Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Cena and Orton face off for Heavyweight Authority?

With Vince McMahon set to return and leading to a McMahon Vs Hunter and Steph take over, billed as ‘The Authority’ looming, is WWE lining up a super star collision between its two favourite figureheads?

Another collision coming? 
With Daniel Bryan removed from the title hunt to work with the Wyatt’s alongside CM Punk. Would returning and new World champion John Cena as the ever impressive superhuman be in line to save crippling McMahon’s reputation from his money grabbing daughter and son in law with handpicked WWE champion Randy Orton would also tease a Wrestlemania lead up feud. Cena is planned to be World champion until ‘Mania at least.

Background glory
WWE are aiming for an Authority for WWE control against McMahon as Chairman angle as Wrestlemania XXX’s main attraction. Battles leading up to the event are scheduled to change but may tease the heavyweight title unification's as well as the power struggle for WWE. Big Show is one of the names WWE are considering early for a also ‘Mania planned match against Triple H on behalf of Vince McMahon should this be an extra option.

Out. Minor World and WWE champ Bryan
removed from title picture

Whilst the story is there, the plan is flawed to protect WWE’s elite characters already made and neglect the one needing attention to rise as a necessary main event challenger. 

©  Max Waltham 05th November 2013

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