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Wrestlemania 28: The Fallout, Part One, The Rock/John Cena

Wrestlemania 28: The Fallout, Part One
The Rock/John Cena

So, why was it the right decision for The Rock to win?

The Business Side

Many of John Cena’s fans to begin with were The Rock’s once Rock left WWE, though, ironically, the fans left him also after a couple of years completely. Those that remained were embarrassed to be associated with Cena in allegiance after Rock’s Raw promo on grown men as Cena fan’s was mentioned.

The heightened maelstrom of magnitude between fans of the two was more than what WWE were desiring to cling onto. It made the money, created the talking point, and re-peaked interested, didn’t it?

While the majority say it was Cena also, The Rock was the only man who caused this re-designed concept. His name alone, after ten years in the business absence’s, still had relevance and in the ten year’s away not one tenth of a star has risen to any level of The Rock or superstars past. At least by now, even Cena should have provided this by now.

Wrestling Woes

Failure to wrestle, sell others with strong holds, less over characterised animation in facial expressions, where no holds are being ‘held’ on the stars, and Cena’s abundance to put someone over through ignorance and mismanagement causes the uproar. Cena never sells a hold and devalues wrestling, therefore how could he possibly defeat The Rock in an epic, clean, and cataclysmic victory with credible intent?

Cena’s inability to measure up/failings over years as a wrestler causes the divide, and without setting up his new opponents, Cena cannot understand why he has no more options in fan faith. He has gone through every star in the company, and with the same tired and outdated feuds resurfacing constantly, where Cena, if putting over, can create month long new angles, washes away any chance of re-developing himself in the role of WWE superstar.

The Rock lowered himself to allow Cena to seem his equal on mic promos. Looking weak and exposed to allow John comebacks were again discredited. Cena instantly chose to create his strongest offence to be attacking The Rock’s personal achievements and only able to deliver a penis joke that fell on deaf ears. Even abandoning his own morals to “Rise above Hate.” Cena created further hatred when exposing The Rock’s written words on his hand, which WWE were miffed about as Cena diverted off script in such a way that attempted to take a cheap shot at The Rock, again devaluing Cena’s opportunity to win the match on creative and wrestling values. If he respected the sport as he claimed he was wrestling for, he wouldn’t have needed this option, surely?

With non-professional conduct here and in promos, Cena even committed these sins in the very match at Wrestlemania 28, where The Rock, sold graciously in John Cena’s moves and no pressure hold, the STF. Being the professional to make the match work, Rock put Cena over. Cena did not return any of those favours, creating further disrespect to the industry.
Some History Lessons

The Rock returned fire by destroying Cena with the “Rock Concert” on WWE Raw prior to ‘Mania’s event. He stood no chance to equal a fraction of this, after Rock gave him every opportunity to do so.

Hometown Hoopla

Rock did not win because the hometown of Miami was selected. The hometown was made because

a) It’s The Rock’s hometown and he has returned for over a decade of disclosure.

b) To maximise sales, and re-establish the wrestling fans WWE drove away with the Cena/PG product.

John Cena failed to win this one because he allowed himself to be inadequate. In almost the same space of The Rock’s departure, and Cena’s rise, Cena has the chance to be a serious contender as a mainstream performer though neglected his intentions. His work ethic may carry him backstage, though his work ethic is undone in the fact he doesn’t work to improve. Any other superstar would never receive eight of the nine lives Cena attained and got away with. Causing the fans to leave the product, WWE realised it needed to refresh, revamp and reignite, and The Rock was the perfect man to endorse this. If Cena won, WWE realised they would never claw those fans back forever.

Rock brings the kids that grew up to be the men valuing wrestling today. Real men returned with The Rock. Will they stay? (See Fallout #2, coming in April 2012)

Nethertheless, Vince McMahon is laughing. He has the hype, the publicity, the ratings and the sales on his April 1st built up smile.

John Cena is smiling, he got a massive pay off and still remains top of the WWE food chain.

The Rock remains Hollywood’s strength, proving he can multitask the two immensely.

The question now remains as to how WWE, now all over, develops it new talent in the next year, or whether it shall allow the clouded mist of mismanagement to haze out those to develop and become the stars fans of the WWE Universe wish to pay their hard earned money for, with quality products in wrestling and entertainment angles with accurate decisions made on final results that enforce the product to remain fresh, current, vibrant and engaging for the next and future episodes.
© Max Waltham 13th April 2012

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