Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Bella's say Bye Bye?

The Bella Twins not so
ravishingly released...

Bad news for Bella lovers! Brie and Nikki are getting the boot by WWE.

Their contract expires after April 30th and WWE aren’t planning on extending their partnership further.

Many members of the WWE Universe have been irked by this decision, while others cannot comprehend why WWE would depart with stars who have definitely contributed fluently for the company in angles, storyline, sexual degradary and company events portrayal and public appearances.

Of all the Barbie ‘tarts’ unable to wrestle, the Bella’s were those who could not wrestle as fluently as established females in the company, though improve constantly for the company through trying, while gaining and getting better in deliverance, which is more than others give.

Many liked the Bella’s and are shocked to see them head out the door. If WWE were wise they would extend their contract and keep them a part of the roster. Without both ladies, the Women’s divison will have even less females than it currently does.

Kelly Kelly does less than either of the Bella’s yet many cannot understand why she is favoured, just because of her looks, even though Kel has been looking toward potentially gaining other options outside of WWE.

Many ask for the release of Kelly, save the Bella’s and invest in further Women’s wrestling to shape the division.
Brie Bella became the last Unified Women's Champion,
before the divison was devalued.

Would you let John Cena willingly go when he has a fan base that attracts an audience?

© Max Waltham 11th April 2012

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  1. bellas need to stay Kelly Kelly needs to go