Monday, 30 January 2012

The Miz to win Royal Rumble (2012) as #1?

The Miz's Golden (Royal Rumble)
Ticket To Smackdown

After losing a match to R-Truth on the January 23rd Raw, the loser (The Miz) would gain the #1 spot in the Rumble match itself. Is being number 1 really meant to be that derogatory? Even when they claim the likes of Shawn Michaels (1995) , the invisible ink of the other guy, no one is meant to mention (2004) and those who came in at number 2. HBK even offered some advice to Miz in the week running up to it on Twitter.

Lest we forget that although the blind hype is that #1 is the winning spot that claims all, what people fail to realise is that entry #2 is exactly the same as #1. As both enter at the same time. #1 clearly dominates ego.

Who else bagged as #2 then? Vince McMahon (1999) and Rey Mysterio (2006) own those spots.

Technically, 4 men won from the beginning.

Most of the Universe aren’t best pleased that numbers 1 and 30 are constantly booked in today’s age as derogatory, or by means of hatred, (GM/boss revenge booking etc…) They used to remember the days when a man would go through the 28 other men in a battle that heightened the match, how they were eliminated, and whom it built as well as owning an honour to be among, having the hard slog battle to victory, in something that was designed to be a triumph in every sense of the word.

The majority of everyone in the match were also potentials to win, regardless of whether they did or not.

So, no one can see it coming. Though, if The Miz is #1, he has no chance, right? Miz, by default could actually gain the victory, as #1, regaining prestige and ranking, as well as being the blindsided, un-obvious choice due to the Orton, Ziggler, Jericho hype. Gaining the win, Miz would also then be able to use it wisely.

No-one has contemplated the the fact that The Miz, can use this win to challenge World Champion, Daniel Bryan, re-establish his worth, as well as levelling up Bryan and the World title, which would also give Miz a possible move to Smackdown. (Or at least test the waters, before the annual draft, should it return). (Smackdown stars can only challenge for Smackdown titles, though WWE undid this with the Big Show, whom was a Raw superstar.)

These decisions are what have cost WWE many audience respect. They put the title on Show, whom was not a legal Smackdown superstar. 

Regardless, this may be the potential earner that The Miz needs. Of course, WWE, whom get lost in the build up of Royal Rumble, being busy to shape the card, tend to overlook the simplistic principal that it was designed for - to create stars, more than one, with added opportunity to retain their repertoire. The Miz, Jericho, Orton, Barrett, and others have the potential to create feuds or an extra characteristic to their Television selves. With new talent also on the horizon coming in, WWE need to make sure they do not allow the perfect opportunity to slip them by, seeing as this Rumble tends to be the most organised with idea than in previous years.

Of course, you could always throw in The Rock, meaning Cena would lift CM Punk’s title shortly. However, Rock/Cena should not be for the title at ‘Mania. It is too obvious, will ruin the outcome expectancy and devalue what they are fighting for - not the title, but the honour of hating each other enough to deliver the audience a wrestling match based on two personalities. Sometimes, the title clouds certain judgement calls. This is grand enough, it has no need for the title, which will always be booked as secondary, therefore becoming irrelevant.

With The Miz over on Smackdown, able to escape the clutches of Cena (unless he moves over) MIzanin has wider options. Filled with younger, respected stars coming into their own on the blue brand, the outlook for opponents would indeed be fresh.

Max Waltham 30th January 2012

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Zack Ryder no longer US Champion

Zack Ryder lost 
United States Championship

Evident Zack Ryder would be the first superstar of the three holding the gold at PPV, TLC (Punk, Bryan, Ryder) to drop, after Zack was attacked by the newly re-masked Kane, one week earlier.

First to fall...

The vast majority of the audience were surprised, perplexed and miffed. Max Waltham wasn't.

Though WW wrote previously that Ryder had more of a market as a champion than Henry and Big Show, whom were both in the World title farce, which was true (anyone can easily recognise that), Ryder, with heat backstage, as well as being classed as boring once the hype wears off, found himself fall to the new claimant of the US title.

Which is why WWE must propel newbies they make champion by giving them a powerful run. Not a gimmick run, as Ryder clearly had. That is the contrast. There are still the incoherents out there that believe that Santino Marella should be WWE/World champion. Inconceivable. 

No one could see it coming, which shows that WWE, even though their primary focus was to build Cena/Kane and show its power position to Ryder, may have rushed it, however subconsciously gave a chance to further talent. Once again, the audience feel duped and cheated out of their trust.

The new United States champion is currently the All American American (fitting, right?) Jack Swagger.

Swagger now has been given his chance, however is still seen as a chump due to the fact that he hasn't done anything for years since World title droppage. Max Waltham cannot support you anymore. A snub to Waltham you once did, is not the main focus for this. It is down to the primary fact, that the shelf life of Swagger has passed.

It is the likes of Swagger, Show and Henry whom should be propped up on Superstars, while some of the Supporting Superstars cast be reimbursed to Raw. (McGuillicutty and Riley mainly).

Need new tag teams even? Riley and Ryan, Kingston and Mc Guillicutty. Simple. Or just plain singles, which strengthens all positions overall for them. Throw in Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins and imagine the mix you have. Potentially exciting and explosive action for an audience to gain what they want.

Need some Ambos-ia?

Ryder lost his title whilst wearing the traditional 'bandages' as he was 'injured' thanks to Kane's assault (9th Jan 2012) one week before this one (16th Jan Raw). Eve, was in a car in the outside of the arena, screaming to Zack to repair the flat tyre so they could escape, once Kane's music and eerie lighting overshadowed the in ring arena once Eve was due to have a match. (Zack Ryder saved her and whisked her away, in haste).

Are You Serious?  'oe? 

Make sure you get Randy Orton in!

Kane later choke-slammed Ryder off a platform outside. (That's what happens when you run after Bimbo's).

Kane assaulted Ryder in his bid to get to John Cena. Cena, being credited as Zack Ryder's broski who helped him win the US title, in a program with Kane, has now cost Ryder his US title, in most minds. Damage control now needs its place. How? Present people with opportunities, surely I don't need to 'tell' the highest 'brain' of the wrestling entities everything, do I?

© Max Waltham 21st January 2012


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Evan Bourne suspended from WWE for 60 Days

Evan Bourne suspended from WWE for 60 Days
(and An Apology to Stephanie McMahon 
and Triple H)

Wrestling Wonders would like to formerly apologise to Steph and Tripper  for the previous article – Evan Bourne Divides Supreme Team  

Although it is not too far from certain practises, the majority of it was written for one sole purpose. After writing the article, as predicted, the internet, all elaborated, and stole parts of the piece.

It was all over the obvious sites and just proved the point once again how lame and foolish people truly are. All your information wasn’t correct and looked completely daft, pathetic and incoherent. So congrats for writing shabby pieces.

No stranger herself to ratting out leaks, we hope Mrs.Helmsley will understand.

Though Wrestling Wonders won’t apologize for being unconvential.

For it was actually Evan Bourne who committed cardinal sin of approaching Triple H about the matter personally backstage.

Though Bourne should not have attempted to challenge a power player who would not be willing to listen to little ol’ Ev, we commend him for being man enough to go and talk to people.

More of WWE’s performers are scared to do so, as it always ends abruptly, in which higher scaled employees believe it a cheek to be asked, yet dictate their position on the card before telling them “creative have nothing for you”. At least some guys are trying. Though it was curtains for Bourne with his second violation.

WWE, however do need to listen and consider, rather than brush them off solely for asking. If they come with strong issues or angles to develop their characters to invigorate the product, surely this should be considered? The future is very bleak at the moment, and there is no stand out aura or spark in any performers. Back in the days there were many in all divisions/areas that had their own persona and personality with a liking or loathing that created the sole purpose - wrestling enthused with entertainment.

This is a vital necessity, and can only be gained through co-operation.

Evan Bourne, suspended the first time -  Evan Bourne Suspended from WWE , kept his Unified Tag Team Championship (With Kofi Kingston), over the duration of the first suspended. Before his official announcement on the second on 17th January 2012, Bourne, with Kingston, had no choice but to drop the titles.

They dropped them at a house show on Sunday 15th Jan, which should have seen new champions Epico and Primo win on Raw instead to create possibilities. Primo and Epico are now viewed as unworthy, regardless of holding the straps currently, as they didn't win on air, which could and should have propelled them further. Its also fair to say Rosa Mendes has found her niche in the group, as valet/manager.

Kingston could also have possible lines of feud, whether picked up with them or not... We all know what Kingston needs to re invigorate himself. Just do it already, instead of ego towards Max Waltham's 'suggestion'. Max Waltham talks logic above all else.


© Max Waltham 19th January 2012

Friday, 13 January 2012

Evan Bourne divides supreme team

Evan Bourne divides supreme team

Evan Bourne has come under scrutiny further on from his 30 day suspension back in November where he gained his first wellness policy violation for smoking a substance irregular to the policy conditions.

R-Truth, whom smoked the drug with Bourne, was also suspended one month after Evan’s time out. Recently Triple H, natural successor to Vince McMahon in the near future, confronted Bourne backstage. Bourne, currently on C Brand Superstars, is scheduled for Raw 'returns' in February. Delays seem to be expected  further.
Tripper made clear to Bourne with his dominance backstage blaming Bourne as the sole reasoning for R-Truth’s violation leaking out into the media.

Evan Bourne however, has a support system in the form of Stephanie McMahon.

So, are WWE then aiming to inform us that they would be willing to cover up a more favourable superstar in the main spotlight event? A double standard, perhaps, though the truth, pardon the pun, will always out.

Should WWE 'brush it under the carpet', how would the company be seen once in immense disrepute than originally giving a 30 day slap to the wrist?

Would Triple H prefer to abandon his morals for company representation, even though he states to Bourne he wishes for exactly that?

WWE do not prefer any negative media attention given to them from their superstars, however placing the blame on the lesser man is ‘advisable’ to those in suits un-attentive to the fact that the implosion would have been far greater from hiding those key elements.

Ask your father in law if you should downplay or distort facts on drug policies, and see his response. Circa: 1991

The 1991 trial almost brought the company infrastructure to its knees, so then ask yourself, would it really have been better to blame one small man and then have a HUGE combustion revealed that blows all the walls off your house, taking every livelihood you could possibly hope for with it, just so you could shield a month or two program with current, in place stars which would then shatter everything worked for by continual program placement?

Although she gave us the very bad decision of John Cena, if she truly thought deeper into the process of producing stars, no-one would ever dream of saying out load these very words…

Stephanie McMahon may be our only hope for a beneficial, fresh and newer product laden with transferable stars who come from nothing and are made to favourites, thanks to the very creators themselves – the WWE Universe.

© Max Waltham 13th January 2012

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ziggler/Jericho/Punk: A Triple Threat Travesty

A Triple Threat Travesty

Dolph Ziggler failed to wrest the WWE title from CM Punk on the January 2nd Raw supershow.

Should he have overcome the odds? Yes or No?

Wrestling Wonders believes he should have and here’s why…

If Ziggler had won, he would be WWE champion. Product would be fresh, exciting and gained further respect from fans in the thought process that WWE were listening and providing what the fans wanted. These duped fans would be watching further episodes of Raw to see how the new champ would fare, whether they like him or not.

Fans would be viewing their new favourite star, others would be viewing to see how WWE would handle someone they have earmarked for the best part of a year, who finally achieved the gold and delivers a prospect to all up and comers in the WWE lockeroom.

So, if Ziggler won, how? A pinfall and cheap result would not benefit. Most prefer a clean win.

Ziggler should have won via interference/distraction from Chris Jericho. Jericho would then be set for his coming feud with Punk – which would have created intense heat, and a backbone to the story for their impending clash. Jericho cost Punk the title, what more of a heated grudge do you need for a rivalry?

Punk would then have a place to regain his stride towards the summer/end of the year with a return to the title picture for a rematch. Therefore CM Punk, who is flagging since the summer solstice ended, would add further dimensions to his character. The feud with Jericho would resurrect his stock value. Then after time away, his return to main event challenges would be a refreshing and stabilising position for him.

As for Ziggler, whether he remained champ all the remainder of time or not, (ideally he should have long enough to build) could re-establish his position as a champion whom also grew in the space of 6 months or less and strengthened the core structure to WWE, its title scene, and its challengers. Ziggler, in this time, could also have battled with up and comers level in regards with Ziggler to begin, though would further hoist Dolph upward while those losing, would still gain parts to their build whilst floating around the title picture, which then allows further contention to creating a fuller and stronger position with talent that remain fresh, vibrant, new and over with the masses instead of failing to be pushed fluently which the 'Universe' want to see on their dictatorial TV screens.

Three men would have been made instantly. Giving a new premice to them with interesting, unclear results, further gaining receptive audiences wondering where the road is heading and how it will transpire with two men, among the third, whom are on course for a potentially epic encounter for WWE’s history books in the new age. Others as Ziggler’s challengers would also be propped up to future stars on call, also steady for further matches as main eventers hovering.

And of Jericho? Jericho doesn’t need the big return as we saw on Raw 2nd. He returned to a 10+ minute, non verbal entrance, where he could have caused distraction to the title match. Jericho’s return was seen as less important to the Universe once the revelation occurred where nothing happened. It was a wasted opportunity.

And the reason for Jericho’s boos was clearly one factor alone. It was milked. It went on for far too long without any word or interaction. Though foxing the WWE Universe with fake photo-shopped images of being seen all over the world once he was caught out in the airport, did not enthuse fans in a thrilling sense. Of course, the return is a work, though many felt betrayed not by the onscreen character he must play, but the fact of lying outright to their (internet) “face”.

So, through these three degrees of separation, all men could have been strengthened for a brighter outlook over the coming months. All could have added an extra badge on their shoulders. And WWE could have been laughing all the way to the viewing figures, not to mention royalties.

It failed to understand the market once more. 2012 may just be the downfall of WWE if consumer needs are failed to be met by a company deemed backward and egotistical that bury their talent and rely solely on brand names such as Jericho, Punk, Cena, Orton and the veterans behind the curtain.

© Max Waltham 12th January 2012

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WWE’s Hall Of Fame Inductees for 2012

WWE’s Hall Of Fame Inductees for 2012

As predicted, by anyone who understands the inside product, saw WWE announce that Edge will be inducted this year.

The only other announced name was Mil Mascaras, announced last year.

Edge, who has a DVD package of his career being produced in time to coincide with the ceremony/Wrestlemania, shall be tightly packed together comfortably for WWE’s profit margins. WWE Studios also pencilled in Edge, who stars in Breaking the Rules, a new movie from WWE’s filming franchise., which will be released in the upcoming weeks.

With Edge keen on moving away from the pro wrestling sector slowly but steadily, looking into further opportunities in other lines of entertainment, WWE parachuted him into the line up.

Once again, WWE got scared and lined its pockets. If it was clever, it would have waited 1 year to make him the star inductee next year. Edge, last year was forced to retire, which he was planning regardless, at last years Wrestlemania event in unfortunate circumstances.

They did exactly the same process with Shawn Michaels among a couple of others beforehand.

This year should clearly have been the Macho Man Randy Savage as a standalone entry. Edge will not be able to surpass that. Technically, Macho Man should have entered last year, at the height of the WCW anniversary.

Also gaining induction will be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, - Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and Ric Flair, whom has already been inducted.

Flair, as of writing, is thought to be heading to the ceremony. Nothing wrong with that. Though he should not be branded as inducted again. Ideally he should give his speech about himself being inducted, naturally for Flair, and then introduce his three stalwarts in. No one can be inducted twice.

The event will be occurring in the American Airlines venue, which due to its capacity, gave away a big name being inducted. Previous entries have housed Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair.

© Max Waltham 11th January 2012

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 of 2011 24 - 1 (Part 2)

24 - 1 (Part 2)

Continuing on..


Sustained a draw by double count out in a phony match with John Cena in which The Miz had to carry even when top spot leg drop fell all the way over the other side of the ring, an embarassement for Miz, whom sold for the cataclysmic Cena on the grandest stage of all resulting in a retained, yet tainted victory on April 3rd… Fell to Cena and Sin Cara in Britain on the April 18th Raw with Alex Riley… Joined Punk and Del Rio in a 3 man tag victory as heels on April 25th… Lost WWE title at Extreme Rules on May 1st in a Steel Cage Triple Threat against Cena and John Morrison selling both workers crucially… Couldn’t compete against SuperCena over May and took it easy at Over The Limit in a fine showing with Alex Riley… Bitterly disbanded with Riley in an intense break up to join R-Truth and best the aforementioned and Cena on June 6th Raw. Put over Riley, establishing worth to WWE… Continued tradition with Kingston, Evan Bourne and others, though dipped down the card in hindsight… Battled Rey Mysterio on July 25th after title match was delayed one week earlier for the irrelevant WWE Title which didn’t count as legitmate Undisputed title once Punk returned with his new (already pre-signed before leaving angle) contract convoluting the championship… Alongside R-Truth, was a key fixture in selling, however wasn’t rewarded for sterling work while donated task to elevate others, which was again, consistent… Battle Royal on Smackdown didn’t benefit… Won at Vengeance after Triple H and Punk put themselves over, tainting Awesome Truth’s crucial victory… Thrown back to Cena over November as lamb to the slaughter against the Cena/Rock hype… Creditied with removing former tag acquantance John Morrison in a vital Falls Count Anywhere onslaught, in which Miz crushed and retained standing after breaking from R-Truth a week prior… Refreshing change of scenary for December with Punk and Alberto Del Rio cemented position atop the divison after upward/downward spiral… Ended the year with loses to Sheamus and most recently John Cena, and heading into a program with R-Truth…

On hand for WWE instantly, the 31 year old Mizanin is dipping lower down the card with harmful loses… Respected by locker room for learning his craft, taking wrestling seriously and continual improvement… Putting others over without backstory has made Miz slightly inconsistent… Feud with Riley could have been a scorcher over time if WWE bothered… Reignite in 2012 after Truth to save face and rebuild both stars… May need a move to Smackdown to boost his position...


January was WWE’s choice to initiate the CM Punk v Daniel Bryan 'dream' match in the Royal Rumble early on when it cleared the ring of interruptions… March 14th loss of US title to Sheamus on Raw and Wrestlemania re-run on April 4th Raw were entertaining... Found himself in good matches with Cody Rhodes on Smackdown over May and June… Mentored Derrick Bateman on NXT… Stunned the World on July 18th at Money In The Bank, when no one assumed he would be holding the bright blue briefcase containing a title contract guarantee… Clasping hold of said case, was presented shambolically after stating cash in would be at Wrestlemania in April… The interim saw losses to opposing brand bank victor Del Rio in pleasing ground participation… August 14th saw a very good match against Wade Barrett at Summerslam, overshadowed by a supporting card of lesser bouts forcing this booking into bathroom break spot… Had no place in the Battle Royal squash job for Mark Henry on August 16th Smackdown... Fought fake Sin Cara in a tantalising affair to offer handshake, which Hunico, as Cara rejected in surprise heel turn, gauging empathy to Bryan… Took dark match against Heath Slater at Night Of Champions… Supported another Battle Royal match in which Rhodes, against 13 men should have lost, in terms of odds, failing to lose, Bryan should have been omitted from participation…  November saw seeds of discontent surface as Big Show would coach Bryan to consider cashing in on World champion Henry… Realising Wrestlemania was too far away while perfect opportunities passed him by, (Henry was knocked out by Big Show at previous PPV’s), Bryan complied and cashed in on the November 25th Smackdown winning the match, though General Manager Teddy Long overturned the decision, as Henry was unable to agree to the match to begin with, meaning Bryan’s match was inexistent and had briefcase returned to him… Dejected, Bryan choose to cash the case back in once more, to roaring success, silencing critics, once Big Show had defeated Henry and received a beating from the former champ, allowing Bryan to clamber over the lummox to finally become World champion at December’s TLC PPV… Energetic six man tag next night on Raw, as champion…

Needs power vacuum from employing organisation in supportive context… Plans change quick, potential Orton v Bryan feud at 'Mania as heel now shelved, should consider becoming face of Smackdown or continue heel after 'Mania… Better if remaining champion as heel… Feud with Sheamus should not occur in order to maintain Bryan as powerful pocket rocket force… Only true technician WWE have should be allowed to incorporate this with in-ring psychology to strengthen championship rule…


Set various onlookers alight regarding work ethic and recent success up the card… Dropped the Intercontinental championship to Kofi Kingston on Jan 7th Smackdown in a tangible tussel...

Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero booked future boyfriend against ex-husband Edge, which saw the World champion Edge topple Ziggler in a boosted and fulfilling match for Dolph at Royal Rumble… Claimed first World championship in an embarrassing exchange which saw him lose what Ziggler struggled to win earlier in a 3 minute match, not before being fired and expelled from Smackdown by Teddy Long… Predictably resurfaced on Raw dispelling 'fired' from WWE storyline… Headed Wrestlemania with Laycool in a filler match against Trish Stratus, John Morrison and celebrity Snooki… April saw brunette hair reversed as rapidly as his World title, reverting back to peroxide blond locks… Took United States title in a vibrant match at Capitol Punishment… August 29th Raw gained instant notoriety in an astounding match with Randy Orton… Became Twitter worthy after publicity from worked angle with Hugh Jackman, in which Wolverine punched Ziggs in the Jaw on Raw… Guided Mason Ryan to receive even more plaudits from WWE’s roadies… November 21st signified main event call up against CM Punk… Ended TLC PPV in December in an emotional lay down for Zack Ryder in the ‘now or never’ match to end their feuding over the last three months, donating the US title… On Following Raw, played with key players Punk, Bryan, and Ryder… Ended the year highly, defeating CM Punk on Boxing Day Raw as 2nd man in a 3/4 way Gauntlet match to earn a title shot on the January 2nd flagship broadcast…

Patchy year, guided expertly by Vickie Guerrero, difficult to envisage his mainstream strength without her input… World title droppage was not helpful to anyone… Listened to outside forces of the Universe… Got in trouble for it… Aims to deliver for the World through the television screen… Has immense potential if WWE cut cheap gimmicks… Hopefully has learned from previous misdemeanour's… Has high work rate, capable and respected by insiders… Needs to add one more backboned principal to his in ring performances… Future WWE champion will profit… WWE needs him in neglect of other talent, however urgently requires established contenders on his level in order to survive the Jack Swagger and Edge losses stigmata… Worked with AirBoom and Swagger in rewarding tag team matches, which are now beyond him… Held US title far too long, cementing mid card dilution… Future looks bright, Future looks golden… May have just found ourselves new ring technician in ground and technical bases… Mr. Ziggles has a future in sight, just took too long getting there… 


Had Jan 23rd Junior tag title challenge with Kota Ibushi to try and topple Devitt and Ryusuke Taguchi at CMLL/NJPW event… May 15th ‘s east coast invasion saw Omega grasp hold of the JAPW Light heavyweight Championship from Jushin Liger’s waist in an entertaining espousal… May through to June became fruitful without one fall until meeting with Devitt at Best Of Super Juniors in another deluxe dealing on June 5th, where Omega finished third in Block A of the tournament… On June 8th gave another effectuate fiddle with Davey Richards… Performed an outstanding singles exhibition with a 9 year old female, Haruka, on July 24th, which quickly became an online phenomenon with the medium of YouTube, totalling 1.1 million views, and also embarrassed most of pro wrestling matches elsewhere… Dependable for NJPW over 3 months of June - August… Ending on 14th with another supportive junior tag title challenge with Ibushi… September 11th’s opening night at Junior Heavyweight league bested Kai… Resided in Wrestling Revolution Project over October 13th as Scott “Cornerstone” Carpenter, which is doing well… October’s 23rd event in the Sumo Hall raised not only the roof but the AJPW World junior championship which involved intense near fall finishes captivating tense crowd over Kai once more… First defence against Minoru on 27th November was pleasant retention…

Entertainment delivered in abundance from the Canadian jalopy jaunts the crowd amidst his premice… Working with Dramatic Dream Team, Japan’s entertainment aspects added with serious wrestling intent make Omega a sizable talent to employ…


April 14th title victory from Masato Yoshino, allowed the Dream Gate champion residue till the yearly end as champion… May 5th Dead or Alive event with Dragon Gate had an near classic for the year besting YAMATO to keep hold of the Dream Gate championship… ZERO1’s zealous sitting against 19 year old rookie Daichi Hashimoto on May 23rd was yet another highlight… Early June showings continued winfall for DG USA against Sami Callihan and Arik Cannon with a then loss in tag match against the pair in a good weekend series… DG Junction Three leader, opposed the Blood Warrior’s on June 8th…10 man Junction Three group achieved victory under Mochizuki’s leadership, beating CIMA’s Blood Warriors… Kept clutches on Dream Gate championship against Yasushi Kanda on June 19th after Masaaki campaigned for challenge once semi-final loss to him at the May 21st King of the Gate tournament… A near 22 minute mitosis accompanying Akira Tozawa in the Korakuen Hall on Oct 13th frazzled the very amphitheatre in a feast of flamboyant frolics…

Renewed myriad of influence among a company with younger talent, where the 41 year old maintained just as swift and kept exceptional assurance beside cultivation to contain his composure providing talent with a clear snapshot of how to be ‘old’ and outstanding in the industry regardless…


April 2nd and 3rd saw loses with DG USA, causing heel turn, aligning with the Blood Warriors… Evolve #7 saw a ,,,,,,, match against Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) result in success... Sold for Adam Cole and Bobby Fish in the following months on the indie circuit of April and May…In PWG partnered Roderick Strong against the Cutler’s... Won DG Fearless event on Jun 3rd, to fall the following two nights consecutively… June 13th saw return to TNA, securing enormous  win at Final Destination one month later re-establishing winning streak over the monthly stretch… Won a thrilling four corners match which had a TNA contract on the line allowing Aries to return to said organisation… Couldn’t beat Brian Kendrick for the X-Division title on August 7th, also against Alex Shelley in 3 way action, only to claim it on Sept 13th at No Surrender, then fighting off competition from Jesse Sorenson, overcoming contenders two nights later on Impact… Retained at Turning Point and Final Resolution, May be working a program with Sorenson in depth after tag loss on Dec 14th thus closing the year…

Stronghold for the X Division… Shooting for the stars, the 33 year old quick shotter with sheer technique lights the way instead… WWE rejected Aries for its Tough Enough 2011 castings, they could have believed in applying a new technician to it's roster, who has Universe written all over him...


Took first loss of the year to YAMATO in a cracking Open The Freedom Gate championship on Jan 28th for DG USAin New York... Came back following night in Philly to own Jon Moxley in a clinical No Disqualification encounter…on the 29th… Did the job to Akira Towaza the next night on Jan 30th Impressed with May 5th DG Dead or Alive Pay Per View… Also joined the Blood Warriors on June 6th with Aries… Returned after slight hiatus to Nottingham’s DG UK show allowing Lion Kid opportunities to get over before Hulk claimed the win on October 22nd… Headed into a 10 man battle which lasted 40 minutes against Junction Three with new stable the Blood Warriors, forcing Cyber Kong out of the group…Took lengthy hiatus till November against YAMATO in a No rope, No DQ duel seizing control... Johnny Gargano halted momentum on Nov 12 for DG USA… Last night of DG USA November weekend saw tag loss to Chuck Taylor and Rich Swann…

 Funky and entertaining entrance for the 31 year old is a highlight, though missed most of the year… Lengthy, structured showings maintain esteemed profile… 2012 can only get better…


Along with Masato Yoshino took all three shows for DG’s January weekend in victories gaining the Open The United Gate championship on the last day (Jan 30th)… April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd saw another three back to back wins including the Open The Brave Gate match as champion and tag title defence… May 28th saw a dignified loss with Mark Haskins to Leaders Of The New School, Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr in what was a fluid mat masterpiece for 1PW’s Last Stand in the  UK… June gave title defences and opportunities once more against YAMATO for the Open The Freedom Gate championship... September collision with Ricochet at DG Untouchable on the 10th became piercing soundwave to the world watching... Returned in November for three more days, losing first and third day dealings on 11th and 13th to old adversary Ricochet in a magnificent meringhey of aerial delight , though rewarded on the 12th against Brodie Lee which ends the year on a promising note…

Impressive 25 year old certainly knows how to fly, receives faith in title designation, however needs to be seen as less of a flyer as his defining feature in every match… Should maintain it, however upgrade arsenal with tighter ground work to combine the two in order to become a major player for the industry…


Dragon Gate’s end of month shows weekend gained victory among Austin Aries and BxB Hulk in impressive bouts… Partnered Steen to thwart the Young Bucks, which didn’t happen in a spectacular final for PWG’s DDT4 tag tourney on March 4th… Losses to PAC and YAMATO for further DG shows had audience enthusiasm… On April 2nd gained huge title challenge against champion PAC for his Open the Brave Gate championship… Next night fought YAMATO in another interesting sighting for the Freedom Gate title… April 9th saw battle with Low Ki at PWG… Lost to Chuck Taylor on April 19th in another fine exposure… May saw tag matches then success over Chris Hero in an unrelated singles show… Increased standing gaining another title challenge with YAMATO against Masato Yoshino and PAC for Open the United Gate titles at DG USA Fearless event for June 3rd… Took position with the Blood Warrior’s faction, led by CIMA, once returning to Japan as part of DG’s card for the 8th June… Pro Wrestling Festival on July 17th against Shingo Takagi proclaimed Tozawa was inclined for further headlining from DG’s approval… Summer Adventure tag league for DG with partner BxB Hulk on August 7th launched him further into the spotlight… September was blessed with victories… Over in Broxbourne on Oct 21st in the UK for DG saw a buoyant match with win over Dragon Kid… November 12th and 13th over Rich Swann and then against Swann and Taylor, with Hulk ended year on loss for BxB and Tozawa in another teaser for the near future in 2012… 

Formerly considered inconsequential as performer turned heads from humorous goof to headliner in haste… All eyes are transfixed on the crazed blonde billy goat goateed giant…


41 year old veteran proves how to maintain workrate with age… August and September held countless victories only claiming one break in the chain on Aug 27th for the All Together NOAH/NJPW/AJPW event which joined Hiroshi Tanahashi, Suwama and Go Shiozaki in a fascinating combination of 6 man action… October reneged on stride till 26th when redeeming himself until Batlle Roayl loss in a generous culmination… At NOAH’s Global League, Day 5 on Nov 11th, sold to Bison Smith vigorously… November shot Sugiura back up the rankings sensationally with twelve real time daily successions, only surmounting four losses , one of which mixed Shuhei Tanaguchi and Trevor Murdoch against Sugiura and Masao Inoue where all four provided testament to one another expertly… Wrestled on Christmas Eve in tag team unison for NOAH…

Commands the squared circle with intent… Carries companies and talent wholesomely… Has audience respect in droves… Shant be toning himself down any time soon… Aged worker never shy to perform in acclaimed standing…


Jan 28th saw a blinding battle against BxB Hulk to lift the Open the Freedom Gate championship from him… Following this night, the internet PPV witnessed Masato Onodera defeat Brodie Lee by submission in a technically sound pitch… April 2nd forced Austin Aries to quit from DG after he put his livelihood at stake in order to claim the title, which YAMATO retained in a sterling showcase at Mercury Rising… YAMATO gave considerable respect towards Aries afterwards… April 3rd pitted against stable member Akira Tozawa, after Tozawa gained a title match from defeating Jox Moxley… Couldn’t claim tag straps over PAC and Yoshino on June 3rd after pre selecting partner Akira Tozawa on June 4th at Dragon Gate Uprising which was another mesmerising mystique where CIMA defied the 30 year old by pinfall, in a four way freestyle with Masato Yoshino and Johnny Gargano… June 5th had successful defence over PAC for the Freedom Gate title at the second year celebration of the Enter The Dragon event in New York, where YAMATO originally won it previously… CIMA arrived to throw down the challenge for September… Sept 10th saw Blood Warrior’s leader CIMA contained in YAMATO’s 5th substantial title uphold to date… November 11ths gripping speciality match, No Ropes, No Disqualification bonanza at Revolt with BxB Hulk was another fascinating frenzy... Defended title from Chuck Taylor on the 12th, only to have Gargano take the honour and remove Freedom Gate title from YAMATO in a empathic transition… 

Solid worker for DG USA… Claims almost everyone he encounters whilst managing to put them over without detracting their personality… 2012 should be interesting to see how he can best this year…


Started the year with real-life drama in the saga with ex-wife Karen and new squeeze Jeff Jarrett, which Angle was not best pleased to begin working with, but found the professional within much later… Against all Odds, on February 13th claimed retirement from the 43 year old in his loss to Jarrett, as per stipulation Returned on the 15th February to enter a 3 way with Van Dam and Anderson… March 25th caused more unwanted media attention for reckless driving charge, another one would follow May 15th at Sacrifice saw tag team win alongside former WWE worker Chyna Ironically beat Jarrett in a car park brawl on June 16th ending their series Fought boring Mr. Anderson in decent outing at end of July Hardcore Justice caught Sting off guard with heel turn which was a crisp encounter Hardcore Justice on Aug 7th saw World title hopes retrieved defeating Sting Sold for Crimson on a wrestling level on August  25th Impact...  Extended contract with TNA after August Then instantly lost in a baffling match on the same night moments later losing the heavyweight title won a week or so earlier Re-captured the gold in September two weeks later in 3 way action with both former champs, Sting and Anderson in a no brainer Clueless intentions came on October 17th by TNA when Angle dropped title to heavyweight newcomer James Storm, after a successful defeat of Bobby Roode on the 16th at Bound for Glory… Suffered Hamstring injury forcing ugly result at Bound For Glory title match ending, with champ Bobby Roode… 

Negative media attention and erratic behaviour has placed Angle with awkward options Only one offer on table since WWE felt this would not be best representable Could be trapped in TNA with Styles in a dangerous way Has no continuity with world title picture, which often devalues title reigns By far best worker TNA have, though with attitude and believing own hype so egotistically, with deteriorating health, conditioning needs to be worked in main spots with new stars who will oppose a threatening challenge to TNAs top of the tree Still plans to enter 2012 Olympics


Led Blood Warrior’s super group from Jan 14th … DG United weekend saw losses to Chuck Taylor and Gargano in fair matches, ending 30th Jan in an 8 man tag victory… Put on a smashing display at April 1st’s Open The Southern Gate card… Back in April, swept up competitors, as he did so again for the DG events in June … Open The Triangle Gate title on April 24th defence was fantastic… Title then became vacated after turning on Dragon Kid alongside Ricochet… Dominated on July 17th with Richochet against Pac and Dragon Kid for the Open The Twin Gate titles…Teamed with Steen in July for PWG, September 9th claimed 6 man tag win to lose next evening in a fabulous match against YAMATO at DG Untouchable… Also took PAC and Masato Yoshino’s Open The United Gate straps at Way of the Ronin in a fierce thriller on September 11th… Continued dominance through November until falling at final hurdle to Masato Yoshino on the 13th for DG USA…

Highly respected by Dragon Gate for his work ethic… Now needs to push forward with establishing challengers to his title dominance… Could be in danger zone as over exhausted resource for Dragon Gate, needs to maintain characterisation than seemingly constant victor…


Resurfaced in July at NOAH’s themed tournaments including the G-Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League supressed him with unsuccessful bouts and continuity, though grappled Taishi Takizawa and Zack Sabre Jr in a meritorious match on June 28th's 8th day… Entered victories on first two days, Aug 17th and 18th… Aug 24th saw the loss of Tag titles with Yoshinabo Kanemaru in a …. stimulating challenge with Atsushi Aoki and Kotaro Suzuki… September and beginning of October re-invested stock before losses again harmed consistency… November claimed ups and downs though more grounded in equal parameters of win/loss records… Ended the year on a high battling Go Shiozaki for the GHC heavyweight title which Shiozaki failed yo let go off... 

Deadly master of kicks, needs to unlock killer instinct in matches... If he can deliver severe kicks, surely he can win more frequently with them?… Uniting said kicks, can be a deadly opponent to anyone if booked correctly…


Amazing battles against Prince Devitt in January in singles and tag action… Jan 4th saw title shift to the Irish challenger in a remarkable, breath taking contest… With IWGP Junior heavyweight tag title at stake, dropped the straps with Kenny Omega to Devitt and Taguchi on Jan 23rd after raising title prestige… February, April and May confirmed efficacious… Tremendously won all 9 back to back matches booked into over June when he finally downed Prince Devitt in what was a dexterous engagement on June 18th for NJPW Domination, claiming the IWGP Junior heavyweight title… Set the stage alight on July 24th retaining the gold in his unforgettable feud against Devitt… Lost out on the G1 Climax event seeing Ryusuke Taguchi and former counterpart Devitt secure the IWGP Junior tag titles on August 14th… Ended August as victor in an 8 man tag success…

Sidelined in September until the Spring of 2012... Had some of the best matches of the year with Devitt, Taguchi, Jushin Liger and Davey Richards to name a few… Sold himself as well as opponents perfectly…


On the winning side of tag team action with Bobby Fish and the late Bison Smith in January… Bested Kenny King then drew due to time constraints with Christopher Daniels in a 2 out of 3 falls tension tryst for ROH on Feb 25th and ‘6th… Entered tough semi final bout on March 4th against the Young Bucks with Richards… March 19th saw young wolf sit atop the pack howling as primal force in unsuspecting thriller over Roderick Strong, which crowned Edwards as ROH heavyweight champion, to mass delight… Successful defence against Daniels on April 1st… Joined partner Richards in losses to Kings of Wrestling Castagnoli and Hero, which began discontent between the two… Claimed back to back approval with significant victories over May until the inevitable occurred… June 26th saw Richards liberate ROH title from Edwards in what proved an epic entanglement… Bafflingly remained a tag team over July 8th and 9th weekend period… Joined NOAH’s G+ Junior heavyweight cup for the Tag league after falling on Day 3 to Takashi Sugiura for the heavyweight tournament in July… Contained wins until meeting with Kevin Steen knocked him at PWG in August… Depleted Roddy Strong on September 17th at ROH’s Death before Dishonour IX, in a tiring Ringmaster Challenge which saw a pinfall, submission and 15-minute Ironman match in a best of 3 series… November again saw reformation of American Wolves after becoming rivals earlier in the year… Spellbinding win over El Generico on December 3rd… Placed in the Honor Rumble the same night… Went on to secure 8 man tag with Generico, Haas and Benjamin… PWG FEAR permitted a win with Richards again… Then battled Davey one last time at Final Battle in an astounding showing from Edwards, where Richards took away from his “brother” exposing kayfabe exclaiming he must “sell” for him…

Requires challengers who will sell for him generously rather than feel they had too… Little guy in a big world proved he can hack it, needs approval up top to continue success as singles stronghold, needs to branch out from tagging, and participate less, though appropriate in other cases… May have to deal with Steen soon in 3 way torment with on/off friend Richards…


Worked backbone to the brim in 2011... Over The Limit in May saw tantalising Ladder match against Alberto Del Rio after gaining Edge’s place on the card due to retirement… Decision reversed, Christian grabbed the strap atop the Ladder in a heartfelt 17 year struggle to scale the mountain… Was instantly shoved off that mountain days later to Randy Orton (5 in TV land, 2 in reality) 5 is the official time as Smackdown airing on Friday is when TV depicts the Captain’s relinquish… Over The Limit on May 22nd failed to see Christian regain the title in a hotly anticipated challenge… Repeat occurred at Capitol Punishment where both he and Orton showcased superlative communication, laying foundation for feud of the year in two performances… Lost 6 man elimination tag next night on Raw against Randy Riley Jimmy (Orton, Riley, Cena)… Money In The Bank saw devious captain charisma reclaim the World Title, however by Disqualification, in what fans believed would be a lengthier reign after the hard slog battle and intense feud everyone in the industry had to take note of… Gained wins on Smackdown as champion until he met with Sheamus on Aug 9th…  Aug 14th came Summerslam, where a No Holds Barred match tore the roof apart, especially after Randy Orton also re-won the World title, giving Christian a rough month’s dominance… Couldn’t muster the 30th August Cage match on the live episode of Smackdown where again both had a marvellously enforced match…Lost what became an 8 man jobbers match on September 5th Raw which should have been protective… Jobbed in September to gain a draw in another expert match with Randy Orton on Smackdown… Mini feud with Sheamus from Night Of Champions and their official meeting at Hell In A Cell became tepid… By Vengeance the feud had grown lukewarm… Apart from October 15th Raw special in Mexico City, lost all matches until November 8... Sustained injury at the hands of Sheamus on the European tour…

2 time World champion plans to re-enforce his position on the card… Wearing new, shorter tights would reinvigorate persona... Without any new faces excelling, WWE need him more than ever… Unlikely to envisage pull being swayed in his favour, the 38 year old veteran, still in demand and ever capable, may have a challenge for 2012...



Jan 28th saw challenge to ROH champ Roderick Strong to follow on the next night at PWG against heavyweight champion Claudio Castagnoli in two unsuccessful yet lucrative battles…CHIKARA in April showed some of his finest work… Exceeding April, May also proved profitable…Downed Christopher Daniels on June 26th to lift the ROH TV title in a commanding cultivation… Tore through talent from August to September and October… Defeated Steen for the PWG title in a tense Ladder match on October 22nd … Sustained a draw against Jay Lethal in ROH for the TV title… Couldn’t beat Davey Richards for the ROH heavyweight title on Nov 19th in a durable display… Among December had slight downside though remained supportive in tag matches… Ended as challenger in 3 way with Mike Bennett and Lethal for ROH TV title, which Lethal held onto…

27 year old high flyer contains unrivalled passion every time he enters the ring… Never out of a title match proves championship material for longer, multiple periods… Can carry any card or show needing grand scale professional… Only just beginning…



Most talked about star of the year had debatable year of 2011... April 3rd saw New Nexus leader smashed by Randy Orton in a good, however missing ingredient match at Wrestlemania XXVII… Lost following month at Extreme Rules in a cracking Last Man Standing match with Orton, in a Total Knock Out selling severe RKO manoeuvre… May 16th Raw kicked Kofi Kingston to the curb… Joined Mason Ryan at Over The Limit in a jumbled tag championship match on May 22nd… Battled Mysterio and Cena in June, scoring the win over Rey at Capitol Punishment in a standard match repeat from the Smackdown days… Punk returned after his summer blitz blowing the holes open in WWE’s corporate structure with the ‘will he, wont he?, leave with title if he wins it’ storyline… 33 year old Brooks claimed first ever WWE Title on July 17th at MITB in a terrific match which saw Brooks deliver a rare match from Cena that tore the house down with emotion… Punk also got Cena ‘fired’, which didn’t support the match honour once Cena returned weeks later to TV even before Punk did… August saw return to television from his ‘leaving’ angle in which he never left, to fight newly crowned champion Cena, whom quashed Mysterio as holder of the ‘new WWE title’ which didn’t count as Punk never departed from the company and remained champion from MITB prosperity, which punched holes into the expose character Punk played… After halting Cena and remaining champion at Summerslam, caught power bomb from Kevin Nash, allowing Alberto Del Rio to be the force to remove Punk’s title… Night Of Champions match with Triple H’s COO-ship on the line saw Punk fall… Crushed Awesome Truth separately and together in tag action after putting themselves over, before losing with unexplained new friend Triple H one month later… Equal showings over October and November… Re-captured second WWE title at Survivor Series against Del Rio in an optimistic technical ground and pound meeting… Stopped Miz and Del Rio in 3 way TLC match at TLC PPV in a pleasing but predictable end… Defeat Jack Swagger to fall to Dolph Ziggler in an average Gauntlet match on Boxing Day Raw

Most vocal entity in WWE gathered steam until fizzling out upon ‘return’ to title lunacy angle… Technique in ring was neglected to its full potential, yet necessary when allowed to perform… Needs to showcase skills in wrestling than just vocal ability while ambushing others in heelistic fashion, in what has become role reversal destruction to all challengers presented… Can’t rely on one move forever… Needs contingency plan in place after Wrestlemania XXVIII… Once he loses WWE title, likely to become mid card fodder…


Started the year late for promotions in May, but made up for it with performance levels… PWG’s Jan 29th show saw loss to Low Ki in an hypnotic match up…Travelled all the way to semi finals for wXw Germany’s 16 Carat Gold Tournament in March…Supplanted Strong, now former champion, in a potent duel on April 1st… Loss to Haas and Benjamin on April 2nd facilitated American Wolves dissolution… Took mammoth wins in May, August and November.. Laid down for Kota Ibushi on June 10th in a spectacle for New Japan’s Best Of The Super Junior Tournament… Lasted 36 minutes against former partner Eddie Edwards, removing ROH World title from him in what was a heated combination at Best In The World on June 26th… Took the Junior heavyweight tag titles from Prince Devitt and Ryusuke Taguchi on October 10th in an overwhelming defiance with Rocky Romero… Final Battle on December 23rd saw dedication from both competitors aiming to best their previous challenge, which saw the rubber match win for Richards in an emotional yet methodological test…

Program with Kevin Steen may be on the surface after Richards exposed the put someone over speech towards the end which removed a portion of the magic just created in that very ring… Needs to have challengers instead of being Honor’s ‘front man’… Currently Edwards and Strong are now deemed below average due to loss of superior being Richards…


Mexican aristocrat made armbar submission deadliest move underneath the RKO Gained biggest achievement to man with 40 man Royal Rumble victory which became means of stupidity at Santino Marellas hiding beneath the ring, courtesy of Triple Hs booking dominance, once fearing top dog position slipping from his ego… Wrestlemania caught a catastrophic loss, going first on the card, accompanied by Brodus Clay and Christian in supportive corners, to support ailing Edge, whom should have dropped World Title to prove how respectful to the industry he really was… Encounter with Christian at Extreme Rules was in his favour to lift World title, until WWE changed plans at the eleventh hour… Took baffling losses on Raw until beating the bumbling Big Show at Captiol Punishment, which was meant to elevate Rio… Credited for running over Shows leg in a dire angle… Cranked up to third gear in June taking a pit stop at the Steel Cage match on the 27th which was used to facilitate a Mark Henry/Big Show feud, allowing Del Rio a meagre win… July 17th drove Del Rio steady, unhooking the gleaming red briefcase for Raws Money In The Bank match, securing contract for WWE title shot within a years time period A neccessary measure after start/stop treatment received July 25th and 1st August saw submission of both members in Air Boom Fell to Punk on August 8th initiating the following fallout Became first ever Mexican WWE Champion after cashing in contract on a immobile CM Punk at Summerslam gathering heat after Punks also first WWE title reign lasted one month… September 12th saw Ricardo Rodriguez finally pair with his boss in a career highlight for the history books, against Bret Hart, also with Cena, in tag action… September 18th dropped Rio to almighty John Cena at Night Of Champions, in what dispelled two new up and comers over three months Hell In A Cell weeks later reclaimed the strap in a rectified HIAC, though looked inferior when locking Cena out of the match… Pointless challenges with Cena and returning Big Show tore another chuck out of Berties magnitude… Couldnt regain championship from CM Punk on Nov 28th in a breathe of fresh air that quickly became hazy December 18th saw the best and worst for Del Rios 2011... At TLC, kept the match together forming the stepping stone for all three to deliver a near perfect TLC match Next night on Raw, aggravated groin injury after carelessly tipped off the Ladder one night earlier by Miz and Punk, which should have seen Del Rio resting, which, coincidentally, would have gathered more cowardly heat to non participation

Missing ring action after establishing himself as key player will infuse Rio with a tougher challenge to surpass competition On/Off attitude with WWE was disheartening to someone who would have been heat magnet if won at Wrestlemania instead of dithering disaster 2012 will see aggressive dominance occur, must grimace, slap and shove opponents down to claim the cherry on top Must feel the blood boil within Should be leading candidate to write anyone injured off TV for Raw


Had best year ever in 2011… January 4th‘s Tokyo Dome was blown apart in a explosive defence of IWGP championship against challenger Kota Ibushi when Devitt put the world on notice with an inconceivable Bloody Sunday DDT manoeuvre on Kota Ibushi, from the top rope in the leading match at Wrestle Kingdom V… Teamed with Mistico (Sin Cara) and Hiroshi Tanahashi on the CMLL/NJPW combo card…  Next night, on Jan 23rd saw claim of junior heavyweight tag titles, for the third occasion, with Taguchi, making double champion simultaneously, which is also his second time… February outings only added to reputation in a liberal manner… Feb 20th and March 19th saw illustrious title defences once again in perfect grace… Defended tag titles following night on March 20th in another successful defence... Defended title on American Shores on May 14th as part of NJPW’s Invasion tour against Low Ki, and then on 15th besting Homicide and Ki together for the tag straps… Came to Kent on May 21st wrestling a Hammerlock show in memory of trainer Andre Baker against Zack Sabre JR in another respectful hussle… Best of Super Juniors in Japan on 26th witnessed sterling technique against Richards… Fell to Kota Ibushi after 364 days (only 2011 has been ranked) as champion in an engaing emotive battle on June 18th 2011 at the Domination 6.18 event… 6 man open division tag tournament with Hirooki Goto and Rysuke Taguchi which saw them quash all four of the 6 man teams over the 4 days from June 21st – 24th consecutively with NJPW… Continued romper stomper over July… Continued path of success in July to August barely losing a scratch… September destroyed all competition once more… Sept 19th memorial show saw Devitt drop KUSHIDA after Ibushi was force to vacate through injury to become IWGP champion once more… Meet crippling forces on October 10th at NJPW Destruction, resulting in loss of tag titles to Richards and Romero in another outstanding display… Ferried over to Swindon on Oct 29th engulfing Owen Phoenix ina blazing match for 4Front Wrestling…At NJPW Struggle defended the IWGP championship over TAKA Michinoku… Fell to Davey Richard’s 4 man team on Nov 13th in a still enthusing entanglement…Headed the live in Yamaguchi events in multiple tag matches in an enthralling series in late November…Foiled Davey Richards on December 4th in cracking challenge to retain the IWGP title… Followed up success against Rocky Romero at the Road to Kingdom 1st event on December 23rd for the same title… 

30 year old specimen still remains honourable IWGP champion… The County Wicklow warrior shows respect and dignity to the sport, championship and co-workers, gaining ever more increasing reputation of title prestige… Turned down offer from one of the national US companies… If ever accepted for mainstream, Devitt must be allowed in contract to maintain his style above all else… Made junior heavyweight division meaningful once more, difficult to find anyone whom can stand with Devitt… Commands the arena… 


WWE’s 5 star worker earned his position for an incredible 2011… Royal Rumble WWE title match against The Miz was a fair match until interference from CM Punk to begin Wrestlemania feud ending match… Survived towards the end until removed in the 40 man Royal Rumble match, assisting others, in double duty of the night… Met with Sheamus on Feb 14th Raw… Another amazing night at Elimination Chamber selling for talent, including CM Punk to further enhance their feuding which became red hot aggression… Easily topped New Nexus members over next month of Raw… Dealt with Punk on Apr 3rd in a match which lacked a piece of pizzazz… Made up for it at Extreme Rules on May 1st in superb Last Man Standing match with Punk, which was early option for feud of the year… World Champion Christian dethroned by Orton in a cruel booking choice just 5 days later… May 7th – 31st, including Over The Limit saw back to back epics with Christian, allowing him offence, which then stole feud of the year in an unrivalled series… Lost to Sheamus on Smackdown in between on June 7th, before defeating Christian again following week after at Captiol Punishment in yet another expert showing… June 20th supported Alex Riley and Christian in 6 man tag on Raw perfectly… MITB PPV saw loss to Captain Charisma in which Orton almost became reverted to deranged immer self again in an extreme aftermath following loss on announce tables which added extra dimension to Orton teasing heel turn in process… Summerslam undid Christian’s second title run a month later, regaining the gold… Took countless victories towards September… Sept 18th saw champion lose on the night, to inconsequential Mark Henry on PPV… Jobbed at HIAC like no other for Henry in a match that shouldn’t have dropped feud of the year and Smackdown stronghold… Quickly removed as result of realisation… Respected in Battle Royal on Oct 11th … Gave Dolph Ziggler best match of his career to date on Oct 26th … Flung into another fascinating feud with former stable member Cody Rhodes… Had exquisite Nov 4th Street Fight on Smackdown putting Rhodes over immensely… Worked matches with talent in aims to guide entire newbie roster, including David Otunga… Mini series with Brit Wade Barrett delivered yet more intensity culminating at TLC in a tables match which sold the hell out of Barrett… Followed up on 19th December Raw silencing Barrett in a year ending thrill…

31 year old’s wrestling psychology, position as top babyface of Smackdown, while guiding talent to the best matches they can give while unlocking that extra hidden nugget never realising they possessed, embodied with respected victories as a result make WWE’s fashionable bearded hero top of the wrestling order in the west for 2011… WWE would be lost without him... 


Joined Prince Devitt in tag action stabilising both key players for organisation further in early February… Bested Satoshi Sendai on Feb 20th on Day 2 of NJPW’s New Beginning… Would defend again in a just over 35 minute match-up with Yuji Nagata on April 3rd in yet another aviation masterpiece… 8 man tagging over April and May kept peers on equal standing rather than aiming to project superior dominance as champion… May 14th saw Charlie Haas have the grandest honour against Tanahashi on the Invasion tour of the U.S in a beautiful heavyweight challenge for eastern v western culture… Derailed Davey Richards day later on last showing of NJPW’s U.S tour…  June saw gripping concurrence at Domination on the 18th with Hirooki Goto… Put on a dandy defeat selling for victors Giant Bernard (A-Train/Albert) and Karl Anderson on July 3rd for Day 1 title defence for as tag champions… Ploughed through Bernard again on July 18th in a caring title defence… Unstoppable in August and September… October, November weren’t much different… December sold for opposition while maintaining core strength for NJPW’s respected image… August All Stars event saw 6 man virtuoso… Defending against G1 cup winner Shinsuke Nakomura on 19th  September in brimming bombardment…  Rematch with Tetsuya Naito on October 10 in a near 30 minute match (29:19) was another brazen rapture of ecstasy… Took on Toru Yano in a lengthy lashing of tasteful tussling in November…

35 year old proved worth over countless years of struggle to the top spot… Respected with first class honour, Title reign clearly expresses the golden haired peacock has electrified audience with aerial, ground and heavyweight prowess… Cements legacy in history among the vastly colossal heavyweight champions possible… NJPW delegated their priorities correctly, sharing respect for Tanahashi and his prized possession… With Devitt, New Japan has managed to distribute its lieutenants expertly to carry the organisation honourably… Those un-attuned to eastern culture in wrestling are slowly, but surely taking esteemed notice of NJPW thanks to the 35 year old superhero, risen among the east… Interesting to see where ‘Hashi goes from here… Whatever the case, has conquered the World in such a way, won’t be harmed with eventual loss now being stable in company tiers…

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