Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New WWE championship unveiled

The Rock reveals new 
WWE title

A new WWE championship was unveiled on 18th February 2013 Raw, unveiled by WWE champion The Rock. The title was the widely circulated image of the gold centreplate of the WWE logo many said reminded them of a “golden chocolate bar.” The Rock wanted a title that was simply not an item or accessory which should “never spin.”

So, is this version better than the previous and why revealed now?

Is it better? Yes but only slightly. It is still lacking, but hey, WWE made it a year ago and needed to out there instead of wasting money on it to never launch.  The only beautiful WWE title apart from the winged eagle from yesteryear was the undisputed championship. Understanding WWE need to move forward and create a new one, they should have had a much better design. The title seems too heavy, clunky, disproportionate and the centreplate is empty. With just one big logo on the middle face and no nameplate neither, this does not highlight the prestige it claims to present. However, it is one step above the spinner, but is again, empty and bland. Looks like Willy Wonka got there first.

After pictures spread online of the title last year, possibly a leak for WWE to test its quality on public opinion, amid Photoshop’s of CM Punk with it, WWE made sure The Rock was the one to highlight and quieten down the rumour mill.

The Rock was the right person to launch the new title. Stone Cold Steve Austin is known for the smoking skull title, John Cena for defacing the title to the spinner and now The Rock with a more standard and new age title paving the way for others with a strong presence of heightening title linage. He could not have done a greater job in expressing the importance of a and indeed the WWE championship. Whatever the case, the title may be a grower. If anyone can make it work, The Rock is the best person to entrust such honour.

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