Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Did The Miz fail wellness policy test?

Are WWE letting in house 
drug offenders off lightly? 

At the Wrestlemania pre show, The Miz fought for and won the Intercontinental championship from stagnant champion Wade Barrett. The Miz instantly lost this title within 24 hours on the post Wrestlemania Raw. Barrett reclaimed his IC title in a fair but still non description transition.

While fans were frustrated and wondered why he lost so quickly and unimportantly, Wrestling Wonders received an anonymous tip off, unconfirmed that Miz may have failed a wellness test and promptly encouraged the falling instantly shifting title back to previous owner in a seemingly pointless exchange. 

While the tip off is unconfirmed, The Miz has miraculously disappeared from WWE television. With more promoting of films and oversea projects for WWE is this a secret way of covering up the alleged mishap?

Whether Miz smoked substances or not, WWE has had an infamous profile of rewarding drug abusers over the years but even in the last year the most recent drink driving disaster that was Jack Swagger, whom was planned to win the World Championship with his xenophobic anti-immigration America nationalist propaganda. 

Last year we wrote on the site about one other unnamed superstar who had failed a wellness test, known at that time, but not unveiled due to respect, was none other than Ezekiel Jackson. This was at the time when Cody Rhodes was under doubt but legitimately bypassed a suspension with prescription. Read it by clicking link here - Ezekiel Jackson suspension

WWE kept Jackson's unwarranted behaviour from the media and quietly disappeared him from TV for thirty days. Rey Mysterio participated in the Wrestlemania tour including the extravagant WWE celebrity golf event whilst paying for his sins, as it were. Prime Time Junkie Darren Young had also been booked heavily in tag action due to luxurious favouritism despite behaviour deemed unfit.

Did The Miz smoke some Whizz? 
So the question remains, did The Miz fail a wellness policy test by smoking a substance, or possibly injecting? If Miz goes unannounced an off television over a certain a,out of days, WWE will have some severe questions to address in keeping quiet about certain shady details on the horizon.

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  1. This can't be true because why would they let swagger wrestle when he got done for drugs a few weeks back