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Kelly Kelly released from WWE!

Diva seeks unauthorised work 
behind WWE's back

WWE diva Kelly Kelly had been previously granted an endorsement from WWE to seek independent bookings with modelling companies, the first for any star in the new era to gain media attention. Kelly, often known as Bimbo Bimbo, for prancing around in the wrestling ring in next to nothing with her attire, destroying the very legacy of female wrestling everywhere, featured in a shoot unauthorised by her employing organisation.

WWE did not approve Kel’s appointment for Let It Fly Energy Shots, which also featured rapper Timbaland and MMA fighters Ryan Bader and Gray Maynard. Erica Van Pelt, a previous American Idol victor was also on set for the shoot.

The Daisy Duke look has been milked way too putridly

Kelly is wise. Barbie Blank has been attempting to secure a future in the modelling business, eventually being able to jump ship after realising her future doesn't lie in pro wrestling.

WWE’s problem is its stubbornness and failure to listen. Kelly played the company right under their nose. Kelly has no valid options in the wrestling business, though WWE signed her to a new contract in late April-May, before she took a break to seek outside deals elsewhere.

Aces High, playing her trump cards

Kelly, who made shockwaves over the last year upon revelations, had cavorted with at least TEN active rostered wrestlers with sexual relations.

The swimwear model, notorious for her naked shoots, has been favoured by WWE since her debut to perform in raunchy scenes and naked stripping on programming as she was thought to be the hottest diva to portray for the company to gain media exposure, possibly the reason she received her opportunity to seek work. So, does this then make Vince McMahon a pimp? As like internet fans say - "If I need porn, I have the internet for that, I don't look for it in WWE" 

#VoteForLinda !

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Shortly after this article it was revealed Kelly Kelly had asked for her release from WWE, who complied with the request after being unhappy with her venture into unapproved bookings. 

Kelly Kelly has now left pro wrestling, thankfully. How much of the Divas division she has damaged in the course of her time however remains in tact. Expect an article on this next month. 

Until then, the division will remain in a very sorry state.

  • Original title (Kelly Kelly in trouble with WWE!)  re-edited 30th September 2012

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Friday, 21 September 2012

WWE Diva Beth Phoenix to retire

WWE Diva set to retire

Shock news for WWE Women wrestling fans. WWE Diva Beth Phoenix plans to retire after next month.

Phoenix, Elizabeth Carolan, almost supplanted Maryse Oulette as longest serving champion in a single run for females though dropped the title to Nikki Bella on April 23rd 2012. She was just one week away from defeating the streak. Nikki Bella also left one week after the victory and was ushered in to the win as a result.

Phoenix at an age which WWE considers less favourable in today’s era and with some personal issues in Phoenixes life, the female realised her time may be to move on.

The Glamslam
She will be a great loss to the division but perhaps this is one additional reason as to why the division will sink. Phoenix made valid contributions to reshape, where audience respected her for her achievements.

She debuted in 2006, helping Trish Stratus in Stratus’ then feud with Mickie James. 

She also won the WWE Women's Championship twice.

Expect her to job before leaving the company as WWE reward their hard working females with neglect for leaving. Phoenix participated in a no music entry, in ring job to new champion Eve on the previous Raw earlier this week. 

Phoenix won the deadliest finisher over her impressive title run in the 2011 Wrestling Wonders awards  here - WW Awards 2011

Wrestling Wonders wishes her well and will miss her viable efforts to pro wrestling.

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Night of Champions 2012

WWE Night of Champions 2012

Sporting Orange, colours of the Wonders
WWE Night of Champions will see every major title in the company defended at the event.  On September 16th 2012 did WWE’s celebratory concept manage to open a wider spectrum to crowning new stars, new champs and line up new options for a future ahead of them?

Replacing Jerry Lawler after his heart attack would be JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield. Layfield an adequate replacement, sold for stars and gave them a chance with audience. Different from his days when involve with the roster. It was refreshing to see someone with a little gutsy bark that stereotypical whispers in general to differentiate from all commentators in the WWE system. 

Of course, WWE had planned to bring back JBL with Cole. It was already in the pipeline, Lawler's unfortunateness however, sped this pairing up a little.

Intercontinental championship

Fatal 4 Way
The Miz ( c ) Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Sin Cara Vs Cody Rhodes

The Intercontinental champion, Raw superstar The Miz, holding a Smackdown championship, defended against Raw superstar Rey Mysterio and Smackdown’s Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes under Fatal 4 Way rules.

With two high flying superstars and two mid technical stars, this match had potential to exceed expectation, however failed to do so fully. The stars managed to please audience enough, though lacked fuller offence and with Cody Rhodes limited to what he could achieve to protect the other three in standing, became the fall guy, literally.

With both Cara and Mysterio set to face one another at Wrestlemania in the first ever mask match, so WWE can set a Guinness World Record of how many people in the audience wear a mask (WWE will distribute them free at the event) WWE mad sure it protected both of them. Though with neither scheduled to win, and The Miz or Rhodes would surely lose. Could WWE drop its champ to Rhodes in order to correctly re-assign the Smackdown title to a rostered Smackdown member?

After fair flying and ground work, with a lot of outside deteration, Cody aimed to remove the mask of Sin Cara, where a senton halts his attempt leaving Rhodes to remove Rey out of the ring, Cara returns by kicking Rhodes in the head, though Sin Cara tries to place a mask on Rhodes now. Miz catches Rhodes with s Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall, ending at two. Miz shortly ends up with a Sin Cara Azul (blue) mask on him from the Red masked Cara, leaving him confused momentarily. Rhodes plans to nail a Cross Rhodes on Cara after resurfacing, misses and Cara soon gets planted by The Miz with a swift SCF to bag a three fall to retain the IC championship. Cody Rhodes was pinned.

Make me a referee...

Oh No! WWE Diva Kaitlyn, who wasn’t supposed to win the Battle Royal weeks ago on Raw to earn number one contender status, had mysteriously broken her ankle, later updated on Twitter by Joey Styles / WWE that she had “broke her tendon” and seemingly would not be able to participate in the championship match. This alert was noticed by Booker T’s assistant, Eve, first on the scene. She would file her report immediately to her boss, Smackdown General Manager; Booker T. Eve is a Raw superstar in case you forgot.

Tag Team Championship

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth ( c ) Vs Kane and Daniel Bryan

Faith was partly restored to the Universe when it seemed WWE had revamped some time and effort into its Tag division. It hasn’t. It just makes it stronger when high level stars like Kane and Bryan enter into it. However, the two now give it meaning, per se. The newly formed dysfunctional team of Bryan and Kane, after attending their Anger management therapy sessions added intense levels of tag action for months to come. Many angles can be derived if WWE don’t rush it. Would they, however, be successful on the night, despite against each other in part?

The match highly centred around their tagging out to one another through a ‘blind tag’ – where the in ring man never willingly tags the partner featured most, making the team defending their championships redundant. Though Kingston and Truth were allowed offence to keep the feel going with the possibility of retaining despite the almighty team of Bryan / Kane cancelling one another out.

Naturally Kane and Bryan won shortly after when bryan kicked Kane in the head after a tag in, seeing Kane plunge atop Kingston to cover for three. Kane and Daniel Bryan are the new tag champs.

Kaitlyn’s attack by a mysterious hooded shadow had made news to Booker T via assistant Eve. The Hoeski was then placed into the match herself! What a shock! Eve, who botched her ending with Kaitlyn in the battle royal for number one contender weeks ago on Raw, was rewarded with the title shot. She will face Layla later.

United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro ( c ) w/ Aksana Vs Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder won the #1 contender spot in the pre-show battle royal to determine Cesaro’s challenger.  Ryder, who still needs to hone his skills considerably, is jobber at best. Though the ‘upper card jobber’ may be favourable for now, had no chance in a real wrestling contest with a professional and superb force that is Antonio Cesaro. Antonio showed technique, ground work down and overall star quality befit of a champion. That lucky Aksana even got to kiss him to celebrate. Lucky cow!  


Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Randy Orton received some negativity from the crowd, this was down to one reason that the WWE Universe want change from the big three ( Cena, Punk, Orton) seeking new challengers for them and new risen and developed star who can hold their own. Most are stuck on NXT, in developmental or mid card level. Time to call up with strong backstories to character and entry on WWE programming if it is to strive to survive.

Being in a match with a top line star (Orton) doesn’t not instantly make someone their equal. Being their equal in the match is having skill, showcase and style. Ziggler lacks all three to a main star role. He has minor levels and he has peaked. He cannot rise above those levels anymore and it is time for him to leave. The WWE Universe don’t want Dolph Ziggler, they want change and see that WWE’s only chance may be Dolph because of guidance’s and Money In The Bank briefcases, aswell as advice on where to take Ziggler from certain people. Ziggler is done. Move on. He cannot follow through. Invest in a new star that may just be able to make it.

JBL presented Vickie Guerrero well for her excellent ringside attendance, as always. She manages to work Ziggler well. When she leaves Ziggler, as WWE plan to put Ric Flair in her place, Vickie will go on to better things. Ziggler will not. Guerrero is the only success Ziggler maintains. Without her he would be nothing. Randy Orton let the crowd know how he felt, as many failed to appreciate the level of respect Orton has made for making Ziggler have excellent matches.

Both had a very strong match filled with technical ability and wrestling psychology from Orton. Though the match was not as strong as their former outings, and was missing the certain something that needed to create the spark to ignite the match.

Smell my finger...
I miss our drinking games :(
Whose turn is it next month?

Dolph Ziggler lost clean to Randy Orton with the RKO.

WWE Unified Women’s Championship

Layla ( c ) Vs Eve

Don't forget, Kaitlyn was attacked
by "someone in a hood"

Replacing Kaitlyn in the match Eve was supposed to win herself though botched it weeks ago in the battle royal on Raw, the WWe’s ideal match played out again. It proves it can re-arrange bad decisions and replace with good ones IF it wants to. Of course this wasn’t a good one, but the point remains to many matches. WWE feels the match between Layla and Eve was adequate. It was not.

A brief encounter filled with back and forth traditional diva values of nothingness, Hoeski Eve soon snared the unified Women’s title in the guise of the Divas title from Layla’s waist in a nothing match which showed no technical ability, too much outside action (because inside would highlight their inaccuracies) and shades of the Kelly Kelly screams of orgasm and no star quality to win a championship, even with basic moves.  It was boring, too.

The Hoeski wins again

Daniel Bryan was seen down the corridors backstage proclaiming he was the tag team champions. Kane then appeared and said he was the champs. Raw General Manager AJ and Dr. Shelby appeared. Shelby congratulated them both for working together from their therapy sessions. AJ screamed she had had enough. Kane ended the skit hurling water over Bryan. If this wasn’t PG, Kane would not have used water…

World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez Vs Sheamus ( c )

Here comes SHAME-US

For over three months the feud between Rio and Shea has been dreadful. Rio continually sells. Sheamus barks and WWE gave us another serving instead of scrapping it. Why? Because WWE have nothing else to offer, further highlighting the need for new talented guys to rise up the ranks. If they are stuck on NXT or developmental, they won’t come up anytime soon, will they? Move them up to learn asap or you’ll never gain any stars to have a future. WWE want Sheamus to be strong enough on his own as champ before it turns Orton as heel opponent. That will take forever at this state. Sheamus loses respect every day he holds the title with no style or professionalism involved.

The Brogue Kick was banned previously; however Booker T reinstated the dangerous move. Del Rio once again overworks the arm of the champ, though manages to do this in a newer style, not that audience noticed.

It was the same match of the same proportions with the same outcome. Sheamus won another pointless victory that became a nothing match, despite Del Rio’s excellent work again.

WWE Championship

John Cena Vs CM Punk ( c ) w/ Paul Heyman

In his pink gear.
The first time CM Punk main events was here, against John Cena, in Boston. Also clad in pink attire to partner with breast cancer awareness month, Cena, not Punk as trademark pink pants on Punk have been known, as well as Punk being WWE champ, had his first main event collision against Cena.

The question, how can Cena lose in his hometown of Boston? Many thought it not possible and a dead cert for Cena to claim victory amongst all the media hype and one sided sway. Would Heyman also involve himself?

Shock to the system, Cena was highly booed in his hometown, not the reception he nor WWE were welcoming. Real Wrestling fans came back, those who had previously left or not bothered to show up as the Cena hypocrisy continued on WWE programming. WWE, surely now, must take sustained notice of this. (Cara and Mysterio also received mammoth boos earlier.)

Tonight was the 'Punk first main event' in Massachusetts. Only when John Cena is the headline act, huh? Paul Heyman steadied himself at ringside in CM punk's corner, would he interfere? 

During the match Punk had hurt his leg to which Cena's sell was absolutely diabolical. After the hold Cena simply moved his leg off from the submission hold and feigned injury pain from the hold of breaking it by moving his leg out of position. Pitiful. Chants of "you can't wrestle!" bellowed from the crowd as Cena soon attempted the infamous five knuckle shuffle. Shockingly Punk countered the fall of the shuffle with a boot halting the attempt. This would be the first time anyone countered this manoeuvre. Punk is credited with this accolade. It may have been highly needed for Punk at this time. The champ was soon rolled through by Cena, where Punk proceeded to grab the ropes to evade an Attitude Adjustment attempt causing a drop to the floor outside. Cena for the first time in his career chose to launch himself onto CM Punk to the outside with a mid rope dive in a risky strategy to topple the champion.

Punk was allowed his pink pants back on Raw next evening

Now would have been a perfect time for Paul Heyman to reveal a set of brass knuckles and possibly capitalise on them and John Cena. WWE should consider giving Heyman brass knuckles if he ever needs to intervene as these suit his demeanour more than some other random foreign object. Heyman had yet to intervene, still further enhancing his involvement at ringside.

Soon Cena would attempt another AA to which Punk flip armed his opponent into the Anaconda Vice to which Cena soon reversed (with a flip) into and STF submission. Once again Cena chose to disrespect all wrestling conventions not working the match without even a long sell. There was absolutely no connection from Cena's forearms locking on the grip hold with his opponent as always. Punk soon changed the situation by applying his own STF on Cena. There was no sell on the mouth here from JC.

Cena soon delivered a suplex then leading to punches, to which the audience booed every punch Cena made to CM Punk who received joyous cheers when he soon retaliated with kicks to his aggressor. Punk soon travelled to the turnbuckle where he dropped the diving elbow connecting on Cena. Punk received a two fall for his efforts.

Ooh, Hi Baby! Flash me!
CM Punk attempted a few GTS finishers, as Cena and Punk countered a while in traditional Cena fashion before a sideslam from John. Cena dropped the 5 knuckle shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment for a two fall only. With a roundhouse kick on Cena, Punk took to the air for a moonsault, which failed to connect, as Cena lifted up with a “Rahhh” chant filled with animated piffle. CM Punk dropped a GTS where only Cena could kick out on a two count. Anyone else would have lost.

Punk shocked the world by using a Rock bottom finisher which had no one shocked and no one talking about it since after. The Rock will fight the WWE champion at Royal Rumble in January for the championship, whoever the champ is at that time. It will be Punk. Cena will win the title from The Rock at Wrestlemania.

The Rock Bottom scored two. Cue Heyman? Watching on concernedly, Heyman remained positioned though swayed a little,  tempting his engagement to audience.  Cena soon launched an AA on Punk for a two fall. What came next was terrible. Cena and Punk, near the top turnbuckle saw Cena catch Punk and drop him off the turnbuckle with a back drop. Shockingly, John Cena won with a three fall to pinch the WWE Championship. On a Backdrop!

As Cena celebrated to his fanfare entrance theme, Punk’s arms were down on the three count, signalling that the match was indeed a draw, and as a result, the champion retains the gold. We have touched on this before, and perhaps inclined or if not, regardless, the decision of a double pin was pathetic. This decision just ruined the title, the champion and challenger not to mention the audience. From this point forth, everything has been undone and cannot be recovered as it once was. Punk was screwed. There is no going back, neither have relevance, nor does the title. CM Punk, of course, retains the title. It was the only way WWE felt it could ‘protect’ its money making, media machine in his hometown, in which he was booed.

Can I pin you? I'm 'considerate'

CM Punks moonsault
Cena was out of position before it landed...

PPV Rating - 4/10

Men/Women of their matches - Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Antonio Cesaro, Randy Orton, Layla, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk

Man/Woman of the PPV - Daniel Bryan

Sheamus and Del Rio was way over its time, though WWE cannot find another opponent worthy, so have added another one in an attempt to make Sheamus profitable as champion. Currently, Sheamus is a soap opera star as a fluke with the championship. He has nothing else. Rio will go on to excellent matches. Sheamus, will not. Sheamus’ next opponent will be the bumbling Big Show, WWE have no other stars. Big Show, is a Raw superstar. The World title is a Smackdown championship.

Sheamus' next opponent

CM Punk’s stead was utterly destroyed when Cena ‘won.’ Punk, though a string character, will not be able to come back from this. WWE ordered the finish in order to protect Cena, and in hindsight ruined its champion and all his progression since. Punk may have well as lost the title. Wearing it, he is still tenantless. Those stating Big Show should interfere in the Cena/Punk match to 'make it better' which also shows that they thought it was drab to begin with, the answer to your thoughts is -  Vince McMahon thrives off of retard marks.

The tag titles needed to switch and was a wise move to the team of Bryan and Kane. Kane has been treading water as of late, while Bryan, although excellent In ring, has had all his interest cut by WWE since the over reliance on the Punk programs being continually milked. In doing so, Bryan lost some watchability as fans appreciate his work in ring, but couldn’t watch it anymore due to constantly seeing WWE ask the same format every time. Both have a chance as unconventional tag champs.

A sterling champion, I'm sure you'll agree.
Let me get my sand to roll around in...
Layla may be a bad but improving worker, but transferring the unified Women’s title to Eve was one step worse. Either Kaitlyn should have won to give the division a new feel of boost or most importantly, replaced the challenge with Natalya or Tamina and have them take the title to reform the state of it all. Eve only won to annoy Wrestling Wonders, which is just sad. Making decisions based on annoying those that offer support as a “business decision” was backward to say the least. Eve is a dreadful worker in a costume.

The walk of a champion

Cesaro is the only talent WWE have left to reform a new era. He is expertly needed, but cannot carry the show alone.

Dolph Ziggler is not going to materialise. No-one wants him, they want someone. Putting faith into a star that is not the future should explain that you should not support a hopeful that has none, just because you want anyone to fill the void and change WWE’s position. Randy Orton can work anyone well, therefore placing stars that have the opportunity to grow are the ones to implement.

Cody Rhodes should be moving up, not down. WWE need to re-evaluate his position and place atop the pecking order. He should at least be squaring off with Sheamus than Big Show. Rhodes has following, a chance at a future and can re-imburse title worth. Rhodes would have been an even better fit as champion. Then there is Christian, in trouble, but loitering around as competition. WWE favour the big guys, which proves their big boy shows fail when the PPV stems out.

I am a boredom...
The Miz can still carry the company can fruitfully. However should have changed babyface on his return. WWE can remove the title and force him babyface to regain his right when on the correct brand for said title. WWE shouldn’t be mocking the future for a place in a record book.
For a company claiming others do it just for their own name value, WWE contradictally maintain the profiles of Cara/Mysterio to gain a Guinness World Record, at their grandest PPV of all time. Yeah, keep making your name, boys.

Aiming to create a new level seemingly, WWE’s PPV’s between the big four and Money In The Bank, booking PPV’s has now become standard. Just a PPV, and nothing more to fill its time, WWE proves inconsistent if it remains this way. No new stars evolve after another two years of possible hope. How many more years roll on before fans finally say no more and switch off, because, WWE have no plans to make any new stars and only hope to enforce money from you. There does not seem to be a future in sight. At this rate, their won’t be one at all.

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

WWE Title Unification's: Needed or Not?

With WWE possibly planning the unification of the United States and Intercontinental championships for sometime, whilst potentially merging the WWE and World titles as one since the supershow collision, should the company unite championships in order to revitalise the product? Would it distinguish rivals on equal standing and further competitive edge?

Brand identity forgotten?

Since the birth of the supershow format since Triple H attained power as the Chief Operating Officer, WWE broadcasts of brands Raw and Smackdown would go on to feature talent from both rosters on the shows. Assuming Raw stars would appear on Smackdown and vice versa, WWE’s plan fell short when it was another devisory method to place stars like John Cena onto Smackdown in order to bump ratings as it could never move him to Smackdown as feeling the Raw brand would suffer as a result. It wouldn’t, but WWE won’t jeopardise any potential earner at the live event.

Since this, when stars should swap horizons for one week, for example, The Miz a Raw star spends one week of TV time on Smackdown, whereas a Smackdown star joins Raw for one week in a switch, thus equalling the balance. Instead, WWE place those selected on Raw AND Smackdown in that one week, where talent who could have their chance on TV are also scrutinised in favour of company favourites in a struggling change-through period.

If booking stars accordingly, which some have an interest in as the ‘lesser men’ the product would gain a significant advantage as well as having the sticking notion of one show a week appearance by all stars either on Smackdown or Raw, not both.

WWE have either forgotten or chosen to ignore its levels of brand separation that harm the title’s lineage and stability. Titles may be defending on opposing shows, but cannot be fought for, nor defended by stars that are not of the original show the title belongs to. The supershow format does not allow titles to be exclusive to all brands, otherwise there would be no need for any of them at all.

Smackdown’s titles are the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight championships. Raw holds the WWE championship along with the United States title. The Unified Tag Team Championships are accessible to both shows. As for the females…

The Unified Women’s championship saga…

Michelle McCool defeated Melina to unify both titles (Women’s and Divas) in a Lumberjill match on September 19th 2010 at the Night of Champions Pay Per View. Melina held the Divas title as McCool had the Women’s. McCool was exclusive to the Smackdown brand, Melina to Raw. The inter show collision eliminated the Divas title as a result. The Women’s championship became the unified championship to exist in WWE’s walls, as it should have, due to historical feats and the essence to fight for title strongholds.

Upon winning this match, the championship was permitted to both shows, though returned in the guise of the Diva’s championship, negating said heritage. McCool and Layla of Team Laycool, both joint champions, suffered detrimental effect and lowered aspirations of all females everywhere due to the new title faceprint. Psychology suggests women are born as weak, cannot achieve greatness a man can, and burst into tears easily for no reason other than to be unstable when dealing with such minor problems not causing a potential upset.

Casting away the Women’s title, which was unified and was, and still is, the correct title in history’s place no matter how you wish to eradicate it lowers expectation and excellence among the locker room. WWE realised it could not put the glorious Women’s championship onto a bit rate model sized, size zero, Kelly Kelly. No one would accept it. So WWE altered the centreplate to the Divas butterfly belt, in bright pink, to symbolise a female order, which, in hindsight, devalued all the momentum once Bimbo Bimbo wore the belt. That’s what it has become, not a championship, but a belt. VKM understands this notion more than anyone.

‘Fans’ of the WWE Universe did not take to it, though the ‘E had hoped putting it on popular Kelly would erase all thoughts of the title and is lineage, further highlighting WWE’s feeling of women’s wrestling as defunct and demoralised in status. Men are the greater sex, it would seem.

Diva Dissolution

So what now for the unified women’s championship? WWE cannot retain it to place onto Barbie models like Eve and Kelly Kelly, (Eve is the next scheduled champion to win) meaning the title needs to be replaced by the Women’s title and placed onto the Wrestling females. The Barbie’s can either play in challenging matches (which maintain no credibility whatsoever) and participate as WWE feel T and A is necessary. Or, they can place all the models on Smackdown to fight one another, and allow the Women to defend on the natural homefront of Raw. Resurfacing the Divas championship for the models won’t help. It will have the same nullifying effect, being meaningless and inconsistent.

The point is, wrestling women must hold the title at all costs. These range from Natalya, Beth Phoenix and Tamina. No wonder the Divas take over. WWE have no talented females. Therefore it is essential to give them lengthy esteemed reigns as champ besting one another and other challengers in potential matches of particular interest, storyline and stipulations. Women’s wrestling is highly lucrative, giving a different contrast, able to stand strong among a level of male dominance. It adds the contrast against that. For example, sitting through a PPV or TV show of Man v Man for high title twice and secondary title once or twice, and then tag titles with four men and occasional jobbers sandwiched in between, bores audience tenfold. Having model eye candy champs enter a two minute match cannot be credible nor supportive to the era of transition.

Layla and Kaitlyn are support characters that can mildly ‘wrestle’ as well as the bumbling botch job Alicia Fox. They shouldn’t be booked in matches unless the other three need a break in between or gap to level out the feel of contention. They can also support when injuries occur. WWE need to hire more capable females who are job ready, as in, now.

By the way, Layla was the Women’s champion, not McCool, though favoured due to being the better worker of the pair. What a way to ruin Layla’s first title run, demonstrated by even cutting up the title in two halves.

Stripped Bare!

Currently The Miz and Antonio Cesaro hold the opposing brand titles. Miz (Raw) and Cesaro (Smackdown) own the IC (Smackdown) and US (Raw) titles, respectively. This needs to be undone as quickly as possible to restore order and protect them both. The only feasible way to do this is to instigate a draft, which brings with it high interest and ratings, and re-evaluates the levels of power in WWE superstars. Removing the titles from them must be done BEFORE the draft and see them stripped. This will also garner more heat on the heels. Then, WWE can draft the superstars to the opposing brands to recapture their gold’s. Cesaro should recapture on draft night after being drafted and develop new esteem as a powerful force to take the WWE in its newest direction for 2013. The Miz, over on Smackdown can regain at a PPV, which will give further meaning to his recognition. The supershow will still allow them on both shows, which also means superstud John Cena could move to Smackdown if WWE have the balls to do so and give Raw a chance to create new stars for the future. Cena can still be on Raw, but allow a time for others to grow on it, creating the new batch and develop further challengers to the lacking roster of Randy Orton, CM Punk, Cena and Sheamus.

At World’s End


Unifying the World and WWE titles would be a cataclysmic disaster. Neither would have any meaning. Though the roster is sparsely thin, brand identity and striving to win the greatest prize is essential and with only John Cena holding the WWE championship, with his superhuman strength, and no one being able to suppress him, as one solid title, would ruin the WWE viewership completely. Even as challenger, Cena would cause the ratings to critically decline with the necessary age groups (over 16s, obviously.)

P.s, Alberto Del Rio may have ‘moved’ to Smackdown, however still remains a Raw superstar as he never had any story to explain his switch. Revealing Del Rio’s contract was ‘examined’ by Booker T and becoming a ‘fluke’ on Smackdown to secure the World title, Rio would be flung back to Raw. He could stay there and gain the breath of fresh air in the wake of Sheamus, or be drafted to Smackdown. Ricardo Rodriguez may be his workforce, however is still contracted to Raw, technically.

The young and the hopeful

Making new challengers on Raw, and with CM Punk at the helm, would be a great accomplishment to endorse. Daniel Bryan and Kane should team, as Big Show and Mark Henry should be shifted out somewhere from all young-uns. Needed are the fresh newbies, not Dolph Ziggler. It is their time to rise. Think Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, The Rock and less Ryback.

New talent needs to surface in WWE, not rehiring the old favourites and keeping the company in its old levels of stalemate. They simply won’t be the future. They may have booking pull; fine, add a few, but not all. Concentrate on the young and the hopeful, or else never materialise a new era and eventually continue to dip in reputation.

© Max Waltham 16th September 2012