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ECWA Super 8 PPV

ECWA Super 8 PPV

ECWA (East Coast Wrestling Association) presented its seventeenth annual Super 8 Tournament in Newark, Delaware on April 13th 2013.  The eight participants entered are defending champion of 2012 Papadon, Vordell Walker, Rhett Titus, Damian Dragon, Mike Mondo, Antonio Thomas, VsK and Chris Wylde. Here are the results from the single elimination tournament card.

First Round

Vsk sheens a smile

Mike Mondo defeated VsK in an impressive bout from both competitors.

Damian Dragon defeated Chris Wylde.

Antonio Thomas downed Rhett Titus in a promising assentation. Titus entered a sterling effort.

Papadon dropped Vordell Walker with an aggressive pleasure filled of character.

Semi Finals

Damian Dragon defeated Mike Mondo in a tantalising tussle.

Papadon bested Antonio Thomas wholesomely.

8 Man Tag Team

AHTU, Apollyon, Josh Daniels & Ricky Martinez defeated Bobby Shields, Danny E, Aden Chambers & Kekoa in supportive tag action.

Battle Royal

Jessie Kaye eliminated “Boss” Mike Tartaglia to receive a title shot from a Battle Royal.


Damian Dragon defeated Papadon in one of the greatest Indy matches for 2013 so far, delivering intensity, agility and emotion to snare the honour of victor in this prestigious tournament opportunity.

After winning the event Dragon followed through with his retirement and had his arm raised by Vito Lo Grasso, formerly Vito from WWE’s Smackdown and part of the ECW Baldies. Vito had trained Dragon in his career. He was respected by all seven other entries in the tournament in ring and raised upon shoulders. Dragon named his finalist opponent Papadon as his greatest rival in his career. Damien left his ring boots in the centre of the ring as a mark of respect to his fans and career.

Returning champ Papadon
WWE Legend and Four Horseman manger JJ Dillon visited backstage.

Dragon has been one of New York’s finest workers and can bow out gracefully in which his acknowledgements on the independent circuit have been valued by those who respect his work and opponents on offer.

PPV Rating – 6/10

Men/Women of their matches – Mike Mondo, Damien Dragon, Rhett Titus, Papadon, Apollyon, Jessie Kaye

Man/Woman of the PPV – Damien Dragon

©  Max Waltham 21st April 2013

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