Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WWE release 10 wrestlers and a referee

WWE let scores of roster staff go 
in drastic cost cutting measures

The week has been a long and testing one in WWE, especially for eleven members of the payroll. WWE released eleven employees from its roster last Thursday after reports WWE were “allowing contracts to run out” and would not be renewing them.

The money saving extravaganza is said to be a decision brought on by the ill-fated WWE Network which is costing way over budget for WWE to barely make a profit let alone break even. They hope the international release markets will boost the revenues after last month WWE Chairman Vince McMahon believed he was lied to by his money making teams.

If the projections are dipping into WWE’s purse at such an alarming rate then they really should consider pulling the plug on the Network before they get in too deep, regardless of trying to make the concept work. It was doomed from the get go. Let it go and save finances. It is nothing special, anyway.

The eleven talents released are listed below, with brief analysis of their departures.

The first batch of no surprises were the unfortunate Yoshi Tatsu, who never got a break, benched high flyer Evan Bourne, who WWE gave numerous chances to and Curt Hawkins. Joining them were JTG (who many were shocked lasted this long) and Camacho. There was no place for him since he lost his tag partner to a blue mask.

Slight shocks but not massively were the releases of Brodus Clay, whom WWE could have make a bigger headliner if it tried and Aksana, who WWE had grand plans for to be the next star diva. Despite her efforts with training, she just didn’t have enough in the tank.

Theodore Long also joined the list after years with WWE as did two members of 3MB, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. Since being “the chosen one” McIntyre was never fit enough to make it. It’s just how it goes in WWE. Referee Marc Harris who was upset with another referee months ago over a botched finish was not respected for such outburst and was sent packing.
Before Monday’s Raw, Chairman McMahon let lead writer Jay Gibson go as well.

More are said to follow. WWE hasn’t had its annual culls for at least two years so it was inevitable that some releases were on the way at some point. It was simply the timing that was most surprising to fans.

Though more are to go, WWE have a few names it should, feasibly, let go. The ignorant Kalisto in NXT, who shows no real skill in developmental should not have been lured by egotist fan approval seeker Triple H. It should let him go and focus on overs. Same goes for equally ignorant loser Solomon Crowe. They just don’t have it.

Ryback, of course, is never going to materialise and the best thing WWE can do is let him leave. Jack Swagger adds nothing and would also be an adequate release. Cameron is absolutely hopeless, but WWE are low on divas again, and don’t want wrestling females. They already sent out requests for more models.

There is growing restlessness in WWE that the Network is costing performers chances at earning pay and television time.

Ex-WWE nomad Chris Jericho stuck the boot in for good measure too. Ever critical of WWE, inclusive of his rude attitude toward being named No.10 best speakers in a WWE list (which is generous) Y2J spoke of the releases. Talking about Drew McIntyre, Jericho said “When you’re in 3MB it’s the end of the road” and praised Drew as “unique” as “he’s got the Scottish accent.” Delusional Jericho cheered fan favourite pint sized luchador Evan Bourne and tried to get both of them and line himself up for a job with the new Global Wrestling Force arrival later this year. Jeff Jarrett should not be taking advice from a wannabe rock star failure if he wants a serious and credible brand untainted by ignorance. Jericho is the past, not the future. His radio rants will keep him happy in his sandbox with the fans. As a credible force in wrestling, leave it to the professionals.

David Otunga and Justin Gabriel are likely to go soon. WWE have quite a lot of announcers too, and Layla, Xavier Woods and The Great Khali are strong possibilities to go later. I don’t know why, but Tom Phillips has a cute smile and I’d like the opportunity to see more of him and have a chance.

WWE could and should invest more time in developmental, acquire the correct and non-ignorant and wasteful losers who won’t contribute to a future. It needs to call up some new faces, but have strong options too. It shouldn’t be rushed, but many care and attention is needed, not Triple H’’s call ups to get fan approval. The recent calls of Paige and Adam Rose have been pathetic wastes of time. Paige has injured divas in the ring and been highly inexperienced and insufficient. These decisions make WWE look entirely weak, something they hate to be seen as. Rose is a no-hoper. Even choosing daft jobbers as his entourage contains levels of ignorance that ruins the company honour.

WWE seriously need to think about restructuring its management team, creative issues, call ups and outside influences that could really deliver for the company. Failing this, WWE has a tough few years ahead which could be a crippling loss for the future of its wrestling empire. 

© Max Waltham 18th June 2014

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