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TNA British Bootcamp Australia

TNA British Bootcamp Australia

TNA British Bootcamp is set to air on FeulTV this Thursday 18th April 2013. The series filmed and screened months earlier will feature a ground-breaking four hopefuls from the British scene who hope to win a TNA contract on offer to one person.

The show features a record three contenders featuring novice teachers The Blossom Twins, the abhorrent Marty Scurll and winner Rockstar Spud.

Hannah and Holly Blossom also gained contracts despite TNA stating only one contract was on offer in a pre-determinded angle to hire mass amounts of performers. Spud comes in at a glorious 5 foot 3, while sexual deviant Scurll gallivanted with one of the twins in a romance, then cheated with another girl. The string bean lothario even asked Dixie Carter for sex calling her a “MILF” an abbreviation for a Mother I’d Like to F**k. Scurll, had also been involved in a real life sex scandal on the front page of a national newspaper of which he bragged about with thirty other bodies after the lonesome degenerate appeared on a TV dating show.  

Adolescent drunkard Scurll
The action began with Spud and Scurll constructed a feeble made up fight in a limo after drinks, over who had the most twitter followers. Both had purposely begun a made up feud on the British scene to get a place on the show. Both are friends again now.

Flabbergasted Scurll with his partner. 

One spring short of an onion
All four wrestled on TNA impact tour in January 2013 where the Blossoms and Scurll teamed in a match with Jessie Godderz, now Jesse, Tara and Gail Kim. In which ‘Britain’s best’ Scurll mistimed and launched himself over the guard barrier showcasing his inept qualities and immature botches unvaluable to any business. You can view it on our YouTube channel here - Wrestling Wonders on YouTubeYou can see the amazing dive a 2.50.

MILF. Dixie Carter.

If you wish to read the results click here - Rockstar Spud wins TNA British Bootcamp.

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