle as Ambrose lifted a supposed “stunned” Owens after a quick hit from Ambrose. Owens then grabbed Ambrose to drop him down after Ambrose did all the work. It was the laziest and most disgraced display of a ‘match’ to the lockeroom, sport and opponent. Hey, he is Triple H’s friend. Triple H is running WWE. 

Owens caught another opportunity and used the outside table to smash Ambrose. Dean Ambrose does everything for Kevin Owens as he finally gets his earned reward and smashes Owens with the Dirty Deeds for a three fall victory, torn strapped vest and all. Ambrose’s technique was absolutely fantastic in this turnaround from stereotyped lunatic and proved a real opportunity to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, after months of stalling doubt.

Traditional Survivor Series, 5 on 5 Tag Team, Elimination 
Ryback, Sin Cara, Kalisto, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso Vs Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods, Wade Barrett and Sheamus

Not even Xavier Woods talking as the entries walked down the ramp slow and uselessly could elevate this mess. 5 on 5 match with a bunch of jobbers. Why even bother WWE? Not even serious are you? How do you expect fans to swallow this? 

How Sheamus is supposed to be a WWE champ in waiting as this complete embarrassment is plain ridiculous. It certainly attempted to fill the time on a spot where this match was only just thrown together. Fans should ask for a refund. WWE should have known better. Lazy booking. It was no level a traditional Survivor’s match. It wasn’t even announced or who would be in it until the PPV happened. 

It was so boring it was like looking at the screen in a numbed state of inconsequential disbelief. It was a mess, especially when they did the whole, high flying take everyone down, moment. Your future World champion, some bloke with the job squad looking like a lost puppy.

Sheamus against Ryback and an Uso with the ignorant grubby midget of the highest order Kalisto, who has been less than impressive in this tournament and given freebies by Triple H, it came down to. It does not make WWE clever or intuitive with its idiotic programming choices. Can anyone ever believe this small piece of ignorance will win big, at all?

It fell back into boring soon after trying to make it appealing when Sheamus and Ryback. Is there any real point to this match? Everyone was sad, useless and forgettable.

Jey Uso superkicks Sheamus as Kalisto gets a cheap shot in and Ryback picks up the three fall victory in the most underwhelming and pointless match ever. Next.

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte (c) Vs Paige

After using her father to become champion and a useless, washed up nobody famous for her daddy, Charlotte tried for one week to avoid his shadow. Then she did the most disgraced act ever. She used her dead brother Reid Flair with Paige to get some cheap heat, which still lost any respect at getting over. Charlotte okayed the angle. WWE audiences found it utterly disgusting and could not compliment Charlotte whatsoever for using such cheap tactics to get over. She could easily have said no when WWE approached her on the idea.

What desperate woman uses her dead brother for cheap heat to get over after being famous by daddy? Paige also utter an disgrace in not only being booked, completely sloppy and nasty but delivering those rotten lines.

Once more Charlotte came out to her daddy’s remixed music and virtually no sound of reaction from the crowd. You could literally hear a pin drop. 

Lillian Garcia had to announce them separately and the crowd booed the pair of them. WWE wanted its own version of personal projects from Triple H to succeed. Fans disagreed. Triple H continues to dismiss and void advice. His ego is ripping the product, fans and stars to shreds.

The pair rolled around the floor in back arm holds instantly which was plain sad. Paige tied her legs around the ropes to break free. Paige nonsensically screamed next which had no effect or necessity. She dumped Charlotte outside with a cheap moment. Paige held Charlotte in a no pain stretch and yelled for three minutes. It was stupid, sad and no level a “Diva’s Revolution” which Max Waltham started. Charlotte did some chops as a handful of fans “Woo!”’ed to get through the sheer boredom of the match. 

Charlotte put on Ric Flair’s Figure Four Leg Lock times two which went on too long and was too screamy. During her pain Paige pulled her hand up from in hold to brush her hair. Talk about breaking kayfabe. Complete flunkie. The pair ended up outside and hurt. Charlotte hollered something inaudible. It didn’t get over. The unflattering stockade that is Charlotte slowed walked around Paige in the ring and Ric Flair was mentioned to the hilt on commentary. Charlotte made some silly moves to try and carry the time. It was the worst divas match for quite some time, and that says a lot.

Charlotte got up and stood there waiting with a scrunched up face and too much blotchy make up, too.

Paige slammed her into the post. She didn’t have the Max Factor. Or that new range of Total Divas lipstick. No, seriously WWE launched that for real.

Bring back Harvey Whippleman or Santina Marella!

One hilarious moment was the sweetie referee, Rod Zapata, advising Paige “you aren’t going to win the title out there.” 

Paige kept rolling to the outside as the ref was the only good thing keeping this match together.

Paige stood on the corner outside by the fans and raised her arms three times too long as Charlotte got up and pushed her off, mimicking a spear. It was a lost moment. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” 

Beyond their crazed sex noises and loose action Charlotte soon tapped Paige out to retain the title in the most uneventful match of both their careers and WWE’s grand attempt at Women’s Wrestling. WWE have no clue. It was the poorest it could have ever been. 

Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae Vs Dolph Zigger

With Selfie Shtick.
Wait, that's Dolph, right?
It was a weak entrance on Breeze’s first debut on PPV. Many are expecting something more from him. The match was boring and had Ziggler mock Prince Pretty sitting in the ropes. Summer Rae screamed as she was in the way but Ziggs left her be as Breeze got the advantage over Ziggler instead. 

Reversal roll ups galore did not enhance the battle. Some may argue it was too little time. This however was adequate time for this moment and with what they had, the pair were somewhat off. They tried, but it was quite frankly, forgettable and it did not interest. Tyler Breeze deservedly got the win over a drop of Dolph Ziggler, but was quite lame. Summer Rae looked lost out there. He would have been better in the 5 on 5 match with serious challengers, not the job squad. A win or a loss would have helped him either way.

Ziggler’s shifted gimmick to Tyler Breeze while Dolph tries to be more of a wrestling jobber is not helpful for anyone. WWE don’t know how to handle it yet so just milk the process ‘til a feud peters out. That’s half of WWE’s problems. It has no-one in creative bold enough or, erm, creative to think up fresh things everytime. There is one who can, but WWE are quite stubborn to call. Ratings are down, and likely to dip further in time.

Tag Team
The Undertaker and Kane Vs Bray Wyatt and Braun Stowman w/ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Originally proposed as a four man elimination with Ambrose and Reigns, changes were made to the main event since Rollins’ unfortunate injury. A tag match seemed very poor to change to fans, as well as unfair. However, a tag it will be. 

The Brothers of Destruction have reunited to stop the Wyatt Family, who have had lacking presence and promos in WWE singularly and together. 

The Undertaker had all the fitting 25 year ceremony respect. 

To begin, Erick Rowan foolish charged in, met by a double boot and Choskelsam. He was never going to be involved so had to do something. 

After initially suggesting on Raw that it would be Bray and Strowman, (which Bray said in a promo) WWE teased its choices. It was Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Strowman hasn’t had enough in ring experience yet, you see, but would have been the better choice, no doubt. 
It was a compact and fine match with Kane and The Undertaker providing real skills and style to tie the match together well. A feat so often forgotten or not implemented by today’s WWE guys.

Sister Abigail on Kane was missed with a great reversal to set Bray Wyatt free. Both reached tags at a needed point of change and the pace picked up by Undertaker with a perfect DDT. A two fall was sought. Double Chokeslam missed as Strowman tried to double dip the pair out. Strowman payed for his illustrious efforts and received a slamming double Chokeslam through the spare announce table outside. 

Luke Harper followed up a good superkick. Sister Abigail was dropped on the Undertaker, giving Wyatt a chance to capitalise.  Only a two fall occurred. Both were down as the Wyatt pair attempted their next beat down. Bray Watt gathered his strength as The Undertaker and Kane raised up together as Bray was in the crazy crab, locking eyes with The Phenom, causing concern. He and Luke Harper received two powerful double Chokeslams in a perfect victory to celebrate The Undertaker’s 25 years, alongside brother Kane. ‘Taker nailed the classic Tombstone Piledriver on Harper to secure the three fall victory.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final
WWE Championship
Dean Ambrose Vs Roman Reigns

It’s a straight up fight for the pair classing themselves as brothers but not actually so. They could have made this match to begin with instead of on the card throughout the night, to get lots of hype. Dean Ambrose has gone shirtless for this one!

Reigns looks strong with his fling of Ambrose at the start as Ambrose comes back with tough jabs. Reigns was booed on knockdown of Ambrose. Ambrose sends them both outside as the sexy t*tty monster jiggles those pecs while slammed into the barricade. 

Ambrose gets the advantage in the ring with arm wrenches over Roman effectively. The pair look equal in standing which is proven by the bond of the pair at working well together than thrown together matches making no value. Close sit down powerbombs from Reigns added better dimension. Ambrose flipped Reigns with a turnbuckle powerbomb which saw Ambrose’s arms leave as Reigns fell but it looked better that way. Bill it as a fall away powerbomb. It works for Ambrose.

Dirty Deeds and a passionately clever pin rocking Reigns’ leg like a guitar drew a close two fall for Ambrose. The pair stirred to the mat with fierce blows to one another in their passionate test for the title. Roman Reigns speared Dean Ambrose from a running attempt as Roman Reigns wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. That felt a little anti-climactic but nevertheless bearable.  In all his flaws, his crowning glory was a match that had a worthy win to validate his place and Reigns finally earned his title win.  

Dean Ambrose congratulated his bro after their tense title tryst. WWE let off the confetti for the new champion, which was notably overdone by WWE fans. WWE did this on purpose, if you were still unsure why.

As expected, with almost twenty minutes on the clock, Triple H arrives clapping for Roman Reigns. At least they let him have a few minutes holding it. Seven forty-two, some say but is actually 5 minutes and 15 seconds to be exact. Reigns walked away from a handshake of Triple H and speared him instead to unexpected cheer. OMG!!!!!! Sheamus just attacked Reigns and covered him while cashing in the Money in the Bank title opportunity briefcase!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus Vs Roman Reigns (c)

The boobs :(
Sheamus beats Roman a little with a cover but Roman Reigns kicks out early, to keep some suspense. Sheamus nails the Brogue Kick to defeat Roman Reigns and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in short succession to end Roman’s recent landmark victory. 

Expected and LMFAO! That is how to ruin a PPV, especially when you finally earn it and prove the audience wrong. WWE has entered the Dixie Carter land of TNA booking. 

Triple H just cannot separate his ego from the product. His friend won. Sheamus is definitely going to boost the ratings. 

WWE just gave up on Roman Reigns for Sheamus. What a way to make a new star, just as he finally got over.

PPV Rating – 2/10

Men/Women of the matches – Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Kofi Kingston, Reid Flair (Both divas were completely inconsistent), Dolph Ziggler, The Undertaker, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns

Man/Woman of the night – The Undertaker

WWE carried its tournament for the title on way too long and did not need semi-final matches on the card. It should have had the courage and the strength to take a real approach and put forth a one on one Ambrose/Reigns lengthy challenge. This way both could succeed and be respected. The pair were in their collision where Reigns beat Ambrose for the WWE title. This was both their finest work. Ambrose changed his stereotype and Reigns finally earned his place as a champion at the top in that moment. Even if he needs work, tonight’s PPV validated him. WWE’s response after building him up was? To drop him to Sheamus of all people. What a bust. Reigns will now need a lot of working up again. Though if it had been Ambrose becoming a transitional champion, he would never have recovered from that. Reigns has been set back at least three to six months as way of this PPV decision. 

Sheamus was the chosen MITB choice last year and WWE were going to run with him over Seth Rollins but Sheamus got injured. The tide has changed and with Rollins’ injury, Sheamus got his favoured chance. WWE should have dropped this but they seem adamant to run with this pathetic story that has no interest, regardless of Sheamus’ look. Fans will never accept him as anything other than an in-ring liability that could harm others and never be any good as a champion. It makes WWE look infantile and complete rubbish at presenting entertaining angles in a professional sport. This was also a guy who could not survive a basic match with three to five jobbers. Ridiculous.

WWE fans quietly want a refund. They felt the show was full of false advertising with Sheamus, especially as commentary announced “Either Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns will be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion tonight” WWE covered themselves by making Reigns its transitional champion. Fans however felt conned beyond making business decisions for entertainment values. Once again, WWE has disrespected its paying fans and they are getting fed up. You’re supposed to send the fans home (moderately) happy.

Kofi Kingston was the only workhorse in the jobbers 5 on 5 match but was lost in the shuffle just like everyone else. 

The ignorant no hopers in Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio continue to be given all favouritism by Triple H and WWE. The pair are useless, have done nothing since their returns to main stream television and can never excel greatness at all. Both are lazy and disgraced. The pair need demoting, firing and the titles need real holders that fans can get behind. The pair are Triple H’s favourites which reeks of his over-stenched ego stinking out the WWE. A deep cleanse of WWE NXTNA needs serious thought behind it. WWE’s ratings are set to nosedive further.

The Undertaker was the man and deserved his respected 25 year celebration. No-one in today’s business has the respect, values or understands what is best for business, even if it has been turned into someone’s cheap catchphrase. The Phenom held together another intricate, classy and contained victory. Everyone else played their parts well and was one of the best matches of the night, with the title tournament final. 

Tyler Breeze needed the win tonight on his PPV debut, but was not a showstopper by any standards. It was forgettable, even though they tried to make it wholesome. Ziggler and Rae were standard too but it was empty and had nothing to it. A wasted opportunity which would have been far better if they were in the 5 on 5 match.

The 5 on 5 match should have had Cesaro, (though he should have been in the title hunt) Curtis Axel, Breeze, Rusev and Big Show against Ziggler, The Uso’s, Neville and an NXT call up. (One that isn’t ignorant and capable.)

The divas were the worst in its entirety. The feeling and use of a dead sibling and disgraced botch fest pair did not encourage any thrill. The wrong divas were chosen and the fans knew it, though WWE didn’t. They knew but they forced their own opinion down fans throats. Fans have left after realising their gals will not be put up there. Naomi, Tamina and Sasha Banks along with Becky Lynch and maybe a Bella or Alicia Fox would have been much better and felt fresher. WWE continue to fail the divas, the fans and anything else on WWE TV. It was not good enough at all. It remains an empty hole that fails to listen to what is needed to show off with WWE favourites that fail to achieve and are too green to enhance the division, titles or its product.  At this rate, it will never be respected. WWE have put women back a number of years.

Some say it may be the crowd's fault. How dare they. This crowd was a passionate and respectful crowd that understood wrestling and wasn't prepared to holler at WWE's mismanaged PPV. Plus they spent money to be there and had a poor PPV presented to them. This had nothing to do with the crowd and was WWE's fault. Not everyone screams at anything that's thrown at them to have an 'experience' which makes them look entirely foolish. 

For all its attempts Survivor Series’ booking put itself back another couple of years. No-one excelled, all were forgettable and noting was truly memorable for the ages. The Undertaker was the greatest WWE have and proved it tonight. Though WWE continue to fail the product, its fans and never make new stars. This has been almost a decade long now. Cena, Orton, ‘Taker and the main stays are leaving, one way or another. WWE still has no-one to fill that void. Its random choices of one in the back that has tense outlook to fans does not enhance it further. WWE is sullying its own future. All for what? Triple H’s ego on personal favourites to show off and be nasty? That egotistical arrogance is not ‘Best for Business’ at all. Currently it looks like a new version of TNA booking. The start of everyone’s downfall. Lose the personal attitude and make the business. Be bold and make brave choices. Where was the Vince McMahon that used to make the show what it needed to be than some random hoopla that can never materialise? Hire those that which you need. Lose the ego, build the business. Do not hire ignorance. Do research. Listen. Use the brain. Fail the fans, fail the business. No amount of money will save anyone.

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