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Kaitlyn’s admirer revealed

Kaitlyn’s admirer revealed

This Monday (10th June) night’s episode of Raw saw WWE Undisputed Women’s champion, in the form of the butterfly belt, Kaitlyn come face to face with her secret admirer.

The revelation came after Kaitlyn, in a revealing skin felt mesh top, without her title, nor defence of it since her debut victory in January, was unveiled as Big E.Langston.

Langston entered with flowers and titled his romancee in the ring attempting to kiss her before slamming Kaitlyn down and hurling the flowers at her. No, it was not Langston after all, but mischievous former friend AJ. As she strutted to the ring, AJ berated Kait, where ‘lyn’s acting was dire at seeming teary which sounded like a bellowing laugh instead. Kaitlyn quickly turned and floored AJ with a slap, which was daft when the angle was to make Kaitlyn vulnerable, not the aggressor. 

This was used as a mechanism to set up their Payback title match delayed from the last Pay Per View past.  

The original plan was to have Mark Henry become the admirer and turn babyface before he irked management by nursing his recent injury. Henry lost his spot. She ain't getting no sexual chocolate now. WWE are planning Langston to turn instead. Both choices are absurd.

Kaitlyn's planned new love
Wrestling Wonders saw an opportunity to create a feud, two new stars and raise Kaitlyn’s company stance as well as then having AJ use her mocking angle after regardless.

WWE could have resented numerous options as shown below.

Vickie Guerrero

Asked if one was serious for such suggestion, yes, we were. Vickie could have used this as two ways, one AJ’s fling with Dolph Ziggler could have been seen as ruse to get him toward the world title, with Vickie in a position of power, and either get back with Dolph, turn him babyface as wWE considered previously and then Dolph (or even Vickie) could have swerved the other and ditched them for going on to better things.

The Great Khali

As undercover investigator and a very bad one at that making no progress at all, Khali could have switched to Kaitlyn and set up a rivalry turning Natalya back heel to challenge for the title with powerful aggression, or indeed Kaitlyn could have turned and gained more esteem as a talent on air.

The Bella Twins

Vengeful and nasty girls, they could have set another battle for the title, granted with little mileage.

Someone from NXT

This wouldn’t really work out but the option is a considerable one at least. Bo Dallas would probably be the only candidate as an NXT guy seen previously on WWE TV as a main name. NXT stars should be floating around WWE premises beforehand if it pushes them onto TV in situations like this later on in programming.

Dolph Ziggler

Even dirty Dolph could have got in on the swerve on AJ.

That WWE chose to pick Henry and AJ was rather wasteful, clueless and uneventful after all the hype of lunacy involved. Fans were just pleased it wasn’t an even more ridiculous choice in Hornswoggle.

Should have brought out Tamina's banana again. That would have had more interest. 

 ©  Max Waltham 11th June 2013

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