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Adam Cole: From crumb to conqueror

The straggly long haired, blue eyed boy entered Ring of Honor years previous in 2009 to some rather lacking presentation. Now, in 2013, brimming young talent Adam Cole has exceed expectation four years on. 2012 was by far one of Cole’s sketchiest, yet map setting moments for recognition. Was it so bad that it was noticed, or did Cole manage to present a new lease of interest regardless of company booking? Cole impressed and made it onto the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 2012 at number 43. Since then, Cole has been inundated with appearances, interviews and acknowledgement from other sources of entertainment and fan respect. Cole shone but his lackluster booking was thwarting his potential. In 2012 we wrote “May be doomed in ROH, needs further development in their eyes, though unwilling to give support to him, Cole could be on a rocky road again…" 

Cole bypassed that predicament in 2012 soaring up the charts making the list at number 12 with added intrigue. "Respected from previous year downpour launched technical and barbaric whizz into capable outlook for ROH... Heavyweight and mid level champ further elevated company fortunes in portrayal designating correct style and look of star as frontman... Needs solid matches, core structure in technical main stay with opponents to maintain company perceival..."

Since then Ring of Honor complied and bean realising the fruits of its labour. Adam Cole has since transgressed into a blooming champion as the TV Championship holder and delivers expert matches. Since his troublesome 2011, Cole’s turnaround in 2012 proved profitable. Working outstanding matches with new talents that matched level and equal opposition able to prise wrestling standards credibly, Cole is on many radar’s since.

So why did it take ROH so long to act? If Wrestling Wonders' recommendation wasn’t given would he have been a jobber destined to sink to the undercard and fill in for those who were floundering in the company tiers? Whatever the case, Cole has become a standpoint for the company and drives viewers forward to the working environment who once neglected his position to favour a pocket full of mainstream names alone.

Cole impressed with tag team Future Shock, joined with Kyle O’Reilly making an impressive duo in the tag team division building huge profile and quality where possible. The partnership was disbanded on January 7th in 2012 setting Cole on his fully fledged singles path to glory, not before pairing with Eddie Edwards, who broke with his partner Davey Richards where Richards joined O’Reilly to battle the partnered teams broken on either side which was initially fair but then became senselessly relied on. All four did their best to achieve good results, though Cole became the shining light in that series.

Cole received a monumental standing rise from Ring of Honor dropping the ROH champion Davey Richards on the company's 10th Anniversary show, however only in non-title tag action. He would embark on a minor series with former partner O’Reilly to finally end their series in June at Best In the World. Cole offered goodwill to his former buddy, who spurned his advances. Moving on, Cole soon captured the ROH TV title from Roderick Strong in a proven and tantalising win which catapulted Cole over the fence. Cole fended off competition from all-comers including esteemed colleague Mike Mondo and Eddie Edwards while losing a pointless non-title encounter to Matt Hardy which shouldn’t have been booked over the course of the year end for Cole. Cole continued to hold the title well into the new year of 2013 until falling to no hoper Matt Taven at the annual 11th Anniversary show on March 2nd. Cole held an astounding 246 days as champion.   

Winning ROH TV title
Cole recently reunited his tag team with O’Reilly in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) where he also independently adds his flavour. PWG has fast become an increasingly interesting promotion as of late, gathering new quality protraction from stars such as Cole lending their skills to the organisation.

Able to succeed rivals, rise above the doldrums and impress the most important people in the business Cole’s doors have been opened up tremendously. With a number of valid options and opportunities now coming his way, enraptured by his own talent portrayal also, and his ability to go further than what is asked for to deliver fan and wrestling appreciation, Cole is the one who has a very bright future in the business if correct choices are made. WWE have already given him a try-out earlier in the year and with no loyalty and ignorance from ROH previously, the decision to jump may look ever more attractive for this promising superstar. He’s quite hot, too. 

©  Max Waltham 29th April 2013

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

TNA PPV : One Night Only X:Travanagnza

TNA chose to present its first One night Only Pay Per View concept with an X-Division extravaganza. Playing off of the x letter and putting it into virtually all its match branding  would this PPV be of interest, honour and brimming with talented entries?

Airing on April 5th 2013 the PRE-TAPED PPV from January 12 2013 took place from the Impact TV studios in Orlando, Florida.

X-scape Match

Jimmy Rave, Matt Bentley, Puma, Sam Shaw, Christian York, Alex Silva and Lince Dorado

Most of the world and TNA’s audience hadn’t heard of these names and no-one even cared. What an absolute disaster. The highly dysfunctional sixteen minute scrap was won by Christian York.

Tag Team

Anthony Nese and Rashad Cameron Vs Doug Willaims and Kid Kash

Flabbergasting Doug Williams gave an outstandingly dismal performance of basic moves that was so boring and wet that no even his opponent came off well. Kid Kash changed the pace and style tremendously on Cameron included with a high flying missing Moonsault as rashad moved. Nese was swiftly tagged in and gave fantastic punches, dropkicks and suplexes making an extraordinary impact instantly with a two fall cover. Williams came in and botched a clothesline that failed to connected as Nese quickly masked Williams inaccuracies with skill. Nese dropped both opponents after a double assault and joined Rashad in nailing Willaims with a running knee connective. Rashad took off Kashoutside as inside action continued with Nese giving a perfect drop leg baseball slide dropkick. A two fall only after Earl Hebner messed a count again. Douglas Williams capitalised with a rolling chaos pin on Nese after Kid Kash smacked Nese which was a disgraceful ending from woeful Williams who should have never been in the ring as a result.

Douglas Williams is so fit! Look at that body!

Robbie E Vs Chavo Guerrero

Inpromptu Special Referee – Joseph Park

The Zack Ryder rip off Robbie E, entering to a hilariously sad VIP cordon gave a promo which failed to gain any motion. Chavo joined and babbled on about the Eugene rip off retard Joseph Park and installed him as impromptu special referee. This match had no momentum. Chavo Guerrero hit the three amigos and head to the top corner post to frog splash for a three fall.

X Division Championship

Fatal 4 Way X Match

Kenny King (c)  Vs Rubix Vs Mason Andrews Vs Zema Ion

Tenay and Tazz’s commentary was disgraceful and not innovate in the slightest. The X-division match was extremely sloppy and a pitiful exchange. Timing all over the place with Jigsaw and Ion, Andrews a colossal bore and Ion forgettable. 

Pithy non eventful kick from Ion atop the ring climb above the ring with Andrews was wasteful. The most ludicrous decision made when Rubix grabbed the X title sign only for Kenny King to enter and electric chair drop the puzzle piece masked star and steal the  X signal thing with rules relating to when you touch the mat holding the title. TNA just proved utterly pathetic with this booking where Kenny King is a fraud champion who also has no real interest as champion either.

Tag Team

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian Vs Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt

So Cal Val gave a laughable introduction of the bland boys Daniels and Kaz as “one of the most dominant tag teams” in TNA. Kazarian gave a terrible promo including mentioning “Sonjay Dutch” Daniels followed with an equally lame level of speech.

Jeremy bore-rash instantly interviewed their opponents. Williams showed a level of potential in a fair promo and Dutt added a decent entry despite being an empty face.

During the match, Dutt gave a level of heart and attempt to make it something consistent however had no real interest in his build up that was a throwaway attempt. The maple leaf muscle Petey Williams, of which TNA dropped years ago, the former two time X divison champ gave an impressive and compactful return match which held the match together despite Kaz and Daniels awful portrayals inside the match and their lazy approach favoured by TNA. Kaz’s roll over and bounce in the air on a sell of Petey Williams finisher to win the match was just laughable. Sonjay Dutt picked up the win as a result. Daniels even carried his partner out over his shoulders, adding to a complete farce of what was just witnessed on live television.

No disqualification

Jerry Lynn Vs Rob Van Dam

Wrestling stalwart Jerry Lynn entered in part of his “retirement tour” to complete his legitimate retiring from the sport. Taking on old adversary Rob Van Dam, who has no become a former shadow of himself with a minimal effort upon entry alone, began with a back hold lock up from Lynn and Van Dam countered, with a pin attempt roll up from Lynn in a technical compete. Headlock from Lynn to return numerous run over counters by both then changed pace slamming clothesline on Van Dam sending him outside.

Van Dam soon brought chairs and tables into the battle, as Tenay told us to “bear in mind” this was a No DQ match. Van Dam had trouble lifting Lynn who flew over into the ring and got the better of Dam again. Lynn gained the upper hand in a good transition to set tables up from outside. Van Dam joined and sent Lynn inside once more. Lynn gave a pleasing powerbomb off top turnbuckle flinging Dam onto a centered flat laid chair. Van Dam took change and walked around with chair, back turned on Lynn who surged a charge at Dammer into a table at the corner. Lynn soon showed respect by lying for the five star from splash as possum to lock the Mahistrol Cradle for a two fall. Spin kick missed resulting in back of head leg drop from Lynn onto Dam landing in the chair again. Dam failed to launch Lynn over well onto the chair and hook a pin convincingly. Lynn returned with a two fall after. Dam jumped up and kicked Jerry off the top climb to the outside onto the table out there only for a two fall inside. Rob Van Dam then hit the frog splash three quarters over the ring to gain the three fall and win the match. Fans were uninterested with the lethargic win.

After the match Lynn received a hero’s welcome from the lockeroom who appeared on the titantron ramp to give their celebratory endorsements of respect to the wrestling veteran who formed a huge level of change, interest and respect in the wrestling business who won’t fully be recognised by mainstream stages. Lynn gave pal Van Dam a win to help him along in his career with a victory. On this occasion, TNA should have insisted Lynn win. He earned that right.

Austin Aries Vs Samoa Joe

Borash forgot his lines and paused before interviewing Aries before his match. ‘Money maker’ Austin Aries was called upon for the main event and gave lummox Joe a chance to be interesting.

“We have the best talent and the best stars.” Said “the greatest man who ever lived” as Aries believed the two best in the company would showcase what makes this company.

Action was slow as predicted with Joe allowed to dominant the mild arrogance of Aries. Both took a brief moment of pause in the ring which didn't really highlight greatness at all and only to mask the next shortcoming. It lost momentum to say the least and returned with Joe only pushing down Aries before tedious punched before Aries was on the floor again. A tacky headbutt would follow with drop down work from the wasteful Joe who couldn't even touch the boot convincingly on Aries face in stomping attacks which was one of the most basic moves in pro wrestling.

Aries was soon hurled over the guard rail in another pointless exchange which was boring personified.

There was no colour, contrast or passion. Aries deserves better than that. The ending couldn't come quick enough, where Aries was afforded the win in a cheap and meaningless finish that didn't give him any endorsement to a sustained and further powerful character in this troubled company. Austin Aries won with a turnbuckle roll up. Shameful.

PPV Rating - 3/10

Men/Women of their matches - Alex Silva, Anthony Nese, Chavo Guerrero, Kenny King, Petey Williams  Jerry Lynn, Austin Aries

Man/Woman of the PPV - Jerry Lynn

TNA should be ashamed of booking that main event disaster. Aries had to do everything and couldn’t work with the slothness of Joe despite trying his damned hardest to do so. Aries lost huge proportions of his skill in doing so in what became a boring match from both because Aries was in a one man show. It was just as worse as Eric Young wrestling a mannequin.

Chavo and the other one was simply a nothing match.

Wore wonderful green
and orange skirt
All a little rushed, and timing issues from TNA not accurately applied, TNA could have scheduled an extra portion of time to allow them their leisure to make spots more impactful. However, it was a credible match from both with the time they had out there.

Disgraceful booking of washed up Douglas Williams going over Nese who made the match a perfect bout with Kash was plain ignorant. Cameron put in a fair performance, though Kash and Nese were the stars shining. TNA’s failure to constantly book Nese credibly proves how out of touch with the new age they really are only to enhance their company’s levels of arrogance in backstage politics from three people who have no clue on wrestling understanding.

TNA’S terrible branding and X- lunacy placed  on every word, mirrored by the fact they recorded the PPV three months prior and aired it instead of making it live was a mass ignorance that proved monumental disgrace to the business, performers and highlighted that TNA, as a company, is in utter chaos of clueless intentions, formation and understanding how to book anything or anyone. TNA is rapidly becoming the most bungled company on the planet. It is utterly shameful. What a shambles.

©  Max Waltham 24th April 2013

TNA abandon's it's PPV's

TNA abandon's it's PPV's 

TNA replaces annual Pay per views with ‘One Night only’ concepts instead. Hapless Dixie Carter decided the main four PPV’s Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory will remain, though the insufficient one’s will be “One Night Only” with a distinctive theme. TNA previously jumped on the One Night Only wagon recently giving veteran Jerry Lynn a sterling sendoff. Apart from Lynn, the show was rather weak as a concept. Here is the TNA schedule below: 

Barmy TNA President Dixie Carter
Wednesday May 8: One Night Only: Joker’s Wild Tag Team Special

Wednesday June 5: TNA Slammiversary Xi

Wednesday July 10: One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2

Wednesday August 7: One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion

Wednesday September 11: One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown

Wednesday October 23: TNA Bound For Glory

Wednesday November 6: One Night Only: International Incident

Wednesday December 25: One Night Only: World Cup Of Wrestling

Wednesday schedules are for UK audiences. Sunday's are three days beforehand which are the live events. TNA have also filmed the Joker special akin to the XTravaganza debacle shown in April, pre-taped in January 2013. TNA are said to plan on filming all their PPV's instead and use talent from around the world, many see as a cheap excuse to abuser wrestling talent without having to pay a full contract on the cheap, harming the product, wrestlers and industry.

The barmy decision will also feature a Knockouts tournament and World Cup.

Carter also clarified her company status last week by informing the world her company is officially called TNA Wrestling and likened her shows to both Raw and Smackdown, shows produced by rivals WWE.
TNA plan to feature a UK show including talents such as beefy Rob Terry, the futile Magnus, a lacklustre Doug Williams and rookies from TNA’s British Bootcamp series Hannah and Holly Blossom and winner of TNA British Bootcamp Rockstar Spud as well as freelancers worldwide. TNA need to be careful which ‘talents’ it utilises.  

©  Max Waltham 24th April 2013

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Vince, Savage and Stephanie Affair?

Vince, Randy and Stephanie, 
the biggest triple threat of the WWF

After numerous speculation over years was questioned what truly held the connective bond so strongly between Vince McMahon and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage many labelled like an idolised son McMahon never had in the business, the pair’s falling out when Savage fell on tougher times in the WWF defecting for WCW was abruptly unknown.

McMahon was said to have blacklisted and boycotted certain areas of his appearances and bookings while in the competing company as his personal feelings were upset like no other and felt utterly betrayed. Vince also blocked Savage’s DVD release of Macho Madness.

Industry experts and loyal sportsfans deliberate Vince’s stern behaviour was implemented to a possible reasoning. That Savage was having a backstage affair for many years with company daughter Stephanie McMahon. While the lid has and can never truly be lifted on this accusation, legions today vividly accept and deny the story, though fans and experts are further inclined to support the ideas as true.

Opening the floodgates for numerous rumour mills, one high debate is the personal tension between the two. Clearly there was pressure in both camps with such a personal and intertwined relationship.

Various consider the issue stemmed from McMahon mainly, as Savage, regarded as a private individual who respected his outside life to his professional one, may have snubbed McMahon’s constant offers to remarket a comeback for Savage. Savage was classed as financially supported from his wrestling career at those points of seldom lifestyle able to switch off from the pro wrestling landscape from time to time. Savage didn’t necessarily require the reliance on the business as much as say the Hogan’s and Flair’s suffering finical turmoil to return for another paycheck.  

The rift further intensified and reason not fully known. This was debated as Savage having a sexual relationship with Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon’s daughter. Naturally the tension bore an unhealthy upset between both men. McMahon, highly protective for daughter Stephanie from the business of muck he clearly understood, was incensed with Savage so vehemently that many insiders believe the allegation to be true. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, to which McMahon has constantly subscribed and offered close links to in a backstage alliance, believes the situation to be an honest account.

Meltzer stated "I think that the reason is the same reason that everyone says. It's the reason everyone in (WWE) says. It's the reason that is the only one that makes any sense. So I think that's the reason. I can't come up with any other reason. I don't know. I mean, I've heard that reason from so many people that are not internet rumormongers, I mean people who - all I know is that within the company as far as the top people, they all believe it, and nobody knows for sure, because it's never brought up.

"When I first heard the story I didn't believe it because I thought it was just some story, but then, and I mean even when people who are very high up in that company, after they left the company, would tell me that story I still didn't believe it, but, you know, after a certain number of years when it's just, you know, ideas are brought up for Randy Savage and the reaction - there's something real, real bad because, let's face it, I mean, I couldn't count the number of times Vince said he would never do business with Hulk Hogan, and he always does. So, I don't know... Actually, as time goes by, more people talk about it trying to say that it didn't happen."

McMahon has been known to abort any staff or performers that upset him in the slightest inclination and will form a vindictive and spiteful stance to make sure those stains are blotched out from the business for defying him and his only way forward, if necessary.

It is also fair to suggest Stephanie could have become pregnant and forced to have an abortion. How would the image be if the bosses’ daughter in the 90’s era was bearing youngling with the WWF’s top superstar with tons of PR endorsements?

Others believe the nature of the betrayal was deflowering Stephanie’s virginity. McMahon was also rumoured to have caught them in the act. Talent back then were informed NEVER to mention the words “Randy Savage” in front of McMahon afterwards. Stephanie would have been at the age of 14, roughly. Clearly WWE would have suffered just as much publicity damage as Savage, who was also accused by a minor proportion of backstage workers of paedophilia. This is speculation of course, and could be jealousy, however, if true, highly damaging to any organisation, especially with involvement to the daughter of the owner already fresh off of the recent child abuse scandal with ring boys attested to by Bruno Sammartino and Superstar Billy Graham.

Becoming Undertaker's "Virgin Bride"
In 1994 after the act allegedly happening, Savage was hastily removed from the Summerslam card and his mysteriously pulled reasoning never acknowledged.

All wrestling soap operas are closely intertwined that eventually play out in reality as a consequence. Is this the one we are truly witnessing now instead? The greatest myth unveiled, if true, could be the most damaging to the industry and WWE itself and many still believe an ‘inside job’ had been constructed to keep details from everyone.

Others simply suggest the defection to rival WCW was the cross to bear for Savage after McMahon gave him ‘everything’ in the WWE as his biggest star once Hogan faded out.  Vince even gave an on air statement on the November 7th 1994 broadcast of Raw.

“At this time, obviously conspicuous by his absence, is the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. And I’d like to announce, unfortunately, that Randy Savage has been unable to sign a contract with the World Wrestling Federation—not unable to, rather to come to terms with the World Wrestling Federation for a new contract. But Randy, I know you’re out there listening, and on behalf of all us here in the World Wrestling Federation, all of your fans, and certainly me, the number one fan, I’d like to say thank you for all of your positive contributions to the World Wrestling Federation. Thank you, Randy Savage, for all the wonderful memories for so many years here in the World Wrestling Federation. We wish you nothing but the best. God speed, and good luck.”

Insiders again believed this statement to be a murky and disingenuous warning of sort to Savage and present McMahon and his WWF as righteous in a PR war. Savage was later mocked on air in vignettes over ‘bitter’ billionaire Ted Turner, then owner of WCW. However, with McMahon giving his blessing to join WCW, belief was suspended on this one as not legitimate to the reason of hatred.    

Even the option transferring from wrestling to commentary was under the microscope when Savage chose not to leave the ring at the time the WWF asked him to present commentary instead.

Close co-worker Bobby “The Brain” Heenan revealed in his autobiography Bobby the Brain: Wrestling’s Bad Boy Tells All, Heenan wrote “Randy Savage was great to work with too. He was very professional. If I had a territory, I would have Randy, his brother Lanny Poffo and their father Angelo working for me. Because they'll always be there on time. They'll always care about the business and do what is right. They know what they should do and what they shouldn't do. They're businessmen."

Or was this McMahon’s golden handshake mentality of doing immense favours for wrestling talent abused by mindless, unthoughtful choices ungrateful for giving them a forward and helpful place to capitalise their careers in the business to ignore those who gave them their platform without any respect or recognition to become the root cause of their dysfunction and McMahon’s willingness to, in his mind, rightfully teach them a lesson the hard way for their ignorance?

With a man who offered a crazed father-daughter incest storyline, in the late 2000s, where Stephanie was going to have her father’s child in a storyline, which Stephanie had the sense to reject, could this have been a revelation? Nine times out of ten Vince and WWE will always use real life situations to create storylines.

Former WWE diva Lita mentioned in her autobiography supported the notion that McMahon would do anything to protect his daughter and warned her of remaining out of the business and wearing skimpy outfits in the McMahon-Helmsley era.

Lita also explained WWE diva Chyna was looked down upon when planning to leave the WWF in 2001, when Women’s champion and still receives a backlash today for entering the adult industry after her wrestling stints dried up.  

Is it possible, that Triple H truly has replaced Savage as the second coming with the daughter and father in-law in every right?

Power player Hulk Hogan was said to have used this opportunity to claw back his fading star by  also strategically helping to sideline Savage, who replaced Hogan’s star potential to regain his postion in wrestling and with no other stars, Vince was said to be desperate and in despair and elected to support his manmade Hogan character.

Mega Powers.
Savage implied that the internet was correct with the suggestion once McMahon continued to block Savage’s options. Savage would reveal certain truths from the inner circle after years of neglecting abuse after containing the knowledge was not appreciated.

McMahon prides himself on the fact all grievances with staff eventually send all those fallouts back to Vince in the ultimate dominance of power, being able to work out differences and returns on programming though Savage was the one that was the ultra-exception. The beef between the pair is more than extreme. McMahon has always been personal when it comes to something deeper involving himself at the helm.

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage recently appeared on The Hitman and Groberman Show discussing his fallout with Vince McMahon, saying he was clueless knowing what McMahon's problem with him was.

He added the one person he would like to wrestle is Vince McMahon. Savage made the claim McMahon could have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in his corner, and that he would give Stephanie a kiss "for old time's sake."

So damaging is the story in pro wrestling that every talent in the business will not address the issue.

Roddy Piper also added Savage smacked McMahon at a bar over their disputed grievance/s.

McMahon mentioned to his employees “under no circumstances” would Savage work with them again.

Savage divorced sweetheart Miss Elizabeth in summer ’92.

The rumour when Steph was 15 is dumbfounded as Stephanie would have been 15 in 1991. Savage left in 1994, so if they did as rumour suggests, she would have been 17 and aware of her actions, however technically underage as legally 18 is the age required for sexual relations. Many felt Savage, at the end of his tether with the bitter ego of McMahon, chose to rib him with mild snippets of secrets pouring out. Randy commented on his YouTube and rap songs implying Stephanie was a ‘mover’ sexually. Stephanie’s school days were classed as a ‘wild child’ era of misbehaviour.

The story even goes further with son Shane McMahon who was said to have idolised Savage and Macho introduced Shane to Peruvian marching powder. (Cocaine) Whether Shane-O formed an addiction or not is a hazy topic.

What we do know is that there was an unbearable tightness between the two and that tension was unaddressed. McMahon has hate the press ever since and continues to veto any links to the adult industry. Child scandals rang rife throughout the 90’s and the ideas presented were flabbergasting. It is highly possible this ‘rumour’ is legitimate and shouldn’t be ignored so blissfully by an uneducated audience. 

Our conclusion? We know what we would state, but we aren’t giving it away just yet. Maybe later.

©  Max Waltham 23rd April 2013

Sunday, 21 April 2013

ECWA Super 8 PPV

ECWA Super 8 PPV

ECWA (East Coast Wrestling Association) presented its seventeenth annual Super 8 Tournament in Newark, Delaware on April 13th 2013.  The eight participants entered are defending champion of 2012 Papadon, Vordell Walker, Rhett Titus, Damian Dragon, Mike Mondo, Antonio Thomas, VsK and Chris Wylde. Here are the results from the single elimination tournament card.

First Round

Vsk sheens a smile

Mike Mondo defeated VsK in an impressive bout from both competitors.

Damian Dragon defeated Chris Wylde.

Antonio Thomas downed Rhett Titus in a promising assentation. Titus entered a sterling effort.

Papadon dropped Vordell Walker with an aggressive pleasure filled of character.

Semi Finals

Damian Dragon defeated Mike Mondo in a tantalising tussle.

Papadon bested Antonio Thomas wholesomely.

8 Man Tag Team

AHTU, Apollyon, Josh Daniels & Ricky Martinez defeated Bobby Shields, Danny E, Aden Chambers & Kekoa in supportive tag action.

Battle Royal

Jessie Kaye eliminated “Boss” Mike Tartaglia to receive a title shot from a Battle Royal.


Damian Dragon defeated Papadon in one of the greatest Indy matches for 2013 so far, delivering intensity, agility and emotion to snare the honour of victor in this prestigious tournament opportunity.

After winning the event Dragon followed through with his retirement and had his arm raised by Vito Lo Grasso, formerly Vito from WWE’s Smackdown and part of the ECW Baldies. Vito had trained Dragon in his career. He was respected by all seven other entries in the tournament in ring and raised upon shoulders. Dragon named his finalist opponent Papadon as his greatest rival in his career. Damien left his ring boots in the centre of the ring as a mark of respect to his fans and career.

Returning champ Papadon
WWE Legend and Four Horseman manger JJ Dillon visited backstage.

Dragon has been one of New York’s finest workers and can bow out gracefully in which his acknowledgements on the independent circuit have been valued by those who respect his work and opponents on offer.

PPV Rating – 6/10

Men/Women of their matches – Mike Mondo, Damien Dragon, Rhett Titus, Papadon, Apollyon, Jessie Kaye

Man/Woman of the PPV – Damien Dragon

©  Max Waltham 21st April 2013

wXw PPV: Live in Hamburg 2013

wXw Live in Hamburg 2013

Live from Hamburg, Germany wXw presented its event before a crowd of 575 attendees on Saturday 20th April 2013. Would it be a glorious show or a complete debacle of talent on the show?

Lethargic, substandard bore of Bones with his minimal involvement proved why the washed up tankard headed the PPV first. Bones pummelled Cash Money Erkan with a sidekick making a tedious battle and ruining the challenger.

Tag teamers Holding Keel (Keel Sasa & Michael Isotov) dropped the Wanderers (Jay Skillet & Jason Hendrix) with a shock with the ring bell added by Vijak from Keel to Skillet. There were dry moments from the ever lacklustre Skillet. Only Isotov and Hendrix proved to be headstrong wrestlers with beaming potential among two incapable talents.

Toby Blunt bested Robert Shield with a Swanton Bomb in one of the most interesting matches on the card despite being classed as inferior to other card hoggers.

Negligible, teensy, dreg Zack
Botching king Marty Scurll entered a dire level of exchanges against a mirrored non-entity in Tommy End, a rip off to PAC/Adrian Neville in what can only be described as an over-bearing stain of mistiming, inept transitions and blown spots in which both were absolutely devoid of any style. End defeated the obnoxious Scurll with a double foot stomp.

Zack Sabre Jr fought Kim Ray in the most pointless booking on the card which was a filler match no-one could gather interest in, highlighting an extreme level of infeasible dysfunction and boring battling that should have been omitted and cast into the trash can. It stank.

Talented Isotov (centre) with Dj Hyde and no-hoper Keel (right)
Six man tag followed with Hot and Spicy (Da Mack and Axel Dieter Jr) adding some colour and interest to the proceedings with Schenkenberg against the AUTsiders (Big Van Walter & Robert Dreissker) and Karsten Beck. Walter’s performance was the most notable in the match in which the lardy lummox bungled numerous chances and looked like a complete disaster marring the match for everyone else’s supportive attempts.

The unified world championship was conteseted in a two of three falls encounter from champion Axel Tischer beating Ivan Kiev proved to be bigger than a clucking disaster that proved Kiev was a complete liability as challenger and unequipped which ate into wXw’s credibility and mad a fool of Tischer again. Tischer won 2-1 with a Death Valley Bomb, Kiev retuned with a superplex and match finished with a rear naked choke drop.

wXw may just be one of the most defunct promotions in Germany. While they may claw on to natives fobbing them off with the option that Germany has a wrestling scene that houses a future for the fans, which is a derogatory illusion presented to dupe fans. Should you accept any promotion just because it is there, no matter how terrible it presents? wXw really let themselves down once again by making infeasible choices with obnoxious stars and sheer ‘looking glass’ idocy.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men/Women of their matches – Michael Isotov, Toby Blunt, Tommy End, Kim Ray, Axel Tischer

Man/Woman of the PPV – Axel Tischer

©  Max Waltham 21st April 2013