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Wrestlemania 28: Fallout Part 2, Lord and Lesnar return

Wrestlemania 28: The Fallout, Part Two
Lord & Lesnar return!

One evening directly after the grandest stage of all turned heads with the heavyweight title match, Undertaker/HHH take three, and The Rock/Cena collision, Raw was ready to stoke those flames of intensity further.

On the 2nd February episode, John Cena, later in the evening asked for the great one, The Rock to join him in the centre of the ring to toast their respect for one another after realising the match they put on for business reasons was respectful, despite the reason for the feud being less favoured.

The Rock declined Cena’s invitation. Though it was answered.

Even before he appeared, the crowd were already chanting for him.

Former WWE and UFC star, Brock Lesnar returned. The crowd was wild for him. Cena shortly received an F-5 from Lesnar.

On the following 9th Feb Raw, both Brock and Cena attempted a in ring pull apart brawl, which had mixed reaction. John Laurinaitis stated Brock would be the choice to redefine the WWE’s current infrastructure for 2012.

Once brawling in the ring, all WWE’s lockeroom, the job squad, entered to break up equally. Some held Cena back in one corner, while others kept Brock in his barracks too. Alex Riley was behind Lesnar holding him in a comfortable and picture perfect fashion on all levels. It was ‘nice’, ya know…

Cena and Brock broke free on numerous occasions to trounce onto each other to brawl briefly, before being pulled apart in the frucous once more. To begin with, before the brawling, Brock landed a punch to Cena’s face at the jaw, which was now busted with blood.

Cena swallowed a blood capsule once everyone piled on for the brawl, to assume Brock’s right hand busted John’s jaw.

So, Brock’s return has chosen to deliver something to the product. McMahon has chosen this choice to bring back “the pain” in the hope of regaining the demographic he currently lost with John Cena  – men.

An addition to bare knuckle fighting, at UFC, Vinnie probably believes this will infuse further following, as well as heightened media coverage, which is always desired.

The decision is a viable one. In the eight year absence of Lesnar, no one has developed. This also highlights WWE’s flaws. Brock may have had a good three week return; however, one man alone cannot make the change, yet WWE only ever rely on one being at a time in a yearly period.

WWE need ‘back-up’s. ‘Those back-ups are the young one’s WWE failed to push in the last four+ years.  On the business side, Brock will regain the male followers, but not all will join after a month long dilution. The choice returning was correct and necessary, though fans are fed up of old hat performers not in new situations.

Though one word to the WWE Universe -  Brock and Rock are not the “Stone Cold’s” or “Ric Flair’s” and “Hulk Hogan’s” who only return for a pay check then leave and constantly re-return to milk it , in which they do not sell anything.

Lesnar will add contrast and possibly a new dimension for now, WWE’s dimension, however won’t be new with the old scenario’s which it must carefully preserve.  It’s time to build talent along with Lesnar. By the end of 2012, WWE needs a list of stars who have developed position and worth with the Universe in status, even if they don’t get fully booked to main events. Get ‘the list’ shaped by 2012, and WWE may have a situation that helps its profits among fan interaction and emotional investment.

On the Feb 16th Raw, Brock claimed he was not a WWE superstar and that he is an “ass kicker” who plans on being a “wreckin’ machine” on John Cena at Extreme Rules on April 29th . (Further detail in the London Raw review in a few days.

Lord Tensai enters the fray

Lord Tensai with his deshi, Sakamoto, debuted on the Feb 2nd Raw also.

Staring opposite him as lamb to the slaughter was Alex Riley. Can you guess why he was booked?

Riley stood no chance and later mentioned in the match “a message “was sent. Alex Riley was jobbed out as Jerry Lawler announced “squashed” for one reason, Wrestling Wonders saw his potential and mentioned it, though McMahon didn’t feel he was ready, so instead, chose to crush a star that “isn’t ready” yet was capable of being someone to project a newer audience for WWE’s platform.

Tensai revealed himself removing his veil and helmet to battle A-Rod, in which Tensai, met with chants of “A-Train,” steamed through with a beat down and running dive onto his opponent to crush their body landing back first on their stomach.

Perhaps WWE were incensed that Wresting Wonders revealed Lord Tensai, click link here – Lord Tensai Revealed 

WW wrote as such, because the ‘E have constantly abused the rights to kayfabe and projection, as well as mockery to certain mentions and angles involving the henchman on the site in a detrimental fashion. Hey, we can take it, but it seems when returned, baby throws toys out of the pram? WW had far more insults than it gave, yet not once moaned about. We just get on with it, but we don’t forget lightly. This was just one receipt.

On the Feb 9th edition of Raw, Tensai, met with chants of “Albert,” fought the next jobber, Yoshi Tatsu. Tensai dominated through Japan, and respected thoroughly, which WWE used as a basis for Tatsu’s crush, as Yoshi “wrote on Twitter” comments about being Japanese and wrestling meaning something probable to him. McMahon, in the mask of Tensai, smashed Tatsu’s values. (McMahon didn’t technically wear a mask and appear.)

Tensai uses a mist spurt and vice claw to finish opponents.

On the 16th Feb Raw, live in London, UK, Tensai was unveiled as John Cena’s mystery opponent. In this match Tensai was allowed to look inferior to Cena, who bested all of the Lord’s moves, didn’t sell any aggression and crippled Tensai as a credible entity.

Lord Tensai’s options are difficult.

Initially good, booked instantly into job matches, does nothing for him to solidify meaning or depth in the company. Once disrobed, Tensai looks just like Albert from 2001 with make up on his face from the matrix.

Tensai’s run will peter out, unless WWE actually cut the crush jobs and give him strong opponents to battle with. Perhaps WWE’s failings to create opponents to battle with is its issue as to why this return is slowly failing.

Same old, same old. WWE don’t know how to book into a different, wider spectrum other than mockery, when they could and should have used their positions and the one’s of advice online, to learn how to re-structure in a way that gets grand scale characters like Tensai, dark and mysterious, to have a meaningful enclosure.
What does it mean?
After great returns of two big stars, eventually, less than three months into their runs, WWE will be in danger zone once again, because it can’t understand how else to present it. With a record fifthteen members on the creative team, and a handful booking the way the company needs to be represented, may now allow for competition to stand against WWE if they can be bothered. Whether that remains to be seen, WWE will dip all the same, unless it hires or re-shapes in a completely new way. It cannot seem to do it on its own, which highlights drastic disaster looming for their business model, and ratings. Currently, everything seems to be centred around one man WWE claim is not the frontman anymore, John Cena. WWE only want money, so Cena it is. Eventually, once again, and again failing to listen to the Universe and “create a new John Cena,” McMahon has put continual strain on its Universe, and with damaging effect. Cena will drive away those fans regained by The Rock once more. Will WWE ever learn and give to the “People” as it states? Time will tell.

There are two more parts coming on the Wrestlemania fallout. Stay tuned all this week.

If WWE want to bring in more UFC men, leading candidate? (not Puder) - Dennis Hallman! Thta's all that needs to be said! Adds instant interest. :)


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© Max Waltham 17th April 2012

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