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CM Punks WWE Title run possible in New Japan?

Could CM Punk head to New Japan?

Money In The Bank will be the culmination for CM Punk’s WWE Career. Where does he go from here, should he leave with the WWE Title?

A Postcard from Paradise? There's a space on that hammock :)

TNA is pointless if he wins the Championship, (and surely vetoed by Vince). Punks ‘home’ has been Ring Of Honour (ROH). Tangling alongside the hotties such as Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards. That would be wonderful, however on UK shores; ROH hasn’t full viewing capabilities sadly.

Never stopped rallying for Roddy (Strong)

Eddie Edwards - cutey pie!

Davey Richards

The best option for Punk would be to head over to Japan. There Vince can work a ‘trade partnership exchange’. The best thing would be for Punk to defend the WWE Championship, NJPW will be ever more respected, and should Punk lose or eventually be ‘brought back’ to WWE after say 3 months or longer, he can bring Prince Devitt back with him! That’s one man WWE could seriously use well! I wanna see him on a wider scale.

Mmmm Prince Devitt

Maybe Punk would bring back an ‘indy stable’? Some independent guys to combat WWE’s corporate Cena indulgence? Punk, Cabana, Strong, Devitt, Richards/Edwards wouldn’t be a bad grouping. Maybe WWE would pinch the Briscoes (they’ve had enough dark matches/tryouts) and could enhance the Tag division correctly. They’ve done almost everything elsewhere. Punk could also have a world tour? Stop by Britain and pick up Zack Sabre Jr & Marty Scurll? Mmmm. I don’t have a problem with those two J

The Briscoes - Tag Team Upholders

Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr, great pretzel twist :)

Scurll V Cabana

Real men don't wear cups :) X

This would be a great way to bring in some fresh talent that could be called straight to TV, keep their style, among a part of the WWE way of learning, and produce volumes seeing that WWE failed its own youth initiative program. WWE have made, and broke its stars it elevated. Jack Swagger as prime example. Along with Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Daniel Bryan & Christian, WWE only has one option thus far – Alex Riley. Though others need to be produced up there with him. Stop/Starting the Alberto Del Rio run is not welcome to extend growth neither. Restart them up, they all need to be able to feud with each other on higher levels once Cena is gone. WWE currently only has 2 main men – John Cena & Randy Orton. While Orton deserves his run, his opponents are few, and of none importance. Cena is just Cena, killing off anyone he faces, gathering no quality to the ‘match’.

WWE's talent approach is off and on, ADR's got his hand
on the clutch, forwards  or backwards?

Bottom line is, get Prince Devitt! He’s young, in his prime and an excellent, wait for it, wrestler! He’s a cutey babyface with an aggressive streak and body wise – not bad is it!

Beautiful Dropkick
We need new, fresh, vibrant talent that will produce for everyone in the company on different levels. With the same type everytime, there is no differentiation and indeed, all are the same corporate ‘robot’ no one is interested in – Ziggler/McIntyre were right to be paired as a tag team, they are both the same person.

Maybe even have the 'King of Japan' - Ju-shin Li-ger!!!

Ju-shin Li-ger!

$1 million Mania - The ice cream bars begin?

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