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Wrestling Wonders Women Pro 25

Wrestling Wonders Women Pro 25

As written after the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 (for the males), on Decemeber 27th 2011, the top 25 females of the profession now take the stage. WW didn't upload as too many rankings thrown out simultaneously would dilute and also we undestand that readers can only comprehend so much at one time, and the Women need to be appreciated also for their contributions to the sport.

Who proved they had the most over the course of the last year to be among the top 25?

Take a look...



Debuted at Extreme Rules on May 1st to crush Michelle McCool after losing her retirement match to Layla, at her most vulnerable.

Ploughed through Maryse and Eve then interrupting a tag match on May 3rd to confused audience further with an uncharacteristic collapse in ring surrounded by all females.

One week later, announced her pregnancy to receive berating from the Bella Twins, whom she told should beware upon her return.

For the time she had on the brand, Kharma refreshed the division and kept all females on notice.



After some time out due to health conditions, re-surfaced in the ring on June 5th, defeating Sara Del Rey in the first round of a tournament to crown the first ever nCw Femmes Fatales Champion.

Lost the nCw Femme Fatales Championship to Kalamity on October 8th.


Became acting General Manager of Smackdown in January after Theodore Long was found unconscious backstage. At Royal Rumble, Kelly Kelly attacked Guerrero during Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler, further selling for others.
On the February 4th episode of Smackdown, fired Kelly Kelly after a two on three handicap match, while announcing a title match  between Edge and Dolph, planting herself as special referee, for the World title.
On Smackdown's 600th episode the following week, Guerrero stripped Edge of the title, then abusing power to fire him. Allowed a coronation for Dolph Ziggler as World Heavyweight Champion to be scheduled. However, a returning Theodore Long reclaimed his authority. Vickie and Dolph were the culprits behind his assault.
On February 25th 's SmackDown, Theodore Long announced a match with Edge and Kelly Kelly facing Vickie and Drew McIntyre. Losing, Vickie was then fired (kayfabe) from her role as official consultant by Teddy Long. After being fired, Vickie Guerrero travelled to FCW briefly alongside her wrestling daughter.
On the March 7th Raw, Guerrero managed Ziggler on their return to the brand, in singles competition defeating John Morrison.
Gained a job on Raw defeating Trish Stratus in a No-Disqualification match with assistance from LayCool.  Then set the six intergender tag match for Wrestlemania 27.
After loss at 'Mania, joined LayCool and boyrfirend Ziggler in a loss to Stratus and Morrison in a 4 on 2 handicap match.
On June 9th 's Superstars manged Tyson Kidd, who lost to Yoshi Tatsu, dning possible mangerials services.
Helped Ziggler defeat Kofi Kingston at Capitol Punishment in July.
Participated in a phoney result dance contest against Michael Cole, in which Vick (by the boo's from the audience wins system) Cole, recievd most boo's gaining a loss, though WWE handed it to the MC dancing. She even snogged Matt Striker for good measure.
September 19th saw drab Jack Swagger finally impress Vickie, forming the stable ZigSwag, where Guerrero's  stable of stalwarts consist only of Heavyweight champions as expertly as manger/agent/advisor Vickie, on the Raw brand.



At the XWA War on the Shore 7 event lost Pro Wrestling EVE Championship to Sjödin.
Joined SHIMMER on 26 March at Volume 37, with her mother and tag team partner Saraya Knight. Alongside mother (billed as the Knight Dynasty) made an open challenge, answered by Nikki Roxx and Ariel.
Victorious in the match via disqualification after Saraya aimed to hit Ariel with brass knuckles not before Ariel gained the knucks, seen by referee, blasting Saraya instead.
At Volume 38, the Knight Dynasty unsuccessfully challenged the Seven Star Sisters (Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata) for SHMMER’s Tag Team Championship.
Made final appearances for SHIMMER on October 1st and 2nd.
Broke down with, and beat her mother Saraya on the Volume 44 card in a No Disqualification match, ending her SHIMMER contract.
Headed over to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) where she resides currently. Isn't the best for for WWE.




Mystery entry to a four way Divas title match at Royal Rumble on January 30, pinning Layla to defeat Michelle McCool and Natalya for her championship.
Retained against Natalya in a Lumberjill match on the Valentine’s Day Raw, and against Nikki Bella on March 7th. Lost to Brie Bella on April 11th Raw.
Became stand in for new best friend Kelly Kelly after Kelly became fluke champion in June. Eve came to ringside to stand there only. Felled Natalya to earn a title match against Beth Phoenix at Vengeance, after four month of inconsistency. Lost at Vengeance in a fair display for WWE divas standards.
Won Battle Royal on Halloween Raw, in costume as superhero Robin, highlighting her role in the company, on October 31st.
Went on to Survivor Series with this challenge, in another Lumberjill match, losing with a grand second rope Glamslam dive, where Eve sold this deadly device.
Reappeared one week later to destroy the long term impact the result could have had on the division, and in hindsight, Eve’s options as a star.
Eve became embroidled into a storyline with Zack Ryder once both won a mixed tag match against Tyson Kidd and Natalya on Raw’s December 26th broadcast.



For the majority see Brie Bella, though Nikki made her own marks also here.
On the 28th  Feb Raw, Nikki defeated all competition in a Divas Battle Royal becoming number one contender to the Unified Women’s Championship after Brie performed a switch with her sister, previously eliminated.
Used title shot as number one contender for unsuccessful result on March 7th after sister Nikki won a Divas Battle Royal after switching out.
Switched with twin sister Brie to keep the Divas title in Brie’s hands against Eve on April 11th, gained the winning fall.
On the June 27th Raw Nikki faced Kelly Kelly in a Raw Roulette match.



Re-joined Total Non-Stop Action on February 15th for one night losing to Knockout champion Madison Rayne in an open title challenge.
On re-branded Impact Wrestling, May 19th saw ODB attack Velvet Sky, stating Sky was the reason ODB was fired, beginning her bad characterisation. Re-fought on June 9th where ODB fell to Sky. ODB a week earlier attacked Sky from the crowd, without a TNA contract, to further add to the angle strongly.
Beat Sky down with new partner Jacqueline, once costing Sky and Ms. Tessmacher the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship one week later. Both defeated Sky and Tessmacher in tag action another week later. On the July 7th episode of Impact Wrestling, Sky defeated both ODB and Jacqueline in a two-on-one handicap match, forcing both of them out of TNA as per stipulation of the match. Along with Jacqueline, returned to Impact Wrestling on July 21st , again attacking Velvet Sky prior to her match for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship against  Mickie James.
Escorted out of the arena by police officers after Traci Brooks returned, attacking them both. On August 18th ODB and Jacqueline regained contracts by being good mannered.
Joined with new head of the Knockouts division, Karen Jarrett, on the September 1st edition of Impact Wrestling. ODB returned on November 17th participating among a gauntlet match, won by Mickie James. December 22nd saw ODB join with Eric Young in the Wild Card Tournament, advancing to the semifinals dropping Anarquia and Shannon Moore. The following week, the team was eliminated from the tournament by Magnus and Samoa Joe.



On the January 24th Raw, along with sister Nikki, attacked Gail Kim once discovering Daniel Bryan had been leading them on as Kim was his on screen secret girlfriend, turning them heel for the first time.  At Royal Rumble, on Jan 30th, once again assaulted Kim, along with the following Raw.
Feb 7th‘s Raw, saw first heel match teaming with Melina where they suffered a loss to Eve, Tamina, and Gail Kim.

Both Bella’s entered a program with Eve after participating as Lumberjills during a Unified Women’s Championship match between Eve and Natalya on the Valentine’s Day Raw.

One week passing, both twins downed Eve and Gail Kim in a tag team match after using the bedazzling finisher “Twin Magic.”

Used title shot as number one contender for unsuccessful result on March 7th after sister Nikki won a Divas Battle Royal after switching out.

On the March 17th  Superstars, teamed with Nikki, Melina and Alicia Fox losing against Tamina, Gail Kim, Natalya, and Eve in an efforted battle. March 31st Superstars saw The Bellas and Melina, quell Eve, Gail, and Natalya after Brie scored the pin over Eve.

On the April 11th Raw, Brie bested Eve in a strengthened portrayal to lift her first ever Unified Women’s championship (in the guise of the Diva’s title.) Successful results as champion against non-entity Kelly Kelly at Over the Limit made her look weak to the challenger who should not have been in contention to limit Brie.

Teamed with Maryse and Melina against Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, and Eve on Raw the next night, ending in a no-contest following interruption from Kharma.

On the May 30th episode of Raw, the Bella’s were defeated by Kelly Kelly and Eve. Later that night, interrupted and mocked Kharma when revealing her pregnancy to set a plausible return, if necessary.

On the June 6th Raw, took defeat in a divas tag match against Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix after Brie stared at the lights for Phoenix.

Continued losses on the June 13th Raw, when losing a 7 on 7 divas tag team match. Fate was sealed on June 20th at Raw’s "Power to the People", where she defended her title against either Eve, Kelly Kelly, or Beth Phoenix. Kelly was selected by ‘fans’ defeating Brie, removing the title from her.

A submission match was picked and Nikki lost after tapping out to a Boston crab. After the match, both of the Bellas attacked Kelly until Eve came to the rescue, throwing both Bellas out of the ring. It was later announced that Brie's rematch for the WWE Divas Championship would take place at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

On July 17, Brie challenged Kelly at the Money in the Bank in a title rematch, failing to retrieve the strap.

Raw’s August 1st forced another Battle Royal, for the number one contender spot at Summerslam which failed to win, though was eliminated last.

On August 29th , Brie was credited with a necessary victory over Kelly Kelly after switching places with Nikki.

On Superstars, September 29th, both crushed AJ and Kaitlyn. On mainstream TV, fell to Eve and Kelly once more. Brie won the "Mistletoe on a Pole" match, on November 19th on Smackdown.


Signed a contract entension with TNA for two years in January. On February 20th her storyline cousin Rosita joined her in an eight woman Knockouts tag match, joining Madison Rayne and Tara.
With Rosita, joined Hernandez who was vocalising anti American views to maintain nationalism to Mexico.  Both ladies fought both original members of the Beautiful people with Sarita gaining the pinfall. Sky put her career on the line against Sarita following this result.

On March 3rd Sky finally downed Sarita in singles, protecting her career. March 13th , at Victory Road, Sarita and Rosita defeated Angelina Love and Winter claiming the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, forcing a Mexican takeover of the organisation.

Formed Mexican America stable with Hernandez and Rosita. Instantly took a loss in 6 man action by Love, Winter and Matt Morgan in a nonsensical decision.
Over coming weeks Sarita and Rosita successfully defended the Knockouts Tag Team Championship against The (original) Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) then against Madison Rayne and Tara.
June 16th gained success besting Velvet Sky and Ms. Tessmacher, thanks to interference from ODB.
Suffered facial paralysis setback briefly at beginning of July. On the 21st episode of Impact, wore a protective mask as Rosita lost the titles to Tessmacher and Tara. Gained rematch on August 7th at Hardcore Justice, failing to retrieve the gold.
Unmasked on 16th October by Toxxin. Joined Anaquia and Hernandez at Turning Point in 6 man action for the World Tag Team Championship, which was retained by Mexican America after Sarita was benefitted with the pinfall once nailing Toxxin with one of the titles.
Won her sixth time in the CMLL Bodybuilding Contest on November 24.



Jan 23rd saw her defeat Madison Eagles in CHIKARA.
Took loss in a good Four Way tag match on Feb 20th for CHIKARAs clutch of Doom card, partnering Delirious.
Lost to Serena and bested Courtney Rush for SHIMMER on March 26th.at Volumes 37 and 38.
39 and 40 the following night placed her in tag action with Tomoka Nakagawa where they beat Mia Yim and Jamilia Clark, advancing to the tag champs Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata, whom they defeated for the gold to become SHIMMER’s tag champs.
Defended on April 2nd victoriously against Matsumoto and Ayumi Kurihara.
On the 17th for CHIKARA, joined in a tag team Gauntlet with Sara Del Ray, among 8 other teams, including males.
Haze dropped Grizzly Redwood at CHIKARA’s Engulfed card on May 14th. On the 21st defeated all the Ant’s and Madison Eagles in another fine 8 person tag bout. Lost on July 30th at Chikarasaurus Rex on it’s first themed day.
Took hiatus in early August after Claudio Castagnoli chokeslammed her at Chikarasaurus Rex events for CHIKARA.
October 1st saw Daizee get dizzy losing with Nakagawa at Volume 41 over in SHIMMER where Hamada and Ayumi Kurihara won.



Love defeated Sky via submission on April 28th in a singles match, which sold none of her credentials.
On May 5th, Sky layed over Winter in a two–on–three handicap match, teaming with Kurt Angle opposing Winter, Love and Jeff Jarrett, announcing intentions to become Knockout Champion as a result. On Impact’s May 19th episode, Sky beat Love and Winter in another two–on–one handicap match, who was then ambushed by a returning ODB, claiming Sky enabled her firing.
Won a June 9th collision with ODB only to fail the following week in tag wrestling with Ms. Tessmacher for the Knockout tag titles against Sarita and Rosita, thanks to ODB interfering. Took a beat down as a result from ODB and Jacqueline. Defeated on June 12th in tagging, Sky ended the feud abruptly in another two on one handicap match forcing both out of TNA, on July 7th. 
On June 18th, Sky debuted for Mexican promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración at TripleManía XIX, teaming with Love, Mickie James and Sexy Star to defeat Cynthia Moreno, Faby Apache, Lolita and Mari Apache in eight woman tagging. 
July 21st saw her receive a chance from Knockout champ Mickie James for her title, until James was assaulted by Love and Winter. Sky aimed to save James, though ambushed once again by ODB and Jacqueline, who then were attacked by returning Traci Brooks in yet another mish mash of stupidity.
September 15th saw her fell Love in another tiresome display of mismanagement. At Bound for Glory, Sky surfaced as champion over James. Traci Brooks replaced Karen Jarrett, as referee to count Sky victorious in a Tag Knockouts titles win.
On October 9th at Héroes Inmortales, teamed with Jennifer Blake and Star defeating Moreno, Faby and Mari Apache in a six woman tag team "Glow in the Dark" match.
Back in TNA, was attacked on October 20th by Gail Kim, when thanking fans. November 13th at Turning Point, Sky lost her Women's Knockout Championship to Gail Kim, ending her reign at just 28 days.  


WWE’s pure wrestling female. Whilst losing a few places due to sacrificial lamb and putting talent over, the Divas champion’s best partner in wrestling crime couldn’t be allowed to deliver faultless performances on her own standing, which was disheartening. Hopefully 2012 will rectify this. Natalya is the only Woman in WWE that can truly mark its territory in the division and can also stand strong alongside Phoenix.
As champion at Royal Rumble, clearly wouldn’t defeat the odds when LayCool, as separate competitors where joined with a mystery opponent in a now Fatal 4 Way match for her title which was lost to Eve. Layla took the pinfall.
Among the supplemental draft in April, Natalya was drafted back to Smackdown, thus removed from the title picture. Took defeat to then champion Brie Bella in her return match.
In May, Nat was an on-screen mentor to AJ and Kaitlyn, also doubling as manager at ringside. All three occasionally fought against Tamina, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes through the mid-year.
On Smackdown’s August 5th broadcast, Natalya flawed AJ in a match, then turning on her protégé similar to Beth/Kelly and joined with Beth Phoenix to remove all the Barbie tarts from WWE’s Womens division that cause dishonour to it.
Phoenix and Natalya defeated The Chickbusters (AJ and Kaitlyn) on the August 12th. Falling to Eve and Kelly Kelly to build them as bigger entities, Natalya’s position was harmed in the process on Raw over the September period.
Accompanied Beth to ringside at Hell In A Cell, as Phoenix was victorious. Though was banned at Vengeance, as outside roles were not important. Backstage attacks on Kelly Kelly were blamed for this.
Needs to be switched to the Raw brand via the draft. Must be built with Phoenix instead of being sacrificial lamb to all unnecessary Diva’s. With a Beth V Natalya feud in WWE’s pipeline, both should be allowed a maximum of one year to build, crush and redefine the ailing division seeing as WWE’s only pure wrestling female is being under-classed disgracefully, and forced to job illogically.



Defeated Jessie McKay and Ayumi Kurihara at Volumes 37 and 38 on March 26.

Pinned champion Madison Eagles in a tag team tussle with Cheerleader Melissa to best eagles and Del Rey. Hamada gained a title shot as her reward.

At Volume 40, was unsuccessful to lift the championship.

October 1st  saw Hamada at Volume 41 partnered with Ayumi Kurihara downing Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa capturing the SIMMER tag team championship.

Her first defence, against the Knight Dynasty, was successful at Vol 42.

Continued fruitful challenges with victories over teams consisting of Eagles and Rey, and the Canadian NINJAs (Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez), on the 2nd October.

Joined CHIKARA’s JoshiMania tournament partnering Cherry on Day 1 losing the next two day’s from 2nd to 4th December. Both ending day’s were the main event for Hamada, which can only highlight her strengths.


May 19th saw her partnership with Madison Rayne, after the biker mystery diva battling alongside her broke down. Rayne sacrificed Rosita in a six Woman tag to avoid and build Tara.
Defeated Rayne on July 14th . Won Tag team championship on July 21st, becoming one of 7 TNA performers to hold both the Tag and Knockout titles.

Lost to Rayne on September 29th missing Knockout title contention at Bound for glory. Tara and Miss Tessmacher, formed as TnT,  lost the tag titles to Rayne and Gail Kim on November 3rd.


January witnessed a two-on-one handicap match at the Royal Rumble. At Royal Rumble however, the anonymous Raw General Manager changed the match to a fatal four-way, also involving Eve. Eve pinned Layla to become the new Unified Women’s Champion.
Lost in six man tag at Wrestlemania XXVII.
Attended couples therapy with McCool after losing her first Women’s championship. On the 22nd April episode of Smackdown, McCool attacked Layla during one of their storyline therapy sessions. Lost a match to Eve on the April 25th draft show then being ambushed by McCool. On the 29th April episode of Smackdown both fought one another to a double countout. On May 1st retired Michelle McCool from WWE at Extreme Rules in a Loser Leaves WWE match.
Required surgery shortly after, which cut into her momentum, suffered at Extreme Rules.
Upon announcing injury on 13th May, on Smackdown, Kharma seized an opportunity to remove another Woman from the mix.
Will return to WWE to partner Zack Ryder against recently turned Hoeski Eve.

Teaming with Lacey Von Erich did her no favours. Botching numerous manoeuvres didn’t go down well, neither. Though Rayne did capture the Knockouts title and deliver something interesting to the screen after all the previous holders became slightly boring as the same old routine. She also teamed with Tara and the Beautiful People to have fairly consistent showings.
At Genesis (Jan 9th ), wealthaly conserved Knockout Championship hindering Mickie James, proceeded by meddling from Tara.
Became the self proclaimed “Queen Bee” of Knockouts.
Against All Odds in February saw Rayne safeguarded her title against James,
In a Last Knockout Standing match, marred by assitance by Tara.
Issued open challenges after toppling James as competition. In these challenges over the coming weeks, stomped through ODB, Roxxi and Alissa Flash.
March 17th on Impact, Mickie James received one last title challenge added with stipulation that if James lost, Mick would shave all her hair off, contested in a Steel Cage, on April 8th. Ryane lost this match after holding the Knockouts title at 188 days, breaking the reign held by Awesome Kong (Kharma) of 178 days.
Finally broke with accomplice Tara after Rayne's brutality toward James. Gained one last title shot at James, with another added stipulation that Tara would be free from Madison should James be victorious. At Sacrifice, Rayne failed to regain and lost her henchwoman.
Cost Tara and James Knockout tag titles on June 9th. Squared off on July 14th, though lost due to a real life tarantula.
Dropped Tara on Septemeber 29th to gain a title shot at Bound for Glory. At BFG, lost in a Fatal 4 Way to Velvet Sky, James and Winter.
On October 1st , returned to SHIMMER, calling out former partner Nevaeh who turned on MsChif and Jessie McKay during a tag match. Nevaeh claimed Rayne, billed as Lane, turned her back on SHIMMER, leaving in 2009, leading to a brawl between the two. Later on, Nevaeh felled Lane in her return match. The following day Lane teamed with Mia Yim falling to Nevaeh and Sassy Stephie.
Firmly aligned with Karen Jarrett and Gail Kim to reignite her Knockouts position. With Kim, beat Tessmacher and Tara for the Knockouts tag titles, on November 3rd.
At Final Resolution (December 11th), distracted the Knockout Championship match between Gail Kim and Mickie James (James lost.)
Became Vice President of the Knockouts division for Karen Jarrett once Karen was fired on TV on December 15th. 

Became secret on screen girlfriend of Daniel Bryan at start of the year.
On January 30th at the Royal Rumble, Brie and Nikki Bella re-assaulted Kim for duping the schemers out of a potential boyfriend, creating a feud between the three.
Under orders, removed herself from the Diva Battle Royal, thus making it the most memorable of all time on August 1st.
Kim shortly departed from WWE afterwards.
Returned to TNA on the October 20th episode of Impact Wrestling, making a beeline for the Knockout Champion Velvet Sky, aligning with Karen Jarrett and Madison Rayne.
October 27th's episode of Impact saw Jarrett name Kim number one contender to Sky's title, then ploughing through Tara in Kim's first return match for TNA.
On the November 3 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kim and Rayne defeated TnT.
Their first title defence occurred one week later, claiming Mickie James and Velvet Sky.
At Turning Point on November 13th, halted Velvet Sky to claim the Knockout Championship securing the TNA Knockouts tag team championship. Kim, upon return to the organisation, claimed both the Tag and Knockout titles in quick succession further highlighting her worth in female wrestling.
First title defence came on December 11th at Final Resolution, against challenger Mickie James, with interference from Madison Rayne.  On the December 29th episode of Impact, Kim kept her title against James following further interference from Rayne.



Overcome at Wrestlemania XXVII alongside Layla and Dolph Ziggler on April 3rd to esteemed female professional Trish Stratus, John Morrison and Celebrity Snooki from ‘reality’ TV show Jersey Shore, in a six man intergender match.
April 8th, on Smackdown, as grouping Laycool, lost to Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix creating dysfunction between the two.
Fought best friend Layla on 29th April edition of Smackdown to a double count out. At Extreme Rules the following month, McCool accepted Layla’s challenge adding stipulation that Loser Leaves the WWE. Layla pinned McCool, who then left WWE, before being pummelled by Kharma.


Fell to Del Rey at Ring of Honor's 9th anniversary show competantly.

March 26th and 27th Volumes 37 against Kellie Skater successful then saw Vol 38 defeated by Madison Eagles for the SHIMMER Women's championship, respectively.

Again on the 27th downed Saraya Knight at 39 and MelanieCruise on Volume 40.

October 1st saw another intersting mix up in a fatal 4 way on the losing end with LuFisto and Skater to Tomoka Nakagawa.

Beat Nakagawa after on Oct 2nd to then pair up in a 8 person tag with success again at Volumes 43 and 44.

ROH Collinsville show on November 6th challenging Mia Yuma added to her splendor streak as a femaale with a different stance in charcter whom barely fails to deliver for Women's wrestling.

Submission specialist, the former triple crown champion, with 818 days reign ending in 2012, Chif had a lot to uphold in 2011.
Dropping a few places due to the eventual loss, Ms Chif still manage to contain her standing among wrestling with her unique portrayal and technical abilities.


March 14th, returned to TNA, losing to champion Madison Rayne in a Knockouts title challenge.
As Alissa Flash, partnered Darci Drake defeating San Antonio’s Most Wanted in a Lumberjack match winning the RCW tag championship, holding for four months.

Losing said titles on 3rd September to the Gulf Coast Connection (AJ Summers and Rudy Russo.)
Flash was suspended for 90 days as condition for taking the losing pinfall in the match.

October 2nd saw her defeat Kana at Volume 43 in SHIMMER to become a number one contender, further in the evening (at Volume 44) defeated Madison Eagles for the very SHIMMER Women’s Championship.
November 5, saw her return, in which she debuted for All Japan Pro Wrestling in Taiwan, teaming with Black Bushi and Dark Dragon in a six person tag team match, suffering defeated by Bushi, Makoto and Ultimo Dragon.
Billed as the first ever female match in Taiwan, Melissa defeated Makoto the following night on November 6th.
In December 2011, Anderson took part in TNA's India project, Ring Ka King, performing as both Alissa Flash and Raisha Saeed.

Tag success for CHIKARA on Jan 23rd in 6 man action was victorious. Lost to Madison Eagles on Feb 20th card. On the 26th at ROH’s 9th Anniversary show downed Ms.Chif in comfortable surroundings.

Joined for another 6 man tag with Claudio Castagnoli and Tim Donst at CHIKARA’s big freeze on March 12th to win.

Rose out of the tar swamp on the 13th as winner.

Lost and beat Christina Von Eerie at SHIMMER Volumes 37 and 38 on same day (March 26th.)

On March 27th the following night, tagged with Eagles losing to Hamada and Melissa well, only to claim Jessica James in singles.

Was interrupted by manager Larry Sweeney, on April 11th, after her match with Daizee Haze for ROH.

Played in CHIKARA’s April 17th tag Gauntlet match.

Followed Chris Hero into the Kings of Wrestling co-alition.

Rejoined the Sweet and Sour Inc group on May 9th.

Defeated Daizee Haze on the second HD Net show for Ring of Honor. Lost a tag match on the fourth broadcast with Sassy Stephie to Haze and Nevaeh. Bested both with SHIMMER champion, MsChif on the 17th.

Strong showings for the CHIKARA promotion over July and August.

September to October stood atop the division with back to back victories.
October through to December saw Sara supress competition remaining dominant once again, finishing up in CHIKARA’s Joshi Mania tournament with all successful showings.

WWE could eaisly use her advantageously. As one of her main goals to achieve, now wouldn't be abad time to add healthy competition.

Joined the Raw brand in April as part of the Supplemental Draft on the 26th.
Took charge on August 1st after winning the now infamous Divas Battlle Royal to viciously attack bottle blonde Bimbo Kelly Kelly staking her claim to redefine Women’s wrestling, in a heated and tremendous exchange.
Formed Divas of Doom, and then the Sisters of Salvation with gal pal Natalya.
Phoenix was allowed a detrimental loss to Kelly at Summerslam.

September had Phoenix and Natalya battle Kelly and Eve on Raw while disappearing from the spectrum over to Smackdown battling AJ and Kaitlyn.
Night of Champions saw another challenge from Beth to Kelly for the title, though unsuccessful due to making Kelly seem a worthy champion, which Phoenix sold immensely.

At Hell In A Cell, Phoenix finally crushed K2 to lift the Unified Women’s championship.
Beth retained on Smackdown in mid October in a rematch.

Vengeance added a new challenge in Eve, which Phoenix burned through. Did the same once more with Eve in a Lumberjills match at Survivor Series in which Phoenix performed a high rope mesmerizing Glamslam crushing all competition.
December 18th reinstalled Kelly Kelly at TLC which Phoenix flattened once again. Lost to Alicia Fox on Dec 19th in which the bumbling Fox smashed Phoenix with minor and painful injury through incompetence.
Now WWE’s Premier Woman, needs to be given competent opponents to redefine female values and must have Natalya seem to be her equal to dominate the Women’s industry for at least a year.
Phoenix redefined the WWE division, though hasn’t had enough credible competition to play with. Though she has done enough with her impressive streak, aggression and lengthy run as champion to bump her position to the top five.

Joined Covey Promotions in early Jan. At All or Nothing 5 on April 30th, repelled Hannah Blossom lifting the Women’s championship as the very first in the promotion.
June 18th, debuted for Mexican promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) at TripleManía XIX, merging with Angelina Love, Sexy Star and Velvet Sky defeating Cynthia Moreno, Faby Apache, Lolita and Mari Apache in an eight woman tag match.
Returned to AAA on July 9th, teaming with Sexy Star dropping Apaches, after which James laid down the challenge to Mari for her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship.
On July 31st at Verano de Escándalo, partook in an eight pack match up for the Reina de Reinas Championship, becoming last eliminated by new champion, Pimpinela Escarlata in another fine display of in ring ability. Whilst with TNA, also made several appearances for promotions including Pro Championship Wrestling, Legends of the Ring, Northeast Wrestling Show and National Wrestling Superstars.
On April 17th, at Lockdown, James defeated Rayne in a pointless Steel Cage match, lasting less than one minute to seizing the Knockouts Championship for the first time, making James the first woman to have held the WWE Women's Championship, the WWE Divas Championship, and the TNA Women's Knockouts Championship, thus becoming the grand slam champion of Women’s wrestling to all major titles.
May 5th on Impact, James made her first flourishing title fortifiction against Ms. Tessmacher. At Sacrifice (May 15th ), James successfully defended her title over Rayne to free Tara from her clutches. The following month at Slammiversary IX, claimed another success against Angelina Love, with title on the line, however afterwards Love and Winter attacked the champ.

June 23rd‘s Impact, saw James rebuffed by Winter in a non-title Street Fight, with outside interference from Love. Leading on to August 7th at Hardcore Justice, where James yielded the Knockout Championship to Winter, following multiple intervention from Love, snowed over with red mist from Winter.
The next broadcast on Impact, James defeated Madison Rayne attaining a rematch instead of being given one contractually, for the title. The September 1st episode of Impact, witnessed James supplant Winter, regaining the Knockouts Championship.

At No Surrender, James switched the title back to Winter, rendering both competitors as transitional champions, in another disastrous booking. Impact’s September 22nd show, dropped Brooke Tessmacher to gain another shot at the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory, in a four-way match with champion Winter, Rayne and Velvet Sky, who would eventually leave the pay-per-view as the new champion.

On November 17th won a Gauntlet match against nine other females earning a title shot once more. At Final Resolution, Gail Kim, as champion, kept James at bay, retaining the Knockouts Championship, following a distraction from Madison Rayne.
Always in the title match, deserved, is booked irrationally by TNA and eventually the same match earning rights will become outdated, boring and cripple James as an excellent force in Women’s wrestling. Mustn’t be booked as a gimmick and as a stronghold of TNA Knockout’s credibly.

Eagles became Champion for the SHIMMER and Pro Wrestling Women's Alliance promotions setting the world alight casting a gaze over the industry with Women who have the talent and strength.
Previous companies include Heartland Wrestling Association, World Class Extreme Wrestling, EGO Pro Wrestling, and International Wrestling Australia.
Showings in CHIKARA in Jan losing to Daizee Haze and Feb besting Sara Del Rey was
March 12th at CHIKARA and SHIMMER on the 26th for Volumes 37 and 38 were consistent victories as champion, against Ms.Chif and Mercedes Martinez. March 27th saw Volume 40 success in another title defence over Hamada.

April 17th at CHIKARA caused a loss to Minari Toyota. May 21st saw a 8 person tag with Soldier, Green and Fire Ant lsoing at CHIKARA's anniversario event.
October 1st claimed more success at Volumes 41 and 42 retaining the championship. Lost on October 2nd to Cheerleader Melissa in another strengthened showcase.
Ends as one of the most powerful and recognised figures in female wrestling with powerful valued intent. Has nothing to fear, though needs to figure out how to remain at the top, and best competition further. 
Well worth watching.


March 26th saw Martinez unable to wrest title from Eagles, then successful in singles over Rachel Summerlyn at SHIMMER 37 and 38 then on March 27th beat Christina Von Eerie at Volume 40.
Martinez began her third WXW Championship reign (for 206 days) on September 10.
Managing to become the Queen of the ring in a King and Queen tournament, with Julio Dinero,In October, with the combined Women Superstars Uncensored and National Wrestling Superstars promotions.
October 1st gave more strength to her core in unchallenged victories.
Her heel turn on October 2nd after being a fan favourite turned the atmosphere with sheer delight. Among SHIMMER, with this, she began her feud with Athena. With Athena ended on a draw and loss by DQ in another trivial and tested exchange between both fluently.
Reigning champion for over a year kept wrestling strengthened for females. Can she be toppled next year? Martinez has intense qualities in ring, and will need something extra to tender her position at the top.
Could not be toppled with impressive wrestling and record as champion.
© Max Waltham 10th April 2012

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