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Who Should Max Waltham have a relationship with?

Who Should Max Waltham have a relationship with?

If Max Waltham was in WWE right now, whom would he grab his hands on? Should it be someone whom respects his values, a complete hotty, or someone to ‘enhance’ his potential? Maybe I should become someone’s agent? Or have a mentor?

I wear my proud one on my sleeve...

Leading candidates?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Up for a 'new experience'?
McMahon has had more than enough of a roving eye for the women in his time. From Sable to Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus. McMahon gets around; maybe an equivalent should emerge on the flip side? Should MW garner a reputation too? It would certainly be an experience and a new bow to add to the McMahon character. Maybe he could have a couple of favours when needing to screw over someone he may feud with? At least then MW would be on the payrole! J Perhaps a WWE playboyZ magazine launch from yours truly?

Max Waltham - your'eeee H/F - IRED!!!

CM Punk

Honourable, Respectful, Honest HRH! You need a princess (or a queen)?

Is it me, or does mister Punk embody the same wrestling values and strong opinions I do? I think its evident this man should be my husband? WWE hasn’t had a WWE wedding. (Billy & Chuck doesn’t count, as they never ‘officially, in WWE’ tied the knot with I do’s) Punk and Waltham. Hmm, defiantly a strong concoction for wrestling principals. This wouldn’t die down at all, and would continue for well over a year. I would do anything to support ‘my man’ wouldn’t I? Maybe I could bring him back to combat the WWE for its ‘shoody values’ and its John Cena rampage to the mass audience? RAW is WAR?

"Max Waltham will be mine!"

Alex Riley

Maybe this hotty should gain an agent? One who will throw him into the main event? As agent I could easily get him work from the ‘GM’. Have you wondered who it is; maybe I’ll keep quiet on that one might be me huh? Either way, Riley would be catapulted to the spot with me in tow. No one is going to keep MW down in getting his point across… right? And get some MW on your tights please? Just once or twice, or drop a Rileylicious – one gives consent for one or even two drops – just don’t milk it to death J.

Dapper Riley, Prob my top guy...

Jack Swagger

He could have me at his side and make sure he does those press ups with me underneath – with a stopwatch timing him on a stamina basis, of course. But some time ago, Swagger didn’t like my comment of – looking nice, to his photo in a suit. Well, I ain’t gunna force you, but I’ve been the only one drumming up support for you since everyone didn’t get you or support… Only 2 people have been rewarded such luxury from myself turning them round on the net, Randy Orton (see model with gym bag period – HHH crush of World title for Batista run), and of course, Rileylicious, Alex Riley.

Give me a press up! Great leg stand - built beautifully

Got a great grip - jealous of Bourne now...

The anonymous General Manager of RAW

Just who are you? Hmm..

What if it’s Stephanie Mc Mahon as one originally suggested. Could I do it for the greater good? Can I ‘go there’? Hmmm well its worked for one person J Maybe I’ll stick with the first choice then (Shane has left, so that one went out the window L). Or maybe, just maybe I’ll have one with myself?

Go on girl.. stick it to him, grrr!

Zack Ryder

Could I be his ‘Hoe-ski’ of the week? How about a week or two? Crown me with a headband of Ryder royalties. WWWYKI! A man who drums up support on the internet and has a good audience in tow, Hmmm, another potential candidate. Bro, that’s pretty cool, right?

Call me!

Chris Jericho

Maybe I should have one with this beefcake, and bring him back to WWE. He wouldn’t be bored with me, that’s for sure. I‘d keep you right on your toes baby J. I would be the lucky one no doubt, and I aint complaining, darlin’.

Suave sophistication - we match!

Randy Orton

Mmmm. The only man I ever really supported from his Debut, (Brock Lesnar was the only other exception, but Rand I was there all the time). Even when all the marks and trolls abandoned Mr.Stubblesworth derailing his career earlier on, one kept promoting the two step flow – word of mouth and highlighting your assets. (not those one’s , the wrestling ones, but if you want to pay me a reward, and i don’t want money…). But what could we have together? Everything. Wouldn’t need to be going elsewhere if that’s hanging off your arm J I would never abandon my master. And I would give him whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. Behave yourselves. Valet, Manager, Supporter and all-round gobby mouthed promoter, Orton would be very happy to have me onside surely? (Not that he would NEED me L) Would be lovely to rub that beard smoothly with my hands though.

Gunna fry me an egg...

Alberto Del Rio

Recently turned by Del Rio myself, I found no attraction to him strangely enough. Then came his wrestling skills, verbal tone, and classy presence. Class, not crass. And those gold pants haven’t been a bad move, neither. It would be wonderful to drive in next to him in the passenger seat. Toot toot! Wrestling values among other credentials has made things stand up for Del Rio; he’s got the tools, so why not add me to the box?


Lovely torpedo 

Daniel Bryan

Who would be better wrapped, me or him? I can't decide...

Certainly got the curves for me to grasp and grapple with. I could enhance him anytime; together I think we’d be a perfect couple, sweet twinkles in our eyes, yet an air of corruption from one another…

Hold me like you hold yer slammy!
Findlay Martin

Whoops, maybe he wouldn’t mind giving me some column inches? Shameless plug slipped in there :p

Paul Heyman

Wanna see my hustle? Start a promotion or commotion? Wouldn’t say no to one of the greats of the brainpower there. TNA were fools to reject such a valid offer…

Hustle up...

Dixie Carter

Doubt she’ll say yes after my Paul Heyman comment. But I could ‘make it work’ if you wanted me to. Or finally install TNA Magazine. Mags do make money, and I’d make you have some fruitful labours than the comedy caricatures the company is seen as.

"I regret to inform you, MW Will be publishing TNA Magazine?"

Whatever the case is, McMahon doesn’t currently have a gay in the WWE. Is it time to incorporate one? And it would also support/back up GLAAD wouldn’t it, not to mention that many are ‘out there’. Plus kids are growing up as one, behind closed doors unaware which way to ‘express’ (or hide) themselves. They can’t look to John Cena when they grow up as one, for Cena doesn’t know how to project THAT subject, not many actually can at all, which is why its imperative that WWE adopt something for ‘process’. Max Waltham is happy to help in some capacity…


In other news, MW will be a writer on another site also, however will still be uploading here also in case you miss them, Thanks to all my continual supporters. x Much Love x and keep folowing, voting in polls, reading and commenting, i appreciate your feedback - we are only just beginning...

Not many votes were cast in the poll, but have been noted so have decided forthcoming articles on Punk and Riley soon. Thanks for your feedback (show some more) :)

© Max Waltham, 10th July 2011

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