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Wrestlemania 29

Wrestlemania 29

Coming live from the MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey with 80, 676 in attendance live on April 7th 2013 filled with "the big matches" attempting to create some higher levels of stardom and esteemed favourites with an already doomed main event replay to please advertisers setting the match one year ago would WWE be able to present its biggest wrestling event as a credible and engaging extravaganza it set out to achieve, or simply become something other than?

6 Man Tag
The Shield Vs Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus

Beginning their fierce battle bulky boys Sheamus and Roman Reigns took starting honours in a good pairing where Reigns instantly took control with turnbuckle working quickly clotheslined down by Sheamus. Randy Orton was swiftly tagged in as was Seth Rollins into a dropkick. Orton stirred the crowd with support from them with a very good suplex bounce off the ropes of Rollins, sold perfectly once again. Sheamus returned to an even greener entry than his undergarments. The eccentric brawler Dean Ambrose soon entered stomping Sheamus down. Big Show got his tag moment as JBL mentioned three ego’s unable to get along stirring the pot somewhat for later. Show slammed his trademark chops on Ambrose until the Shielder changed the pace tagging in Rollins who worked down sloppy Show, who gave terrible interactions but did allow Rollins to present strong dominance. 

Reigns and Ambrose came in with loud “Let’s go Ambrose” cheers. Rollins then came in to give a very impressive jump up dropkick on Show. Sheamus returned to action as Michael Cole added “Shades of the great Triple H” when gym buddy Sheamus incorporated the Triple H running knees. The traditional 10 slap on chest moment came from Sheamus on Ambrose in a non-entity borefest of signature move. Sheamus was soon lifted for a triple powerbomb until Big Show charged in and speared Ambrose causing all members to fall. Quick tags then reached for Sheamus until Randy Orton stormed in legally tackling Ambrose. Rollins caught Orton once more from the turnbuckle with another great spot. Ambrose attempted a cover, unsuccessful. Big Show waited on the apron for a tag, until Sheamus arrived and tagged himself in to Big Show’s dismay. It was the beginning of the end as Sheamus was nailed by The Shield's Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as Big Show looked on quietly peeved. Show then removed his knee pad and argued with Orton, who took the pin. The audience knew someone was going to turn here. Would Randy Orton finally turn as many thought would be the obvious idea since viral opinions by the WWE Universe blindly jump on everyone’s band wagon to seem intelligent? Big Show was livid and smashed Orton and Sheamus. That’s right, the recent goodie Big Show reverted to bad intentions once again. Fans were unimpressed.

Mark Henry Vs Ryback

To build this random match of terrible workers, Ryback faced a challenge. After being unable to lift Tensai last year and blaming the former Lord for Ryback’s own mistake the bumbling beefcake had to lift the “World’s Strongest Man” instead. No pressure. The pair started the match bumping one another’s chests. Yes, they bumped each other’s chests. Twice. Fans roared with disapproval. Lame, slow and boring to start, this had Goldberg/Lesnar/Austin Wrestlemania XX proportions.

Chants for “sexual chocolate” rang through to get this crowd through a pitiful encounter. Ryback’s moment came when he couldn’t carry Henry. There you go. It wasn’t Tensai’s fault at all, but WWE will do anything to protect Ryback’s image of liability.

An insult to Bruno Sammartino came next. The infamous bearhug moment which was now tarnished by both in ring. Mark Henry soon flipped Ryback over, then screaming “That’s What I Do!” It was about the only thing Henry did in the match and yet still uninteresting.

It was the epitome of car crash TV.

After a near nine count countout and a comeback from Ryback and a running clothesline the meathead Ryback lifted for Shell Shock Henry held the ropes atop Ryback and then flattened Ryback from atop as Ryback couldn’t lift him again. It was a cheap ending fans didn’t appreciate but were pleased Ryback was literally squashed. Mark Henry wrapped it up with a three fall.

Tag Team Championship
Daniel Bryan and Kane ( c ) Vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston w/ AJ

Dirty Dolph would begin by mocking Danny Boy by snogging girlfriend AJ akin to last year’s 18 second World title loss when Bryan snogged his then girlfriend AJ losing to Sheamus. Bryan lunged for Ziggs as AJ moved Ziggy away quickly. Almost. WWE did, however have the sense to neuter that idea. This replay was not need twice in a lifetime. Quick action resumed with YES! Kicks from Bryan missing a roundhouse dropkick before Ziggler tagged in Big E. Langston. Big E stared down Kane who came in to play. Dropping knees on Kane in hold, a chokeslam miss and charge into the big red machine. Ziggler soon botched a Fame Asser. Kane and Ziggler went at it with a fling, miss and dive. 

Kane missed the flying clothesline. Bryan broke up the pin attempt. After a fall, Zig kicked out. Kane followed a two falls Biggy dropped a splash. Micheal Cole did his best stating “so impactful.” Yeah… Two move wonder. Epic. Big E and Bryan found themselves outside as Aaron Idol Stevens was channelled. A two fall on Kane by Ziggy as AJ screams. The boot was put on Ziggler as the briefcase was slid in. Kane tagged in the goat entered as Big E was sent out and Daniel Bryan flew from the top rope with the diving headbutt dropped beautifully on Ziggler to retain the tag titles in a three fall to finish for himself and Kane.  

Fandango Vs Chris Jericho

Fancy footwork began as Jericho launched a rabid assault on Fandango taking action outside. Flip bounce on the ropes suplex delivered similar to Orton’s earlier Y2J followed with a codebreaker far too early, but necessary and considering their place on the card, timing would be rushed. Dropkicking Fandango to the outside through the bottom rope working the crowd and kicks once again inside, this brawl did not allow Fandango any offence as an equal which was disheartening. Coming back Fandy slammed Jericho to take a two fall. With a joyful flamboyance Fandango pranced over Jericho. Slams and elbows added to noise distortion technicalities and an over rope jab Jericho changed the match pace once more with a turnbuckle drop on his foe. JBL added Y2J should “give it to Fandango.” Oh, if only… Jericho was soon countered into the turnbuckle himself and face slammed by Fandango. The swishing ballroom superhero ascended the top rope to land and hit the top rope leg drop covering for a two fall. Jericho countered with a two fall roll up also. Walls of Jericho countered, clothesline on Jeri, delivering intensity in the match then looked “all over the place” some critics may say, however this is how it was supposed to be, rough, tense and a battle in a short space of time countering to seem equals at that point in one-upmanship. CJ pulled down the ropes as Fanny fell off the top attempting a second leg drop of high altitude. Hoisted up, Jeri slapped the tantalising pecs of his enemy who pushed Jericho down. ‘Dango soon fell on his booty in the ring as Y2J countered once more to fly a Lionsault on his lying opponent. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho one more time but Fandango twisted the knee and secured a roll up on Chris Jericho to win at Wrestlemania in a cheap victory roll.     

Of all the interesting and compactful show, WWE staged an intermission. Out came, P Diddy! Preforming a medley of his hits the R ‘n’ B rap star put in a performance that was met with neglect. Fans were not enthused and felt this wasn’t the time to empty their bladders despite this being the toilet break for those needing it. Pick your moments carefully at WWE events guys. Diddy’s performance was simply not necessary, relevant or interesting and was classic WWE star show off time. Many fans responded with this being the worst WWE concert intermission than Flo Rida last year or Kevin Rudolf’s Summerslam awkwardness. Even the WWE Divas didn’t get to come out and dance. I was livid. You do not sing that song without Diana Ross!

World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter Vs Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

The bald American eagle verses the Mexican aristocrat. Both claiming hopes and desires in resptubale conflict for the grandest prize of all to become world champion with added stamp of authority as forthright centerpiece to America. Interesting question, who is going through the Spanish announce table? Before the match began Swagger's mouthpiece Zeb Colter preceded to gab on. Jack wasn’t deemed fit to talk. The beginning of this bungled pay per view match continued as Ricardo Rodriguez hobbled out on crutches to announce the defending world champion. Del Rio was given a robe for this challenge. 

We finally began with Del Rio kicking dubious Swagger in the gut added by a rope dive outside. Zeb instantly interfered causing Rio to slip from the rope giving Swagger the opportunity to slam Del Rio into the post. A weak clothesline continued described by Michael Cole as "vicious" as a comedown down continued with Jerry Lawler describing Jack as having "unlimited potential." Swagger certainly had an ounce of potential a month or so ago, today dubious Jack offered an inebriated encounter. Swagger followed through with the botched Swagger bomb where Del Rio quickly responded with hurting the arm also hitting Swagger with  kicks where Swagger simply walks to the rail in a very bad sell.  

Del Rio  responded with back breaking prompting Colter to attack allowing Jack to flip round Rio for a two fall failing, placing into the ankle lock now dubbed Patriot Lock but was kicked off by heart strong champion Del Rio. In second rope followed by Dolph Ziggler's backstabber finisher. Back suplex, German suplex. Which was actually a Belly to belly. Gut wrench powerbomb. Leg lock by Swagger. Cross Armbreaker counter. Fight out, counter by Swagger. Ropes. Vulnerable champ was a bad motion in ADR’s case. Enziguri to back of head, sloppy exchange. Two fall foot in rope by Zeb Colter placing. Ricardo Rodriguez assaulted. ADR faced off with a crutch against Zeb outside with the other crutch protecting Rodriguez at his own expense as Swagger came from behind getting the attack on ‘Bertie sending him inside the ring until Rio locked the fearsome cross arm breaker once more quickly causing intense pain to Swagger where Alberto Del Rio submitted Jack Swagger to remain as World Heavyweight Champion in a successful defence.

WWE dispelled the rumour mill soon after on the ‘will he, won’t he?’ appearance from Dolph Ziggler where Mr.Zigglesworth did not arrive to cash in his World title challenge after his previous loss earlier.

CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman Vs The Undertaker

A shortly built match based on the real life death of legend Paul Bearer, WWE’s real life exploitation did not build heat based on the disgraceful use of the angle but the distaste to create cheap heat. If CM Punk needs to use this level of cheap heat to get over, doesn’t that say something troublesome?

Entering the arena, CM Punk had the actual band playing his live theme music. The way this was done was really rather pointless and uninteresting showing off of WWE star hirings. It had no place here.

Undertaker proved to be the best striker in WWE. A game of cat and mouse began. The crowd were loud. Grabbed hands and legs by CM Punk, Undertaker quickly hurled Punk out. A flurry of fists outside, flown over the barricade and a CM Punk ass alert started this match very pleasurably. It instantly had character.

Bouncing off the table, Undie chose to dismantle it. ‘Taker shoved Punk into the post adding attacks for further offence including a fist to the head and kick as Punk lay vertically through the ropes with Undie outside. He soon hovered above the apron to drop the vintage leg drop perfectly.

Punk on his knees, vulnerable, had arms worked over as the deadman scaled the top ropes for the walk rope arm smash but Punk with his tired might whipped Undertaker off the top rope with an arm drag to the ground. It was a great spot to encourage fans and competition. Undertaker gave Punk a glowing chance. Punk aimed to humiliate his fellow combatant by doing the exact top rope move but Undie countered, where Punk, missing, nailed his nemesis and took a two fall. Paul Heyman bellowed “one second away!” Punk then thrust himself to Undertaker outside. Coming back for a two fall with a minor botch blip, a lock up and suplex by ‘Taker ensued looking ever the pro once more. Punk dropped his foe's top corner attempt soon prompting Heyman inclusion who was caught only for Punk to save with a flying elbow. 

The GTS soon followed through shortly countered into a deadly chokeslam. Punk’s open legs were soon revealed, too!

Jabs, fists, running clothesline, lift and snake eyes in rapid succession was a joyful portrayal from both. Not one moment left to wait, the action was vividly entertaining. Heyman rolled his eyes in disbelief as Punk soon got another two fall prompting ringside table to be opened up. Undertaker slapped to stop Punk with an added headbutt. The Last Ride was implemented with a reversal kicking and laying out Undertaker on the table. Punk saw an opportunity. He scaled the ringpost to loud elation as he dropped the high flying elbow collapsing both through the table in a game changing segment. Punk was laid out like a starfish. :)   

Punk made it inside as Undertaker was outside on a nine count. ‘Taker broke that count within a split hair second on an utterly tense countout. “This is awesome” rang from the endorsing crowd in the MetLife stadium. Hell’s Gate submission was then viciously slapped on. This had everything but the kitchen sink. No-one can fault their content. Punk returned his own submission with the Anaconda Vise. ‘Taker sat up, eye to eye with Punk, chokeslam missed, GTS countered and caught by a Tombstone Piledriver may have been the end of Punk. He kicked out at two, keeping the crowd on tenderhooks. “W(h)oooo” anticipation chants as the ropes were run, where both collided and a referee took a hit. Oh no, not this angle. However, both made it work. Punk gave a back hind kick and running knee where Undie hoisted Punk up though Heyman gave Punk the urn mid air to clout ‘Taker’s head. Would it really end like this? The ref stirred as Punk took a cover. Punk was livid. Undertaker kicked out at two, saving his streak for now. Punk drew his neckline signalling a new intensity.

GTS blocked, reversed, counter by Punk, twised tround in quick succession and dropped with the Tombstone in a swift and tantalising moment of action from The Undertaker who tongue licked his way to maintain his undefeated Wrestlemania streak at 21-0 with a glorious three fall.
Undertaker gave honourable respect to the recently departed Paul Bearer in the middle of the ring with the urn, bowing down to his legendary master. 

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman Vs Triple H w/ Shawn Michaels

No Holds Barred

  • If Triple H loses, he must retire

Shawn Michaels was in Triple H’s corner with no explanation or reasoning. Only to sell a few more tickets. It marred the show. Entering the arena the Beanie beast wearing Brock Lesnar was focused. The standard start to brawlers, Lesnar quickly altered the landscape scooping Triple H over to the Spanish Announce Table with a roar in pleasure. Knees and hurls with a back suplex over further mauling Hunter. HBK ran away after Lesnar was near. Fists and boots to HHH followed with drop down knees making good use of Lesnar, absent for months needing to highlight his dominance and style of brutality. Clothesline and a two fall from Brock followed. Paul Heyman screamed from ringside “You can’t compete with Brock Lesnar” feeding the beast with encouragement. Michaels anxiously looked on. Lesnar flung HHH with belly to belly suplexes following HHH walking dazed into a German Suplex smash. These were introduced and delivered well. Lesnar followed with more German Suplex beatdowns wearing HHH thin. 

Lesnar clubbed his foe over the top rope. HBK attempted to aid his pal but kept distance. One child screams “I hate you Brock!” as a steel chair was smashed over Tripper until HHH countered and nailed Lesnar beginning the change. Lesnar back in ring, quickly threw another German Suplex as a pin this time on H. HBK tinkered with the ropes to which the beast awoke and knocked Michaels off. Lesnar gave some tantalising and cunning sneers in adulation. A pedigree attempt was tried but tested as Les caught and reversed to an F5 on Triple H after which Michaels went for a Sweet Chin Music on Brock, who continued his rampage retaliating with a devastating F5 to the heartbreak kid. 

Triple H stirred to in this distraction placing another Pedigree as Lesnar’s knees feel early but redid the angle planted by HHH which was noticed but swiftly re-enacted to maintain match profile instead. HHH was then loudly heard instructing Lesnar on the next spot. That was terrible. The fabled Sledgehammer was brought in where Lesnar caught and dropped the F5 on HHH. Two fall followed where Triple H made himself look good again. It is decisions like these that envoke scepticisms over whether Triple H would really benefit with the business handover of launching new talent.

Steel chair slammed on HHH as Brock hurled him into the steps at ringside shoulder first. Throwing around, lift up, head hit shoulder in ring and a two fall on HHH. Clipped head. HHH randomly got up neglecting to sell that point. Lesnar grabbed him into the Kimura lock where there would be no rope break for Hunter in No Holds Barred. Fans yelled “Break his arm!” They were with Lesnar. HHH threw down the spinebuster to buy time. Jerry Lawler added “This is amazing.” Hardly, but adequate nonetheless. HHH gave a low blow to Lesnar. It was legal but cheap. HHH worked over Lesnar’s arm by the turnbuckle and over the steps. Lesnar yanked the arm with the Kimura submission. HHH sat round Lesnar with a leg lock. Lesnar looked to Heyman for help. Michaels halted his advances with another Sweet Chin Music. Rising through the power surge, lifted cradle and a slam down on the steps, HHH was laid out. Hunter quickly clutched on again as Lesnar slammed him down on the steps a second time. Having no effect, Lesnar thundered a third home to silence Triple H. 

There were some hot orgasmic encounters in these exchanges for fans. On the third, however, Triple H simultaneously planted Lesnar with a DDT, leaving both out cold. Signature weapon the sledgehammer came back into play as HHH nailed it to the head of Brock Lesnar before roaring and then delivering a pedigree onto the steps to finish for a three fall in what was a rather limp ending. Triple H has not retired. Triple H also suffered second degree burns upon his pyrotechnic entrance. He wrote on his Twitter account “For those wondering... Stuff stuck to me at mania was dry ice. Gave me 2nd degree burns on torso & arms.” Someone really must have a word with those pyro pushers. 

WWE Hall of Fame 2013

WWE kept the ceremony short and towards the end this year, featuring six inductees only. WWE's class honoured Hardcore legend Mick Foley, Leading WWE Diva of the attitude era, Trish Stratus, Grappling champion Bob Backlund, celebrity Donald Trump, five time champion Booker T and esteemed legend Bruno Sammartino. 

During the HOF TV ceremony (not on Wrestlemania) Trish revealed she was welcoming her own "stratusfaction" and is pregnant. Congrats from Wrestling Wonders to you. 

Celebrity Winger
Bob Backlund also caused controversy stating Triple H needed to sign a new independent wrestler. Vince McMahon quickly went on stage ushering Backlund off calling him "insane."

Donald Trump was intensely boo'ed out of the building and at Wrestlemania. 

Bruno finally taking his honours is truly well deserved and words cannot describe how monumental it is to acknowledge a true star from the 70s paving the way for many others.

Foley and Booker also deserved their honours for their valid contributions to the business from different perspectives.  

Sable did not enter the Hall of Fame as original intended before Stratus received the call. 

WWE Championship
John Cena Vs The Rock (c)

Well, here it is. Once in a lifetime. Again. Would the replay one year on for the WWE title, original intended for last year, be the grand epic event we all longed for? Would it be any different from the previous year? Cena entered in a bright yellow tee shirt. Colour always changes come Wrestlemania season, and Summerslam season, and Survivor Series season and Royal Rumble season cay sera sera.

As the pair lock up the turn Cena heel sign seen as quickly as the camera avoided it, with hiptoss recognised by boos for citric Cena. Kicks to the gut and jabs in the corner flip down by John as Rock sold the move for his opponent. Rock changed with hands flinging to the corner as both constantly mirrored one another’s moves symmetrically.

A reversal shortly next with forearm smashes by Rocky. Cena clotheslines Rock off guard taking control again, placing Rock into a submission hold in which Cena famously held no arm power around with a massive gap, as standard, on his grip. Rock aimed to sell as much as possible which after a two fall, Cena chose another hold this time a sleeper which was again way off in connectivity. Rock did his best to maintain the illusion of pain by citric Cena.

Citric Cena, with a dash of lemon, no zest included.
“Boring” chants chimed. If The Rock was in another match, he would have had no problem. Cena’s challenge is always himself and his ignorance to improve for product whilst taking nothing seriously assuming he has everything in the bag as a company favourite.

Cena is the root cause of all problems. Everyone must pass through Cena at some point and that is WWE’s problem. Every time Cena is presented it feels obligated to maintain his winning persona not to seem weak. In doing so it cripples any stars' momentum built over years in one moment because of one man’s image dominance. He plows through them with ease,  continuing to exhaust his options, presence and industry mark.

Cena returned fire with a Fisherman’s suplex for a two count only. The game continued. Move, stop. Look. Next spot. Reverses were awful from Cena once more flipping through attacks with ease, a sloppy roll through added. Rock applied a sharpshooter with a massive no sell from criminal mat constraint Cena. Gaining the upper hand loud boos echoed as Johnny Boy chose to acknowledge fans with an ignorant smirk to begin the five knuckle shuffle. Rock moved from the attempt as one of the few men able to counter this deadly move accompanied by a DDT from the great one swiftly, adding more to the match. Cena quickly woke up in front of the camera with another terrible indulgence. A no nonsense quick grab to an STF happened in a chance opportunity then tossing Rock into the turnbuckle to follow another connective five knuckle sh*t fall.     

More compliments were exchanged as both attempted signature moves and counters. Cena soon found himself in the STF with pressure applied. Fans cheered extravagantly.  Rock became the first man credited by WWE on air as the first man to break that hold. Cena intentionally missed his top rope leg drop after his epic fail with The Miz two years ago landing over the other side of the ring. Rock then nailed The People’s Elbow which gave a two fall after Cena easily kicked out with another lack of importance to manoeuver. Laid flat out like a stupid starfish outside Cena was rolled in by Rocky with right hand punches. The “yay” / “boo” back and forth began. “O(h)ooohh” Cena bested the Rock Bottom for two only. The crowd were raucous. Feeding off the electricity Rock went for his community elbow once again mocking the five knuckle shuffle wave. Cartoon Cena instantly jumped up from nowhere in a lame effort to pick up Rock in an Attitude Adjustment and slam down for a two fall. Sluggish Cena sloped around like a limp monkey aiming to look tired which was dreadful, soon administering sloppy fists again. Fans let them know how they felt. 

Cena did the Rock Bottom with a pin checking with referee that it was an official two only. Tons of counters followed next. Cena lied down like a comedy splat in this once again. Rock chose to prey and lifted the Attitude Adjustment, just as Cena did last year attempting The Rock’s move, until John Cena reversed, just like that and planted the Attitude Adjustment for the three fall to defeat the People’s champion and become the new WWE champion and just like that, the grand match was over so easily. The score is now tallied. Will WWE resist the urge to milk a third series encounter after we all know they love to abuse fan interest? We have one year to find out. Prediction? The Rock Vs John Cena III at Wrestlemania XXX, Thrice in a Lifetime!

After the match, shocking scenes were witnessed. Both were talking in ring as a disheartened Rock was forced to lift the hand of John Cena and acknowledge WWE’s favourite to maintain profile. As Cena lifted the title to close with celebratory fireworks, fans were hugely upset with the amicable hand shake which looked extremely contrived on the show.

PPV Rating –  3/10

Men/Women of their matches – Randy Orton, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Fandango, Alberto Del Rio, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Rock  

Man/Woman of the PPV – The Undertaker

The Rock was the perfect opportunity for Cena to possibly gain some respect from his “haters” the second year in a row if he could perform credibly on Wrestlemania’s biggest stage. Cena let himself down on every count over the past year and at those events. He only has himself to blame and yet, Cena will be literally laughing in wrestling fans faces as a result of pocketing the cash from their misfortunes. No-one wants the third installment. Move on.

During the end of the match Rock suffered an injury completely tearing off the bone in his pelvis but thanked fans on twitter fort heir support. Some of the boys in the lockerroom however wonder if the injury is legit after Rock avoided surgery favouring rehab instead in order to complete filming on new film Hercules. Rock, to his credit also finished the match at Wrestlemania also. 

Despite being booked with a tacky and derogatory finish and at the grandest PPV with a roll up which should have seen a clean and huge win for Fandango as a new star, the win has catapulted the ballroom babe to new heights. WWE should capitalise on this and realise at this time Fandango is where the new star money is at. Their ‘Mania match would have been more beneficial if they were allocated five extra minutes AND turned the brawling into a technical ground and pound as well. The brawling and non-comeback of Fandango was almost destructive to a new star rising. Keeping opportunities with challengers open is vital.

No matter how pushed Ryback is and his opponent so bad, the audience will still chant for someone else opposing him because Ryback did not deserve a place on the show nor able to interest fans for their mega bucks parting of their cash for a grand spectacle rather than filled with WWE favourites that never get over. Henry once again got away with doing virtually nothing, but at least WWE put it on early and made it short. This filler match had no place on Wrestlemania’s stage.

Feeling cheated of Big Show’s ‘turn for Wrestlemania’ only the majority wanted Orton to turn only because a few stated it online and the rest of the audience jump on the band wagon to sound like they know what they are on about. Fact is, without Orton, as honourable man, WWE have no-one left to carry its company can. If Orton were to go bad boy once more now, what would WWE have? No new stars would have anyone to work with and no strongholds for title contentions.  WWE missed the boat, Sheamus was the red herring they should have and still can turn. Sheamus is dire and needs something more to his personality, and while naughty antics maybe another challenge to the lukewarm warrior, it can’t be worse than his last year of non-importance, can it? Plus the audience wouldn’t have seen it coming.

In my professional opinion, the tag titles need to change hands in order to drive spark, meaning and interest in the tag wrestling scene. I would have switched the titles here. Despite Big E. being a terrible star already, the division needs something to light a firecracker up it. More NXT newbies are on the way finally and should be placed to start the tag situation and create more teams in the mix. Kane and Bryan should therefore remain challenging and able to refresh the scene with healthy competition. Corey Graves is one WWE should consider soon. 

Alberto Del Rio rightfully retained but the comeptition was minor. Swagger was unreprimanded by WWE and didn't lose his 'Mania spot. Interestingly a footballer was in the same predicament as Swagger weeks after and was instantly suspended. Lukewarm and uninteresting dullard Swagger kept his place on the supercard signalling the end result and peeving fans feeling duped of their time and money. It did nothing to enhance Del Rio as champion. American fans also chanted for a Mexican instead of an American. Therefore, Jack Swagger's America is a dismal failure. 

Undertaker and Punk had the most outstanding match on the show and capable of enthusing fans every time. Undie wanted Punk and its clear to see why. Some doubted Punk's booking to the match and whether he was the right opponent, though the match was a roaring success and showed no signs of Undertaker stripping down his questionable Wrestlemania appearance this year. The match is a clear early candidate for Match of the year, by far. They attempted to make the best of their time and they certainly did that with a whole lot more. Given the right opponents both Punk and 'Taker had everything fans needed to tick every box. Punk even wore purple to accommodate UT. Fans themselves were exhausted. It was BreathtakingBravo to both men. 

Triple H's predictable win and failure to retire didn't receive praise from audience viewers. Many once again questioned Hunter's position. Is he someone who wishes to run the company and wrestle? Or is he someone who cannot prioritise and full of ego alone? Whatever the answer HHH must understand that he can wrestle minimally int he right circumstances, but the platform must be build on strong feuds and not rematches in unison with company requirements than appeasing a 'last run' of matches hear and there for personal nostalgia. However, Tripper did put in a fair match outing, but was still a little off in places and Brock Lesnar was immense in portrayal and style. Triple H helped along too but Lesnar chose to shine. Triple H, to his credit didn't do 'as much' as he previously had to "go into business for himself." Do we all remember Booker T? HHH needs to help the newbies along if he does do TV more. Shawn Michaels, however had no place on the card. It was a daft decision despite Michaels playing his role well. WWE need to stop relying on the oldies so frequently and place in the right spots than star appearances. 


Fans were mildly fuming that United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, one of WWE's most consistent, workable and interesting talents was omitted from the card booking which saw Henry and Ryback water the process. WWE could have done many angles but simply went for 'the big ones' instead. A free for all grab bag could have happened for the US and IC titles, or Barrett's IC title could have stayed after The Miz became pointless transitional. WWE could have put in Sandow, Rhodes, Cara, Miz and Alex Riley or even Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in six or eight man action for the US title and finally turn Kofi who is in desperate need as mentioned numerous times on Wrestling Wonders. WWE simply can't think how to do it. It should consider finding those necessary bookers/writers/creative beings and shelve its pride if it wants to survive.

Maryse return would gather
interest, if she sought a return
The Diva's were traditionally avoided. WWE had sought to rehire Bimbo Bimbo Kelly Kelly and other divas, including Maryse, as revealed by Wrestling Wonders, to have a dire tag match with current divas. Kelly Kelly is gone and should never return if she has any sense. She is reportedly happy with her modelling contracts and WWE are so clueless it goes back to everything it knows and doesn't change its landscape. It already has two wrestling females and chooses to ignore them. As one fan joked on Twitter "It was nice of Kaitlyn to invite fans to Wrestlemania when she wasn't invited herself." Diva's champion Kaitlyn participated in an online Twitter hide and seek where fans followed clues to find her to grab tickets in public for Wrestlemania. 

Wrestlemania 29 may have reports of being WWE’s greatest grossing ‘Mania to date, however featured matches filled with re-runs with uninterested, no new opportunities or ‘moments’ created, a false illusion of turns for many and a title changing hands not even on the main stage making way for two favourites who aren’t over and had no place. Returning Veterans had no role and Shawn Michaels had no reason being there. Booked as yet another random PPV, this was by far being billed as WWE’s worst ‘Mania from fans despite box office takings. Now what does that tell you? While WWE are laughing all the way to the bank, their capital investment can keep doors open, but it will fail when all stars have to retire for whatever reasons through injury, wear and tear, burnout or exhausted options. Accused of lazy booking weeks prior, WWE, blaming its writers again, would shoulder no responsibility for a terrible card only built on “big matches” alone featuring old stars with virtually no new talent. It became a throwaway PPV worse than Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday and December to Dismember. WWE need to prioritise, add those to its team that can help than hinder and construct real interest than coasting along for money. Until it shelves stubborn pride, it will fail every time. Wrestlemania is vastly becoming an absurd PPV losing every core of it edge it used to be. Is it truly game over for the global snapshot that is “just another PPV”?

Post Wrestlemania Raw 
(8th April 2013)

The following evening on Raw in an extremely mixed, vocal and possibly the best crowd of independent fans in a packed Izod Centre defied Wrestlemania re-booking post show and made the evening more than WWE could ever anticipate. You can check the Video on our YouTube channel here - Wrestling Wonders on YouTube .

Transitional one night victor.
Green tights are hot though.
The Miz took on Wade Barrett defending the Intercontinental Championship. Both battled on the Wrestlemania pre show where champion Barrett lost to The Miz by submission changing the title mostly unseen as a result. Their rematch on Raw was cloudy. Did Wade Barrett reclaim the title because the crowd were chanting his name, which had a vast number of British fans attended Wrestlemania weekend, or was it a daft choice to contain The Miz’es winning streak as many claim? The latter is not valid. The pre-show does not count as a Wrestlemania card place. WWE felt Barrett had enough in the audience to make him relevant. He won’t be relevant or a star the company envisage though gave this last ditch attempt believing ‘Mania may have been a bad choice and took any pinch of salt offered. It also destroyed both stars, the title lineage and The Miz rebuilding his place in WWE.

Is World Champion
Dolph Ziggler will have won the World Heavyweight championship as you read this. Alberto Del Rio had a rematch with Jack Swagger, defeating him, until WWE sent out Ziggler when “We want Ziggler” chants happened. Was this similar to Barrett? No. WWE, with two months left on the cash in couldn’t be bothered to find someone else to transfer the case to, so instead took their chances when a grain of salt was thrown their way. WWE understand that this illusion will make fans believe if they chant favourable stars in trouble WWE will give them what they want, but simply WWE chose to take the opportunity on a star who has got no role and is not a star in any right and hope for the best out of this brief run knowing it cannot muster enough gusto to drive a new way forward. Welcome to the big time kid, it’s tough at the top. Everyone will get their Ziggler run. After that it will be time to move on. He is already limited. Article coming soon.

Izod crowd do the Fandango (hum the theme tune)
Fans were so fed up of WWE’s misunderstanding of new stars and the new money maker Fandango that they chose to hum the theme song of Fandango throughout the rest of the evening, even having a stupid comedy moment in which John Cena did a two second pirouette turn. Cena has constantly hijacked Bryan and now Fandango’s magnitude. Now that’s desperate and just plain obnoxious. It’s clearly safe to say Fandango is over in every right and certainly a grower, not a shower. With now four bad shows, and the one becoming the worst   despite box office sales, Wrestlemania simply became a shadow of its former self. 

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