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Diva Delight! Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch called to main Raw roster

WWE’s newest batch of Diva’s make waves on Raw

After Monday night’s epic call up of three new and overdue Diva’s, WWE treated the fans to a new stance on the lacking diva’s division.

Once it made sure that Nikki Bella erased former WWE Diva AJ as the “longest reigning diva in WWE history” Nik claimed she “owned” the Diva gold. Failing to go down well with WWE owner Stephanie McMahon, the Authority diva herself issued some fair competition to the noticeably lacklustre efforts of flunkie failure Paige. Steph introduced Becky Lynch and Charlotte from NXT to assist Paige in her battles against the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki with their gal pal Alicia Fox. Claiming no-one wanted to help Paige battle the terrible twins, Steph gave her some help. 

Though the two sets of three were not over with, yet. Naomi and Tamina would not be forgotten and made their claim on the fact they were developing the division. Steph agreed of their valid contributions and added an extra batch of beef to the tough trio. In came ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks. The standout diva in NXT was put with the most badass, super team which really will shake up the divas division.

Wonderful attire, hair and style,
Becky Lynch arrives on Raw
So now the playing field has been set, what’s next for the gals and wheredo they go? While Stephanie McMahon is passionate about making the divas strong and overdid the ‘powerful women in sports’ sell, the gals have a strong focus. While Max Waltham was the true originator in developing, making the female wrestlers stand out, have equality and be noticed as a source of content fans truly want to see, without WWE’s endorsements or respect, the girls have now got a real chance to elevate themselves and the sport of women’s wrestling. How long WWE stay focused with it is another matter entirely.

The right choices were made to put them on the right teams, but is it really going to be the full effect it could desire? Sadly not. After our comedown back to reality after the extraordinary hype that made all seem good, the truth sets in. Becky Lynch was a necessary call up which may not have happened if it weren’t for circumstance. She looks amazing, buff and beautiful and is not shrinking violet. This one has powerful potential for WWE if they stay with it. She should not be neglected among the hype of others as she is a future player at this time for WWE. Alongside her is the stronger force of Sasha Banks. Banks has been underlooked in favour of others on NXT, but has more than proven herself to be ‘the one’ of the divas in NXT. She has it all in abundance and really needs strong booking. Sided with Tamina and Naomi, this team have the funky fresh, badass beauty to dominate.

Originally, before being injured, Bayley was considered in Lynch's place. While Bayley deserves a place on the roster, this was a blessing in disguise, as Lynch would be the better call-up at this time. Bayley will be much better as a singles or tag pal of Emma placing. 

All three newbie's granted their competition
with three, simultaneous submissions
This leads us to the final call up. Someone given her position simply due to “the lucky sperm club” Triple H once referred to. Stephanie made no excuses in hiding it and played up to the special, daddy roots for the female performer. Though she is Ric Flair’s baby girl and unknown what to do with her whilst waiting for original call up after December last year, WWE have not rushed the green lady into a wise place. Though the decision, once again from Max Waltham’s generous contributions, was to form a trio of the gals, but this time in different camps. The problem for Charlotte, despite her ignorant daddy from backroom chatter known as piffle that served no purpose to quality and sure fire self-destruct, is that she is too green for the main stage. While fans might do the same Paige moments, it is a bad idea to do the same thing with the same old without any thought process. Charlotte could well become the Paige Mark II, with damning results.

Ignorant flunkie Paige, called
up to fan favouritism only.
Paige was called up by Triple H under the notion that online fans gushed of her because she was making a bit of motion on NXT. NXT, which Triple H has tried to make his personalised brand, now festering with ignorant fellows, is no brand and still WWE’s developmental training ground. Paige was ultra-green and trying to manipulate the fans with a ‘we listen to you’ for good favour in a cheap and tacky manner was not beneficial to WWE, the diva’s division or Triple H. Triple H wants to make decisions that will be life changing for WWE, and rightly so. Trips is finding the pressure to be Vince McMahon’s successor with glowing plaudits, in his mind, well. Though in reality, it is anything but stable. Turbulent behaviour and advice to Triple H snubbed has become costly, especially with such ignorance plaguing his toy project, NXT. If Triple H figure out how to drive forward, instead of being an uptight aggressor to the fans in disguise trying to curry favour, Triple H may learn how to develop WWE for a wider future. Until then, his ego will destroy the inner walls of the company. Can Triple H stop abusing the throes of power for his own use and once do what is right? Anyone making a pathway that leads to nothing but negativity in product formation is not only soul destroying but very bad for business long term. It’s not personal, but for Triple H, he takes it as such. Find the sweet spot. 

The divas division does have a chance if WWE realise that Banks and Lynch alongside their respective pals will help them along. Lynch can take the ride until they need to disband. Lynch needs to be protected from Paige and Charlotte’s inadequacies if she is ever to truly make it. Yet she is one who can develop WWE’s female future. Charlotte is so inexperienced that the one thing which could ruin her, once again, is the fans. Over-praise, daddy roots and relying on a “Woooo!” will not boost her. Paige was gushed over by fans because it was ‘something new’ and then became nothing new. They finally realised her inadequacies. The ignorance on offer with Paige has become so toxic that WWE are in a precarious position. It needs to remove all ignorance if it is ever to survive a future, not dabble in it, instead. 

Fans' modern day greatest
diva champ of all time,
despite WWE's pencil
top eraser.
Buying someone for two years to train in NXT with an already stained ignorance state is not going to help WWE, only hinder it. The longer you write more things to get it over, the more you are stuck with them and cannot get rid of them. If you do so, then you cannot bail on them quick enough from ruining the core of the product and the entire fabric suffers. Without that, the company is always seen as inferior, lacking extra importance, taking away spots from probable stars that could make a future and lose fans along the way. Some will stay, but most will be disenchanted with WWE and what it stands for. The magic will be lost.

For the divas, the call up, initially, was a grand spectacle of love and change. Thought the real prospect of change is another thing WWE feel is only available in the foggy air of on-screen doing. If WWE looks like it is changing it, but still has the same principals in forming that decision, nothing has changed and it will revert to its ways once more eventually. This isn’t because of Vince McMahon realising it isn’t working, but because Triple H is desperate to seem like he can impose his favourites on the audience, festered with ignorance, without a seconds thought of the implications to its brand. WWE is a business. It takes a business mind, not personal favourites and friends, to be given such. This harms the show, not helps it. Crucial advice dismissed under the childish mantra of ‘I want to do what I want’ is tacky, sad and irrespective. The company cannot, and will not ever grow any further under this level of impositioning. No matter how much WWE throw at the product to make it change, in their defiance at any words that advise against because it wasn’t in tune with their idea, will falter. It isn’t about the idea neglect, but they may not see it. It’s exactly what you are trying to achieve, but going about it all the wrong way. This leads to loss. Money aside, can you really afford it?

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