Thursday, 7 March 2013

WWE Diva search held in secret

Company looks to hiring models
 over wrestler's once again

WWE have re-launched its ill-fated Diva Search in which the company stages a talent show format in selecting a WWE Diva to join its roster, which usually sees at least two or three other rejects of the competition hired. With WWE’s loss of numerous Diva’s including wrestling talent in the likes of Beth Phoenix, WWE have chosen to look for more model types than females with in ring skill.

Eve came through as part of
the Diva Search contest

With the company realising they need new females and fed up of predictability to audience to call someone from the developmental stages up, as well as the fact those may not be entirely ready and no active females capable on the current roster after favourites are booked instead creator Vince McMahon and WWE have been secretly holding auditions and the search off camera. Further to the controversy, after Linda McMahon’s financial disaster at a senate run over two term periods, and opposition branding WWE as practically using porn models in it child friendly audience market, it was reveal WWE had cast model from an agency linked to the porn industry. Even Reby Sky mentioned on her Twitter profile of the company enquiring from the agency she was previously in lines with.

WWE understood fans would not want the contest and would pan the show if on WWE TV especially live show Raw. Ignoring those concerns WWE were desperate for women and have still attempted to book females not capable to provide to the very core structure of its over glamourised and defunct division. Only Natalya and Tamina remain as the wrestling females in a vastly thin stock.

WWE have clearly outlined they don’t care about the division nor its fanbase and McMahon only viewing the division as eye candy in filler matches. They need to hire esteemed professionals to handle the castings, selection of diva candidates and potentials in contributing to WWE in a future and hire those able to produce for the division. Once one division folds, the others quickly join. The tag team division collapsed once again last month and the Intercontinental championship scene is non-existent. The US title area with Antonio Cesaro’s sterling work is holding on but without credible time given is keeping head above water. The heavyweight division’s lack real contenders which is treading water.

2007 winner Ashley Massaro
Earlier we wrote about WWE sending out its Diva application’s. At the time it had considered hiring model Lauren Kitt, girlfriend to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, who shamelessly advertised to join her as part of the job. Unconfirmed reports also allude that they may have aimed to lure model Kyla Cole.

Regardless of the outcome, WWE’s division of Diva’s could finally be hitting the skids. No dedication or unable to figure out what to do should prompt you to act, instead of willingly allowing it to fail. Since when did Vince McMahon fail at anything? There seems to be a first time for everything if this is any indication to go by.

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