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Dolph Ziggler. Is he leaving WWE or not? What's the deal?

Dolph Ziggler's WWE deal, 
re-signing or not? 

Intense speculation has been building of Dolph Ziggler’s impending choice to leave WWE. Ziggler’s WWE contract is set to expire in a matter of months and has already begun contemplating a jump to new horizons. 

Apparently there is interest from two companies, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Underground. While these may seem like solid choices, both have high levels of ignorance. With Ziggler unable to prove himself as a star or considerable person in WWE, it is hard to envisage a jump to these companies will save Ziggs career. He might think it, but he would be naïve to assume so quickly. Though Dolph is in a bind. He can’t materialise on WWE TV after being outdated, irrespective and annoying people who have a say in the future of WWE. There has been no level of retribution and WWE are said to be noticeably upset with Mr. Zigglypuff.

After his downfall of being on top of the World, Ziggler proved he wasn’t true World title material. After various attempts of trying to rectify that, WWE finally admitted it. Though fans in their droves are trying to launch the markish ‘I disagree because I like him’ recess moment. These choices, which do not highlight Ziggler or the fans in a good light as understanding anything about the Pro Wrestling landscape on an internal level, add to ruining Ziggler’s further opportunities than creating them. 

Cursed. Dolphie Ziggers, shaggy perm and
the cursed Intercontinental championship.

Sometimes fans have to learn, the can like someone, but trying to outright lie, misrepresent or cheer for your stars through any means necessary to get them noticed can have its repercussions. 

At present, Ziggler too has admitted defeat in WWE. He has been very vocal about other companies and it hasn’t been well received by WWE. Over a year ago, when Ziggler was on the rise once more from the doldrums of his lacking skills, he made the idiotic mistake of actually believing that TNA had been doing some good matches. Ziggler expressed this backstage, and as ever in WWE, reached Head Office. There were naturally none too pleased. Would you be? TNA at that time had not put on anything exceptional and were in progress of survival. The occasional thrills and spills of a high flying bit was truly naïve of Ziggler. It displayed to WWE that he was a) not serious about his career and b) deluded that TNA are good. 

Naturally TNA will be on the surface trying to reach Ziggler, as they always do, in acting WWE cast-offs for attention, in the hope it boosts TNA. Yet TNA simply ‘buy’ them and then sit there with them, not knowing what to do and puts them in ‘great’ matches with loser stars. All the while throwing around its World title like a good time girl in a locker-room of horny groupies.

So a move to Mexico or Japan? Japan already has a blonde, curly haired star similar to Ziggler in Kenny Omega, who, while not having his best talents utilised in a pitiful stable that wreaks iligimacy, it could be an option, but Ziggler would likely be forced lower down the card. He could join in with his brother and tag team, but again, Ziggler might be looking to be a main star after his failings in WWE.

Both are full of ignorance, but Ziggler has not amended for his lacking credentials in places for upsetting those who can support with your best interests in mind. 

Brunette. When Dolphie tried being a
wrestler, which Wrestling Wonders
advised, and WWE hated.
Fans have been raving about both, none more so than the pitiful ignorance fest of Lucha Underground. There is a reason it is called ‘underground’ and cannot strive to provide anything other than a cheap fandom thrill. It is a place to go where all ex-WWE stars go when TNA is no longer an option. Though what other companies are out there for him? Not many. John Morrison of WWE fame is high flying around the ring. Wow, that’s interesting. Though is it enough with ignorant and dreary opponents at the top of its game, which also exposes Lucha Underground as rubbish presenting itself as wannabee greats? 

TNA will always now be someone else’s last option and for good reason. For Ziggler his choice might need to be a carefully thought out one as all options have negative positioning. 

If Ziggs truly wants to reclaim his own ego at getting a thrill of being at the top and having a good career, he may have to sit and think longer. In some choices you will have to compensate and lose one for the other. That other ignorant Indy promotion is no level a credible option and simply a detour for all ex-company leavers on a passing through tour. Lowest of the low.

Sadly for Ziggs, other companies that could benefit him are not interested or can’t make him viable offers. If you care about your career, and are capable of making amends, choose carefully. At some point, everyone must attempt to cross the barrier. If you put it up and in many cases, too high, there may be no chance to overcome. It is not a choice to willingly accept just to be defiant.

Since the hubbabaloo a week ago, new details have come to light. Ziggler gave an interview to a unprofessional local newspaper, which told fans he had not resigned with WWE. A day or so after the report, Ziggler news stated he had re-signed with WWE. Clearly one of them is lying. Which one? Or is it Ziggler trying to gin re-interest by provoking fans into manipulation, which would not be wise under any circumstance. Fans may be fans, but eventually they don’t like being cheated. 

Could it be WWE, upset with Ziggler talking to media and telling him to backtrack? Or was it Ziggler implying but not saying so and the newspaper inaccurately lying to create some news to its lacking name?

Dolph Ziggler, at hight of success
with Vickie Guerrero, with short,
 reverted blonde hair.
Either way it is unprofessional, doesn’t tell the story and leads us all back to square one. A pointless waste of everyone’s time and online fan luvvies in the ‘sports’ section look ever more inferior trying shamelessly to get a ‘scoop’ on details.  Another reason the so called ‘Internet Wrestling Community’ is met with derision and mocked by all promotional companies doing the real thing. 

All for the chance to think that fan badgering on the webspace comments will help them get Ziggler over. You ruined your own selves, you still have no influence and moreso than anything, you have now harmed your luvvie’s future prospects wherever he goes. Have a little restraint. You don’t need to scream and shout about anything and everything all at the same time and ‘get in first.’ Only fools rush in. If you can’t make valid points, leave it to the pro’s. None of those online ‘report’ dirtsheets are not pro’s but fuelling their fire doesn’t help you case advance as a turning point, either. 

For Ziggler, the best option might be a re-sign with WWE. At current his contract is as it was originally, working out his current one with no plans yet on the future. Ziggler spoke days ago to clear the air and state he has not re-signed and may need to take a sabbatical, time off to think or get some space before planning to return at WWE.

Ziggler is said to not only be frustrated with WWE’s direction of him, which he made possible, but his lack of character. There you have it. Every time the Online fans bleat of the new NXT star without thinking and trying to turn fans into supporting stars who are underdeveloped or useless, just because they came from the indies so must be experienced, push your favourites like Ziggler further down the card. Fans want to manipulate the call ups, thinking they are in charge of that in WWE, so that they can be future opponents for the likes of Ziggler and other Dolph types fans adore. The reality is that the more you put up, the less Ziggler has to play with. Those call ups won’t play with Ziggler, they will replace him. Think before you gush senselessly, because the only careers affected are the ones you try to protect. You won’t get what you want by thinking you can change a WWE that Vince and Triple H are running. Their backstage response of fans is negative and pitiful. That is the cold hard truth. Your little comments online only further add to the juvenile outlook WWE assume of fans and therefore you have no sway in being looked at as a potential interest of running what’s “Best for Business.”

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