Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Bod God, Jessie Godderz

'The Bod God' Jessie Godderz

Since joining TNA wrestling in late 2011 and making a huge impact bar the pun, Jessie Godderz has become the newest delight in the second rate national promotion. Coming in at number five in the WW Awards 2012 for company promotion, TNA has certainly dipped over the past year and before. Seen as a comedy of errors, hiring ridiculous no marks and giving chances to those that will never materialise just for a TV show overstenched by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s backstage politics, even loyal fans have woken to the disinterest.

Godderz and Goddess.
Lucky cow Tara atop
mighty Godderz' shoulders.
Laboured, directionless and all over the place with no clear business strategy where wrestling values have been minimal and embarrassed further, TNA is desperate for some new opportunities. Only weeks ago, TNA placed a main event worthy match on a throwaway episode of Impact featuring Jessie Godderz against Rob Terry. Recent shows have seen TLC matches and a Knockouts title change to three different females highlighting the company’s lack of authority. TNA president Dixie Carter is casting dispensations as devaluing wrestling without any knowledge or understanding for the industry not product who cannot make a profit and receives funding from her father to keep TNA doors open on free television around the globe.

TNA have a chance to rectify its problems. Of course it needs to hire clever people, but it won’t, because it is rude, obnoxious and ignorant. However they do have one hidden gem. Utilising Mr. PEC-Tacular, Jessie Godderz, TNA could and should have a new outlook with Godderz and should fast track him to heavyweight gold. He should down Bully Ray and become the new heavyweight champion fans are desperate for. They want new, credible options rather than a washed up old timer who is out of shape, cannot work matches, botches classically and berates every opponent without allowing them any qualities or chance to grow as an on screen personality. 

Godderz has the look, the style, the smug attitude and the charisma to get across with audiences. An honourable turn would also benefit the beautiful looker aiming to be a fresh faced champ. However if TNA chose to keep him as a bad boy then Jessie can still carry that versatility too as champion.

It's time for TNA to wake up and drive forward change after a bundle of mishaps last year and continuing this year in PR disasters also. It needs to get its priorities correct and start creating real options. It needs clever people at the forefront. It should seek them out or continue to lose. There is no place for stubbornness in this already failing business model. 

Huge and beef hunk Godderz has
all the tools available.
With the body, experience and capable talking skills bod god Godderz is ready, able and in need to boost his credentials. Waiting too long in a fractured landscape as TNA is always a costly move and should enhance Godderz now, before its too late. Relying on old, stale has beens are marring the process of TNA's competence Godderz offers fresh and viable options with a gold trinket upon his waist. The time is now.

©  Max Waltham 02nd July 2013

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