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Fandango on debut road to 'Mania

Fandango fleckles onto 
Wrestlemania stage

The long awaited debut of the rose swishing, all dancing Casanova with a deep enriched voice filled with passion swayed onto our screens on the March 4th Raw broadcast. Previously taking backstage vignettes on Smackdown prior, Fandango would not wrestle if his name was misrepresented. After the intense build-up of excitement the over bulging pectoral delight took centre stage, only for Justin Roberts to fail to announce his correctly in a match with Kofi Kingston. On March 11th‘s Raw “Jillian” Garcia way next in line to mispronounce his name. Giving his advice to “breathe the A’s” in a second and third attempt Lillian as others, who couldn’t get it right, fell foul to Fandango who after a fair opportunity fluttered away for participation in defiance. It was a generous way to annoy and build repertoire and although it should have turned people off, his debut on Raw was the only highlight of the entire evening.

Areola approval test passed
One week later Fanny returned bumping into Chris Jericho backstage who mocked Fandango’s name with comedy blips intentionally. Fandango was only permitted to stare and breathe heavy in disgust. This would have been the perfect time for Fandango to deck Jericho with a punch in order to build further heat and rivalry. The feud officially began when Fandango attacked Jericho in match with Swagger on the following Friday night Smackdown. Following on to Raw ‘dango made his way to the ring for his debut match only for Jericho to halt his opportunity and assault in retaliation. Seeing as the balance was unfair from Jericho’s mockery and uneven, Fandango restored the tally later that evening to cost Y2J a match with Big E. Langston.

Faces challenge on April 7th 

Sought illuminus inspiration somewhere...
The pair are now firmly set into a battle which was announced to take place at Wrestlemania after WWE deliberated on the idea initially. For Fandango this is a making of star appeal with Jericho which should be returning veteran’s roles when not in title races. Jericho is more than capable and is one of the many returners who has been continually impressive in this building role. Until Y2J is in stable positions, due to others involved his time spent elsewhere rebuilding profile is an excellent change and supportive to all. It is in Wrestling Wonders professional opinion than Jericho should lose at ‘Mania in order to instigate a new star building who has impressed in just weeks without evening wrestling. That is a rare feat. The only other to do so was Alex Riley, who suffered injury since. Jericho will also be raising his own credentials in this loss, although WWE will likely give Jericho the victory. If WWE decide to mix the formula up to re-build newbies strongly after gathering huge interest and capitalise on its height than allow it to peak, new stars a can evolve evermore fruitfully. This will also set a return for Y2J and keep Fandango strongly presented at the top of his game. In the role, Fandango has been a revealing delight that has generated all boxes ticked with sheer gusto and determination which has divided opinion and created opportunities many fail to do so. He did it in a matter of weeks. Now everyone is eating out of the palm of his hand and watching with anticipation and interest for the next installment. Fandango has risen up the ranks immensely and he hasn’t even begun. 

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Why The Rock will win at Wrestlemania 29

The Rock’s double-whammy 
Wrestlemania win

Wrestlemania season is upon us soon to culminate in an extravagant end on Sunday 7th April with one of its high profile matches featuring returning champion The Rock against opponent John Cena. Billed as once in a lifetime for last year’s exact same match, originally for the WWE title itself many fans and organisers forgot about was instead earmarked for the following year coming in just over one week’s time. As fans felt conned with the disillusion of the now fad advertisement of “Once in a lifetime” pitting arch enemies Rock and Cena one on one in a real life simmering situation of dislike WWE chose to pre-empt advertisers in secret to raise a long list for the Rock/Cena II collision leaving many fans frustrated, annoyed and feeling duped.

Last year after Rock’s win, most knew WWE’s booking standards of rematches for money would likely occur though, and Rock extended his contract until Extreme Rules. So why exactly is The Rock going to win this year in a double whammy at Wrestlemania?

Firstly the allure of a rematch loss is always existent and should have intent but in this case Cena should not gain the victory, and he won’t. WWE realises it needs to close this chapter on Cena and Rock after the second booking was money making but a strain too much, as well as other stars and time needing both superstars in different scenarios. Rock should not lose in defiance and continues to remain WWE’s most over entity able to work other stars successfully and to their best and always deliver audience values with ratings. For that alone he should be highly respected on the grandest stage of all time, after becoming the modern day entity who is the forefront of the business, let alone WWE.

Plus, The Rock was advertised to defend the WWE title on April 9th also on the post Smackdown in Boston.

You’re Welcome!

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Wrestling Wonders Women Pro 25

Wrestling Wonders Women Pro 25

Wrestling Wonders presents the annual Women's Pro 25 of the previous year from period January to December 2012. Placement based on wrestling skill, talent and promos delivered with exceptional or interesting involvement. 

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2011 Placing - Unlisted

14th Jan battle with Jessicka Havok a delight… As Midwest Militia with Sassy Stephie, joined partners Jennifer Cruz and Tina San for eight man tag glory at WSU… Alicia and Britney Savage sought revenge adding with Traci Brooks to topple Kay and recently added Militia member Havok that very evening on 21st Jan… TCW title shot at champ Cherry Bomb unsuccessful… Girls Grand Prix entry knockout at first round by Sara Del Rey… March followed WSU tag title contender’s uncensored rules crushing Savage and Alicia… Used title shot same night on 3rd to relieve Soul Sisters Jana and Luscious Latasha of gold in New York City… Defended titles against Savage and Alicia in April… Won vacant AIW’s Women’s title in unsanctioned match in hot contest with Mia Yim at Girls Night Out… Held onto tag titles for WSU in Soul Sisters rematch… Dropped clumsy Jennifer Blake in defence of AIW championship… June entry for WSU world title contendership credible showing…. Another defence with Mia Yim on 4th Aug retained title… Took vacant TCW Women’s tag title with Courtney Rush opposing Xandra Bale and Leah Von Dutch…. Commendable triple threat against Jessicka Havok and winner Reby Sky with special referee Maria Kanellis… October vacant title loss at TCW once more to Courtney Rush… Successful AIW defences over Nov and Dec with Kobald to end impressive year…

25 year old impresses with spacial awareness, ability to mirror opponents and drive home technical skill… Powerful clotheslines and strong sense of being… All-rounder with grapple submissions utilised specifically to timing… Needs strong opponents and devoted time to rise further in 2013…



2011 Placing - Unlisted

Jan – Mar feud with Santana Garrett fair but losing side mostly… Joined winners in Athena and MsChif on 16th Mar for AAW… Paired with MsChif at SHIMMER in fresh partnership filled with uplifting change… Tagged with Jesse Neal on NWA Ring Warriors card beating Chasyn Rance and Garrett… Lost more Garrett battles in April… Advanced to semi-finals of Queen of Queens tournament in vital boost passing Veda Scott then felled by Athena for ACW in June… July proved promising with MsChif gaining win from Davina Rose and Candice LeRae on 6th… 7th Women’s title win ten year anniversary card stopped pal Chif from claiming gold in deluxe one on one challenge…  FOW Battling Bombshell’s title three way loss in Aug… Formed MSEERIE alliance falling to Made in Sin’s Taylor Made and Allysin Kay for SHINE on 17th … Helped others over Sep including Kay, Jessica James, Crazy Mary Dobson and win over Marti Belle… Took part in Stardom’s Goddess contest from 3rd – 25th Nov… Good match with Brittney Savage on 14th Dec… Two days later finished with six way ACW heavyweight title inclusion for Christmas joy knocked into misery by Rachel Summerlyn…

Produced fair levels of support for others while containing dignity… Has little niche available in promotion space after others capitalised on forming industry in other promotions with priority… Can stand firm on own portrayal as well as strong alliances driving importance… 



2011 Placing - Unlisted

Jan start with intergender scrap with Greg Excellent at CZW… Travelled to Girls Night Out for AIW beating Allysin Kay… Sagged second evening match to Marti Belle in steady action…  ACW Joshi title attempt unsuccessful following month… Days later on 24th entered first round of Girls Grand Prix losing tender match with Mercedes Martinez...  Avenged previous intergender with rematch win over Excellent on 10th Mar… Teamed with promising Davina Rose for SHIMMER in level tag action… Indy Gruntz Grand Prix contest tag loss with Jessie Kaye in fine fight with Fire and Ice… Remix Pro TLW Women’s title shot with IMW Hybrid fighting title on the line from Hailey Hatred silencing Yim’s efforts a joy…  AIW vacant title shot snapped up by Allysin Kay in another sterling test… June three way REINA X victory… Double evening duty for X World tag title tournament final with Aki Kanbayashi with unrewarding title thrill… Eight way up the ladder challenge for CZW in July with tense outing filled with seven male counterparts… AIW rematch with Kay unvictorious benevolence... Took down LuFisto and Sassy Stephie over August in hotly anticipated action… Joined Greg Excellent losing to rival in previous months Kimber Lee and Drew Gulak… Restored faith at RCW with tag win alongside Sarah Bridges… Battled Christina Von Eerie in PWS Bombshells event in December…

Commitment unwaivered to Indy scene… Becoming interesting, engaging and cared for competitor with fans and companies… Attractive draw with rare appearance inclusion with all male dominance well worked entanglement… Able to cope with pressure adding consistency with doubt…



2011 Placing - 15

Numerous Knockout title opportunities over January to April mostly resulting in colossal bore… Mid May Impact threesome with Gail Kim and Brooke Tessmacher became background character… Successful in Remix Pro on 19th over Sassy Stephanie… Lost another title contendership for TNA in June showing no interesting qualities… Won ridiculous four on three handicap gimmick match with Tara, Mickie James and Angelina Love remaining dormant… Lost to Melina at WWC in fair battles securing third day of weekend win in tag action alongside Xix Xavant against Davey Richards and Melina… Reformed Beautiful People on Indy circuit for NEW wrestling, FEW and MCW over Sept- Oct… December ends in TNA with empty win over Madison Rayne…

Pointless booking, lack of direction and non interest available to other performers given green light spells trouble for Sky… Needs to really push deliverance, gather professional interest and strength of character… Has minimal options currently…   



2011 Placing - Unlisted

Embarked in six man tag, two of three falls battles with mostly pleasing results over Jan – Feb… Dropped Ayumi in tantalising lightning match on 2nd March… Won the big one on 9th in two of three falls Women’s title match from Ayumi… On sterling victory role over April in tag unison’s prevailing match quality… Defeated Tiffany on 28th to retain CMLL World Women’s title…  Encouraged competition with losses over May to enhance title scene… Regained stride in June for tags delivering style… Retained another two of three tantaliser from competitive La Amapola … Continued mammoth victories until halted at IWS on 22nd July still showcasing skills credibly with La Comandante and Ludark Shaitan… Fought tense hair vs hair test against Tiffany keeping her locks in tact… Won ten back to back winning streak for CMLL and occasional IWS first year glory… Title maintenance from La Ampola once again on 17th Sept... Continued deliverance in six man tags over Nov – Dec… Won XMW Women’s title from Ludark Shaitan in masterful collision of heart… Lightning bouts over Dec even and inclusive… Ended year on six man tag glory once more…

Impressive double champion drives competition, uses skill in abundance and achieves great results from all involved… Valid team player on roster… Respected highly for talented contribution… Needs to gain wider recognition from audience for sustained eyeballs looking in… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Number one contenders battle royal missed after Madison Rayne scooped honours… Fought FEW champ Winter for title in Feb… Had three minute matches in April and May with Gail Kim and Velvet Sky respectively… Lost title match at Sacrifice with Kim… Lost night after to Kim on Impact also… Won four way contenders for Knockout title in June… Won in hometown of Texas taking Kim’s Knockout title… Promptly rechristened Miss Tessmacher… Lost title at Hardcore Justice to Madison Rayne in pithy exchange from both competitors… Won title back from Rayne day later at Impact with special referee Taryn Terrell… Defended against Kim in July on television…  Lost to Tara in two and half minutes on 23rd Aug… Lost Knockout strap to Tara on 14th October at Bound for Glory… Shameful Impact title rematch in three min sleaze bungle following week… Failed to gain number one spot once more in Nov… Feud with Rayne over Nov cut short… Thrown back to Kim instead in December ending with defeat by Gail....

Transitional champ and overnight turnaround launched new knockout… Let down by inaccuracy and clone to bigger leagues productions… Has been seen before having catastrophic results… Needs to adopt wrestler than show off of company structure… Occasional lesbian has limited repertoire from booty shaking skank… 



2011 Placing - 3

Genesis Knockout title shot with Gail Kim ended in disqualification… Joined February number one contendership battle royal to no avail… Further failings to Kim in non-title Impact on 29th … Returned two months later in April to win team match with Miss Tessmacher, Tara and Velvet Sky beating Gail Kim Madison Rayne, Rosita and Sarita in fumbly action… Lost another number one contenders match to Brooke Tessmacher in June… Gained title shot with Tessmacher on 21st edition of Impact… Beaten by Rachel Summerlyn at 2CW next month… Tag loss with Tara to Kim and Rayne in standard Impact match… Entered yet another tiresome number one contender’s bout again as loser beginning August… Went to PWE in August with no contest and tag wins… Finally won a number one contenders battle royal in November at TNA after year long struggle… Beat Kim in singles on 29th to end disastrous year…

Lengthy hiatus, booking lunacy and minimal effort towards matches suggests James may be losing her stride… Doesn’t have enough mileage than ten years previous… Should consider moving out of TNA… Currently of no interest, substandard character in other folk’s tedious challenges… Tawdry match quality has dipped… 



2011 Placing - 14

Strong five min match on Superstars with Tamina resulted in fair loss… Lost to Aksana in brainless six second blunder on company’s part on 24th Jan Smackdown…  Joined Royal Rumble foursome with Bella’s and Beth Phoenix in five min victory with minimal yet structured input presenting others as capable… 10th April team with The Great Khali and Alicia Fox was brief fifty-five seconds against Drew McIntyre and the Bella Twins… Procured AJ by DQ on 17th… Lost to Layla on May 1st… Provided well with Maxine on Raw following Monday in order to enhance bumbling Kelly Kelly and Layla as competitors… Spent time in NXT preparing others including Kaitlyn… Consistent showing at MITB six man tag with Beth and Eve paving way for Kelly, Layla and Tamina… Part of contenders battle royal accidentally won by Kaitlyn instead of Eve… Excellent 4 minute dream match with departing Phoenix on 25th September Smackdown… 13th November Smackdown victory with Kaitlyn and Layla… Ends six person mixed tag victorious with Khali and Hornswoggle…

Training WWE’s new batch with in-ring experience proves vital, however costly at own expense… Needs respected role on television as well as donated time to action… Must remain one of locker-room contenders even if absent from title scene… Trapped in senseless love angle with Great Khali which is simply not believable… 



2011 Placing - 11

Returned to action at Extreme Rules as mystery challenger scooping title from Brie Bella who switched with title holder twin sister Nikki costing her the championship… Fair but overly constrained match with Beth Phoenix at Over the Limit in May… Flimsical title defence month later at No Way Out saw champ turn into comedy clown mocking opponents headdress instead of title prestige marring match input… Scored winning pin over phoenix at MITB in six man filler… Moved on to challenger Eve at Night of Champions after dire whodunit where Hoeski Eve took out rival Kaitlyn in adequate screaming match finally losing the title in accordance… Triple threat rematch at Hell In A Cell with Kaitlyn and Eve eventful and tiresome bore taking the pinfall…

Exhausted options amid lack of skills and technique now requires sustained improvement if serious to contend… Must cut comedy gimmicks to be taken seriously over years than just months… With nothing left, needs severe heel turn to remain in the game… Turn teased but stalled to speculation… 35 year old diva wavering thin with stock level… Has no niche… 




2011 Placing - 21

Battled bad babes Beth Phoenix and The Bella Twins Nikki and Brie at Royal Rumble in Jan six way loss with minimal effect… Reclaimed tag win night following on Raw with Tamina, Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly against same three opponents and Natalya in non interest timewaster… Screwed Zack Ryder over on Valentine’s Day Raw snogging John Cena and officially becoming Max Waltham’s Hoeski…  Had double roles at Wrestlemania nailing gullible Ryder in the crotch with a knee before joining Phoenix to lose to Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos in complete shambles at Wrestlemania… Lost to nymphomaniac AJ and CM Punk in mixed tag with Daniel Bryan in empty match entry from Eve on 9th Jul… Fell at Money in The Bank week later in six man diva tag match… Fell in short match to na├»ve former pal Kelly in a three minute three second throwaway... Lost number one contender battle royal on traditional WWE Diva standards to Kaitlyn in bungled finish as Eve was meant to become victor… Smashed through champ Layla to win title at Night of Champions…  Sided again with Phoenix on 24th… Fought Layla in return match over Oct… Entered Hell In A Cell Triple Threat with Layla and Kaitlyn leaving as champion in over constrained mess… Rematch for Kaitlyn at Survivor Series in Nov kept title lasting seven mins… Dropped Naomi in short three minute shock pleaser from opponent making bearable contest at TLC…

Last year in WWE was given top prize on exit… Division suffered as result of glamour look and minimal technique in matches... Will be sorely unmissed and replaced by same archetype in division…. Contributed little but aimed to make best of involvement given to her… 



2011 Placing - Unlisted

Impressive lengthy matches in January for Ice Ribbon… Won tag title with Tsukushi in sixteen min impressive dual capture staring of Feb… 19 o’clock semi-finals reached knocked down by Kurumi in tense tourney… Consistent losses in Mar… Followed wins in April… Dropped tag titles to Aoi Kizuki and Sayaka Okuda in near twenty min splendour on May 5th… Mid May entry into WAVE’s Catch the Dream Wave contest… IW-19 title accomplishment on 1st June succeeded Kurumi for Ice Ribbon tenderly… REINA X vacant tag titles won with Hkaru Shida passing Mia Yim and Aki Kambayashi in June… Followed more title gold on 13th with DDT’s Ironman Heavymetalweight title in twenty min extravagance… Defended victorious in following Battle Royal three days later… Lost on 24th in short transition… Joined CMLL briefly in Aug… Suffered defeat of Ice Ribbon International tag team titles on 15th in capable challenge…   JRibbon tournament semis reached late July… IW19 title removed by Aki Shizuki in credible twelve min mashing… Tag Man tag team Football proved testing on 18th for DDT with humourous results… Replaced lost gold with REINA tag title with Shida on 19th…  Plentiful two of three falls mid Sept… Went to Double count out with Kana and Ayako Hamada on 25th for Dual Shock way league…  International Ribbon tag title and REINA X titles on line in contest besting Kurumi and Tsukushi in title taking grab bag… United REINA X and International tag titles switched to Hailey Hatred and Hamuko Hoshi on 28th Nov in Tokyo… Christmas Eve battle royal with eleven men for JWP kicker…  Ended impressive jam packed filled year with victories into new year…

Sweet, charming girl next door added with match intensity and numerous title donations highlights faith entrusted to budding upstart… Credible, fresh and steady to grow for future… Gathering own pace in overshore horizons… Needs wider recognition… Consider appearances at SHIMMER tournaments with Ice Ribbon approval… 




2011 Placing - Unlisted

Defeated Claudia del Solis for NWA on Jan 27th… Took DQ result at Valentine’s Vengeance from Lone Star champ Jen-Alise… Lost no disqualification ruling to LuFisto for nCw in Quebec in March… Re-joined Rodney Mack at TSW dropping Lance Romance and Mike Foxx lasting thirteen minutes…  Couldn’t best Barbi Hayden and Carson with Danny Matthews in mid-June for TSW… Annual Queen of Queens tournament entry loss in prime opening round against Rachel Summerlyn… July appearance for IPCW defended title as champion from Miss Maulie... Spent time in SHINE cycling through Sara Del Rey in July… Levelled no contest with Mercedes Martinez in Aug… Fantastic fifteen min collision with Rain following month… Dropped Winter at HOH debut show beginning October… Mid-month title opportunity against Saraya Knight for SHIMMER title at bay… Passed Kimber Lee at RCW in Nov… Assisted Awesome Kong back at SHINE downing Rain and Martinez… As Rhythm and Bruise, with Kong, took down Made in Sin’s Allysin Kay and Taylor Made at FUW on 17th remaining strong unit for year-end… 

Esteemed veteran given best competition possible… Achieved sterling results in short space of time… Engaged participation from audience lookers in positive light back on Indy scene… Maintained prominence and character dominantly… 



2011 Placing - 12

Dropped Mickie James and Velvet Sky on 10th Jan Impact in three way action… Lost short six min scrap with Gail Kim for Knockouts title at Against All Odds… Fought in FEW’s No Limits tournament for Women’s title reaching semi-finals losing to eventual winner Maria Kanellis… April 2nd six woman contendership for title loss occurred… Lost Impact contendership again in June to Brooke Tessmacher… Lost yet another number one title contenders battle in four way won by Miss Tessmacher again… Received random Knockout title shot against Miss Tessmacher at No Surrender falling once more… Finally won one at Bound for Glory in October capturing Knockouts title from Tessmacher in six min thinner… Moved into uplifting feud with competition from ODB losing in two on one handicap bout with Hollywood Boyfriend Jesse… Halted advances from James at Final Resolution and Impact over 9th and 10th Dec with title on the line in fair tests… 

Fell to the expense of making others with disastrous consequences… Tainted and nonsensical choices with title scene proved costly despite victory later on… Needs esteemed booking faith, real understanding from those above clueless and must drive home face of division strongly than female fodder… 



2011 Placing - Unlisted

CMLL World Women’s title two of three falls teaser with Ayumi Kurihara in Tokyo mid Jan a highlight… JWP win with Moon Mizuki in Dogo same evening eight min pleaser dropping Nana Kawasa and Rabbit Miu…  International Ribbon tag title shot fifteen minute stumper… March match with Cheerleader Melissa tantalising twenty-five min draw… SHIMMER tag shot with Ayako Hamada and Kurihara a joy despite lacking title… Strong tags with Kana, Christina Von Eerie, LuFisto and MsChif over March SHIMMER weekend… Fell immediately to Mercedes Martinez in sterling challenge…  Beat John Thorne at AIW in Apr… Silenced Mia Yim at Remi Pro for Women’s World / IMW Hybrid Fighting titles as champion… Defended Remix Women’s title in August in disastrous loss to Sassy Stephie wholesomely… Strong outings in Japanese promotion Ice Ribbon over Aug – Sep… Dethroned champ Neko Nitta and Shuu Shibutani in seven minute Triangle for Ribbon title…  Defended week later on 29th Sep with Hamuko Hoshi and Aki Shizuki lasting thirteen mins… Mammoth wins with Ice Ribbon in strong presentation over following months with October defence three way once more… Netted International Tag titles/REINA X World tag straps with Hoshi from Hikaru Shida and Tsukasa Fujimoto in 15:05 thriller... Ended December in three way untouchable defence in fifteen min time draw…  

Simultaneous Hexad champion in 2012… Given intense booking faith, raising profile and strength in characterisation has proven highly profitable overshores for underlooked female… Shone with strength, style and teamwork… Needs to transcend further nature possibly deeper aggression to highlight mass danger for title taking contenders attempts…  



2011 Placing - 13

Sterling success in WAVE Pro Wrestling in strong, lengthy, impressive flighty collisions… Lost mega gauntlet match on 5th March in another tantalising portrayal… Female tag team champion with Ayumi Kurihara remained holder in three title defences extensively… Fourth on 18th Mar beyond her, slipping title in peerless four man elimination battle to Courtney Rush and Sara Del Rey… Returned to WAVE over Apr – Oct… On almost every winning side with sheer grace and determination… Outstanding sixteen min technical challenge from winner Kana in Jul… Held own in Elimination Gauntlet on 27th Jul ending in a shoddy team draw… Sailed past Kalamity, Kana, Portia Perez and Athena for SHIMMER in Oct… Paired with Kana entering Dual Shock Wave League challenge ending in twenty minute time limit draw with GAMI and Tomoka Nakagawa… Kept consistent wins ending the year with WAVE well respected...

Highest level possible for 32 year old freelancer able to deliver on all platforms with technique, skill and high flying thrill… Title reign seemingly imminent in 2013… Supports all pillars of women’s wrestling perfectly… Must see attraction on Indy circuit which has rejuvenated drive… 



2011 Placing - 5

End of Jan for AIW saw transition of title to Mickie Knuckles in graceful changeover… Participated in Girls Grand Prix tourney tumbling Mercedes Martinez and Allysin Kay before losing to Rachel Summerlyn in pleasing event… Fought rookie Saturyne to a neat seven min CHIKARA contest… Fell to Athena, Christina Von Eerie and MsChif in Mar six man tag… Passed through Leon and Leva Bates at SHIMMER… 7th April at Remix Pro took reward of vacant Women’s title crushing Sojournor Bolt with ODB as special referee… Took down another rookie in Veda Scott well over April... Also battled El Generico in 14 minute extravagance for CHIKARA… Teamed with Saturyne in handicap win helping newcomer raise profile… Dropped nCw Femmes Fatale International title to Kalamity on 7th July… Lost SHIMMER tag straps to Canadian Ninja’s Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews same evening… Battled with Eddie Kingston in 23:22 epic for CHIKARA Grand title… Took off Mia Yim at ROH beginning Aug… Fell to Hailey Hatred at AIW after twenty min impeccable timing tee on 4th… Passed over Remix Women’s gold to Sassy Stephie day later… Ended on 11th in mixed action partnering Eddie Edwards to down couple Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett…

Finally snapped up by WWE and head trainer of females, Del Rey is one of Indy’s most profitable ladies… Grace, style, talent and substance transcends star attraction regardless of look… Fantastic displays every time… Must be seen to fully appreciate talented wrestling…  



2011 Placing - Unlisted

15th Jan start disastrous losing ACW American Joshi title in three way battle to Angel Blue… Qualified for J-Cup with WSU stammering Leva Bates… AAW Epic event on 16th Mar teamed success with Christina Von Eerie and MsChif… Impressive win against Mercedes Martinez at SHIMMER faltering to Nicole Matthews afterward… Recovered following evening with Ray and Sassy Stephie… J-Cup tournament on 28th Apr passed first round defeating Kimber Lee…Unable to pass Brittney Savage in finals… Partnered Davey Vega at Double Date bested by Su Yung and Matthew Palmer in fair bout for ACW in May… Luck came in at Lethal Lottery with Bolt Brady and Carson discharging Rachel Summerlyn, Jack Jameson and Barbi Hayden… On same event entered vacant U-30 six way elimination for ACW Young Gun title snared by Carson… Queen of Queens tournament win over Von Eerie, Yung and Jessicka Havok over June…Mammoth victories over Jojo Bravo, Jeff Gant, Jason Silva and Sky de Lacrimosa, over Aug – Sept… Strong outings for SHIMMER including title shot at Saraya Knight unsuccessful… Defeated the boys again in four way in November… Title shot at nCw for International title retained by Kalamity… Tried for ACW Heavyweight title on 16th Dec won by Summerlyn…

Transpired exceptional qualities with all involved despite gender… Powerful, raw and fresh, 24 year old able to enhance opponents with core structure to match outings… Intense grappler needs wider platform enhancement… 



2011 Placing - 6

January 13th contendership marred by Sassy Stephie in RPW… Reverted to Alissa Flash in Ra Ka King for TNA with disastrous results filled with loses to Angelina Love… Moved forward in March for nCw in 25 min time limit draw in super collision with Hailey Hatred… Respected once more in SHIMMER with title defences as champion from Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez on 17th… Next evening proved rough defending again from Jessie McKay but unable to fend off boisterous Saraya Knight losing SHIMMER gold… Fought guiding match with upstart Davina Rose in May…  SHIMvivor Series ten man tag elimination in October proved successful with LuFisto, MsChif and Regeneration X Allison Danger and Leva Bates by her side at SHIMMER 50… Dropped Rhia O’Reilly and Miss Natural as well…  Presented strongly to title defence with Knight, unavailable to Mellissa once more… nCw Femmes Fatale International title challenge a strong bout including winner Athena, Angie Skye and X-Cute Sweet… Ends three way glory from Nikki and Tab Jackson in Merida, Mexico…

Used as fodder in TNA overshore, jumped ship with impressive results… Utilised correctly elsewhere has driven professional matches from opponents of all range, variety and skillset to influence and heighten circuit as well as own persona… Needs to remain strong contender before eventual title capture… Should consider leading a faction...



2011 Placing - Unlisted

Took off Davina Rose at SHIMMER volume 45 on 17th March… Caused DQ win for Veda Scott at number 46 after… Stunned the world defeating Cheerleader Melissa to gain SHIMMER championship in powerful exchange… Two of three falls tag with Skarlett beating Destiny and Busty Keegan gave measurable competiveness…. Victory at home for HEW in April produced highest accolade claiming Women’s title instead of Skarlett, in Essex, UK… Charged to Norwich in September for Queen of the Ring tournament advancing to finals dropped by Destiny… Back at HEW fought three way with Lady Lory and Skarlett, who removed title from Knight’s waist in consistent showing… Returned next month at SHINE fending off Jazz in SHIMMER title defence… Held title again over MsChif at AAW week later… Losing side in ten man October thrill... Impressive wins as champion fending off Athena, Cheerleader Melissa and four way with Hiroyo Matsumoto, Chif and Kellie Slater… Joined nCw in November in standard booking… Ended year with Destiny for Suffolk charity event with WAW besting Busty Keegan and Chanelle…

Fierce female barbarian bombshell rose to top with titles and star placement by most launching her to higher platform… Able to work other talent and raise title prestige as meaningful for female grapplers... Needs booking faith with credible challengers to remain profile for 2013... 



2011 Placing - 1

Lost WSU’s 5th Anniversary card in sustainable action with double champ Jessicka Havok defending World title in double title grab bag for the Spirit title on 3rd March… Femmes Fatales International title for nCw event unsuccessful against Kalamity in strong outing becoming frustrated and turned on Kalamity prompting LuFisto to arrive in vigorous brawl…. Lost to Athena at SHIMMER 45 then defeated Kana in both exceptional trysts on 17th taking down Hailey Hatred day after… Passed World title over after defeat to Jessicka Havok in a fanciful triple threat match on 28th April including Brittney Savage… Regained championship rule on same evening at 6th Annual J-Cup one on one downing Havok… Havok invoked rematch on 16th Jun in gripping Casket match costing Martinez the title at Uncensored Rumble… Double count out with LuFisto at nCw in Jul… Wrestled for SHINE over July to September including immense no contest against Jazz… Epic thirty minute time limit draw with LuFisto on 13th October… SHIMvivor Series ten man tag team elimination extravaganza at SHIMMER 50 on losing side was excellent ten body mash up… Took down MsChif and Shazza McKenize losing to Courtney Rush over 27th and 28th Oct for SHIMMER… Ended feud with LuFisto inside tender steel cage beginning of Nov… Fell to Amazing Kong and Jazz in tag action with Rain at SHINE mid Nov…

Returned to action with strong presence… Long reigning WSU champion put over’s over exceptionally while maintaining own credentials… Valuable asset to Indy circuit, women’s wrestling and any promotion utilising her effectively… Should avoid TNA…



2011 Placing - Unlisted

Spent beginning months in Japan including WAVE and SMASH promotions winning SMASH diva title on 19th Jan… Followed with WAVE tag title challenge losing on 5th Feb… Lost SMASH title on 19th to Syuri in extreme twelve min fight… Fought esteemed female Mercedes Martinez at SHIMMER in Mar with appealing loss… Battled others marking territory in SHIMMER… Destroyed seven men in eight man battle royal Iron Man Heavymetal title victory from Poison Sawada JULIE next month for DDT…  Joined WAVE battle royal on 28thin mammoth collision in fun filled technical indulgence… Entered Catch the Wave League White Tales over June promisingly… Couldn’t grab vacant tag gold with Ayumi Kurihara at WAVE when GAMI and Tomoka Nakagawa reigned victorious in mid Jun… Impressed in Japan with tons of wins highlighting industry worth and rising potential up till October including teaming with Tajiri… Homogenous shows at SHIMMER weekender... WNC Women’s title tourney semi-finals reached in late Nov… Blasted through December on Japanese circuit once more establishing star quality…   

Indigenous, charismatic female with extremely ferocious technical ability, brawling prowess carries companies, opponents and style poignantly… Already put wrestling world on notice for talented skills and excellent presentation as star… Fearsome, alluring look adds to highlights…  



2011 Placing - Unlisted

Started strong in Jan against Allysin Kay for CFW on 14th … Took defensive stance with victory against Becky Bayless on 21st … On WSU’s 5th Anniversary show defended title against title with World title against Spirit title to claim both dropping champ Mercedes Martinez in excellent contest… Successfully retained Spirit title from Marti Belle for WSU at King and Queen of the ring in April… Lost to Mercedes Martinez in World title rematch in another tantalising contest on 28th … Fought under casket rules with Martinez to regain World title at Uncensored Rumble V in New York… Same evening was troublesome as Marti Belle bested Havok for the Spirit title on 16th Jun… Participated in 4th Annual Queen of Queens tournament for ACW passing Rachel Summerlyn and Lady Poison until falling to Athena… Assisted Sassy Stephie and Allysin Kay to crush Cat Power, Xandra Bale and Courtney Rush at nCw in early July… Reached the finals of IWIW’s Women’s title tournament narrowly missing vacated title won by Cherry Bomb on 22nd… Jillian Hall won by DQ for CFW in Aug… Battled Reby Sky over August to November including fair battles involving a triple threat and standard matches… Defended WSU world title against Alicia and Lexxus in October well… Double count out with Nikki Roxx for SHINE 5 in Nov was consistent… Ended year on 16th Dec with loss at ACW from Jaykus Plisken…   

Vicious and aggressive nature of Havok proves profitable… Needs to pick pace up just a tad in places if to drive more momentum… Works madness into routine perfectly presenting fearsome brawler… Holds own intent well against competition… 



2011 Placing - 7

27th Jan AAW Chaos Theory win with Zero Gravity and Dan Lawrence… 24th Feb Falls Count Anywhere challenge bested Mena Libra… Protracted pass of Athena and Christina Von Eerie on 16th March… Fell to Kana and LuFisto then succeeding tag with Von Eerie on 18th at SHIMMER… April 6th NWA Dynamo Pro tag team tournament semi-finals reached with Makaze… Consistent for April, May and June… Valiant effort against Eerie for AWS Women’s title on 7th July… AAW on 21st gave monstrous street fight against winner Danny Daniels… Sterling win over Austin Maniz, Danny Vega, Markus Crane, Mason Beck and Trevor Court in six way intergender battle… Strong title matches against Hailey Hatred for Remix Pro Women’s title and SHIMMER champ Saraya Knight on 7th and 26th Oct… One of five victors in the tag team elimination match lead by Cheerleader Melissa at SHIMvivor Series… Stupendous loss to Mercedes Martinez at Vol 49… Gained another excellent match with champ Saraya Knight at Volume 51 for SHIMMER… Took down Allysin Kay for ROH starting November… Battered Sean Vincent for Dynamo Pro GCW Reunion on Dec 1st … AAW Twisted Christmas 29th outing in fans bring the weapons match gave Chif year ending glory in fun packed year end meshed with brutality…

Stepped up gear playing with the boys… Proved could multitask and maintain ferocity, character and style… Has exuded exceptional qualities and produced major player in Indy circuit and industry overall… Highly underlooked by many… 



2011 Placing - 4

Sterling title reign continuing in January onward… Halted non-entity Eve on Raw in thirty second smashing at end of Jan… Beat Aksana and Tamina with Natalya on Smackdown in forty-four second rush… Outstanding title match with Tamina giving valid competition at Elimination Chamber in refreshing and vibrant battle… Formed unbelievably random partnership with Hoeski Eve winning on Superstars in mid-March against former gal pal Natalya and Tamina… Disastrous Wrestlemania encounter loss to Kelly Kelly and TV presenter Maria Menounos where Phoenix carried all the work tremendously… Suffered eventual title loss to Nikki Bella who left WWE next month in Lumberjill mayhem on 23rd Apr Raw… Over the Limit battle with Layla for title absent in well worked but downplayed for contender raising role… No Way Out entry as champ become joke when tiara stolen for mocking moment from champ however strong offence included… Lost by pinfall to Layla at MITB six man alongside Eve and Natalya opposing Kaitlyn and Tamina… Announced retirement in September… Followed through leaving pro wrestling in October after dream match with Natalya on Smackdown in victorious swan song encounter putting many rostered stars to shame with outstanding final match in the business… Dropped AJ on Raw in final WWE appearance on 29th October… 

Immense contribution to pro wrestling battling inferior competition and restoring title honour despite lack of time accordance and programming space with priority… Tasked to build others and ignorance of title and superstar shunted Phoenix from the business… Valuable competitor sorely missed… Gaping hole cannot be filled… 



2011 Placing - 9

Knockout title defence against Mickie James at Genesis lacking buzz… Retained again at Against All Odds with Tara... Followed Impact with win over ODB in five and half min leveller… With Madison Rayne lost Knockouts tag titles to comedy duo ODB and hapless goon Eric Young… Halted Velvet Sky’s advances in seven min admirable steel cage contest at Lockdown… Fended off Brooke Tessmacher in long seven min scrap at Sacrifice with title on the line in a tedious tussle…  On Impact next evening, silenced Tessmacher and Sky once more in triple threat match... Finally fell to Tessmacher at Slammiversary in June relinquishing coveted Knockouts title where Kim carried opponent wholesomely… Began losing to Tara on television afterwards… Constantly dropped to Tessmacher following… Couldn’t regain title inclusion in November as Mickie James secured number one contender battle royal with five people bafflingly including Tessmacher…  Suffered loss to new chosen one Mickie James in regular action on 29th Nov… Finished December knocking off Miss Tessmacher on 11th Impact acceptably...

Starting strong as double champ propelled former diva to pure premier women’s wrestler complete with importance of female mainstream… Downward spiral to open new contenders to division needed conducted remarkably by Kim however choices made by bosses shelved momentum… Scheduled for complete overhaul as loser instead of maintaining repertoire built over last year…

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