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Triple H Takesover WWE! & his first WWE Raw (25th July 2011)

Triple H Takes over, CM Punk returns, as do others, & what of the future of the WWE Championship?

Is in charge on RAW now.
After last Monday's RAW broadcast, in which then WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was relieved of his duties and replaced by Triple H, a huge question mark now looms over the WWE direction. 

Will this company, which stands for nothing in its branding, re-initiate standing among the initials as well as placing 'bookmarks'. These bookmarks will form the standing ends of the company. Being World & WWE Champions, whom are capable (in WWE's eyes also) to going forward as new talent, building a new repertoire for WWE and its meaningfulness. 

Pet Project # 1

Triple H's pet projects, Kharma & Sin Cara have been two disasters. Kharma, a wonderful new character has been shelved for 9 months due to pregnancy just as her moment was shining, Sin Cara, botching manoeuvres since entering WWE, not being punished or made to understand his faults from entrances to top ring suplexes (with Primo Colon) and recently sending Chavo Guerrero out of WWE's doors willingly, and now suspended for 30 days, has been an upset, to say the least. 

2nd pooch causing WWE problems...
How then, can Triple H save face as the new CEO? (Which he will actually have control of after Wrestlkemania). We all know (those wth a brain cell) that Vince will be controlling the company even though his on screen role is finished (for now).

Again, Alex Riley, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio will be the headers to keep Raw current, fresh and entertaining. Smackdown's Daniel Bryan, Christian, Barrett, Rhodes and Orton will keep it vibrant and engaging.  
Adhere to the future

Kingston, Ryder, Slater Gabriel, McGuillercutty, Swagger and Sheamus need to keep mid card level as minimum standard (if not pushed higher). R - Truth's role has been one the company has relished in. That one is a mini - goldmine.

Not all names can go forward instantly, so concentrating on Riley, Rio, Ryder and McGuillercutty are the ways to slightly edge forward with new talent growth. Gaining some indy guys wouldn't go amiss. Prince Devitt is the must have.Initiate a talent exchange program with New Japan or even Britain. Appearances alone (if no contracts given) can be great for both companies or joint events/PPV's.I'm sure those two markets/companies or even ROH would be open to such an offer should one be put forward?

Creating new stars is a) imperative that HHH is seen to be stamping his own ground on WWE and b) necessary to keep the company developing a future in fan base. When WWE's adults are bored they will take their children with them and leave (from the product, not the arena). The children that have grown up with WWE from the old school and attitude eras are the ones you need to 'bring back', with their faith, investment and respect. It can be done. But it requires a new age of new faces in the spotlight. The same old feuds become irrelevant for an ever changing market.

And what of the man himself? CM Punk? Again, he will be the catalyst to instigate a talent exchange program. CM Punk is a 'free agent', however has WWE's 'intellectual property'. Meaning he can defend the WWE Title here, there and everywhere he wishes. He is the recognised champion and should not be cast off by a new championship created. Punk 'owns' the title. This would get WWE wrestlers on other shows challenging Punk who may himself work for promotions or even in backyard/public venues. Have one inside a pod on the London Eye!

Still WWE Champion, technically

Eventually (as standard) after 3 months (or longer) he can be coaxed back to WWE, and in his time away, could bring in a batch of indy guys along the way to make sure the ‘corporate clones’ are fought by ‘real’ wrestlers.

So how can WWE go forward now, without Vince McMahon (onscreen) controlling WWE? Will the anonymous GM be revealed soon? Can RAW allow a new WWE Champion, and would one be able to bypass the Punk/greatest WWE Champ still in existence right now obstacle?

My solution, as briefly mentioned above, keep Punk champion.

This will do well for WWE’s reputation returning. Maybe you should also bring in managerial/agent services of Max Waltham? :D

Back to white tights - still HOT!
Will WWE rush the Del Rio/Summerslam event and ruin the WWE Title angle currently with Punk? Keeping Punk as defending champion is necessary to making it work. Del Rio was scheduled to win the title at MITB after both briefcases were to be cashed in. I am glad this was sidestepped. Del Rio (& Bryan) need their cash ins to be meaningful and pave the way to making these two new stars.

Last week I wrote that Swagger should have won. It was the perfect ruse. No one would have expected a second win of the case. That would have made three stars, plus Monday’s champion being the fourth. WWE could have had four stars propelled, as Del Rio is still #1 contender.

Will Triple H resist the temptation to get back in the ring and dethrone CM Punk of the WWE Title? This or an Undertaker/Wrestlemania rematch should NOT occur. No one will gain anything from this. The angles are over with and shouldn't be exhausted anymore. In regards to Undertaker - this is why you need stars that are credible to beat him and pose a legitimate threat to the streak than another rematch which may be great, but is still an obvious outcome. If he wasn't able to be felled the first time, a rematch won't succeed. Undertaker shouldn't lose his streak, neither.

And TV land aside, would Triple H, no stranger to speculation of politically destroying careers before they begin, actually allow stars to be made under his wing? Many are said to welcome Tripper in charge. Well they would say that. He'll be in charge. I, as many other sceptics will have to be further convinced. I see behind the murky waters of deep truths.Whether he wants to or not, he will HAVE to, if it is to produce a future ongoing.

Slobber Knockers!
Triple H's first Raw in charge featured 'returns' of the video highlights package, John Morrison [video above] (who just came back from injury to scupper with R Truth with just jeans and his abs) and JR Jim Ross! Cole refused to accept it, and did a Triple H impression after being booked in a match that saw Zack Ryder return to Raw.

It started the show with Rey Mysterio winning the WWE Championship. Defeating The Miz, the WWE universe in attendance chanted "This is awful" This is what happens when you rely on old hat 'performers' with no new talent on the surface to fall back on.

It ended with a rematch for John Cena. Cena, once again, won. Passing from Rey to Cena was the same person. Mysterio's first run as WWE Champ, was transitional (if WWE are counting it). But, then this practise clearly states that MITB and the WWE Championship tournament was pointless. Why WWE do this I just don't know. All to set up the next PPV so hastily and put themselves back into the square 1 position. As Cena won the WWE Title (for the 12th time) [if counted], CM Punk returned to RAW to have a showdown of statements. Both raised their WWE Titles. The first Raw of Triple H in charge became pointless. But one good note was that they proved once again that they are reading WrestlingWonders, so thank you for that! :)

After a successful win over Kofi Kingston, packing :)

Its dark - sorry, but Punk is back as Cena is crowned..

In a comedic moment that for once was very good and believable, credit to him, Michael Cole entered his match as Triple H, doing a perfect water spit also. He lost to mystery opponent, Zack Ryder, Oooh Oooh Oooh, he's back!

Back on RAW
Pushing newer, fresher talent is what will win out for you rather than positioning of stars that add no value to product output or vertal integration. The product is slowly evaporating with the same old practises. Don't throw your audience away, start thinking long term, or in hindsight, have no future.

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© Max Waltham 25th July 2011

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