Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rob Van Dam returns to WWE on post Wrestlemania Raw

Rob Van Dam set to return 
to WWE this month

High flying superstar Rob Van Dam will return to WWE the night following Wrestlemania on Raw. Van Dam had been idle from WWE for roughly six months since his contract expired after the Autumn in 2013. 

With WWE low on performers and Van Dam always able to turn in a decent showing, the rehire is an acceptable one without any hard feelings. Van Dam may be able to reignite the buzz into fan interest once more with his agile moves yet, of course somewhat slower due to age. This will still be achievable to give good matches and as a fair character himself, Van Dam can contribute to WWE with other stars favourably. 

Since their split last year, WWE were somewhat upset with Van Dam but now this seems to have passed and the pair are communicating passionately once more.

With a number of stars leaving or failing to achieve from the lack of star pushes, Van Dam is a credible choice to re-sit in the WWE wings. Though WWE do need to use new stars against him in order to heighten the overall landscape of a future rather than leaving it to become the age old problem resurfacing. That being the old timers returning without any new active stars evolving. 

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