Wednesday, 24 April 2013

TNA abandon's it's PPV's

TNA abandon's it's PPV's 

TNA replaces annual Pay per views with ‘One Night only’ concepts instead. Hapless Dixie Carter decided the main four PPV’s Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory will remain, though the insufficient one’s will be “One Night Only” with a distinctive theme. TNA previously jumped on the One Night Only wagon recently giving veteran Jerry Lynn a sterling sendoff. Apart from Lynn, the show was rather weak as a concept. Here is the TNA schedule below: 

Barmy TNA President Dixie Carter
Wednesday May 8: One Night Only: Joker’s Wild Tag Team Special

Wednesday June 5: TNA Slammiversary Xi

Wednesday July 10: One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2

Wednesday August 7: One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion

Wednesday September 11: One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown

Wednesday October 23: TNA Bound For Glory

Wednesday November 6: One Night Only: International Incident

Wednesday December 25: One Night Only: World Cup Of Wrestling

Wednesday schedules are for UK audiences. Sunday's are three days beforehand which are the live events. TNA have also filmed the Joker special akin to the XTravaganza debacle shown in April, pre-taped in January 2013. TNA are said to plan on filming all their PPV's instead and use talent from around the world, many see as a cheap excuse to abuser wrestling talent without having to pay a full contract on the cheap, harming the product, wrestlers and industry.

The barmy decision will also feature a Knockouts tournament and World Cup.

Carter also clarified her company status last week by informing the world her company is officially called TNA Wrestling and likened her shows to both Raw and Smackdown, shows produced by rivals WWE.
TNA plan to feature a UK show including talents such as beefy Rob Terry, the futile Magnus, a lacklustre Doug Williams and rookies from TNA’s British Bootcamp series Hannah and Holly Blossom and winner of TNA British Bootcamp Rockstar Spud as well as freelancers worldwide. TNA need to be careful which ‘talents’ it utilises.  

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