Friday, 27 April 2012

Hulk Hogan nude pics Vexation

Sex tape scandal entrapment intensifies...

Last month in March, details emerged of Hulk Hogan embroiled in a sex tape scandal (click here) - Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Scandal , which was to his knowledge secretly recorded by a mystery female he engaged in sexual relations with, in light of his divorce and singledom.

Released onto website “TheDirty”, images were uploaded last week onto the site, where Nik Ritcie failed to remove the snaps. The latest photo was uploaded of The Hulkster from the rear view participating in the sexual act. The female in question cannot be seen in this snap.

The candid image may indeed therefore support Hogan’s claim of “unconsented” release/recording.

The website in question was issued with a warning to remove the image and any further details scheduled for upload. The website chose to decline the advice from lawyers, who now wish to sue.

One fact remains, while we can state that it is in the public domain, Hulk, if his claim is supported of unknowing and unwilling filming consent, would have a clear claim.

Here’s some advice. Hulk had sex. Get over it. Everyone with a life has forms of sex at one point or another. I’m sure many members of the wrestling world and the WWE Universe have done far dirtier things than this.

If Hulk consented, then the lady putting it out there is allowed to do so, but would have to split profits 50/50 with Hogan. If Terry Bollea did not know, then deception and warnings to those leaking it for mass impact are all accountable.

Even with warnings some people are too stubborn to remove content. You truly cannot help ignorance.

Maybe this will be the starting point of everyone online, and for use offline, to understand how not to take, upload or share content that is not copyrighted to you. Again, if Hulk knew and she leaked it, that’s fine. If it wasn’t, you’re in serious trouble, Sista!
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