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Wrestling Wonders End of Year Awards 2012

Wrestling Wonders End of 
Year Awards 2012

Wrestling Wonders Presents the annual End of Year Awards honouring the years most talented, deserving or hilariously daft achievements in the pro wrestling calendar from January to December 2012. Written in the first week of January and presented after all ceremonies have concluded, our unique awards truly celebrate the best achievers. To gain a nomination alone is a tremendous feat in itself.


CM Punk became wrestler of the year, due to mainstream appeal, technical ability and being the one to watch however was closely followed and scraped through rather than sailed past. As a title holder for 365/366 days of his 400+ reign Punk attracted all eyes, conversation and interest, but could have done much more to really drive his position home. 

Tanahashi received the greatest accolade as number 1 in the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 of 2012 for the second year running and had intense matches with rival Kazuchika Okada, while maintaining his own levels of personification and quality.

Aries had the best year of his life and while a debatable top three positioning, entered at third, a still highly impressive achievement considering double championships including 'the big one' and working well in that division with competition to raise profile.

Bryan had an early start as top wrestler of the year, however was downplayed and had to be, in order to preserve longevity, though still produced expert matches he was a sustained part of.


Gail Kim switched from being under-utilised to a company that sprang her up to the top recognising her talent. Granted, given only to rival the opposition in company stratagem, Kim made the best use of her opportunities and silenced all critics by providing quality wrestling, skill and precision in her placement on offer. Kim takes this year’s crown hands down.

Phoenix had one struggle of a year, though proved the alpha woman in the business. Standing strong despite drab competition and as champion for an impressive run, Beth battled through the increasing obstacles halting progress, but eventually dipped soon after April altogether. The sad news of departure was Beth’s final year, at least for now, which sees the Glamazon look toward a new future outside of pro wrestling. Wrestling Wonders wishes her all the best.

Kana is probably unknown to all mainstream fans; however, some will now look to feature her after this nomination. With superb aggression, timing and improvement, Kana has lit up the female division on the independents favourably. With an added look of striking importance, glamour and added along skill is certainly one to look out for as a rising star.

Alissa Flash made enough headway to be nominated for showcasing her talents in 2012, however suffered setbacks when in TNA early 2012. Recovering on the independent circuit for other female federations, Flash proved worthy for consideration though is bested by the others on offer.


Tanahashi and Minori Suzuki’s contest at the King of Wrestling PPV for New Japan was one of the most visual displays of pure, stylistic wrestling with sustained levels of communication, emotional connection and embodied panache. No-one came close to this heightened level of connection.

Punk/Bryan added dream match principals in their WWE collisions. Fought in well laid out understanding to engage enthusiasts was a feat achieved whilst keeping wrestling healthy added with competitive contexts.

Richards and Elgin’s showdown in the sun was a supreme joy many were not expecting. Classed as America’s Indy scene match of the year draw further eyes to the style on show, be it later than occurring, both held their own while keeping options open for a chance for product to capitalise on the glory unfortunately missed.

Steen and Generico’s ladder war was brutal, intriguing and impressive. With minor resources and space, the two put on a pleasant transcript for fans looking in for a more meaningful, yet hearty fest.


Brad Maddox was the most popular superstar from the get go. Dirty ref complete with potent undertones and sultry charisma, once removed from the role, the WWE Universe imploded with requests and necessity for Maddox on television and as a company favourite. WWE, using Maddox as a showoff calling card to one online influence had no intention of resurfacing Maddox until a wave of interest was apparent. WWE cannot ignore the levels of importance of this by-product able to reform the show in today’s era.

John Cena will always prove a popular mechanism for financial services to the community. Promos, however weak, wrestling skill questionable and belittling of stars in a popular role contradicts his very approach to audience value overall.

Austin Aries shocked the world with his nonsensical ‘trade a title’ booking by TNA, which saw him vacate the X division title to challenge for the World title instead. Destroying competition and set as TNA’s number one launched Aries to the highest platform in the business, riding high with other stars and companies and proving how to be a star with certain levels of style that TNA were desperate for. Once again, TNA booking struck its ugly head as it always does, and instantly knocked Aries off his pedestal crashing to the bottom. 


Some of the hottest feuds made 2012 interesting, however company portrayal also neutered a vast majority of it at the same time.

Punk and Bryan shone in their series of early month post Wrestlemania transgressions, however dragged too long continually towards the ending as an over reliance and clear Bryan was no contender to Punk despite being its top player on the opposing side, replaced by favourites in WWE’s walls instead. Regardless, WWE’s two hottest prospects in the new age put in the best techniques, in ring psychology, understanding how to work for one another in an unspoken format of wrestling understanding and blasting promos through the roof.

Okada and Tanahashi had a tremendous run in their contests, where audiences were livid Okada was said man to dethrone Tanahashi’s impressive, lengthy reign as defending champion. ‘Hashi was a true professional once again, putting opponent up in the top spot, losing gracefully, and outlining the path for Okada to remain on as a credible young talent hungry and capable of going with the stronghold of New Japan.

Steen/Generico had its moments and skills meshed with brawling on the Indy circuits mainly Ring of Honor, however, were instant pleasers for all fans within that area hoping for. The difficulty of fortunes in company, portrayal and booking and a replays of a one to two year feud waiting in the shadows downcast some momentum, however Steen and El Gen proved their capabilities in despite of the problems giving matches necessary to the product, industry and crowds.

Once in a lifetime, built on real life hatred, with WWE’s two biggest money makers, past and present, sold the numbers and had Rocky in place for the correct business response. Rock wasn’t about the finance, and Cena’s role applied to this. Rock was respected for the win, though not content with one lifetime opportunity, WWE are due to milk this schedule over the next two Wrestlemania’s to ruin what could have been one of WWE’s ‘for the ages’ rivalries nixed by financial gain once more.


Kazuchika Okada went from a nobody to the biggest somebody. Entering from nowhere and set atop the mountain as heavyweight champion in New Japan was the highest achievement anyone could ask for. The one to destroy esteemed champion Hiroshi Tanahashi's reign was done perfectly and gave the budding star the chance to make so much more for the industry, himself, competitors and company. The landscape changed immensely. Upholding position in company wherever place will be the biggest challenge.

Down in training facility OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) Jessie Godderz proved an impressive force with his learning  rewarded in the tag team division and strong holder of titles of said structure.  Impressive physique, powerful look and allround personality Godderz was a show-stealer waiting to launch, and officially upgraded to TNA TV in late last year with Tara in what is clearly showing great exceptions with Godderz and audience. One to watch over the course of the year if TNA get this right.

With a content match in February against Sara Del Rey showcasing her potential and encouraging others wishing to see more of the female masked star, Saturyne is gaining exposure in a positive light. While she has much more to go, the category is rookie. A great burst onto the scene from the promising female, Saturyne has opportunities to make a name for herself and contribute to wrestling.

Wes Brisco is relatively new, you may have noticed him in TNA as part of a chain gang biker mask squad. Brisco does have muscle, and looks rather green in comparison, however has a chance if he figures out what to do. Not a fan of long hair, though traditional in some wrestling circles could till make it work, if it fails, lose the locks. Brisco has hot tattoos, body and tights. This can be crucial in gaining audiences initially. Though the other quality required is also how to capture promisingly.

Making the transition from announce booth to in-ring talent, Scott proved of interest on the Indy circuit also becoming tag champion with Gregory Iron though will need further tweaking if to impress fully as industry requires, though could prove promising if committed. 


Starting the year with a good gone bad with title win as heavyweight champion and battling Punk, Daniel Bryan reverted to honourable man after suppressing his hilarious anger issues and joined Big Red anger machine Kane to become one of the most over stars. In both these times, Bryan, who adopted the Yes/No game with merchandise and audience participation became the most deafening superstar since master bad babe Vickie Guerrero.

Cute, cool and fine, Cole looked the part. Sweet in-ring capabilities alongside a composed nature interesting fans with standing made Cole an important focus to Ring of Honor programming after 2011 blindsided one of its biggest breakout prospects as mention in Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 of 2011.

Aries turned his corner with the world title win. Fans required and lapped up the new star with open arms to combat the stale and over-stenched product displeasing its fans.

Jeff Hardy rejoined TNA with ease, audience pleasure and interest. John Cena smiles broadly and wears a tee shirt.  


Clearly the number one nasty of 2012, Okada received respect from no name star to superstar wrestler with attitude, aggression, passion and industry domination. Eyeing the most prestigous crown in his world, Kazuchika Okada is a name instantly recognisable and stole the show several times.

Making the entire world gasp at the low blow as referee in the Hell in a Cell match of the very named PPV witnessed a transformation in Maddox that captured all of the audience with a fresh, new outlook and his selling of stars put him up there instantly afterwards to connect to his personality than just a cheap shot nut jabber. Maddox earned his accolades with the audience and encouraged all in attendance.

Unable to claim the alternative position of good guy, CM Punk went bad once more. After initial WWE championship acquisition, Punk after his summer solstice of 2011, began to flounder as a star having to make up for the shortcomings of other rostered stars and mainstream entertaining. Punk was neutered, however did provide as best he could in his naughty ways over the second half of 2012and raise opponents up in match portrayal and promos even though many were below his level.

Vickie Guerrero continually remains WWE's number one aggressor. Noisy, boisterous and deafening crowds, Guerrero adds her quality to all angles that no one else can attempt and gains the best out of those opposing her. She also does it with pure class.

It all went a bit wrong for Bobby Roode in 2012. Perhaps this highlight's his inaccuracy and levels as a star. Or perhaps it is the company in which he resides. No company should even contemplate hiring him. Roode failed to get over fully as much as TNA attempted him to, however did have a mild run as bad star to a level of intent. It just simply wasn't enough after an overly strained time period without full on integration of star quality. 


Back they came, the stars of yesteryear. Caution given by audience usually all five bypassed this tradition with sheer ease and proved they still had everything on offer to produce for product and give to others currently in desperate need on the rosters.

The biggest impact returning ruthless aggression, fierce brawling at Extreme Rules, controlling all of the match, also highlighted how former fighter Brock Lesnar was able to re-work a debatable match with WWE’s biggest in-ring embarrassment to own the return until its sour end.

Back with Brock came the shady dog Paul Heyman. Shrewd, cunning and clever weasel Heyman naturally delivered key promos and sold when Brock couldn’t make it generating mass heat himself and even in the partnership with CM Punk, whilst hovering for power with WWE Chairman, management and high ranking officials, AJ and Vickie Guerrero also.

The Great Muta put on an outstanding return to the Indy scene and plans to enter WWE in a trade partnership for certain appearances with the Big Show. One of All Japan’s finest vet’s Muta once again displays outstanding works on offer in wrestling with a mesmeric aura.

Chris Jericho bounced back into WWE, with a shock and obvious return blighted by his loss of voice. Jeri trolling the audience and setting his sights on WWE champion CM Punk, with a blinkering spangle jangle overcoat, Y2J made a consistent return, though downplayed by mainstream players as well as four men in the same company vying for the top spot as Returning Veteran. 


Damien Sandow certainly changed the game of 2012. With the intellectual wit, style, catchphrase and literary function from the genome of Max Waltham inside the bearded cartwheel connoisseur expressed a new interest that encouraged an audience WWE felt may not be there adapted in a precautionary measure.

Closely followed by Max Waltham genome insertion number 2, Brad Maddox, with attitude, serenity and a hard fought charisma, Maddox also knew how to be fashionable when required and sell like no other for stars needing his presence.

Dr. Shelby not only brought Kane and Daniel Bryan together in a calm and intuitive nature, but also became a sure hire hit with the masses as a character, able to convey his own style, grace and dignity.


Antonio Cesaro's Neutraliser was the most devastating finisher displayed with sheer power, technique and handling of stars whilst lifting in slow motion to not only connect the move but to prove just how tough it was to lock on and the crushing effect it had once opponent was caught in the clutches of Cesaro.

Bryan's YES! lock was most effective before becoming the NO! lock and was a donated move that worked well for Bryan and his character while keeping intensity in the hold. People need to tap out to it more.

The Rock Bottom. It's still relevant after an absence of years. Most of that success not only comes from his handler, but also its connective force and simplistic, stylish and charismatic landing.

Ricochet's double rotation Moonsault is one of the most magnificent, vivid and fresh styles anyone could ask for. Fans need to witness it to see the beauty, but the aviator of said move makes a near perfect  feeling with it every time.  


After sporadic involvement and being portrayed by TNA wrestling in a negative light, Anthony Nese made a brave and bold choice to ask for his release in order to do something meaningful for his audiences. Able to use his skill, talent and techniques to entertain and serious about his profession, swapped the bright lights of TNA’s rejectful platform to make waves once more in independent promotions highly respectful of his sheer talent. Not only did Nese have intense skill and substance, became double champion and entered mesmerizing performances. A joy to watch in every sense.

Mike Mondo returned to Ring of Honor in a transforming light, filled with beefy behaviour, respect of talent and pleasing performances in matches adding a unique look adorned with ferocity excelling himself and his opponents.

Hardy rectified his lifestyle to comeback well in TNA. Becoming TNA champion once again in quick succession was a rise TNA felt it needed, however was way too quick and at the expense of Austin Aries, its former champion.

Tensai started the year with a well and powerful return. Then billed as Lord Tensai, took down others with dominance. After dropping the Lord losing his mantra, Tensai’s approach has been stalled and stigmatised due to Ryback’s inability to work with the power-massive Tensai.


The World’s Greatest Tag Team provided the best year of tag wrestling as a pairing, in ring with joined maneuvers, sustained promos and supporting one another with all they needed to remain champions, non-champions and protect principals to  wrestling talent, despite some terrible opponents on occasion.

Forming the most unconventional tag team  of Daniel Bryan and Kane, brought two of WWE's most dependable and able in their own right together and kept their momentum high. Success indeed comes from both able to deliver angles in union also, further adding spice to both and the teaming division it aims to restructure.

Bad Influence was exactly that. With no influence and extremely bad on screen the name was shameful to adopt.  It was a cheap choice, oafish, cheaper action. The odd occasion impressed with tagging however the majority was redundant and unimpressive. It made the company, the stars, the competition and the taggers display stupidity and lunacy. An utter disaster.

Spiked Mohicans CIMA and Ricochet paired well together enough to encourage all onlookers of the Dragon Gate product with vivid entertainment, interesting angles and high flying mayhem to please audience as well as solidify their talents on show.

Apollo 55's Prince Devitt and Ryusuke Tagauchi entered stunning flight, ground work and technical ability to fend numerous tag challengers off and as champions furthermore adding to their stable connection when paired against credible opponents only to strength their partnership and the tag team scene in New Japan. 


Extreme Rules naturally provided a different feel to the product, despite the low show overall, the feel entering and a level of content audience seeing brutal Brock Lesnar return to smash Cena along with other's supporting the card added a different edge in fans assumptions, only to deplete afterwards. For the show that it was, it encouraged fans to get excited again.

King of Wrestling featured exceptional stars though lacked that extra bite in fan ideals that Extreme Rules built itself around however kept its unique traits of offering something different, invigorative and fresh to the audience with sustained talent and skill.

Threemendous III was PWG's star studded event filled with numerous talent fused together to deliver exceptional Indy talent in a raucously enriched style that connected with its fan base on the required levels necessary. All talent was placed fairly well throughout the card.

WWE's TLC always manages to pull out the last year ending surprise. Shabby all year and then a good one at the end is a confusing delight and this year's provided much but not enough comparable with contenders.


The weird, wacky, humourous or just plain ridiculous make contenders for the Goofball, and there wasn’t any shortages of numerous this year.

2012 belonged to one woman. Claire Lynch. A calamitous misunderstanding of what exactly was going on, included with the actress who played her, was the sheer utter disaster of the TNA decision makers. Father and loyal husband, AJ Styles was utterly disgusted to play such a role, though pro wrestling takes entertainment angles, Carter involving herself was plain ridiculous to set up a weird and contrived angle that had no weight, style nor passion involved among it.

WWE’s newest star and chosen one given an easy ride to ascend, namely Ryback, had sterling matches against local talents requiring a platform, only to be jobbed out in matches that were meant to highlight Ryback’s potential which instead, highlighted his mass flaws as a tested method for possible main event status. The small and fit cuties that jobbed, actually proved to be the bigger and hotter stars than Ryback himself, which was just hilarious.

Kota Ibushi stunned the world with a fantastic performance fighting a blow up doll known as YOSHIHIKO. Able to get HIKO over and prove the dolly was no easy feat to beat, this was a true gem with style, charisma and pure talent.  Sounds ridiculous, portrayal, excellent. Many other companies would fail at this concept or similar tremendously.

The singing albatross, Alushi gave a wonderful rendition of rapping the late great Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean hit with sheer delight. Video below for your entertainment. Short it may be, but thrilling and delivering a broad smile, it certainly achieved.


There was no denying Eve became this year's Hoeski. After Max Waltham gave the title out, WWE even gave her the reference directly. This didn't win her the award outright  but her sustained levels of playing men and turned into an angle to capitalise on her own ideals using whatever she had available secured her forthright.

WWE's attempt to craft AJ into the Hoeski of the year, to get her some recognition after the company realised her General Managerial role on WWE Raw wasn't working. She did not do enough to secure it, even by kissing four men just to find a place for herself though came a close second.

Miss Tessmacher's glamourised levels of flesh on display and her shameful and repulsive booty shaking was completely distasteful and uninteresting. She continues to remain a pathetic bore with no interest other than eye candy and not even that well. 

Kelly Kelly certainly gained another nomination. Knowing how to play WWE perfectly by seeking independent contracts whilst remaining under contract and lining up a future outside of the company, after realising she had no future in wrestling, Kelly cleverly lined her future by out manoeuvring WWE, who had high levels of favouritism for the female who jumped ship at the earliest opportunity.


Hmmm. A fine selection for 2012 in a seemingly desparitous year, the hotties banded together all over for wrestling perusal though there was only one who dazzled instantaneously with grandeur. Brad Maddox debuted as a dodgy referee with an ulterior motive. Whilst doing this, Maddox didn’t fail to encapsulate audiences, managing to quake them to their knees eager for more, more, more. With his sultry lips, wavy slick hair and hotness with manly aura, all of WWE and outsides audiences had no option but to recognise and be drawn to Brad, even in wrestling skill. Well done, sir.

Antony Nese resurfaced on the indy scene to show off his hot fine self. With an outstanding rack of ribs, killer thighs and beautiful biceps, this hunk has no options of falling off radars. He alos knows how to make facial hair devilishly handsome.

Adam Cole made transition from long haired coaster to hot, sweet lovely filled with hunky delight. Fans saw the boy next door with unique talent, style and a presence screaming delish.

Richards got himself some new hunky tights complete with a biting attitude. Grrr. You go wolfie!

Randy Orton needs no explanation. Beef personified.


What an array. There was no shortage this year. Adam Cole stole the show in a hotly contested level of contenders. Cole was the biggest Ring of Honor talent this year to go from zero to literal hero with an outstanding turnaround encompassed by all that he can portray and encourage audience to fully support him in doing so. 

Antonio Cesaro became WWE's newest and most dependable force. Slotting comfortably in with the likes of main eventers, Cesaro made himself further worthy with his communication  ability to work others to competent matches and raise title prestige. He's quite hot for some, too.

Low Ki transformed a complete 360. Unused previously to a good standard, Ki proved reliable and drove his talent forward in glorious showcases for New Japan and held the Junior Heavyweight title in some of his best match outings to date for his career.

Johnny Gargano was a fair choice to put forward for defining the Dragon Gate USA brand. Highest level champion, with a lengthy reign and meaningful connection, Johnny G has been placed as one of the company's most noted and respected stars as a result.

Seth Rollins sat in NXT for numerous months after practically doing all he could in the developmental area. As its very first champion and dominating the brand adding a fresh take on talent uprising, Rollins finally gained promotion to the big league TV shows in what was a when instead of maybe prospect. As part of a group benefits him well before eventual singledom beckons. He shouldn't be rushed and allowed to gain steam, as can be one of the company's future stars for time to come. 


Punk’s no respect as another donation from higher linguistic forces was still a valid outreach. Punk was able to convey the attitude, annoyed aggression and intense levels of support given taken for granted with no respect returned in any shape or form. Taking no prisoners and altered to take down anyone who crosses his path with lacking respect of favours done from him, Punk melded this into a powerful reformation to the product with style aiming for everyone to acknowledge him as the best at what he does, leading everyone to follow as “Best in the World”.

Aries heel turn was desperately needed after the obvious loss of heavyweight title was due to arrive in his program with victory Jeff Hardy following. The promo was one that many have missed and crucial for Aries to remain a character after losing. The problem TNA had was asking this star as an arrogant, face with a tough tweener attitude. It did not work and direction all over the place yet Aries made this work for him and others despite company failure.

Sandow’s first education/education was a perfect promo filled on Max Waltham’s essence” and is striving to save in the best option possible, however as a debut was strong but not enough to bag yet.

That woman. The one who dominated 2012 with a promo so bad that it became, sort of, good. As she’s known to the audience of wrestling all over, Claire effin’ Lynch! Pleading with AJ Styles to support her unborn child conceived through an affair of sorts somehow, and with incriminating photographs in bed with a sleepy Styles conked out on the pillow, Claire decided after a few minor appearances even this trash was beyond her and quit TNA. The show was over with no explanation and a haphazard angle in the first place.


Over 2012 one person stood out above all else. Attempting to resurrect the crumbling Diva’s division, amidst opponents of no value and a handful of wrestling talent unpresented to her, Phoenix had no choice but to settle and make the best of the worsening situation. With impressive physique, sterling finisher and powerful intent to enthuse audiences, Phoenix who became expendable to raise other stars profiles, of which she did tremendously, was unable to shield herself from the inevitable fall the division suffered. After her February loss of title after an impressive last half year reign previously leading into early 2012, the Glamazon held her own on credible intent. The Max Waltham Appreciation goes to Phoenix for her commendable service, professionalism and skilled talents provided among a tense structure done with sheer dignity. 


We were very skeptical to do this award as all the idiots afterwards will copy it and do so after by ‘inducting’ their own on every site which makes a mockery to the business, the stars and those who have made tremendous contributions to the industry. However, we feel we must honour them and as the majority know this is not a fansite and filled with ethical integrity, our choices are ever meaningful than anything else.

The first inductee is the best announcer, manager and on screen presence the business ever had, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Hennan had everything from intellectual charisma; dirty tactics helping his stars and worked with so many exceptional talents that added “The Brian” a platform to be one of the biggest stars himself. The most humourous moment in his career was the build-up to gain the classic interview with Hulk Hogan, only to have the door slammed in his face. There are many moments in this career, but this always sticks out as just one of many highlights of why Heenan was outstanding to the business.

The second inductee goes to Macho Man Randy Savage. Having heightened levels of machismo, charisma, and an aura with audience that transmitted quality, heart and grace, Macho made audiences light up everytime the music hit. Savage created a unique trait that no one else could ascertain with the industry, charming everyone watching. Able to work opponents to excellent feuds gave himself and the matches more style and definition. Storytelling and understanding added, Macho made wrestling warm inside. 


Adam Cole undeniably gave the best goods on offer though had fierce competition this year which was encouraging to see the guys involve themselves for the ever loyal audience. There still wasn't enough contenders as we would have liked and a couple other nominees was not sufficient for the amount of hotties in wrestling. C'mon lads, show us what you got in a hot, tender and strategic or just plain out the spread eagle encouragement.

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton delivered numerous shots throughout the start of the year, though disappeared afterwards. Orton also had that crucial upshot in the lockeroom with Mick Foley's altercation. Now that was something  Praise be to you. We also look for how well they do it, not just frequency, though is always welcomed. 

Antony Nese gave a great one as above, fully widened, mid-air and The Miz also chipped in. 


Mike Mondo undeniably had the best backside in this year’s wrestling calendar. Not only fully exposed, but indeed wholesome, well rounded and in perfect placement with asymmetrical bulked buns. Bravo sir!

Jessie Godderz gave good competition in such short space of time in the late two months of the year but shot straight up the ranks with a perfectly curved, widespread crevice adorned with fabulous thighs and sturdy legs.

Michael McGuillicutty’s rare Raw appearance to build one of Big Show’s angles in the lumberjack speculation was wonderful. Some hard close ups and glances from afar, Mikey McGorgeous had a great frame of body matching the tightly compacted goods to glare upon. Certainly captured attentions in this moment.

Antonio Cesaro had quite a few moments on offer but taking a deadly RKO mid-air and open in flight with level spreading understanding how to work the angle and give a hot disposition with careful crevice crease in poetic motion was a credit we can all appreciate.

Kota Ibushi gave good game after a match with a full out cheeks show, though of course, in-ring will be our main focus. We are professional, of course. Ibushi managed to deliver in situations necessary and opportunity filled with clever openings that shine sweetness in talent and choreographed timing. 


Mike Mondo proved to be 2012’s most valuable player, despite contention from all other nominees. Mondo displayed ferocity, verbal and in-ring skills and worked tremendously well over the course of the year while making others worked with look strong, or gaining a credible win/outing in their schedules. He also put on quality matches and intrigued audiences.

Daniel Bryan certainly became WWE’s number one in improved skill, once given the platform, showing the high levels of match respect and virtues to wrestling, though peaked after the first quarter - half of the year after a great but near ending strain of repetitiveness with CM Punk that affected their placement due to snobbery to company favourites.

Adam Cole was an impressive force that is debatable as should be winning this award. He certainly had the most impressive turnaround of his career after becoming ROH fodder. As we wrote in 2011’s WW Pro 50, Cole ranked at number 43, needed more respect from ROH. They decided to listen and give Cole that honour, and now Adam Cole is one of the strongest forces on the Indy market and opened up to the mainstream. Why it took so long to endorse is a mystery, however Cole had outstanding matches and growth overall, but was just short of the overall top line.

Kazuchika Okada definitely gained more than enough steam. Silencing the world with a new title launch and from nobody to somebody, Okada became a tour de force that held all on notice. His matches were sufficient and sold for other stars faced off against, while maintaining virtues of the business.   


Of course he/she probably should have won last year but was gracious to recognise other happenings, however this year, Max Waltham proved to remain in charge of all things online, with every outlet copying, stealing, plagiarising and trying to mimic him/her in every sense \and still managed to have a dominant presence in every design of wrestling today.

Zack Ryder proved to be another inadequate being attempting to gain a fanbase online rather than in his company with feeble interactions which, while may be a numbers game, is completely irrelevant to showcasing talent, skill and stardom. Ryder has none and the company he is a part of reflects this notion. Ryder has had no sustainable interest or talent shown.

Kurt Angle decided to cause traffic to flow his way by the medium of Twitter. Gabbing on in an unfavourable and highly outlandish, imbecilic, hot-headed fashion, and childish retorts of others not aligned to his company or wrestling ideals and conferring certain phrases belonging to TNA stars which they also tried to pinch of this year’s winner were plain lunacy. No PR disaster in the physical aspect anymore, Angle now found the verbal interaction via Twitter, giving us all enough content to be perplexed with.

One of the most hilarious suggestions came over 2012 with the announcement from Ring of Honor that it planned to broadcast a Pay Per View entirely on the internet. As one inside worker put it “We can only broadcast to one f**king persona at a time” further adding to the unfortunate financials of the Indy promotion sinking rapidly due to management’s misuse nor understanding of how to capture the market. If they don’t figure out a new way forward, or even hire someone with that very skill to give an overhaul with their high value of talent available to them, Honor’s doors will soon take the ECW tumble. ROH still haven’t fully streamed its PPV’s online, neither, which would broaden its horizons for mainstream noticeability.


Anger Management was hands down not only WWE’s but the best segment in wrestling today. It fueled two of the company’s reliable stars and fused them into an unconventional team that fitted both perfectly and reshaped the tag division. The skits were outstanding and protracted quality in every one keeping fans gagging for the very next installment not wishing the current one to end.

Scott Steiner scaring the audience at Ra Ka King having them legitimately running from the muscled madman giving chase was one of the most hilarious and necessary tools to today’s market.

People Power, inspired by Max Waltham and adapted to give the people of WWE’s Universe some sort of ‘power’ that saw them get their TV gems they hope for, albeit with the characters they didn’t want involved. Hilarious, fairly well constructed until its end and perfect annoyance in certain spots made this a joy for a certain time initially.

NWA’s controversial match between Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce in which, inside the steel cage, Cabana defeated Pearce for the title only for it to be deemed not a victory, meant Pearce retained after losing to Colt. Pearce refused the title and Cabana didn’t win it, therefore said title was vacated in what could be determined as a daft choice as well as a prestigious one to continue title linage.


The highest flyer in all the land, Brit sensation PAC stunned all audiences though his best work was clearly on display at New Japan’s star studded sixteen man Best of Super Juniors tournament with rapid flight, perfect grace and dignified fluidity. PAC clearly won, hands down.

Kota Ibushi and Prince Devitt always deliver stunning transitions with a classy, bold and thought through display. Always on offer to portray style and charisma in flight, both are assets to the business.


The epitome of class and style claims the second year running. Vickie Guerrero remained the most fashionable once again looking glam, gorgeous and full of character. Clearly the one to beat next year and possibly everytime.

Burt Reynolds from the 1970s transported to 2012 in TNA. Rockin’ the kooky perm, poignant shades and trusty cravat Joey Ryan, standing alone from Team Sleaze added an eye instantly. Plus that chest hair oiled up, what a site.

Austin Aries brought his cape along, had glorious feather boa style, snazzy tights and brought pink back to the forefront. Only a true man can ever wear pink. Many believe pink to be cautious colour, however tons of men are adopting the pink shirts and style, long before Aries, however is really returning to its own for the future. Bravo!

Stephanie McMahon made shockwaves when she strutted her stuff down the runway for a charity event. Yep, even Steph felt the need to get some headlines by pouting that airbrushed hairdo. Nice pins, dolly.

Full M spakly jacket. Jericho and that jacket. Ooh, shiny. 


Omega's funky Street Fighter stylee melee sound added perfect embodiment for the look and feel of the match specialist for DDT. Suited to a tee and instant feel upon arrival to endorse entry, makes Kenny Omega the sound to listen out for today.

Ole Ole Ole! Generico's catchy sound was a cheerful delight though not enough to overall snare the win, but nevertheless has audiences in the palm of his hand during entrance way.

Brodus Clay's disco funk groove number, helped elsewhere in definition and transformation to the page, was an instant pleaser that encouraged audience to get together and get their groove on. 

Damien Sandow's angelic ring saving us all in an instant was a delightful sound but not enough overall, but fits his tone perfectly. "You're Welcome!"

Johnny Gargano's cute, bouncy, delightful offering of K-Pop meets Anime in a different light blended well into the superstar's look, feel and presence.


Dragon Gate takes the crown as top promotion of the year impressing with talent, skills, technique and match quality. All the key ingredients for an all-round great product year were presented. While its outreach is slimmer than the nationals, it didn't lose viewer attention spans and drove home necessary levels of entertainment in the wrestling industry. They should be very proud. No one else can recognise a talented company overall, however, faces its biggest challenge to remain at the top for the 2013 calendar year.

New Japan Pro Wrestling inches past third place with what may have been their best year for some time with a star studded spectacular with the Okada/Tanahashi series, Best of the Super Juniors, and numerous talented stars given recognition and placement in the matches for company portrayal.

WWE made it into third place only a fraction behind NJPW, however lack of talent for the countless year running and four years of people wasted fresh in viewers minds caused WWE to learn but still fail to listen, reflected in their weekly Raw crash ratings, especially with its third hour increase failing to make new stars as promised. Having slide into third, this should stick a firelighter up their backside. If it doesn't, the market is rather buoyant for competition to defeat them and create an opening if rivals try to adopt and also correctly place individuals and talent in key areas of company growth gathering industry main attention and how to strategically make it accessible.

TNA made fourth place. The product aims to improve and wasn't the worst, but if fifth place was better, TNA would have switched places. Its bungled behaviour with Hogan, Roode, and the old boredom's in between with Sting, the Bischoff’s and Dixie ‘clueless and very stubborn’ Carter is costing the company dearly, despite gaining father funding to keep the doors open as a pet project. The wrong people are in power driving into the ground for their own ego and soaking up the purse strings. Re-adjustment, new hires or fires are necessary. Aries was the only valuable thing in 2013, and the booking afterwards was a terrible shame.

ROH made the bottom. Perhaps due to financial strain or backstage politics in how to handle the product, the company is eventually heading for an ECW dilution if this continues. It needs new breathe into its product and could be highly enriched with the right people, backing, and listening to others involved with the business to develop growth on screen as well as financial ratings winners.


Sadly for this year Corporate Heel has been resigned. Perhaps it may return next year but simply put, there weren't enough contenders this year, which is a trying shame and we aren't willingly to place anyone in to make up the numbers, though there aren't any to do even that. Oh well.


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