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WWE Money in the Bank 2014

WWE Money in the Bank 2014

Live from the TD Garden in Boston on Pay Per View on Sunday 29th June, would WWE deliver a new hope for fans? Would it crown a new champion and/or a rising star fans can rally behind? Or will it conform to old habits and provide awe intriguing experience for hard-up fans parting with their cash for such entertainment? Let’s find out…

WWE Tag Team Championship
Erick Rowan and Luke Harper Vs The Uso’s (c)

After their uneventful organ entrance music, the Wyatt Family members began a fierce entry to the match up. A power clothesline from Harper took off an Uso from the ring apron making Jey Uso unavailable to tag. Eventually both teams tagged their respective others. Jimmy Uso lands the Samoan Drop on both well. Following with a high risk corkscrew aerial manoeuvre led to an Uso two fall only.

Jimmy followed with a great superkick to the face of Harper. Jey ran in with a jumping kick. Harper was then rolled up by Jimmy. Harper retaliated with a close powerbomb scoring a two fall. Harper flew outside with another impressive move for his size. Jimmy then followed out to Rowan. Harper flies at Jimmy. Cena’s daddy was then spotted at ringside.

A two fall after the double powerbomb attack came, broken up by Uso number two. JBL adds “He’s about to be WWE tag team champion” as Rowan climbs the top. He was then dropped down onto the ropes. Tag made in Uso corner. Both go for Rowan on turnbuckle. Double superplex by The Uso’s. Tag made again as Uso jumps and other Uso follows with another splash to cover for the three fall to retain the WWE Tag titles in a powerfully charged opener.

WWE Divas Championship
Paige (c) Vs Naomi w/ Cameron

Fluke champion Paige came to defend the title in yet another random thrown together chance opportunity. The action went to the outside instantly headlocking already. After the diversion to avoid her weak aptitude Paige was back in the ring with Naomi as both did double dropkicks simultaneously. Paige was then flung off the apron to the outside by the hair. 

Naomi followed with a mesmeric high fly body over the ropes. Cross body by Naomi in-ring continued very well. Paige then spins over to a pin attempt. Break up continued by empty roll up counters. Naomi slips Paige into submission. Loud screams unconvincingly from Paige were tiresome. Even Cameron wasn’t thrilled. Paige forces the break for reverse horribly clumsy with footing release into a pin by Naomi. Going to the top was stopped by Paige. Suplex attempt by Paige was botched as she dropped Naomi and herself to the outside. 

After already injuring Tamina two months ago on PPV, Paige’s inaccuracy with inadequacy is a huge concern for WWE. Paige kicks Naomi to the face on the ground of the in-ring mat. She then lifts Naomi’s leg up as a guitar string, which could have been good. Loud screams with no pressure made it look entirely awful and careless. Fly through clothesline by Naomi with stong offence took Paige down. Naomi Moonsault missed by cheap leg up by Paige. The defending diva tries to lock in the submission converted into a roll up by Naomi’s athleticism. Naomi gets the work done into hold as Paige then gets a cheap DDT drop in hold. Flunkie Paige retains the title after a tepid finisher to maintain a purely uneventful freebie title run, further disgracing the diva’s division today.

Can you remember any of her matches?

Adam Rose Vs Damien Sandow

Travelling looney tune Adam Rose arrived to have a match with Damien Sandow. Sandow came dressed looking like Captain Blackbeard. WWE claimed he was a “Paul Revere” lookalike. Sandow was flipped outside. “Taunted by a burger” JBL added. It was a hot dog actually. That’s the Rosebuds for you. Lunacy at every turn. Damien Sandow held strong offence in the mockery battle. Sandow was then caught by Rose who was butt juggling from the top rope in hold from a running into hold Sandow. Sandow quickly dominated Rose again. Rose made a typical comedy comeback from nothing. Sandow was heavily cheered. A tense Full Nelson back slam should have ended the battle but gained a two fall. Boos were loud at an Adam Rose kickout. Damien Sandow misses a cracking Moonsault launch as goofy Adam Rose drops a knee slam into the ground for a non-eventful three fall. A quiet arena was watching as Rose looks lost while the Rosebuds walk back down the ramp to celebrate an empty toilet break.  

Money in the Bank, Contract
8 Man, Ladder
Rob Van Dam Vs Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter Vs Bad News Barrett

“Im afraid I’ve got some Baaaad Newwwwws!” Prior to the match on Smackdown, Bad News Barrett broke his shoulder with an injury, out for months. This will certainly excuse him to have another return run. As previously stated, Barrett is fodder at best. It was an uneventful title run as it stood, anyway. The title has now been vacated on the post MITB Raw and will be on the line in a Battleground 20 Man over the top rope Battle Royal.

Ambrose goes for Rollins as the pair start outside by the announcers. Kofi runs up and over Swagger’s ladder to hit RVD. The Kofi drop on the ladder to Swagger was followed next. Ambrose trips over outside Kofi Kingston. Ambrose now climbs as Seth Rollins rushes in. Pair pull one another off the ladder as Ambrose smacks him into the steel. Double arm suplex into stacked corner ladder by Ambrose was strong by both. Jack Swagger comes in. Dolph Ziggler, RVD and Kofi are back in. Ambrose empties as Swagger is out. Ziggler and Kofi now climb up the ladder. Rollins smacks the ladder through the stacked one, through the ‘A’ opening of ladder at Kofi. Be careful not to go under it, your career will go with it. Ask Jack Swagger.

RVD stops Rollins. Rollins on the bottom rope ladder laying horizontal gets a great RVD rolling thunder splash. Ambrose came in to be sent over as “you still got it to” was yelled to RVD by the crowd. Five Star Frog Splash on Swagger followed. RVD climbs. Kofi is up as the pair have a punch off as RVD falls. Swagger back in. Ladder smashed into Swagger as Kofi gives a great back leg kick to RVD. Jack hits into the back of Kingston with a ladder and tries to superplex RVD from top rope, failing with a headbutt knocking him down. RVD atop the ladder from corner taunts his thumbs as Rollins climbs behind to fight. RVD tries to hit Rollins down as Swagger miraculously climbs back up and Rollins powerbomb drops RVD with Jack Swagger in a three man move. Ambrose returns to Rollins for the almighty superplex as Ambrose bounced extraordinarily and looked like he bumped his head badly. It was convincing and exceptional from both.  Ambrose could have suffered a legit injury.

Swagger flips Ziggler into the ladder held by Ambrose. Kofi returns to be hurled. Drops ladder onto Kingston. Swagger belly drop. A scramble by Rollins and Ambrose in quick pacing. Ambrose beats Rollins off. Ambrose is then caught by Swagger with a bad slam countered into a DDT by Amrbose. Ambrose nudges Rollins, who returned to the ladder climb behind with one arm to save match keeping up the pain of his hand. Hurt from the hard collision from Sawgger, Ambrose soon faked injury. The officials ruled he be sent to the back for medical attention and he left.

Seth Rollins continues climbing. RVD arrives. Kofi sets ladder between ropes and ladder rung in middle to join behind RVD. RVD falls. Kofi tips Rollins as Rollins now falls onto the ladder and bounces as the ladder falls beneath him. Luckily he was unhurt. Kofi almost unhooks the case as Dolph Ziggler stops him.  

Ziggler climbs as Swagger catches him into the ankle lock. Ziggs kicks Swagger off and is hand stretches away from the golden briefcase. Ziggles gets a hand on it. It was the closest he could be affored as everyone getting their turn. Rollins returns with a chair and whacks Ziggler’s leg. Ambrose makes a stunning recovery just as the crowd cheered “We want Ambrose” in predictable fashion. This wasn’t down to fans, this was already in the mix beforehand.

Ambrose climbs. Kane’s pyro goes off as Ambrose is atop the ladder. Kane pulls off Ambrose and chokeslams his chances of winning. Demonic Kane gives the Tombstone piledriver for good measure. Seth Rollins climbs with one arm as Kane steadies the ladder. Rollins unhooks the case and becomes the Money in the Bank victor for 2014.

Ego maniac Triple H came out to clap and congratulate Rollins along with Stephanie. Once again Triple H makes it about himself. How to ruin a new age prospect? Have an ego maniac latching onto fan favourites for appeal to call up and fail miserably. Rollins is his last hope at attaining credibility and Triple H could become the failure of Rollins if he gets too involved.

Tag Team
Ryback and Curtis Axel Vs Cody Rhodes and Goldust

In a leotard and beanie hat once more made Axel, who is growing once again look slightly stupid as a performer despite his efforts to work well.  Further to lunacy, Cody Rhodes came out as ‘Stardust’ where he dresses exactly like Goldust. Rhodes looks like a complete embarrassment.

Ryback in. Rhodes showing off. No moves made, just moving around flamboyantly. Goldust tagged in. Axel from outside helps. Tagged in with aggressive action. Tag to Ryback. Tag back after boring run around. Axel takes near fall. Good ground work. Tag back. Quiet crowds heard from the top seats stirring a “Goldberg” chant. Ryback patters his chest like a cheap King Kong.

‘Stardust’ getting a few quick, cheap moves on tag in, as predicted. Axel sent over the top rope by Goldust pulling outside. Counters a slam from Ryback into a Cross Rhodes to get a two fall, broke by Axel. Cody moves out the way as Axel hits into Ryback and Cody Rhodes gets a roll up to secure a limp three fall win.

Axel attacks after the match. The lights magically turn a putrid yellow as Goldust comes in and Rhodes does another goof off moment.

What a complete waste of time as an act. Already running on empty it’s a safe bet Stephanie probably wishes she kept ‘em future endeavoured since last year.   

Summer Rae and Layla’s war of words is now shown. Rae said he liked “long legs” as Layla claimed Fandango wanted to be “abreast” of a woman. Fandango needs to go gay. Ditch ‘em both. More hassle than it’s worth, hunny. Next up? A different match.

Rusev w/ Lana Vs Big E.

“Shut Up!” Lana tells the American fans. After the patriotism is over, Big E. arrives. Big E. takes the early lead knocking Rusev with shoulder barge to the outside. Run into knee from Rusev upon re-entry. Rusev suplex. Belly to Belly return by Bigster. Roll into pin after Rusev caught by run into sweep slam. The pin was not clean.

Rusev was easily seen waiting to kick out before the count. Big E. charged out the ring at Rusev as both fell into the mat. Big E. landed his head into the ground again. These are serious problems WWE must address. Rusev smacks a huge kick followed with upper kick to floor Big E. Rusev screams as Lana yells “crush!” as Big E. is forced into submission. It wasn’t the most flattering pose for Big E’s eye movements in hold. Big E. had no alternative but to tap out to Rusev.

Special Referee
Summer Rae Vs Layla
Special Referee – Fandango

Layla threw kitty litter over Rae on Main Event. Summer Rae dressed as a chicken come gobbledy gooker in a costume as one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds for a Raw attack. Fandango was later kissed by Summer Rae. They broke up on Twitter and had an argument. Okay, everything clear?

Layla smacked a big kick with a smile and took the win in an easy match. This was the only interesting action after a few minutes in a pointless battle. Layla shared a sexy kiss for her beau Fandango. Layla followed with a twirl back kick in the face to Summer Rae, which was good, visibly upset in the ring. “Oh poor Summer” Michael Cole said.

Why Rae was fighting for Fandango months after they split was plain ridiculous. Hey, Fandango IS that irresistible, by WWE standards.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
8 Man, Ladder
Sheamus Vs Bray Wyatt Vs John Cena Vs Randy Orton Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Kane Vs Antonio Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman Vs Roman Reigns

Once again Triple H and Stephanie arrive and make it all about HHH’s ego. When will he ever step aside and let a star grow? Both sat ringside.

Huge boo’s rang for John Cena in hometown Boston. Will WWE ever learn from it?

Will WWE split the titles? Will they hold it up for SummerSlam?

Kane and Orton start taking early control. Cesaro and Del Rio ladder run into Kane outside and batter ram Orton. Wyatt sneaks in and charges them both down. Cena animatedly yells as lifting Wyatt, who reverses Cena onto the ladder. Sheamus and Reigns have a try to climb. Sheamus and Reins both with ladders sandwich Kane. Cole informs which ever title is grabbed both fall together to dispel the title split two winners rumour.

Kane drops down Cesaro, reigns and Sheamus. Kane helps Orton up to titles. Reigns knocks them over. Reigns climbing as The Authority worriedly look on. Wyatt breaks it up. Cena returns for the Attitude Adjustment. Antonio Cesaro charges in with an uppercut and charges to the titles with one hand on them. Sheamus runs up there with him as Bray crawls around below in the crab. Gaining a new momentum, Bray knocks the ladder away as Cesaro and Sheamus punch one another dangling on the titles without a ladder. Cesaro was the dangling delight, soon knocked down.

We also see a nasty collision of Orton being hit by stray ladder on the head, form earlier on, who continued on in the match. Reigns threw the ladder into his head rather carelessly in the heavy rush. Sheamus stacks the ladder between the ring and announcer table, soon smacked into the ladder, which falls. Resting, Sheamus climbs atop but Orton tips him down. Orton drops a smooth DDT from the ladder to cheers.

Everyone in on all sides of the ladder. A Brogue Kick to Cena a little later when all is settling from Sheamus, stopped by Kane, who hits into the steps outside. Cesaro on the outside with a long ladder places between top corner and ladder rung as Sheamus climbs. Both trade blows again. Reigns tries to stop Sheamus as Rio shoves a ladder through to stop only for Cena to stop Rio’s attempt. Reigns returns to tip the ladders now on one leg slanted like a triangular pyramid. Hmm, I wonder. Cesaro and Sheamus fight for the title. Lovely boy Cena tips the ladder, with all his faked might like lifting an Atlas stone, back upright from the tilt. All are back in. Cena slammed off by Wyatt. Sheamus had strong hands on the titles as Kane and Orton stop him. He may have almost botched it and won by accident.

Roman Reigns spears Kane to be knocked under the ladder. Could he be joining the Swagger path? Orton knocked by Superman punch when trying an RKO. Sheamus and Del Rio were stopped by Roman. Wyatt stopped. Spear to Antonio outside. Cena creeps back in as the pair stare down. Both trade blows to test Reigns’ likeability. Reigns sets the ladder as The Authority yell for Kane. Orton stops Reigns. Backbreaker from the ladder to Reigns as Orton re-climbs. Wyatt plants Sister Abigail on Randy instead. Wyatt climbs stopped by Del Rio. A rapid enzighuri and smashing superkick put Rio in the lead. Rio got his hands on the gold as Sheamus tips the ladder and Brogue Kick’s Rio.

Now its Sheamus’ turn. Cesaro gets back in and pulls Sheamus’ leg off and uppercuts perfectly, with a strong Neutraliser to follow. Orton drops the RKO on Antonio now. “Randy Orton is going to win it here tonight” Cole speaks. Roman Reigns joins instantly. Orton;s butt cleavage was wonderfully seen as Reigns grabbed his pants beautifully. Wasn’t long enough to see though. Reigns headbutts Orton off as Kane then Chokeslams Reigns. Kane holds the ladder as Orton scales. Cena Attitude Adjusts Kane. Does the same to Orton slamming on top of Kane. Cena rapidly climbs. John Cena easily unhooks the titles without any struggle to become a fifteen time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and closes the PPV on a sour note for fans.

PPV Rating – 7/10

Men/Women of their matches – Jimmy Uso, Naomi, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Curtis Axel, Big E., Layla, Antonio Cesaro

Man/Woman of the PPV – John Cena

After a necessary title vacancy from unfortunate Daniel Bryan, WWE, as we added, could have put the title on Cena to make money until the SummerSlam clash. Hopefully WWE will drop Cena to Brock Lesnar. A two month reign for marketing can be accepted if WWE focus elsewhere for years after. Most knew the outcome but were hopeful a Cesaro clash might arrive. If Lesnar doesn’t win at SummerSlam then it should have put the title on Cesaro or Del Rio to re-establish them as the key WWE players that they are.

Layla and Summer Rae was a colossal waste of time. Neither showed any skills or real future for WWE.

Curtis Axel need to keep the bandana off and the leotard to copy Ryback was not very fulfilling. Axel is the stronger of the two and WWE need to re-elevate Axel, who is slightly on the rise again and a future WWE long-haul. He needs a tender approach donated from up above.

WWE could not let Rollins win clean even if he is a dirty scoundrel. When Van Dam tries and is pushed, he delivers. Both were exceptional in their re-found chemistry together. Dean Ambrose also shone as the star player. Knowing he wouldn’t win, he excelled himself, not just because of the bounce drop.  The rest were jobbers and made the match very empty as a result. Kofi, without all the jumping tomfoolery, proved to be very capable in the match.

The Damien Sandow mocking continues. The funniness of this, however, is that Sandow trumps all he battles with and makes them look the fool, despite a loss. Sandow proved how over he is in skill, ability, and even likeable and respected when trying not to be. Adam Rose needs a rework.

Naomi held the entire match together and was almost injured by a calamitous move by an inexperienced novice. Paige was called up too early by Triple H to latch onto fan popularity. He has none, and the divas have lost Tamina due to haphazard inexperience.  Paige will have lost the title by the time you read this on the following Monday night Raw, to a returning AJ, reclaiming the divas title to a rapturous celebration.  All in all, when you cannot back it up and get flunkie wins from jobbers, your career is not going anywhere. Lack of respect and ignorance doesn’t help, either.  If people think how to repent, they might just figure out how to return their careers. Though many fail to realise and are vividly ungracious and ignorant instead, especially the British Wrestling scene at this time. It is something that shames and fails to move the UK business influence on worldwide for its failures to connect on a respective level. The notion it ‘works together’ is poppycock that shames them all. It affects the in-ring actions of all. You can’t do that forever without a downturn.

Rusev was the traditional level of empty block, but the angle works in the sense that he has a place on the card. However it is limited and he needs to use this as a training period, to get some in-ring understanding and better his skills. Or else he won’t be a bigger star WWE had hoped for. So far he is carried by the ravishing Lana and others, in this case Big E who kept it fair despite a few stumbles.

Tag The Uso’s put in a strong fight but are seen as not having done much as a team since Triple H once again got bored of tag wrestling since his best friends weren’t involved any longer. Harper and Rowan have proved very capable and surprisingly fresh for the scene. It was too early for them to get the gold though and may see a future series instead.

For WWE SummerSlam is fast approaching. Figuring out how to make it a red hot affair and keep interest in the WWE is crucial. It needs to create newer opportunities and show fans there is a real opportunity for change, backed up with such forthright decisions. These may restore WWE fans to maintain faith in the disastrous WWE Network.

WWE should ditch the Network asap and not get in too deep. Pulling out early will not make WWE look as weak as it thinks. McMahon dislikes being seen as any level of failure and the longer they hold onto the Network, it will destroy all WWE hopes to achieve. It really isn’t needed either and the content isn’t special. It’s only PPV’s and a couple of extras with pre-shows. Forget Netflix or YouTube and be original. Something McMahon always used to have WWE fans respect for. Throwing away fortunes on loose concepts benefits no-one.

With multiple streaming issues online and with gaming consoles, fans have already began cancelling.

As for the show, MITB once again delivered for WWE in the right places, but required more credible card placing. Fans hope Battleground is not simply a replay.

© Max Waltham 01st July 2014

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