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WWE Battleground 2015

WWE Battleground 

Coming live on Pay Per View on Sunday 19th July 2015 from the Scottrade Centre, in Saint Louis, Missouri, would WWE's Battleground prove to be as tough as it sounds? Will there be loose ends finalised, tough action with a cause and an end to useless feuds? Would anything be set in motion for one of the company's 'Big 4' PPV's one month away, namely Summerslam? 

Let's find out.

Within the last week, WWE were scaled with an upcoming PPV Problem. Ryback. Before being able to defend the Intercontinental Championship in a Triple Threat match no-one truly wanted to see, WWE have now have to think of alternate plans. They have scheduled Randy Orton against Sheamus. Even more thrilling. Will Ryback be stripped of the IC title or will WWE continue the curse of the Intercontinental championship by allowing another injured star to hold such a title. For WWE, it is once again back to square one, which has been seen all too many times with injury and title limbo.

Open Contest
Randy Orton Vs Sheamus

Rushed in after the Intercontinental Championship match was dropped, WWE, naturally, took to Social Media last week to build the bout with a tweet from Sheamus. Really? He called his opponent "Randy Bore-ton" How original. Sheamus was booed on entry as Orton was vividly cheered. 

"You look stupid" rang almost before their start by the crowd. It's fair to say this still isn't over and WWE has no clue how to find a solution to make Sheamus a serious contender, let alone potential champion. Rey Mysterio, anyone?

The pair took this to the outside quickly to try and keep it going well to dress with a few battering spots, with Orton coming out on top. 

The sheepish "boo-ooooooooohhhhh" chanting guy was there expressing feelings for a Sheamus moment. Cheap heat was sought and received as Orton punched Sheamus while the Irishman always received boo's like a John Cena exchange. Even Orton's skill is against him on this one.

An arm wrench later gave Sheamus a chance to gain the edge on his opponent's strength and the yelled at the crowd "Are you not entertained?!"

No, they weren't. They responded too. Fans were so upset they chanted "R-K-O!" in hopes Randy would end this dire fest battle immediately. 

Later in the match a perfect superplex from Randy kept the match wholesome on his part with high respect from the crowd. 

The DDT soon dropped. On from this the routine which put Sheamus out of winning contention by Randy Orton was cast with the stunning RKO. Fans were thrilled to end this dross, with a celebrated star at the helm that they fully respect for his in-ring efforts.  

Stephanie McMahon touted up the Divas again. WWE officials on-screen need to be careful that they don't ruin a highly perfect concept. The divas call up has been an epic start to changing the division for the better with today's standards. Though WWE run the risk, as always, of overdoing it too much that it tarnishes all the momentum and progress made. The end result would be resentment. It has happened all too often in previous similarities. Less is more. 

WWE Tag Team Championship
Darren Young and Titus O'Neil (c) Vs The New Day

The trio began with a very distressing, overdone and awkward shouting promo about winning the titles back. Even trying to win over fans, still doesn't help them. New Day don't rock. 

New Day's Big E and Kofi Kingston are taking up the fight for this one in their original rematch pairing. Since their victory, The Prime Time Players, were used as an accessory for WWE at the Gay Pride event for Darren Young with a scheduled appearance, with said title. Titus on the other hand, was nominated for a 'Dad of the year award' which he won, well deserved. Though the WWE tag titles were accessorised for a month. New Day were advertised before their loss at the previous PPV, after Battleground's scheduled event to be Tag Champs. So how will this one go?

Basic, decent. Big E beatdown splash on Young. Prime Time Playa's Darren Young and Titus O'Neil win. Yep. That's it. Action this time round was more controlled, from all, which is promising. Though Xavier Woods' hollering at ringside with language was so obsence, uncontrolled and irrational that WWE and himself need to find a level of guidance and control. He was simply a raving loon with no focus. Fans began disliking him for all the wrong reasons, regardless of being a dishourable foe. 

Paige's team backstage picked their divas division match representative for the upcoming three way. Paige biasedly praised herself on her lacklustre flunkie attitude, claiming she helped the division months ago. Laugh a minute, it was. 

Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt

Bray began with a boring and confusing promo to build this match series between two that WWE have not got recent ideas in how to book. 

'Only' "Fools rush in" - Jerry Lawler says. 

Yes, only fools rush in, as Wrestling Wonders has constantly mentioned. Doing so to Wyatt would be a mistake, he added. Quite right.

Wyatt began leading early. Basic moves and low motion were included. 

"Intelligence is what separates him" - JBL cotinued. Quite right. though it can't help the lacklustre show and loss of momentum displayed by Bray, WWE's mysterious and altered version of Max Waltham on WWE television since Brad Maddox and others were losing WWE's interest. Wyatt is WWE's stable on-screen representative to send such messages from and to Waltham, with a distorted WWE stance that reflects their interpretation to try and make it seem worse through dislike. Tut tut. You have no clue what comes next. How could you? You're not me. 

A Sleeper hold as boring as the show looking like it was thrown together at the last minute followed on later. The match went on too long which ruined these two in trying to be something meaningful once more, in a rather meaningless match where nothing was of interest. Corner spots and looking like background noise continued to mar the process. 

A strange, hoodie thug came in and knocked Roman Reigns from behind to give Bray Wyatt another cheeky, tainted and irrelevant win in this lacking series. Who was it? Even the announcers were perplexed with such. Could it be Antonio Cesaro? Maybe another tall dude? An NXT newb? Who? Who? Oh. It was none other than Luke Harper. An obvious choice seeing as the Wyatt Family reunited a month ago, only for Erick Rowan to become injured and leave Harper lacking in WWE direction. Harper is said to have also annoyed people backstage somehow, which explains his Intercontinental run from December to singlesdom wrestling with lacking use perfectly. It is not my place to judge with such lacking details, at this time. 

Beautiful And Dangerous. BAD. Oh lordy. That's the name of this badass, boss team. Naomi was talking fresh and swag in the interview with Renee Young. Sasha contniued to look fierce and fancy. Tamina wouldn't be outdone, either with sheer domineering and looking delightful. 

Triple Threat
Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Brie Bella

One of al three ladies on each team will choose their representative to battle in a triple threat match up after their call up from a diva "revolution" causing ripples in the WWE divas division since last Monday's Raw. Read this link here to catch up on the call ups - Diva Delight! Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch called to main Raw roster

Sasha and Charlotte are taking the battle with Nikki Bella, it would seem. After mocking with a stare down and title wag, Brie Bella is officially taking the challenge.

Ultra green diva Charlotte, dressed in such colours, received a "Woooooooooo!" which once again proves how lacking Charlotte is. Her ignorant daddy can't save her from becoming Paige Mark II unless serious repention it would seem. Ric Flair loves to talk. She'll need more than just daddy roots.

Sasha Banks proves her worth taking it to Charlotte as Brie knocks Charlotte to the outside. Brie and Banks take it to one another as the pair attempt to create a decent setting. Sasha underhooks Charlotte from behind to leg push her into Brie in the corner with an effective beat down. She gets a close two. "Like a Boss!" in respect to Banks. Banks "Wooooo"'s mocking Charlotte with a flexible leg wear down. Sasha then styles and profiles, which is Char(h)-lie's only asset. Banks gets a two on her. Charlotte failed to sell a couple of Banks' moves, which looked like a tiny tap, when most effectively conducted. "We want Becky!" the crowd cheer. 

Charlotte, with a lot of unwomanly motions, double clotheslined and used a neckbreaker to gain steed on Sasha. Brie breaks up the pinfall. Brie batters down Charlotte and gets Banks for a double running bulldog. Sasha and then Charlotte kick out. Brie uses the failed Daniel Bryan chest kicks to both as some crowdies cheer while others booing. A favourable move on a unfavourable? Hmmm...

Both new gals stare the other down after moving Brie to the outside. The pair use a body twist over into backbreaker pinfall for Sasha, gaining a two fall. Brie brings it back. The lacklustre "Brie Mode!" arrives in comical fashion alongside screams. Banks stops her in her tracks and dumps Brie to the outside. Nikki and Alicia are stopped by both the other teams outside from cheating. Brie tries to go back inside but comically falls back like a team building exercise and knocks out her gal pals. Banks runs the ropes and dives over Paige's team. Then Charlotte adds to the mix and dumps onto Banks and her pals. 

Banks reverses Charlotte into the Banks Statement submission. Brie arrives from behind and plows Banks into the corner post to the outside. Brie fails a breaker move as Charlotte locks in the Figure 8, a Figure Four Leg Lock from her daddy to submit Brie Bella and defeat Sasha Banks also in a typical honourable, lukewarm, victory guidance builder. Banks and Brie did all the work in that one. Helps who your daddy is and friends with, huh? They "Wooo!"'ed in celebration. It was weak. 

WWE United States Championship 
John Cena (c) Vs Kevin Owens

Coming out to some poor and weak music sounding literally like a fart, some burly bloke in a tee-shirt strolls on like an extra soundman on set. This is meant to be the challenger for the most prestigious U.S title in America. Owens was viciously boo'ed. He tried to shout over them to yell at Cena.

John Cena arrived to an even more rapturous negativity, but some cheers were there. They still dislike Cena for his failure to wrestle well over the years, but remain hopeful that he will crush Owens to end their program and remove the ignorant blubber from the show. WWE do not, however, plan on this. Oh dear. Fans still disrespected vividly cannot bode well for a future trying to encapsulate and justify their spending of hard earned dollars on WWE products.  The future of America. A portly plum bloke in a tee-shirt. 

The Cena indifference chants continued, despite Cena's change in the pitiful program with Owens which Cena has made bearable. Owens instantly put Cena into a standing headlock and stood there. Cena then jumped over Owens who put a tiny tap fist on Cena. Owens continues to use moves on Cena in his unique 'on the spot' wrestling approach.

Will he last longer than five minutes? Cena tried to punch but Owens all of a sudden stopped him and walked to Cena, taking time. He then flung Cena to a corner and stood to the crowd with his arms open, in a boring manner. Cena ran past Owens so he could lift him up from behind. Owens got a two count. He talked to the crowd again. This aint the indies dipsh*t!

Owens did a leg drop on Cena to get a two count and then stood up and walked around. He no-sold Cena's dropkick on comeback. Owens wiggled around the ring. He then ran into an impressive Cena bodyface slam. Cena landed the top turnbuckle drop on Owens, taking a two. Owens crouched in position like he was taking a dump. It was not effective. 

Owens got another random move to look good thanks to Cena and Triple H's desperation getting a two. Ownes yelled at Cena and then looked at the crowd while waiting for time. Owens almost injured Cena with a dangerous head DDT drop.  Owens jumped from the top to land on his knees and put his back onto Cena's knee counter which no-sold the Moonsault. 

Owens' used his power to shoulder barge Cena down with a series of body bashes. He then landed the five knuckle shuffle. Cena got a counter on Owens for his idiotic mockery into the STF. Cena pulled Owens back so he could loosely feet counter to get free.

Cena jumped off the ropes to the back into the arms of Owens so he could do a cheap suplex on him to look powerful. Owens is doing nothing and being literally carried by Cena. Owens then spoke to Michael Cole. Need another distraction moment do we? 

Cena landed a very athletically caught flip through, reverse powerbomb pin. Cena then placed himself into a easy jump into hold so Owens could 'catch' Cena and do a powerbomb. Cena nailed the Attitude Adjustment but failed to end the match at only two. 

Cena did yet another 'put yourself in hold because Owens is useless' suplex drop, as is constantly plaguing the pair's series and matches. Owens screamed at Michael Cole again. Cena caught Owens but walked himself into a leg kick by Owens and into a very cheap and weaker than Cena AA. Owens then put Cena into his submission, the STF. Cena, instead looked very professional and Owens was a ridiculous goof screaming unnecessarily. 

Cena lands a swift Jump Swing DDT on Owens. Owens gets up to use fists. Cena fights back as Owens jumps on the spot a few feet to Cena, knocking both down with a pathetic clothesline. Owens stumbles around the ring, on the ropes, waiting for Cena. Then Cena gets into position to lift himself as Owens drops Cena in a move drop which botched its landing on no actual part intended to wear down.

Cena got back into control as the back and forth match so often does in this sad series. Cena ran the ropes as Owens once again stood in the middle of the ring waiting for Cena to walk into him and jump up so Owens could put his arms around Cena and look like he powerbombed him. 

Owens went to the top but Cena smacked him in the face with a fist. They traded a few as Cena sat in front of Owens to lift him on his shoulders and flung him over with the AA from the second rope. Owens magically kicked out at two. Cena could not lift Owens, who was so tired to get up that he rolled over. Then Cena picks up after a couple more moments, when Owens is ready, as Owens reverses into a small package. It didn't last long as Cena locked in a fresh STF. Cena pulled him back further to apply excellent pressure on Owens. Kevin Owens had no choice but to tap out to John Cena proving Cena is a great United States Champion based on earning it, rather than being a favourite called up with lacking charisma. Owens even failed to tap properly. 

Cesaro or Rusev is the way forward for the U. S title. Owens can get fired for that abysmal entry at what is supposed to be 'wrestling'. It was appalling at any rate and does not glow WWE future under any possibility, then, now or forever. 

The Miz came out to whine and drone on about losing his chance to win the Intercontinental Championship. A female in the audience mimed tears for him. It wasn't the Angry Miz Girl.

Big Show came out and decked The Miz with no words, to all the fans' delight.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (c) Vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

"You've got to wait 'til the bell rings, cos that is cool and calm." JBL said of Lesnar, before the bell rang on 'The Beast's' in-ring focus. If you hadn't already figured it out, Lesnar is the heavyweight version of Max Waltham, which WWE have mimicked and inserted their distorted version of aura into the booking of certain stars. Waltham even coined the beast phrase, to no recognition. WWE think fans are blind. They aren't. Though love for Lesnar as WWE's wrecking ball, from certain influences they can only hope to endorse, gets the fans happy. Imagine what the real thing would do for them.

Would their be an Undertaker arrival to scare the wits out of Brock Lesnar for mouthing off about The Streak so uncharismatically?

It went a cat and mouse game of catch as quick as it began, and Lesnar caught his fish. Soon enough, Rollins gained his first class ticket to Suplex City and was tossed all over the ring by the hunky Beast Brock Lesnar.

Trying to hightail it through the arena later, Lesnar jumps over the arena barricade and suplex grabs Rollins back to the in-ring city. Lesnar soon gets smacked in the mouche by one of Seth's long, slender legs. Rollins brings his own kicking power to Suplex kingpin Lesnar. Lesnar then gets bumped out of the ring as Seth launches his sweaty body all over Brock on the outside with two continual motions. It wasn't enough. This was number seven for Seth as Lesnar burst in and flipped Seth over again.

"It's like we back where we started" - Jerry Lawler said.

"This time only Brock's a little more angry." JBL responded. 

Rollins continues to have Lesnar's beefy arms clasped around his waist as he gets whirled over from behind. Seth slapped Brock, which gained him a thirteenth fling.


As the lights dim and return Brock is faced with a chilling stare down return from The Undertaker. He uses a knee to the gut of Lesnar. Chokeslam to Lesnar follows. The fabled Tombstone Piledriver! is then given for good measure. 'Taker then went back for another on Lesnar. Welcome back to Death Valley, b***h! Lesnar's unsavoury bragging on Undie's streak defeat was overused so smarily that The Undertaker has returned to deal with 'The Beast' directly. It was the moment of the night, well received by all. 

The PPV the abruptly ends. Seth Rollins and the referee have scarpered. The match has officially ended in a No Contest which is actually a Disqualification win to Brock Lesnar. Well, WWE wanted the return to outdo everything else. So, therefore, they chose to forget the constant planning and just go with whatever, which, while fans are prepared to take it this time, wouldn't normally allow such distortion to occur.   

PPV Rating - 4/10

Men/Women of their matches - Randy Orton, Big E, Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, John Cena, Seth Rollins

Man/Woman of the PPV - The Undertaker

Battleground is one of WWE's new PPV concepts that sounds weak on paper but can deliver the goods. In recent years, Payback has proven this, though Battleground has often slumped in trying to fit the brief of its name with the card action. Sometimes it's good, others, not so much. Tonight's had its chance to change it. Even with the Ryback match, had it still gone on, WWE's direction is clear and somewhat off. Battleground tried to make some great matches but the shows were awkward, tepid and had no basis. There were, in effect, empty matches. There was no attraction to come see. 

Undertaker showing up was leaked online, but obvious to envisage to those with the keener eye. It was the only logical solution to Lesnar's mouthing off using 'Taker in an uncharismatic bragging motion outside of legitimate and respectful achievement. The return had interested fans and keeps the Brock/Taker pair able to deliver some real good matches for the coming months of instability. Many were redirecting Sting, which was a false choice than fans 'made up' to try and get him back on the shows in a 'dream match' with 'Taker. WWE should not cave into this silly fandom choice which does nothing to elevate business, brand or superstars. Ignorance is no virtue and Triple H is continuing it on from the pitiful Wrestlemania one-off Sting showed up for. Talk about disrespecting Undertaker and his return to the fullest, too. It has nothing to do with some random face paint wannabe, washed up floater filled with ignorance. Be wise. 

For Brock and Seth there are a few minor problems with Brock's title matches as all seem a bit too repetitive now. Look out for that. Sometime's fine, sometimes can mess it up for you. Weigh up the situation as best according. 

Both Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar have put on a great spectacle and it was obvious that Rollins needed a distraction to retain against the might behemoth Brock. Rollins is cleared for Summerslam, but will the Triple H match happen? Does anyone truly want that? (The answer is no, Hunty.) Both these stars have proven and been able to move into a new feud, if that is the path WWE go with. 

Ryback decided once again to injure himself. WWE did not strip him of the title, which it should do. WWE favour Ryback as well as hoping not to 'do another title stripping' to decrease the title value. Well, not doing so and pronto is a tell tale sign of failing that credibility. It is unfortunate but has to be done. This is the business and must be conducted as such. Fans still have a love for the title, even if it taints all those who wear it. There is a good reason for this, and cannot be gone into detail here at this time. Wait for later, ok? Until then do not rush a certain champion into reforming the title because of steam building. Sometimes, and at this time, probable stars who have a chance at saving WWE and the IC title should be kept far away from it at the moment until a more sturdier approach and explanation is available to you, which it will be. Patience is a virtue. Ryback himself is also a liability, and our advice to let him go, could not be more prominent. He adds nothing. It should also be noted that fans have also responded. for all its mockery to CM Punk leaving WWE, Punk defended and battled valiantly for the company and title and fans when injured similar to Ryback's here. Ryback, while we agree surgery is important to fix a problem as soon as possible if troubling, was not as reliable as WWE had hoped. WWE expect a level of 'working through the ringer' when you can. Hmm.

John Cena has been given his toughest task to date in working with an unmovable object in Kevin Owens. The object, which fails to interest fans outside of his indy luvvlie bubble, is somewhat lost on the main stage and needs to be fired. WWE won't go for that yet, which they should as he is a total embarrassment. Needs to say he should not remain on the main roster if WWE have any brains how to save their product from complete tarnished lunacy. Ignorance is not a value. Cena is constantly doing all the work, and while it has brought out the best change in Cena for over a decade long, John Cena cannot look weak to some random geezer strolling in late from last orders down at the pub. It is not what is best for business. WWE looks entirely inferior and is risking its future on some unstable, lacklustre blurb that Triple H made friends with in WWE recently. Good grief man, be a professional, not a free hand out love in to people who are entirely unskilled. Plus you were advised and warned of these problems gracefully. You chose to dismiss those. You are a fool. Grow up. Stop being personal and be a professional. That's why Vince cannot, rather than will not give you the keys to the Cadillac. You would do well to learn from crucial advice. 

Young at recent Pride event
with WWE Tag title
The Prime Time Playa's match was okay but exactly that. Nothing stand out but better than the rest of tag matches than before and one of their improved best, which is appreciated. Though many fans believe it is only down to WWE's media look and award grabbing ceremonies. It is hard to argue with that directive. 

Sasha Banks and Brie Bella did all the work in the match. Charlotte was a talk, lanky stick that did a couple of bits. The fact she managed a highly unconvincing win and tacky connection with 'daddy's leg lock times two' was a pitiful choice to lead off of the momentum created by the divas. Once the winds of change distil from hysteria, fans come back to reality and they come down hard. Then they realise it aint what it seemed. Fans are fickle, yet hungry for real action with results. This was not one of those results and further displays WWE is intent on making its biased favourites, based on the 'lucky sperm club' to guarantee success in the future WWE career. That's a recipe for failure. Talk of a Brie victory was discussed in WWE. We had the same thought at one point, though was probably 'best' to give Charlotte a win early and be done with it. Problem is, her win is pointless and has cemented her in the booking and victory stance that signifies she is only Ric Flair in motion, and a pitiful embodiment at that. WWE continue to create problems for itself when it used to seem like a fine a probable way forward. *sigh* Don't think because it is done, it is better to continue it. The more ignorance is continued to be sought the more of a cesspit your falling into that you cannot get out of. It should not be done for 'funsies' or the sake of going against the grain. 

Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are in difficult positions. This pair are a way off from becoming interesting again. While the characters from previous standing might hold hope in fans' minds, the pair are lacking. WWE may be to blame for no creative ideas and to re-work the pair, but both are empty once again. Out of steam and running on empty, while the pair had a passable bout, the match was tepid, slow and boring. 

The Ryback replacement match. This was an empty match, as we all know. There was nothing of value, but at least Randy Orton was, ahem, watchable. Though that made no excuse for having to waste twenty minutes of his, our and general time to try and make some lunatic from last year's idea work into a credible formation. Better Seth than him, right? Dump his briefcase to someone else and ditch the idea, please. Fans will never respect it. Plus Sheamus is Triple H's best friend and is therefore, once again, a shoe-in for fan resentment. Triple H,while he doesn't think it (because he can use power to immerse himself in his own bubble of love) is messing it up.

R-Truth Vs Wade Barrett

Wade 'King' Barrett won. R-Truth pledged to win and would replace Barrett as King in a daft comical match which saw Truth brandish a paper crown and a plunger. Seriously. Pointless.

Had almost epic, match of potential
year candidate between Rusev and Cesaro
on Raw pre Battleground.
WWE had a few lose ends they could have used. Rusev, Cesaro and Ambrose were not on the show. While it showed it could do something without them, and lose something rare also, the show could have used them. It was a solid and perfect choice to go with the Divas, though the rest was a little overshadowed.

The show was boring, empty and all over the place. While trying to be interesting, it was all about Undertaker and the divas, which is a good thing. Though it happened at a time when the rest of the card so ill thought out that it affected the overall PPV, which after the comedown of the grand attractions, puts WWE and its company position with fans and experts at a rather awkward one.

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ethan Carter III is new TNA World Champion. Is it too late, though?

Ethan Carter III wins TNA world title, 
but is it too late for legitimate impact?

After the underwhelmingly taped Pay Per View, Slammiversary, making headlines for all the wrong reasons, only weeks ago, exposing TNA’s management and staff as abusive, Ethan Carter III made better notice for the struggling brand.

After being in a pathetic tag team where Carter was the only stand out force and holding as much for the pitiful bout of useless folk together, did the unthinkable and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the following episode of Impact

Carter won the gold from a, once again, broken Kurt Angle. Ignorant Angle, with yet another injury, was being given considerable time off while holding the title by TNA, many noted as idiotic. TNA finally decided to act and have him lose it, to none other than Carter III. 

TNA, who had neglected Carter nee Bateman for over the past year on-going, they finally realised where their money might be at. After strong recommendations by Wrestling Wonders, and constantly dismissed naively, Dixie Carter and her struggling company finally realised. After mentioning it in our Slammiversary review, that TNA’s options for heavyweight success could rest comfortably on Carter III or Jessie Godderz’s shoulders, Dix and Co. finally conceded. 

Now, Carter III is champion. Though is it too late and lacking true momentum? Yes. TNA rushed Carter into the title win off Angle, on a weak episode of Impact rather than its grand PPV just past, and made a further embarrassment to itself and the star. Billed as the over the top jerk rather than a fine crafted dishonourable man, even when TNA gives its fans what it wants, it still cannot comprehend how to do it right or effectively. It was a throwaway win that achieved nothing. 

Carter III even used some unsavoury language in his title win and even spoke to WWE friend and company rival Seth Rollins on Twitter. What, exactly is going on here? WWE and TNA chatting yet the company pairs hate one another? Imbecilic and awkward of a champion in either company. Even the wrestlers need to learn a level of dignity and respect. You cannot be so complacent and public, especially if you are the front of house for your top company. 

Many fans, however believe that this decision from TNA was simply one of desperation. Angle, injured, needed to be dropped as champ. Carter was available and getting some good reviews so TNA swooped. The problem TNA have is that there is no class, skill or landscape involved in making it successful. TNA think it’s a game of ‘get in first’ and make it happen quick. Only fools rush in. It also exposes once again the juvenile side of TNA.

Fans suggest Carter III’s win, is simply in place because Dixie Carter is making a televised return to TNA. At a time when fans have such inane disdain for Dix to Ditzy Carter’s running of TNA as a failure in their minds, Dix is “comin’ back darlin’.” Oh dear. Let’s hope the viewing figures justify that. Dixie, herself, must be prepared for her mental breakdown at not being ‘liked’ with good praise. If you want good reviews, do something good. It’s very simple. Can Dixie Carter separate her ego from the self-destruction of TNA? Who knows? However it is up to Dixie to get smart, fix her company and put the attitude aside. If all else fails, I'm simply one email away. How much is your pride to your pitfall? Don’t leave it too late, at the point of no return, darlin’. TNA only recently after Slammiversary after Wednesday’s broadcast of Impact announced they had hired an ex-MTV producer to the product to help fix it. That man is classed by fans as “the man who ruined MTV” to its current day from what it used to be. So what will be the next plan? All the Jersey Shore style TV wannabe crap? Even fans have questioned his job role adding “Does he even know anything about wrestling?” 

After going from a cheap and stupid EC3 brand that screamed stupidity, which TNA still hope to be proud of (the Titantron looks pathetic of a three year old) TNA adopted the III than 3 from yours truly. So, for so much hate towards such clever experience, TNA may hate, but prove they desperately look towards, even though they hate and resent it. Be mature and you just might win. Though you can never win your goal if you dismiss the origins that will boost productivity. Think fast, get smart. Leave the ego at the door and grow up. Or throw away a company, desperately needing stable support than throwaway fandom. 

For Carter III he needs to regain finesse, stop the over jerkish caricature on-screen and value the title once more. It looked promising but will now be a level of joint work from backstage work and Carter on programming. Carter is sexy, skilled and young. All the reasons that fans want and should have to succeed in Wrestling's disastrously lacking new age in all companies today. Carter and Godderz are the best options available, but how much of TNA will ruin them? If all parties can truly think of how to better themselves than overdo the idiocy of a cheap idea thought up at the click of a fingers that is so ridiculous, then that could truly ruin Carter's future, TNA's potential to survive and the title becoming completely worthless as a result. It's now firmly resting on Dixie Carter's shoulders, rather than Ethan the Third. 

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Diva Delight! Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch called to main Raw roster

WWE’s newest batch of Diva’s make waves on Raw

After Monday night’s epic call up of three new and overdue Diva’s, WWE treated the fans to a new stance on the lacking diva’s division.

Once it made sure that Nikki Bella erased former WWE Diva AJ as the “longest reigning diva in WWE history” Nik claimed she “owned” the Diva gold. Failing to go down well with WWE owner Stephanie McMahon, the Authority diva herself issued some fair competition to the noticeably lacklustre efforts of flunkie failure Paige. Steph introduced Becky Lynch and Charlotte from NXT to assist Paige in her battles against the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki with their gal pal Alicia Fox. Claiming no-one wanted to help Paige battle the terrible twins, Steph gave her some help. 

Though the two sets of three were not over with, yet. Naomi and Tamina would not be forgotten and made their claim on the fact they were developing the division. Steph agreed of their valid contributions and added an extra batch of beef to the tough trio. In came ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks. The standout diva in NXT was put with the most badass, super team which really will shake up the divas division.

Wonderful attire, hair and style,
Becky Lynch arrives on Raw
So now the playing field has been set, what’s next for the gals and wheredo they go? While Stephanie McMahon is passionate about making the divas strong and overdid the ‘powerful women in sports’ sell, the gals have a strong focus. While Max Waltham was the true originator in developing, making the female wrestlers stand out, have equality and be noticed as a source of content fans truly want to see, without WWE’s endorsements or respect, the girls have now got a real chance to elevate themselves and the sport of women’s wrestling. How long WWE stay focused with it is another matter entirely.

The right choices were made to put them on the right teams, but is it really going to be the full effect it could desire? Sadly not. After our comedown back to reality after the extraordinary hype that made all seem good, the truth sets in. Becky Lynch was a necessary call up which may not have happened if it weren’t for circumstance. She looks amazing, buff and beautiful and is not shrinking violet. This one has powerful potential for WWE if they stay with it. She should not be neglected among the hype of others as she is a future player at this time for WWE. Alongside her is the stronger force of Sasha Banks. Banks has been underlooked in favour of others on NXT, but has more than proven herself to be ‘the one’ of the divas in NXT. She has it all in abundance and really needs strong booking. Sided with Tamina and Naomi, this team have the funky fresh, badass beauty to dominate.

Originally, before being injured, Bayley was considered in Lynch's place. While Bayley deserves a place on the roster, this was a blessing in disguise, as Lynch would be the better call-up at this time. Bayley will be much better as a singles or tag pal of Emma placing. 

All three newbie's granted their competition
with three, simultaneous submissions
This leads us to the final call up. Someone given her position simply due to “the lucky sperm club” Triple H once referred to. Stephanie made no excuses in hiding it and played up to the special, daddy roots for the female performer. Though she is Ric Flair’s baby girl and unknown what to do with her whilst waiting for original call up after December last year, WWE have not rushed the green lady into a wise place. Though the decision, once again from Max Waltham’s generous contributions, was to form a trio of the gals, but this time in different camps. The problem for Charlotte, despite her ignorant daddy from backroom chatter known as piffle that served no purpose to quality and sure fire self-destruct, is that she is too green for the main stage. While fans might do the same Paige moments, it is a bad idea to do the same thing with the same old without any thought process. Charlotte could well become the Paige Mark II, with damning results.

Ignorant flunkie Paige, called
up to fan favouritism only.
Paige was called up by Triple H under the notion that online fans gushed of her because she was making a bit of motion on NXT. NXT, which Triple H has tried to make his personalised brand, now festering with ignorant fellows, is no brand and still WWE’s developmental training ground. Paige was ultra-green and trying to manipulate the fans with a ‘we listen to you’ for good favour in a cheap and tacky manner was not beneficial to WWE, the diva’s division or Triple H. Triple H wants to make decisions that will be life changing for WWE, and rightly so. Trips is finding the pressure to be Vince McMahon’s successor with glowing plaudits, in his mind, well. Though in reality, it is anything but stable. Turbulent behaviour and advice to Triple H snubbed has become costly, especially with such ignorance plaguing his toy project, NXT. If Triple H figure out how to drive forward, instead of being an uptight aggressor to the fans in disguise trying to curry favour, Triple H may learn how to develop WWE for a wider future. Until then, his ego will destroy the inner walls of the company. Can Triple H stop abusing the throes of power for his own use and once do what is right? Anyone making a pathway that leads to nothing but negativity in product formation is not only soul destroying but very bad for business long term. It’s not personal, but for Triple H, he takes it as such. Find the sweet spot. 

The divas division does have a chance if WWE realise that Banks and Lynch alongside their respective pals will help them along. Lynch can take the ride until they need to disband. Lynch needs to be protected from Paige and Charlotte’s inadequacies if she is ever to truly make it. Yet she is one who can develop WWE’s female future. Charlotte is so inexperienced that the one thing which could ruin her, once again, is the fans. Over-praise, daddy roots and relying on a “Woooo!” will not boost her. Paige was gushed over by fans because it was ‘something new’ and then became nothing new. They finally realised her inadequacies. The ignorance on offer with Paige has become so toxic that WWE are in a precarious position. It needs to remove all ignorance if it is ever to survive a future, not dabble in it, instead. 

Fans' modern day greatest
diva champ of all time,
despite WWE's pencil
top eraser.
Buying someone for two years to train in NXT with an already stained ignorance state is not going to help WWE, only hinder it. The longer you write more things to get it over, the more you are stuck with them and cannot get rid of them. If you do so, then you cannot bail on them quick enough from ruining the core of the product and the entire fabric suffers. Without that, the company is always seen as inferior, lacking extra importance, taking away spots from probable stars that could make a future and lose fans along the way. Some will stay, but most will be disenchanted with WWE and what it stands for. The magic will be lost.

For the divas, the call up, initially, was a grand spectacle of love and change. Thought the real prospect of change is another thing WWE feel is only available in the foggy air of on-screen doing. If WWE looks like it is changing it, but still has the same principals in forming that decision, nothing has changed and it will revert to its ways once more eventually. This isn’t because of Vince McMahon realising it isn’t working, but because Triple H is desperate to seem like he can impose his favourites on the audience, festered with ignorance, without a seconds thought of the implications to its brand. WWE is a business. It takes a business mind, not personal favourites and friends, to be given such. This harms the show, not helps it. Crucial advice dismissed under the childish mantra of ‘I want to do what I want’ is tacky, sad and irrespective. The company cannot, and will not ever grow any further under this level of impositioning. No matter how much WWE throw at the product to make it change, in their defiance at any words that advise against because it wasn’t in tune with their idea, will falter. It isn’t about the idea neglect, but they may not see it. It’s exactly what you are trying to achieve, but going about it all the wrong way. This leads to loss. Money aside, can you really afford it?

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Bitter abuser Stone Cold blocks Roddy Piper's podcast

Washed up star Steve Austin gets Piper's 
'personal' podcast on him taken down

In the wrestling world, more often than not, some of its stars will naturally fall out. The most recent beef between two stars is that of WWE legend ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and former attitude star Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The pair, who have starting doing the whole ‘podcasting thing’ (don’t get me started) now it is believed that Stone Cold has led to Roddy Piper’s stepping down from his podcasting duties. Piper, whose podcast’s were informative, light-hearted, witty and cool were snapped down by wife beating WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold after he could not laugh at a joke Piper made on one of his shows.

Hate spinner Austin, on the Triple H edition
 of his podcast, then for WWE
Austin was said to be so outrageously strung in his own ego that he demanded Piper remove the episode and lead to a strict reprimanding warning from his bosses, who host the podcast shows. Austin, who has upset WWE with his negative attitude and ignorant behaviour on the wrestling scene, decided to attack Piper’s successful shows. It should be noted that Stone Cold’s casts have often been mundane, boring and egotistical. Months ago he was replaced by another equally ignorant money seeker in Chris Jericho, now injured, for asking Triple H about inducting Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the domestic abuse accusations from her to Hunter. WWE were clearly not best pleased.

Austin, who went too far, knocked Piper who made a light-hearted joke about Austin, a public figure up for scrutiny with all other WWE stars, past and present, which involved his walkouts from WWE. Austin walked out on WWE and its fans twice after Wrestlemania and the night after, as revealed in a WWE documentary. 

Domestic abuser Austin could not take the joke, which was fairly light in context as fans note Austin really is 'jumped up' being unable to “take a joke” when it suits him, or not. Austin has also been heavily campaigning to wangle a WWE Wrestlemania 32 match, which is outdated, boring and has no value, just like when fans screamed for Sting. Look how that turned out. WWE are bigger than that. Ignorance has no value to WWE, only decline. They, like any other company, should deter from it and remove all communication or involvement with it, including a cleansing of NXT losers harbouring such distaste. Many believe Austin copied Piper to get some attention and keep his egotistical charcter going for a final match he constantly tries to mediate through the media to WWE. Get the message, WWE and the fans are not, truly, interested. There is no mileage in a washed up, quitting, domestic abuser. Walk on.

Austin said his reasoning for disliking the show was this –

"some business of a personal nature that I didn't care to have floating around there being downloaded in cyberspace, so I had it removed from rotation." 

Though in claims to get Piper fired, Austin, ever the politician, said –

“couldn't be farther from the truth."

After Austin caused Piper’s show to be pulled, after comedian Will Sasso impersonated Austin on Piper’s show after Wrestlemania in April, Piper revealed Sasso was threatened to be fired. Sasso also impersonated others, including Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Piper added Austin’s whole career was based on three words only, being the ever tedious “What?” phrase and “Hell Yeah!” which is true. Austin, whose ego burst through the roof, did not like facing the truth and chose to be bitter in something that was independently produced by a known comedian, as a level of entertainment show, which has been long associated with Piper’s excellent podcasts.

As with the case of Podcast One, the hosts, it shows biased favouritism for their fandom of Stone Cold to instantly threaten a sacking of its content producers. It also has no ground to sack them as there is no justification based on ‘didn’t like what you said’ when it is truthful, clearly stated as opinion and publicly well sourced as data. If anything, Podcast One is entirely negligent and should have its leading issuer of threatening behaviour sacked. 

As for Austin, the ever ignorant, money-grabbing, wife beating, quitter, not only does he need to grow up, he needs to shut up. A vile, disgraceful game player trying to boost his own reputation for another pay check, jealous of being a washed up past star, WWE has-been, with a foul mouth and attitude, has exposed himself for what he truly is. Vile. The venomous bile that seeps from Austin’s persona is not any one character based but actually proof of his own, distorted reality, to attack others for his own mistakes. That, in life, is what is known as a grade A failure. Grow up. Leave them alone, do your own thing and get lost. Simple.  

Whether you like what is out there or not is not up to you. A typical case of a man believing because they were once a ‘big’ star, they have the right to post only the good things they want. Austin, who continues to post all his own egotistical bits and bobs for his own loving, hopes to manipulate fans online with selective content. 

What wrestlers fail to forget in their own hype, is that they are public figures just as much as Hollywood, celebrities and entertainment people and therefore are up for public scrutiny. You cannot pick and choose what is up or not because you dislike the truth involved around an entertaining angle. Did time away working with Vince McMahon make you forget this? You were more than fine when Vince asked you to ‘push some envelopes’ were you not?

One of wrestling's greatest talkers, Roddy Piper
Double standards on the truth have no place in wrestling ego. Move with the times or simply remove yourself from the internet, to which Austin, has put himself firmly into, by his own choice, based on his previous work as a ex-WWE superstar and a current infestation with his podcasting content. 

After all the hubbub, Piper, having a conversation with Podcast One’s boss, who told Piper he was to be fired, but the boss changed his mind, while vetoing any content on Austin, led Piper to resign. Piper felt the show was being censored over mild portions of content which had a relevant place on the show and was over-heightened in hypocrisy. 

Piper will continue to podcast his shows elsewhere, to which the fans fully support for its creative content than bitter attitude of personal venom. The pair used the same Podcasting platform, which many believe Austin wanted full control over. Charming. 

Piper parted the podcast drama with this final, perfect, summing up comment addressing the issue.

“I didn't lie about anything, and my heart's in the right place in my life, and I've got my family on my side."

No egotistical star in wrestling, it seems, can ever, truly, accept the truth. It may be more comfortable to recede within the shell in which was created for the stars, who cannot take the heat in the kitchen. Juvenile. Don't like the truth? Not my problem, or anyone else's. These were your own actions, not anyone else's. Take responsibility and realise that content you created is out there by your actions. Fans have the right to address it and censoring anything you created but dislike is your mistake, not anyone else's. The fact this has to be explained to people is in itself tedious and pitiful. 

Only earlier today (15th July) Piper was given a letter to stop all podcasting duties due to stone Cold's 'feelings' being upset. Piper's recent tweet reads -

-Roddy Piper, Twitter

This displays that Podcast one are not only immoral but way over their heads in delusion. they cannot stop Piper doing Podcasts, as they are a public service which can be created at the decision of its producer, the content maker. If Podcast One actually believe they can stop people podcasting that is ludicrous and trying to hide behind the law as an excuse is pitiful. It cannot use that as a choice and is therefore also liable for using the law in the wrong conxtext's to threaten another. They cannot stop a public service being used. Only in their name as an associated brand. 

Talk about deluded, egotistical abuse for favouring vile fan favourites. Piper has done nothing wrong and is not in the wrong for doing such and should continue Podcasting elsewhere. Empty threats are also liable when misuse of legislation is incurred. Podcast One, trying to be clever, are pushing themselves deeper into a bottomless pit. They have no right to attempt to blackmail with abuse of their favouritism to a bitter ex-WWE superstar who won't take responsibility to their feelings. No company is allowed to serve any sort of notice to any employee because it 'upsets someone's feelings' who is un-associated with the product on offer. 

So much for the constituion of America which claims Censorship on Freedom of Expression is wrong. Someone is clearly trying to fiddle with America's laws through a podcast. Seriously. Obama might not be acceptable everywhere, but since when did a jumped up, ex thug of WWE and a Podcast set of fanboys think they ruled America? Shameful.

If anything, the Podcast fanboys should be reprimanded for trying to misuse the American legal system, turning it into a farce, and mistakenly using it as a tool of attack, than respect the democratic foundation it was set up to govern America stably. 

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Dolph Ziggler. Is he leaving WWE or not? What's the deal?

Dolph Ziggler's WWE deal, 
re-signing or not? 

Intense speculation has been building of Dolph Ziggler’s impending choice to leave WWE. Ziggler’s WWE contract is set to expire in a matter of months and has already begun contemplating a jump to new horizons. 

Apparently there is interest from two companies, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Underground. While these may seem like solid choices, both have high levels of ignorance. With Ziggler unable to prove himself as a star or considerable person in WWE, it is hard to envisage a jump to these companies will save Ziggs career. He might think it, but he would be naïve to assume so quickly. Though Dolph is in a bind. He can’t materialise on WWE TV after being outdated, irrespective and annoying people who have a say in the future of WWE. There has been no level of retribution and WWE are said to be noticeably upset with Mr. Zigglypuff.

After his downfall of being on top of the World, Ziggler proved he wasn’t true World title material. After various attempts of trying to rectify that, WWE finally admitted it. Though fans in their droves are trying to launch the markish ‘I disagree because I like him’ recess moment. These choices, which do not highlight Ziggler or the fans in a good light as understanding anything about the Pro Wrestling landscape on an internal level, add to ruining Ziggler’s further opportunities than creating them. 

Cursed. Dolphie Ziggers, shaggy perm and
the cursed Intercontinental championship.

Sometimes fans have to learn, the can like someone, but trying to outright lie, misrepresent or cheer for your stars through any means necessary to get them noticed can have its repercussions. 

At present, Ziggler too has admitted defeat in WWE. He has been very vocal about other companies and it hasn’t been well received by WWE. Over a year ago, when Ziggler was on the rise once more from the doldrums of his lacking skills, he made the idiotic mistake of actually believing that TNA had been doing some good matches. Ziggler expressed this backstage, and as ever in WWE, reached Head Office. There were naturally none too pleased. Would you be? TNA at that time had not put on anything exceptional and were in progress of survival. The occasional thrills and spills of a high flying bit was truly naïve of Ziggler. It displayed to WWE that he was a) not serious about his career and b) deluded that TNA are good. 

Naturally TNA will be on the surface trying to reach Ziggler, as they always do, in acting WWE cast-offs for attention, in the hope it boosts TNA. Yet TNA simply ‘buy’ them and then sit there with them, not knowing what to do and puts them in ‘great’ matches with loser stars. All the while throwing around its World title like a good time girl in a locker-room of horny groupies.

So a move to Mexico or Japan? Japan already has a blonde, curly haired star similar to Ziggler in Kenny Omega, who, while not having his best talents utilised in a pitiful stable that wreaks iligimacy, it could be an option, but Ziggler would likely be forced lower down the card. He could join in with his brother and tag team, but again, Ziggler might be looking to be a main star after his failings in WWE.

Both are full of ignorance, but Ziggler has not amended for his lacking credentials in places for upsetting those who can support with your best interests in mind. 

Brunette. When Dolphie tried being a
wrestler, which Wrestling Wonders
advised, and WWE hated.
Fans have been raving about both, none more so than the pitiful ignorance fest of Lucha Underground. There is a reason it is called ‘underground’ and cannot strive to provide anything other than a cheap fandom thrill. It is a place to go where all ex-WWE stars go when TNA is no longer an option. Though what other companies are out there for him? Not many. John Morrison of WWE fame is high flying around the ring. Wow, that’s interesting. Though is it enough with ignorant and dreary opponents at the top of its game, which also exposes Lucha Underground as rubbish presenting itself as wannabee greats? 

TNA will always now be someone else’s last option and for good reason. For Ziggler his choice might need to be a carefully thought out one as all options have negative positioning. 

If Ziggs truly wants to reclaim his own ego at getting a thrill of being at the top and having a good career, he may have to sit and think longer. In some choices you will have to compensate and lose one for the other. That other ignorant Indy promotion is no level a credible option and simply a detour for all ex-company leavers on a passing through tour. Lowest of the low.

Sadly for Ziggs, other companies that could benefit him are not interested or can’t make him viable offers. If you care about your career, and are capable of making amends, choose carefully. At some point, everyone must attempt to cross the barrier. If you put it up and in many cases, too high, there may be no chance to overcome. It is not a choice to willingly accept just to be defiant.

Since the hubbabaloo a week ago, new details have come to light. Ziggler gave an interview to a unprofessional local newspaper, which told fans he had not resigned with WWE. A day or so after the report, Ziggler news stated he had re-signed with WWE. Clearly one of them is lying. Which one? Or is it Ziggler trying to gin re-interest by provoking fans into manipulation, which would not be wise under any circumstance. Fans may be fans, but eventually they don’t like being cheated. 

Could it be WWE, upset with Ziggler talking to media and telling him to backtrack? Or was it Ziggler implying but not saying so and the newspaper inaccurately lying to create some news to its lacking name?

Dolph Ziggler, at hight of success
with Vickie Guerrero, with short,
 reverted blonde hair.
Either way it is unprofessional, doesn’t tell the story and leads us all back to square one. A pointless waste of everyone’s time and online fan luvvies in the ‘sports’ section look ever more inferior trying shamelessly to get a ‘scoop’ on details.  Another reason the so called ‘Internet Wrestling Community’ is met with derision and mocked by all promotional companies doing the real thing. 

All for the chance to think that fan badgering on the webspace comments will help them get Ziggler over. You ruined your own selves, you still have no influence and moreso than anything, you have now harmed your luvvie’s future prospects wherever he goes. Have a little restraint. You don’t need to scream and shout about anything and everything all at the same time and ‘get in first.’ Only fools rush in. If you can’t make valid points, leave it to the pro’s. None of those online ‘report’ dirtsheets are not pro’s but fuelling their fire doesn’t help you case advance as a turning point, either. 

For Ziggler, the best option might be a re-sign with WWE. At current his contract is as it was originally, working out his current one with no plans yet on the future. Ziggler spoke days ago to clear the air and state he has not re-signed and may need to take a sabbatical, time off to think or get some space before planning to return at WWE.

Ziggler is said to not only be frustrated with WWE’s direction of him, which he made possible, but his lack of character. There you have it. Every time the Online fans bleat of the new NXT star without thinking and trying to turn fans into supporting stars who are underdeveloped or useless, just because they came from the indies so must be experienced, push your favourites like Ziggler further down the card. Fans want to manipulate the call ups, thinking they are in charge of that in WWE, so that they can be future opponents for the likes of Ziggler and other Dolph types fans adore. The reality is that the more you put up, the less Ziggler has to play with. Those call ups won’t play with Ziggler, they will replace him. Think before you gush senselessly, because the only careers affected are the ones you try to protect. You won’t get what you want by thinking you can change a WWE that Vince and Triple H are running. Their backstage response of fans is negative and pitiful. That is the cold hard truth. Your little comments online only further add to the juvenile outlook WWE assume of fans and therefore you have no sway in being looked at as a potential interest of running what’s “Best for Business.”

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