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Briefcase Bravehearts!

Briefcase Bravehearts!

Who could benefit from snaring the briefcase on both brands? Choices are made on who could potentially become even bigger than they are now if they have the ‘case iin tow. (Regardless of a cash in win , or loss).

The First loss of MITB.

The Money In The Bank briefcase is purposely designed to enhance the capturing of a heavyweight title and become champion. Within a whole year, the process is one that can easily keep momentum. Previous winners, unseen to every roving eye except mine and Vince McMahons that Jack Swagger was the only potential in that Mania Bank match, Jack gained World Championship stardom, but has since become a stagnate loss in the shuffle. When lost, Jack should have been thoroughly kept in the main event contendership or in the “struggle to get back there” rather than the struggle of the fallout to be loss and dropped down the midcard. Once this occurs, it is extremely difficult to turn back around. However, Swagger is the only one right now, previous winner who could be re-elevated should WWE get behind his backstory instead of booked into a pointless feud here and there.

So who should nab the cases? Let’s begin with Smackdown.

Last year shock set in by making Kane the champion (on the same night , he cashed in) leaving only one person with a MITB contract. Not bad in theory, but, the winner was someone that the audience simply didn’t belive needed it, especially as he was working a programme with The Undertaker, which sadly failed toset the world alight. A title wasn’t going to ignite it once again. Kane in WWE land, is known to be randomly thrown into the main event regardless of a briefcase and was therefore a waste. Last year it should have gone to this man…


Rhodes was outstanding and proved himself on his wrestling values, agility and allround qualities of being able to adapt for WWE’s need as champion. Though it often takes WWE a whole year to believe in someone after proving they should’ve had their chance last year.

With the case, and championship win, (he should not be credited with the very first loss – no should actually), Rhodes would add the newest dimension. Since flying solo on S/D last year he has been remarkable and had strong feuds (including Mysterio), where he proved he can handle himself and is by no means too ‘small’ or lean for the title. Possibly fighting against former Master Orton would be a welcome test also. Why DiBiase was thrown back to Rhodes was ridiculous, and obvious.

DiBiase could turn on Rhodes through jealousy to challenge as face or even heel and have his new faction to lead (or tag with his brother when WWE finally bring him in).


Will he jump higher on July 19th?

Is definatley a contender. WWE will not give it to him and assume he is the ‘internet darling’. Though Bryan is one of the few candidates you actually have to produce morals, consumption and have a background of strong wrestling demographics. To which are grown men whom respect the sport. Bryan has many followers, not just from the net, and this would spearhead a new direction no one would expect from WWE. The whole point of the Bank match is to have many possible outlooks to the winner.

look at those sweet cheeks curves - future star?


Will he find his lucky pot of gold?

Former World champ has been rather deflated lately. As former champ, like SWAGGER, it should have been eaiser to now launch himself into the main event. He can come out face Orton and blab that he is former WWE Champion and demonstrate his claims to being there in matches. WWE needs to re evaluate and push its former ‘mades’ than allow them to dilute downwards into nothing. He still has supporters, so that can be capitalised on, should you want to. Though it would seem an obvious and pointless choice.

RAW’s MITB has interesting candidates.

R - TRUTH really needs the case as a last ditch attempt to get back in the game.

It's the eyes...

THE MIZ, another former winner and champion, no less, doesn’t need the title as long as WWE keep his prestige and credentials of it up when his Riley feud ends and challenges for the title. The key to title races, is having more than one strong contender at the same time. Remember those days? *sigh* This will be how you also sidestep the same old feuds for Cena, whilst having strong main matches adding bigger speculation to its ending. Just like ‘Taker’s Mania streak, Heacyweight title matches should have a heightened elemnt of potential loss.

Mmmm! Hello!,  REALLY??!!!

Leading on to, ALEX RILEY (still no MW on his tights yet L). Riley is an obvious choice and obvious doesn’t go down well with MITB. Thing is, I don’t want Riley to win. What? Hear me out… Riley doesn’t need the case if WWE push The Miz – A-Ri feud correctly. As mentioned before, a slow burner process that eventually blows out explosively when the eventual time calls for the last match. Having special matches would add to it. 2 out of 3 falls. (Or even the dredded ‘5/7 series’ challenge). It would be perfect for both to add to their repertoire for when they both eventually get back to the main title race.

Rileylicious! needs MW on his tights.. preferably the back :P

But this is WWE, I am well aware. So if A-Rod grabbed the case he would be guaranteed a spot. Therefore earmark him into the chances. Because I highly doubt WWE will place him in the spotloight when it ‘gets bored’ of The Miz feud being to slow. (Which is the formula for excellent feuds building , See: Era, Attitude, 1997)

My NAME! Is WWE Champiano???

Ahhh, the man who sohould’ve been World Heavyweight Champion by now. ALBERTO DEL RIO. Bringing class to his waist, potentially? Grabbing the case would give him a reason to have his intended match at Summerslam against Cena for the WWE Title. But Vince does like to shaft speculation. It would give a valid reason to set up the match, as it isn’t long away, and a cash in a Summerslam is a strong sense of character for Del Rio. Though VKM often finds another way to set this up. So Del Rio could also be a red herring here. (or sacrifical lamb once again).


Oops, he isn’t in the running people. Gunna have to keep him as the net champion, I guess…

I'll be his Hoe-ski of the week!


Would be the 'unseen victor' twice in a row... a credible technique to employ perhaps? As mentioned above and before, Jack has potential to move back up the WWE spotlight, though this would take him there in an instant.

Could tempt fate twice..


This match is usually designed for one of the nexus members to put a strong position and claim into this. None of them are making an entry.

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