Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ziggler/Jericho/Punk: A Triple Threat Travesty

A Triple Threat Travesty

Dolph Ziggler failed to wrest the WWE title from CM Punk on the January 2nd Raw supershow.

Should he have overcome the odds? Yes or No?

Wrestling Wonders believes he should have and here’s why…

If Ziggler had won, he would be WWE champion. Product would be fresh, exciting and gained further respect from fans in the thought process that WWE were listening and providing what the fans wanted. These duped fans would be watching further episodes of Raw to see how the new champ would fare, whether they like him or not.

Fans would be viewing their new favourite star, others would be viewing to see how WWE would handle someone they have earmarked for the best part of a year, who finally achieved the gold and delivers a prospect to all up and comers in the WWE lockeroom.

So, if Ziggler won, how? A pinfall and cheap result would not benefit. Most prefer a clean win.

Ziggler should have won via interference/distraction from Chris Jericho. Jericho would then be set for his coming feud with Punk – which would have created intense heat, and a backbone to the story for their impending clash. Jericho cost Punk the title, what more of a heated grudge do you need for a rivalry?

Punk would then have a place to regain his stride towards the summer/end of the year with a return to the title picture for a rematch. Therefore CM Punk, who is flagging since the summer solstice ended, would add further dimensions to his character. The feud with Jericho would resurrect his stock value. Then after time away, his return to main event challenges would be a refreshing and stabilising position for him.

As for Ziggler, whether he remained champ all the remainder of time or not, (ideally he should have long enough to build) could re-establish his position as a champion whom also grew in the space of 6 months or less and strengthened the core structure to WWE, its title scene, and its challengers. Ziggler, in this time, could also have battled with up and comers level in regards with Ziggler to begin, though would further hoist Dolph upward while those losing, would still gain parts to their build whilst floating around the title picture, which then allows further contention to creating a fuller and stronger position with talent that remain fresh, vibrant, new and over with the masses instead of failing to be pushed fluently which the 'Universe' want to see on their dictatorial TV screens.

Three men would have been made instantly. Giving a new premice to them with interesting, unclear results, further gaining receptive audiences wondering where the road is heading and how it will transpire with two men, among the third, whom are on course for a potentially epic encounter for WWE’s history books in the new age. Others as Ziggler’s challengers would also be propped up to future stars on call, also steady for further matches as main eventers hovering.

And of Jericho? Jericho doesn’t need the big return as we saw on Raw 2nd. He returned to a 10+ minute, non verbal entrance, where he could have caused distraction to the title match. Jericho’s return was seen as less important to the Universe once the revelation occurred where nothing happened. It was a wasted opportunity.

And the reason for Jericho’s boos was clearly one factor alone. It was milked. It went on for far too long without any word or interaction. Though foxing the WWE Universe with fake photo-shopped images of being seen all over the world once he was caught out in the airport, did not enthuse fans in a thrilling sense. Of course, the return is a work, though many felt betrayed not by the onscreen character he must play, but the fact of lying outright to their (internet) “face”.

So, through these three degrees of separation, all men could have been strengthened for a brighter outlook over the coming months. All could have added an extra badge on their shoulders. And WWE could have been laughing all the way to the viewing figures, not to mention royalties.

It failed to understand the market once more. 2012 may just be the downfall of WWE if consumer needs are failed to be met by a company deemed backward and egotistical that bury their talent and rely solely on brand names such as Jericho, Punk, Cena, Orton and the veterans behind the curtain.

© Max Waltham 12th January 2012

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