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Ironman Rob Conway, Jewel in NWA's crown

Ironman Rob Conway, the Jewel 
in the NWA's crown

Working his way through the wrestling industry, Rob Conway chose never to relent. Continuing on his sterling career with grace, poise and technique the forty year old has proven to be able to maintain his credentials, physique and repertoire as a force to value in 2013’s wrestling calendar.

Launching his return to the wrestling industry, as a part of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Conway impressed on March 16th to become its newest NWA heavyweight champion defeating Kahagas in a heartfelt battle. The title had previously been held in controversy over the double finish between Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana in which one lost and the other vacated the title rather than win on a technicality.  

Defeating Satoshi Kojima in Japan, April 2013
Conway soon travelled to Japan, appearing at the April 7th invasion Attack on behalf of the NWA in accordance with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He fought Satoshi Kojima in a challenge for Conway’s gold and kept the title credibly. Conway followed up on April 20th dropping former WWE and TNA reject Chris Masters where Conway was rewarded a new championship design.

Having re-established worth to the promotion, institution and title honour, Conway has entered some valid matches since his NWA gold acquisition. It was a viable choice by NWA to conduct Conway as title bearer. Having paved a new way forward from controversial encounters and giving new outlook as a tender wrestling prestige, Conway has potential to relaunch a possibly floundering NWA. Conway should not lose so easily or at least for a good nine months to over a year.

Given a reprieve, the former tag champion, knocked in big promotions years prior has transitioned from dependable worker to exceptional heavyweight. As champion Conway has the look, skills, workability and in ring psychology to present others and the company involved with handsomely.

Reimbursing wrestling values and a freelance worker cementing those pavestones piece by piece, Conway’s road is back on track. Also doubling up in Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCP) Conway has proven to be one of 2013’s finest talents of fresh intake from the overstretched national products convoluting wrestling matters and lacklustre booking.

Resisting conformity, finding his own way and remaining his passion has driven Conway to the path of success once more. It is one we wish to continue to witness. Conway could add sustainable weight to any match booked in should he be booked well. Added as one of the most charismatic, nicest guys in the business who respects the sport, Conway is the one to latch NWA’s hopes on for a brighter future. One notion this has proved, Conway is still relevant and has no chances of diminishing his standing of wrestling value anytime soon. 

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