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TNA Sacrifice 2014. LIVE Results

TNA Sacrifice, as live

Live as the PPV happens, the results will be uploaded for those who want the details.

Date: 28th April 2014
Arena: Impact Wrestling Zone

Tag titles
The Wolves Vs Zema Ion and The BroMans (c) 

The crowd were uninterested in this drab filler which had more wax in Richards limp hair than anything else. The BroMans, especially Jesse fail to get the recognition they deserve for holding the match together. The Wolves re-gained the titles in a wasteful and tedious battle in another swap the titles gameplay of boredom. 

Samuel Shaw Vs Mr. Anderson

This next offering is a committed match. Unexplained and a rushed idea, the loser is locked into a straight jacket and sent to a mental institution. Rrr-ight. TNA have surpassed themselves here. Making a stupid Impact branded mental wagon has made an utter laughing stock of it all. Not event he fans are impressed. This match actually had prospects. New creative team member Christy Hemme, subject to Shaw's mad affections, is at ringside. Sure. Anderson tells Shaw "we're going for a little ride" as a cheeky fan humourously asks "Can I go?" 

The match becomes more ludicrous as Anderson, taking the action backstage ask's Jeremy Borash for an interview. Yeah. Shortly after the match is finished. The winner of a WWE Ambulance match with some ballroom dancing in it is Mr. Anderson.  Wasted opportunity. Shaw could have made this somewhat interesting for TNA. They failed again. Even Hemme could have turned to help Shaw win. This is TNA, after all. They are the pinnacle of crazy.  

Tag Team
Kurt Angle and Willow Vs EC3 and Spud

Goofy chimp/clown pint size rocker Spud enters. Willow in his black and white rip off character joins delusional Angle now. Likened to the team of C3PO and R2D2 Carter and Spud gave a sloppy performance with the equally dysfunctional opponents. It could have been a real page turner if done correctly. Instead, playing on characters and sill scenario's the team continue to fail badly. Carter was the only one who tried to hold it together but was clearly outnumbered. 

Fans chanted "boring" instantly as Spud and Angle started. Willow played with his brolly like Mary Poppins from the top rope. No wonder it's bad. Did no-one ever teach you not to open an umbrella indoors? Though it looked like Willow was replacing Sting with the trenchcoat stupidity, EC3 acted like Sting and TNA failed to (purposely) mention it. Willow and Kurt Angle won the nonsensical match.

X Division Title
Sanada (c) Tigre Uno

Some Japanese guy TNA hired on its G1 Climax trade deal last month see's a title defence of two unknown people to it's core fanbase. The pair have battled in a best of three series match-ups for the title, both winning one apiece. How original. 

Fans in the Impact Zone greeted them with anime chanting humour. "Let's Go Goku" they said, which could borderline on racist, depending on how you view it. Fact is, fans were uninterested to have two unknown Japanese fighters trading the title race which has resigned the X-Title to nothingness. Financial times are difficult in TNA. So it is good business ideas to boost two unknown Japanese stars in an American market where Japan adds no income to TNA as of right now. Dixie Carter knows a goldmine when she sees it. 

The match had some great high flying spots, as expected but outside of this wrestling theatrics, the battle was simply uninteresting to TNA's audience. It needs something new, but two unknown's with no reason for support is simply redundant. Sanada retains the title. 

"I Quit"
James Storm Vs Gunner

Crowd tells Storm's opponent he "sucks." As soon as the action began Gunner pulled down the steps and destroyed the barricade. It was rushed and tacky. TNA have recently signed him to a long term contract. It needs to retract it instantly if it is to retain any skill. He is a big block of Ryback waste material. Release before the ink dries, or re-issue another one. Fans in the zone agree. Neglecting them is another sign of lunacy on TNA's part. 

TNA turned the drama into a Batman themed stupidity that made no sense to the action or story. Neither man sold the action and drove the show to look ridiculous again. Too many spots, drama and impact that missed the entire point. 

TNA decided it was so empty that it needed blood from Mr. Intensity. Careful of infectious Hepatitis C. Swearing and aggressive nature did not make this idea a clever one. It made everyone involve seem pathetic and wasteful. Repeating their Feast or Fired suitcase moment, James Storm lost. 

Knockout's Title
Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne

Leader of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love challenged Madison Rayne for the X-Divas title thingy. This is a fresh original and new idea that has never happened in TNA before. Well, that's what your supposed to think. Velvet Skank decided to twerk her bubble butt. She failed to do it well. 

As usual Sky yanks the ropes with Angelina to double team behind the ref's back. 

To compete with WWE's Total Divas on E! at the same time, Angelina uses a Full Nelson leg lock, exposing her intimate areas on camera. Classy. Now they get a view of her backside for good measure. Feminism has nothing to worry about. 

After destroying Rayne in short time, Angelina Love lifts the TNA Divas title once again. 


Bully Ray Vs Bobby Roode

Let's hope Ray doesn't simply sit on the table this time. Giving them both a chance, the pair were horrible. Ray, the useless overbear and Roode the guy whose interactions fail to connect (on body contact and at home, ironically) dilute the process. 

The crowd, severely bored with Roode, finally told him their thoughts. "Sh*t Factor!" they chanted. TNA wanted WWE style, on the road audiences. Once they finally attempt to, sort of, listen to WWE fans who crossover to TNA, they finally hear the thoughts of wrestling fans. Everything is a problem in TNA, including Bobby Roode and fans have had enough of accepting this poor attempt to throw out tawdry wrestling values. They paid their money for this, and the result is unsettling for them. That needs to be dealt with. TNA have also kept the number of attendance quiet, but scores of seats are visibly empty. 

The referee was kicked in a bad display failing to take a good and lame bump. 

Bully hit Roode through the table with a third powerbomb attempt. Vince Russo is around somewhere. Jeremy Borash and the TNA crew were in the second row watching the show behind empty spacing for in-house fan controlled running for a picture. Bully Ray stole an RKO move from Randy Orton as well. As Bully climbed to the top rope a mysterious figure in disguise pushes his flabby ass off the turnbuckle with a hand.

In disguise was dumbass Dixie Carter, dressed in beard and cloak like a man. She just can't resist making an appearance to mar the show. Fans were miffed not for the result but the act Dixie came into focus to ruin the show again through her own ego. 

Bobby Roode won by interference in another empty win. Unmotivated fans in the zone were not buying into the hoopla. I can sense a PPV refund call at this rate. 

TNA World title
Magnus Vs Eric Young (c) 

If you missed TNA in the last week, you'll not know Eric Young won a battle royal to earn a title opportunity at lame duck Magnus' title. Eric Young won. It wasn't difficult. Magnus was the biggest flop in a long time and simply a PR drive from the UK tour in January to try and manipulate fans into buy things to make TNA a bit of cash in its tough times. 

Magnus gets another tryout tonight. in TNA, anyone can be it's champion. At this rate, TNA don't seem to have anyone, let alone comedy homegrown talent to house the gold trinket which is nothing more than an accessory at this point. 

The crowds chant "USA!" as Young makes momentum. Canadian Young, battling Brit stain Magnus retains control of the battle. Young then baffles Magnus with the comedy hour of goofy gimmicks from Young's past making a world title match completely laughable with two un-serious contenders. 

Vanilla stick insect Magnus takes control in a one move turn around now. 

Eric Young, sporting beehive beard akin to Daniel Bryan and ripping off parts of his core being, just like they and others did with Max Waltham, received "YES!" chants from the crowd. Denying this World title underdog for the company presence angle was copycat from WWE/Waltham, TNA decided to endorse the "YES!" chants when they arise. Either tacky booking or cheap heat. Which is it?

Magnus put Young into the 'stand over and look like your creating pain' Texas Cloverleaf hold with no effect. After two piledrivers, which have been banned for health reasons in other promotions, for good reason, and a flying elbow Eric Young retains the TNA World title. 

PPV Rating - 4/10

Men/women of their matchesJesse, Samuel Shaw, Ethan Carter, Sanada, James Storm, Madison Rayne, Bobby Roode, Eric Young

Man/Woman of the PPV - Dixie Carter

© Max Waltham 28th April 2014

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TNA quick results, 24th April 2014

TNA Quick Results

Date:  24th April 2014
Show: Impact

Kurt Angle Vs Spud
Empty, mismanaged and wayward from both.

Angle wins via submission

The Beautiful People reformed of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky 'makeover' Madison Rayne in a terrible show.

Kenny King Vs Bobby Lashley
King was booked awfully to allow ex-WWE superstar Bobby Lashley and empty win.

Brock Lesnar Bobby Lashley won by disqualification.

MVP Vs Austin Aries
Ego satisfying criminal MVP won by pinfall which offered nothing new.

  •  Returning old age team James Storm and Bobby Roode won a tag match

Love and Sky beat Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

It's like they never left. Yawn.

Sam Shaw does a skit in his mother's basement. TNA playing on the WWE Christian Creepy Bastard, virgin Bray Wyatt thing. Shame. Lame. Not interesting in every aspect. TNA clueless.

Abyss Vs Magnus
Useless block Magnus failed to win as Abyss won by DQ. Terrible use of steel chair interference.

Eric Young, who is the new TNA champion, was on commentary. Magnus attacked Young like Daniel Bryan/Kane on a recent episode of WWE Raw.

Another clueless episode from TNA only hoping to fill time instead of seats in arenas and at home. Hope for future won't change.

 © Max Waltham 27th April 2014

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Apologies for the website appearance at this time. We are unsure if the pictures have been altered due to Google + reliance with Blogger or other instances or perhaps even an update. There could be a problem with the 'dynamic views' format. 

We have made enquiries and hope to hear back at some point this week or see a change. 

Thank you all for your continued loyal support and patience. 

It is to be an interesting time on Wrestling Wonders with some major developments throughout the year. As always Thank You for your appreciated respect.

We hope you continue to enjoy the details and we shall update you as and when we have details of importance to change. 

With Love,

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Kurt Angle's WWE Return and TNA's problems with old hat hires

Kurt Angle will return to 
WWE in September

Former WWE reject and current TNA superstar Kurt Angle made shockwaves over the last month by announcing he is returning to WWE soon.

Ex love interest Stephanie McMahon mentioned that it was not implausible. 

After being fired from WWE years ago due to being a mass liability, compulsive liar and untrustworthy worker due to his ailing body breaking down, Angle was released for health reasons. 

Defiant egotist Angle was distraught and sought solace in TNA, an inferior promotion trying to grow as competition to the WWE. For Dixie Carter and Co. this was a perfect time. Content with signing almost every reject WWE let go from that point on and making them TNA's heavyweight champions, Angle was overjoyed to remain relevant in wrestling. 

His mark on the company diminished shortly after. Two years alter Angle was becoming tired and boring to the public. Re-launching him numerous times, TNA kept Angle around for name worth only. Angle entered some decent matches and gave younger talent a chance to rise, but then TNA stopped all youth ascension. TNA became an old biddy's playground with old names like Sting, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair and others to dominate the product. Fans, wanting a new alternative to WWE that was just finding its footing, was placed back by another 4 - 5 years as a result. 

Unwilling to learn from their mistakes to this current day, TNA is now trying to focus a little on new stars, simply because, the old one's have left. TNA is starting from scratch and has no-one left to be its headline stars. With no headline names nor homegrown talent, the company is exhausted. Excavating its core minerals and leaving them to fizzle out on the surface has lost all their refined material. Now focused on money troubles and using its own heavyweight title and other gold as PR drives, the company devalues everything with its heritage. 

Constrained by the inefficient Dixie Carter, protected by her parents and father's energetic donations to keep her in the position of President, the Carter family political play is tarnishing everything they own. 

In 2013 Angle was named as the second Hall of Fame entry in TNA, a pathetic attempt at copying WWE and everyone else. The fan club of selected fandom by Dixie alone is seen as a ridiculous group which has no subjectivity. 

Angle first refused entry over late 2013 and then joined on the UK tour in early 2014 instead. He received a watch from Carter.

Angle, who is currently filming a movie role in Sharknando 2, believes he can make a WWE return. He also believes he is still a mega star at the top of the pecking order as well as with acting credits. Angle has been under watch of WWE since his joining of TNA. WWE rejected offers extended for Angle after constant media attention and criminal records with drink driving, lying in public about his health and law enforcement troubles and public break ups with females, including Rhaka Khan, whom claimed domestic violence from Angle, for beating her also. To this day the last statement was unproven but believed alleged steroid abuse was apparent.

Shamefully Angle even publicly butt smooched WWE in interviews and media outlets that he wanted to re-join WWE, another massive insult to Dixie Carter for giving him everything at the height of his failures. Though no-one can feel any level of remorse for Dix, who can't fight her way out of a paper bag. 

The big question here is, could WWE honestly re-hire Angle, an ageing performer unequipped to the likes of Hogan and Flair to WWE again?

As a compulsive liar, full of ego and obsessed with dangerous determination to prove he isn't getting old body wise is a catastrophe waiting to occur. How much will WWE suffer when Angle's broken body really 'pings' in the ring? For WWE, it should steer clear of the Bamboo Thicket bother. Does WWE really need Angle, of all people, to re-boost its attention? The answer is no. Fans are bored and have lost interest with him. They also can't seem to like him anymore. Therefore, nothing is available for Angle, the mass liability in every which way, who simply put, has had his day. Retirement is the only option Angle has. He should attempt to do it gracefully, too. 

©  Max Waltham 22nd April 2014

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ex-WWE Diva Search winner given place on TNA creative team

Ring announcer given top position 
in company creative team 

As many of you may already know by now, last week Christy Hemme was promoted to a new TNA position. Hemme, an ex WWE diva and TNA ringside announcer has been offered a place on the TNA creative team by President Dixie Carter.

Hemme will have a say in making decisions that outline ideas and stories (most stolen from Wrestling Wonders) for its rostered staff and performers. Their choices will be directed by Hemme among others. 

Fans raced to online news sites to share their laughter and disgust at the decision. This resounded from a couple months prior to the signing of a guy to a top position backstage TNA staff who understand wrestling shared as fantasism. Like a guy winning a sweepstake from fantasy football in charge of wrestling product they remarked. 

Carter, who has added a female touch to the panel believes Diva Search model and announcer Hemme is a "great addition" to the panel. This decision is yet another fans see as Carter completely clueless at understanding wrestling and TNA has now become a place for staff with their belief of show up, get paid, leave. That's right. TNA is now officially a playhouse of spare time and not a serious wrestling organisation.  Hemme is most famous for her provocative modelling in Playboy magazine.

Crusty Hemorrhoid or Crusty the Clown, as see's also know to others, is not exactly going anywhere in TNA career wise. The irony is that now she will be shaping them instead. 

They wonder why everyone in it wants to bolt to the first option available, and wonder why many are cautious to join it and ruin their career. With decisions like this and Dixie unwilling to take any responsibility for 'being wrong' proves the company is simply a washed out marshland.

© Max Waltham 18th April 2014

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ultimate Warrior passes away days after Wrestlemania XXX

WWE legend passes away just days after final 
appearances over Wrestlemania weekend 

Wrestling legend and WWF superstar The Ultimate Warrior, 54, has died. Real name James Brian Hellwig, known as Jim to close friends and family, collapsed only hours after appearing on Monday night Raw on which he gave his final speech, also to help promote a forthcoming DVD, gave this statement. 

"Every mans heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe its final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the bodies of others; If it makes them believe deeper in something larger than life; than his essence, his spirit, will be immortalised." Ultimate Warrior

Naturally fans have already began conspiracy theories involving a possible coincidental suicide from the obscure message. Hellwig collapsed at 5.50pm on twenty-four hours after Monday's Raw appearance. whilst walking from his hotel room to meet his wife. He also leaves behind two children also. He began his career in 1987. 

Warrior was well know for his high levels of drug abuse with anabolic steroids. Many over the Hall of Fame ceremony stated in new reports they felt something "was seriously off" with Hellwig's behaviour. 

On stage at ceremony
Earlier this weekend Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2014 after years of isolation from the company and it's chairman. Disagreements for years had simmered over for the final event. Once their level of peace was achieved, after years of torment and frustrations on both side, Hellwig has now departed days after making his return to the wrestling stage. 

Karma is an extraordinary concept. Working in mysterious ways, perhaps this should be a beacon of understanding for many in the business. With businessmen, bookers and wrestlers upsetting the foundations with ill thought choices and upsetting those who help shape careers, when the time to make this rightful comes, the end could be apparent for all.

Try to adhere to as good decisions as possible, without own abusive morals intervening with tough disagreement and do not willingly upset others for the sake of it. If you willingly seek such hardship, it will affect the future in ways we cannot contemplate predicting. The cosmos works in mysterious ways. It is all about how you handle yourself. It does not like to be upset so vividly. Do not allow it to be a bitter resentment that makes everything else seem completely meaningless when it is too late. You don't truly know what you have until it is finally gone.  

© Max Waltham 09th April 2013

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wrestlemania XXX

WWE Wrestlemania XXX

Live on Pay Per View on Sunday 6th April 2014 from a packed crowd of 75,167 spectators at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. WWE presented its historic event, Wrestlemania XXX. Celebrating thirty years of Wrestlemania would this finally be the turn around of new talent and keep the veterans stable? Or would it be WWE's attempt at a full on nostalgia based thrill in memory than strengthening its card. The final question on fans lips. Would CM Punk return after his post Royal Rumble walkout? Setting the show's opening stage, the glorious event began. Lord did we know the entire landscape was about to be
crushed for everyone, in such unpredictable fashion.

Wrestlemania opened with the host of the thirtieth ceremony, The Hulkster, Hulk Hogan make the show a success among the rehire of Hogan which was epic. As host, Hulk Hogan fluffed his lines instantly. He said we were in the "Silverdome" not the Superdome. Oh dear. It was difficult to watch. He was soon interrupted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE allowed the man who quit three times, including the night after Wrestlemania, who is also a domestic violence abuser, to return so he could get another paycheck. Thankfully The Rock returned to being some level of stability. CM Punk, who quit WWE two months ago, did not return. The Rock was the only star on fire here. They drank some beers.  

Daniel Bryan Vs Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon
  • ·    Winner advances to WWE World Heavyweight Championship match

So the match began for the third place spot in the main event triple threat title battle for the WWE World title.

It was a fierce, heartfelt battle back and forth with equal measure. Bryan held a strong presence whilst being in bandaged tape and wounded. Triple H got best of Bryan on outside tables as Steph bellows "YES!" Dressed in very mini shorts and clad in latex Authority black and white suit. (Naturally.) Steph cheered her hubby on. With another reference to the unspeakable elephant in the room, Steph said "Get the bull, you get the horns." The crowd had an alternate view. "Boo!..." they remarked.

Steph is mega over in hate from the crowd. The only difference is that they feel it legitimately for her. Rubbing salt in the wound, Triple H did the crossface on Daniel Bryan. Most didn't really feel any strong buzz for either but continued to support Bryan regardless in the hope of change.

"Stephanie finds humour in the misfortune of others" Jerry Lawler said.

A sunset flip into second rope powerbomb counter by Bryan was a difference maker. The grace of Steph and her long legs were not so flattering walking along with her grimace. 

"Woooo!" Steph cheers  as both men were down to cheer on her powerful hubby.

Trips tries two pedigree's though Bryan counters the second smashing a vicious kick to Hunter's head and sends the flying knee into Triple H for just desserts. Daniel Bryan covered Triple H and took the victory to head to the main event title race later this evening.

Upset, Triple H destroyed Bryan after the battle with a monstrous beatdown. He can't change it, but he can add to it.

Tag Team
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Vs The New Age Outlaws and Kane

Reigns gained strong steam beating everyone down in a well constructed part. Rollins saved from Kane and landed over the ropes on him perfectly. Ambrose brawled with Road Dogg as The Shield cornered the last member. The trio then launched over the ropes to gain control with swift momentum. Already the battle was smooth and simplistic. This was a thriller from the start as the trio The Shield, triple powerbombed the blonde haired Outlaw and won the match quick and easy. It was hot and fun but fans were surprised it was short.

Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan appeared in a merchandise toys battle. Duggan let out a "Hoooooooooooooooooo(e)!" to fun seekers as Ricky Steamboat jumped in. The fun time was over. The toys were now confiscated for the Million Dollar Man who showed off his green dollars and informed "everybody has a price. HaHaHaHaHa!" Ron Simmonds was confused ending the reunion with a "DAMN!" Someone else was dressed as a referee that fans could not identify.  Ten points if you can.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

A battle royal to celebrate the great Eighth Wonder of the World Andre the Giant, the original Hall of Famer was in place. The winner would receive the most prestigious life-size trophy of Andre and become an instant name with a boosted accolade to their career.

Only Big Show and Sheamus were allowed entrances. Yoshi Tatsu was first out in seconds. It was poor to say the least. Brad Maddox, an option to succeed and could have been a surprise boost to all who favour him, was second out. Well it wasn't Sandow. He went some point later. Khali pasted Brodus Clay with a pathetic tap. Khali then went out to massive cheers. Ryder and Ziggler went next. JBL described it as "Career defining" to win. Young was quickly out. "Not for him" JBL follows up. McIntyre and Mahal were next dropped. Heath follows in quick succession. Big Show dumps Henry. Titus was sent by Show. Santino pulls his sock out. It didn't last. Gabriel was soon gone. Otunga was out. Jerry Lawler added the Battle Royal had "No sense of direction than a bunch of firecrackers."  Crowd starts Fandangoing as Fandy hangs on and gyrates on the edge. Sheamus then grabbed and dropped him. No... just when the Fandangoing was getting juicy...

Goldust was beaten by Cody Rhodes. R-Truth and Xavier Woods went somewhere in the confusion. Alberto Del Rio then dispatched Cody. There were seven left. Fans started contemplating how funny it would be for pint size Mysterio to lift the life-size Andre trophy. He was the very next participant out. Ziggler did the hold on to ropes thing after an uppercut from Antonio Cesaro. Kofi Kingston was relied upon in the stupid spot once more. He was sensationally, and very well received, flipped over by Antonio to the outside but landed on his back with his feet touching the bottom rung of the steel steps. Kofi stamped back into the match. For his credit, Kofi took the crazy manoeuvre very well. Though the stupidity angles remain. There was no credibility. Kofi then got the swing treatment from Antonio. Kofi again sold the swing like no other and looked incredibly stuck in rotation unable to escape and being dazed as a result. It was first class. There was loud elation from the crowd, too. Antonio failed to miss Big Show from behind with a chokeslam as Sheamus charged a Brogue Kick into Show who did not fall down in a very bad sell. Kofi was then sent out. Dolph 'man of the minute' Ziggler hit Sheamus who then threw Ziggler out with ease. Ziggler stayed in again, so Rio kicked him off to the ground. The show-off was off. Rio and Sheamus battled one another.

Cesaro blocks Big Show. He cannot clothesline Show over. Show throws Cesaro over. He wasn't going out that easy. The last two battled to win the prestigious honour and maintain a legacy. Cesaro hit Show in the chops on a turnbuckle, dropped by Show to huge boos. An uppercut by Antonio Cesaro was hit, followed with a huge lift as the fabled Andre bodyslam was used on Big Show to send him over the ropes and crashing to the ground outside so that Antonio Cesaro became the heavyweight winner of the Andre honour over Big Show. Show afterward extended a gracious handshake to the victor through the ropes, accepted.

John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt w/ Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

John Cena's video package opened discussing his opponent. "A thing like Bray. He's to destroy everything of my life I work to build." Cena grumbled. Well, let that be your lessons! Repent, respect, and be cautious of wayward decisions that burn your bridges. This can be applied to the entire wrestling industry in its choices, performers included. 

Bray was sung in by his theme song band performing live on stage.

As the battle began, Cena was viciously booed on arrival. The Universe are finally telling WWE what it already knows. The time is now to act on it.

Bray chose to pray in middle of ring. "Be the monster you are, John" Wyatt yelled. Aiming to release Cena's demons, the former champ tried a new technique. Wrapping Wyatt into a roll up take down upsetting the crowd, Cena decided to be as honourable as possible. He placed a headlock on Bray. How natural. Cena placed another one after with virtually no connectivity. Bray was allowed a punch as Cena walked back on the spot and seated himself to the ground instead of being hit hard by a damaging fist from Wyatt. Charming no sell once more. Any threat to Cena's crown shows Cena will never sell for them but would for the likes of Big Show, who won't be company figurehead. Every action Bray did after this to make an excellent match was tainted as useless.

Michael Cole chimed in "Don't push John Cena 'cause he'll do what he has to."  

The monster in Cena was slightly unleashed later. Bray laughs at Cena's revertion. Cena yelled comically when punching Bray attempting to be aggressive. WWE must seriously consider its faults seriously. The change is imminent and if the Cena controversies continue, WWE will be left behind. Wyatt followed up with a suplex toss over the shoulder.

The match couldn't avoid being boring and lacking something vital to drive full interest. Cena jumps up on the spot with a dropkick to a very quiet and distilled audience. Cena easily got out of a long workdown by Bray to do a five knuckle shuffle. Bray stopped Cena with the crazy crab. At least Cena managed to fall back on his derriere convincingly for two seconds. The announcers acknowledged Cena was distracted to allow Bray control. This point the fans began swaying and waving. They were officially bored and made their own entertainment. A crucial disaster when the fans do this for their own disinterest and not engagement to the experience of Wrestlemania contexts.

Boo's rained on Cena as he hits the five knuckle shuffle this time out of nowhere. Bray counters to gain a two fall. "Let's go Wyatt" began then a small "Let's go Cena" retaliation came from the crowds. Cena recklessly launched from the top rope to attack the Wyatt Family outside instead. Cena flung himself and stopped to tap his shoulder on the steps in another farcial knock once Bray had met him outside to change the lead.

Kooky Wyatt cradled Cena signing "The whole world in his hands" (another tame Waltham reference) then charging for a running back body splash to the ground, as Cena moved, missing a chance to beat down his foe.

Cena soon runs Luke Harper through a barricade in a nowhere moment that failed to interest outside.

Bray later missed Sister Abigail to Cena from a pitiful leg lock STF with no application of intense pain locked in. Wyatt had enough and shortly dismantled the Spanish announce table apart. He then introduced a chair and bizarrely placed the chair to Cena's reach, challenging him to use it. Instead, after contemplating, Cena whacked a creeping Erick Rowan from behind Bray at the back ropes. Bray used the advantage to gain an empty two fall. Roll up from Cena. Sister Abigail miss, Attitude Adjustment landed to score a three fall victory for John Cena instead of Bray Wyatt. The crazy fuelled intense battle was over, just like that. Cena's legacy grows as the cheap fall won. WWE could not bring themselves to let a newcomer overcome John Cena, who would be unharmed from such a loss. As Cena previously said to copy Waltham, "Everyone must go through me."

Harper magically arose now after being battered from the barricade and not having anyone draw attention to his vividly laid out for minutes in a heap viewing to lead weary Bray out.

Fans at this point had had enough and vented their anger. Not at Cena but some fans, including one added "The stream is having audio and lagging issues! I want my $9.99 back" as the WWE Network broadcast was suffering technical issues throughout the evening's mass capacity streaming capabilities.

With the chance to build a newbie over with, it was time to respect the legends who have made this business somewhat of a joy over the years.

WWE Hall of Fame 2014

The outstanding wrestler and headliner in his own right with incredible talent Jake "The Snake" Roberts took his deserved honours. Credible celebrity wingman and media shy Mr.T finally took his place at the thirtieth celebration in a commendable touch. The most eccentric and appealing manager of all time, Paul Bearer was celebrated with his sons Michael and Daniel Moody, accepting on his behalf. Carlos Colon also took his place in a tender induction. One of the greatest duo of female wrestling superstar wrestlers took her dignified place in the class. Lita, who received the biggest and massive crowd reaction was overjoyed and humble. She was followed by the suave and scoundrelous Razor Ramon. Finally the Class of 2014's star turn, The Ultimate Warrior strode out who gained a couple of claps and tiny cheers. That's right everyone but the star act was accepted by the crowd. No-one forgets the Warrior's abusive, demanding and obnoxious behaviour which has resulted in an ego boost than an honour. Do make sure you buy the forthcoming DVD in April, won't you?

Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker

"No one will ever forget what his going to do."  Paul Heyman states in his recorded promo on Brock Lesnar. "The smallest number becomes the one" he added. It was something from the Waltham handbook in order to prove the unspoken aura of genome tweaking for Lesnar's approach.

Beanie babe Brock arrived to the scene. An advert for Mountain Dew Diet slotted in between. Smooth. By the way, that drink is proven to lower your fertility guys. The announce team all had a bottle in front of them.

Undertaker then walked into a rapturous cheer from the crowd in New Orleans.

The action began with a fist by Undie. Quick belly to belly from Brock in retaliation. Both scouted one another equally. Undertaker's psychology and deliverance of equal standing is impeccable. Able and willing to go to any lengths to win on the Undertaker was the message from JBL on Brock's desire to win.

Michael Cole called him a "Leviathan. An absolute freak." Hmmm, this sounds, different...

Sweaty Lesnar took control and wandered around for a bit with minor beat downs where appropriate. 

Wearing down 'Taker with leg work, "The Beast" Brock Lesnar falls to Undertaker, coming back with running DDT. Both soon rose to their feet together. Snake eyes and a high boot. The historic leg drop. A two fall followed for Undertaker. Heyman began yelling for Brock as he walks into a chokeslam. Two fall. Counter into F5. Very close two fall. Undertaker grabs Brock into the Hell's Gate submission. Lesnar powerfully lifted up and slammed down to break free. Leg attempt caught by Undertaker again. Brock then used a harder, higher lift and powerbomb drop.

Lesnar grabs the Kimura lock on his opponent who eventually reversed well. 'Taker attempted a top rope scale, caught by Lesnar on shoulders. Lesnar then hit the F5 and took a close three fall. Brock then threw a German Suplex. A second happened. 'Taker then dropped a Last Ride powerbomb from corner attempt on Lesnar. Undertaker shortly sits up from being spent. Brock Lesnar took a cheap and out of nowhere final F5 counter on Undertaker as Brock Lesnar pummelled him to the mat. Brock covered him for a three count. The end was nigh. Undertaker's Wrestlemania undefeated streak was officially over by the hands of Brock Lesnar. Everyone was shocked and pissed. Brock Lesnar hurriedly left as Undertaker took his respecting leave in defeat. WWE made sure to get the crowd reactions on camera. They were ultimately flabbergasted. Even Dana White, seated front row, was perfectly given air time in his shock 'o' face. (Read below for a full on reasoning why at bottom of review for more.)

Did Vince do it just to create heat on Lesnar and get the impact? Lesnar has been said to plan on leaving to Dana White's UFC, who just happened to be ringside and got a close up on camera of his surprise.

All things end but this was not even transitioned to a rising star. A guy that will do nothing with this endorsement. It was simply a waste. This is not a joke The Undertaker dropped one.

Vickie Guerrero Invitational

The rules of this thrown together match were now explained. The first pinfall or submission will make that participant the Divas champion.

The announce team acknowledge that this is the "first Divas title defence" at Wrestlemania. "Excuse me!" Vickie, stood on a podium outside the ring watching by the announce team, wanted to wish them all well "especially AJ. Hahahahahaa!" Vickie gleeful stated.  

AJ pushes Tamina into the middle, back to back as the battle goes on. Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae were about to get a three sharpshooter attempt from Natalya which was bungled and cast away. Everyone covered each other at the same time as the referee counted in another level of stupidity. Summer Rae was going for AJ. AJ was smashed and rolled outside as she always does. JBL had the best lines here. When debating what would happen for AJ upon losing the title "The tattoo artist will be sad." JBL continued in reference to AJ mark tattoo commemorating her divas victory last year, she "will need to get it erased." The odds were not in AJ's favour battling all the women in the lockeroom. It should be clear someone else was going to win.

Funny thing about WWE odds. In a pre-determined world, you can survive anything, if you join the in crowd. Emma dances. Tamina smacks a superkick soon after which was good. Eva Marie made a foolish choice to dump her to her bottom. She rose up as the pair starred down. This was the moment WWE wanted to cheer Marie. They didn't. Tamina chased the fleeing Eva. The Bellas then double teamed. They went for AJ, trying to re-enter. Then they both flew over the top rope onto all the remaining divas outside. Then they disagreed with one another and shoved accordingly. Nikki took the lead and placed Brie into a Shoulder Crush. All the divas stopped Nikki pinning her sister for the title. Fox and Layla returned. At least Layla is looking hot and fierce in her attire. Natalya bumbled in. Tamina returned slamming Nattie. Naomi drops off Tamina. Aksana and Naomi go at it. Natalya comes underneath the corner post to drop the triple powerbomb with Natalya, Aksana and Naomi suplexing all at once. Tamina stops Nattie pinning Aksana. Outside clothesline on Tamina from Natalya. AJ quickly traps Naomi into a random Black Widow amid the distractions. Vicious screams were yelled so daftly. Naomi held on for a few seconds then had no choice but to tap out. AJ obviously and clearly retains the title. Vickie Guerrero is furious. She had to hand the title back to AJ. This was an obvious enactment seeing WWE attempting to peeve off its fans.

Now, the fantastic legend Mean Gene Oakerlund is backstage. Hulk Hogan enters. He adds that 'Mania is "Rockin' the Superdome, brother!" Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorf and Roddy Piper arrive to pay tribute to Hulk's hosting duties. Mr. T arrives to assist Hogan. This was a reminiscent piece since the Wrestlemania I match where T and Hogan beat Orndorff, who was pinned, and Piper in a classic tag match. Pat Patterson as referee in old get up arrived and told them to get over it. "It was thirty years ago." They all let it pass with a four way group handshake.

Ringside seated legends were given airtime. The amazing Bruno Sammartino, wrestling techniker Harley Race, ever in character Bob Backlund, the go getter Dusty Rhodes and the ever ignorant Bret Hart. Credibility established? No.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat
Randy Orton (c) Vs Batista Vs Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton gets sung in by his theme song band in an appropriate ceremonial.

Bryan took control of Orton and Batista instantly. Orton shoves Bryan off the rope after two minutes, beautifully done. Batista leads the charge. Orton took back the reigns as spine flipped onto the steps was Batista, who provided a wonderful open legs beauty. "Move!" Randy tells the fans in the way with interplay so he can drop Batista on the barricade.

Bryan double missile dropkicked the unwitting pair. Kicks to both. "Oooh!..." as the YES! Kicks to the head of Batista connected but failed on Orton. Two fall by Batista was broken. Corner to corner dropkicks from Bryan soon after. Taking the top turnbuckle with Orton, Bryan flips a Hurricanrana. Bryan suplex was then tipped over by Batista outside instead. Dave climbs. Orton stops. RKO superplex. Bryan in. YES! Lock was clasped onto Orton. Fearing the worst, Triple H and Stephanie charged in from the crowd. This was a no disqualification we were now told to remember. Batista spinebustered Bryan. HHH brought back "crook" ref Scott Armstrong, handpicked by Hunter to help count the match. Batista scored a two count on Bryan. 

The Authority are desperate for someone other than Bryan to win. Even Batista will do for them. Referee Scott was then booted in the head and sent crashing to the outside by Bryan. Bryan charged on all the Authority and ref including Stephanie. Triple H, uncaring for his misses, reached under the ring for his ever trustworthy sledgehammer. Bryan stops his attempt and takes possession of the foreign object to smash it over Triple H's head and cover Batista. Orton breaks the count as original referee Mike Chioda rejoins. Orton fiercely attacks swiftly on Bryan with multiple attacks. Batista joins Orton in unison to crush Bryan outside. The Authority are now being helped backstage. Orton bashes Bryan with the steel steps. Batista and Orton have a sultry staredown. After nodding in unison it was decided. Yes. Both agree to unite for this moment to take out pesky Bryan. Batista hits a monitor on Daniel Bryan in a good display of aggressive force that benefits the match and the man.

Batista is soon on the tables to blast Bryan. Orton is on the other side, as the pair launch a Batista Bomb into an RKO which crushes Bryan to the ground through the Spanish announce table. EMTs arrive to stretcher off Bryan in a classic Mick Foley moment. Batista takes the damage to Orton. Fans cheered "Let's go Bryan" just as Bryan was carted off. RKO drops the DDT outside to Batista. Bryan shoves an EMT in the chest to break free and gets off the stretcher. Bryan crawls to the path of Orton who smashes Danny boy into the steps. Orton places a vulnerable Bryan in the ring. Orton was quickly caught into the YES! Lock. With the intensity growing, Batista saves the match. Batista then got caught. Orton breaks then hurls Bryan away to the corner. Randall then takes on Batista. He misses the RKO. Quick witted and long legged stud Orton leapfrog's over Batista, running a spear, smashing into Bryan instead. Orton nails the RKO on Batista to almost silence him with a close two fall.  

Orton weighs up a punt on Batista, interrupted by Bryan. Bryan was then smashed by Batista. Two fall on Orton. Orton took a perfect Batista Bomb. Bryan flies into Batista and slaps the YES! Lock on him. Batista taps out. Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Heavyweight championship. After an eight month struggle Bryan has become the official face of the WWE. At least for now. We shall see if it lasts longer than seventeen seconds, twenty-four hours or one month.

PPV Rating - 4/10

Men/Women of the PPV - Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Undertaker, Tamina, Randy Orton

Man/Woman of the PPV - Brock Lesnar

Sadly this Wrestlemania was a hurried and empty Pay Per View. Ordinary, no stand out features and thrown together at the last minute it became the fifth most inconsistent one. WWE are losing its grip on the drama.

Even in a Bryan victory, he is still a B+ player, upgraded on the evening to an A grade instead as second fiddle to Brock Lesnar. Will WWE ever let the man achieve the top of WWE's pecking order on a clear victory? If they thought they did so at 'Mania (which they do) they are seriously deluded.

The Shield were rushed and unable to achieve much. The triple threat may have been better suited.

John Cena was a worn out, long boredom which did not excel Bray Wyatt either. The pair were washouts as a result.

The multi match which had odds against her was the perfect and usually rightful way to boost a star's profile with a victory. WWE should have done so here for Tamina. Instead it was a cheap throwaway match that achieved nothing substantial. This was wasteful.

If everyone thought that it would be Daniel Bryan that might cause the controversy, they were wrong! The Undertaker finally being defeated was the ultimate sin. With reports of Brock Lesnar possibly leaving to the UFC next month and beyond, did Vince McMahon make this decision to place heat on Lesnar? Once in UFC under Dana White's direction, Lesnar would be resented for taking 'Taker's glorious legacy. For months over the year, Brock Lesnar had been presented when he was on TV as a Max Waltham essence. Adapted to prove something to the business and others, did Wrestling Wonders miss the shocking detail on offer? Blindsided, and given the monkier of "The Beast" along many Waltham references, Lesnar was a staple for the possibility of that impending aura. Would it have been possible that if Waltham took on Undertaker, he would have ended the streak? Quite possibly. We shall never truly know though Lesnar was the closest resemblance of power in this context to c'est moi.

Fans however erupted with upset not necessarily down to the impending loss of Undertaker, but more so the fact he lost to Brock Lesnar. With both recently unhappy with their minimal build up to the event over the last month fans agreed with the somewhat meek build up.

Others simply cannot fathom that Brock Lesnar, a sporadic performer, could topple the streak of the most prolific wrestler in WWE history so freely with no real impact. The match was decent but not exceptional. Undertaker was impeccable at protecting equal standing. Lesnar won on a simple counter move after mostly walking around dazed. It would have been better if a singles rising star on the roster would have won to launch their new career if the victory was ever taken. Of course, through WWE's lack of star building for years, there was no-one available. At least the likes of Antonio Cesaro would have been more beneficial. Instead, Lesnar is not capable of holding that honour to the highest of privilege and became a wasted opportunity to ruin a legacy. What will Brock Lesnar do with this to his name? Absolutely nothing. Even though Undertaker gave the nod to Vince McMahon that he wanted Lesnar to topple him, the man who makes the decision is Vince McMahon. He and he alone decided to drop 'Taker's reign. Undertaker, therefore, should not have lost and gauging into the mind of McMahon, as we can, we would never allow such decision. Hasn't Undertaker earned that right?

All smiles for press attention
Though 'Taker has circulating rumours he is suffering with painful predicaments including MS, he should have had the victory. The man has put his body through the ringer for a company that checked through his name in one hasty flick of a pencil. Fans have since had mixed feelings. Some have added their childhood was broken, others, intent on boycotting WWE for the near future. Others are scaling down their reliance on the wrestling company, whilst others will continue to watch with extreme despair. One thing that is apparent, is they wont forget and are very unlikely to forgive. Whilst many do not blame Lesnar, they are disgusted with the decision from the top. So, in order to create such buzz with "everything must come to an end" Wrestlemania, which was a bland PPV in itself once more, could be earmarked for a murky future. Stunning industry experts also to create a message point when handled so carelessly, has done nothing but harm to WWE's reputation, even if it did try to cover itself with a popular Daniel Bryan victory, still overshadowed as below the main event headline. It has also confirmed to many that McMahon simply doesn't know how to book the show anymore and is more concerned with headlines and old hat nostalgic appearances.

Fans were finally hoping McMahon had learnt from previous mistakes and be able to book something new, different and the way to drive a new thirty years of entertainment. Instead they did not feel satisfied with this.

It is one thing to create moments, but not to completely destroy and dump on a legacy where the transition offers no future.

Undie always gives WrestleMania matches on the night and for the fans. After the match Undertaker had severe concussion and injured. Vince himself travelled with 'Taker, requiring instant medical attention, therefore McMahon missed the final event leaving Triple H and Stephanie in charge. Lesnar and Heyman were said to travel too, but unconfirmed. The planned finish of 'Taker losing was legitimate. Only 4-6 were informed. Most likely they were Vince, 'Taker, Kevin Dunn, Triple H, Stephanie, Brock and Heyman.

Pulling the rug from them like this has ended not only 'Taker's streak but the future of WWE with its core fanbase. Wait and see over time. This is the starting point of it all going to pot. Fans also think it unforgivable.  

©  Max Waltham 08th April 2014