Thursday, 13 June 2013

Prince Devitt: The downward darling

Indy sensation flounders 
on flip turn

Devitt made headway in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) in early 2008 involved in the Junior Heavyweight IWGP title series which he would go on to hold numerous times over the next three years. Devitt’s most successful year would be in 2011 at the height of a IWGP junior heavyweight title win for the third time, with successful defences and showing some interesting skills.

He tangled with the likes of Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, Low Ki and others. He teamed with Ryusuke Taguchi in a spaceman gimmick team Apollo55. It was here that NJPW sidelined Taguchi for Devitt.  It would soon all go downhill in 2012. Given strong opportunities, Devitt took liabilities and made crucial mistakes. 

Devitt’s in ring action has always been standard. 2011 was his standout year, but not entirely exceptional afterward. Having dipped overall, despite minor entrances in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament adequate given the right competition, Devitt’s star is slowly falling.

Devitt turned on Taguchi at the invasion attack PPV at the beginning of April after losing to tag champs Time Splitters. (Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA) After the decoupling of Devitt and Taguchi NJPW decided Devitt, unable to generate any interest on his own, was selected to put Princey with Bad Luck Fale who became his protector, calling himself the Real Rock ‘n’ Rolla.

Pal Karl Anderson, who had no role since Tensai left him for WWE last year, has joined Devitt’s crew. The group absurdly renamed themselves “Bullet Club” which is irrelevant for 2013 and unnecessary and should alter the name once more. It’s also a copied remake of The Shield and Aces and 8’s gathering no steam and sadly tacky.

Devitt won the Best of Super Juniors tournament blocks, on May 24th 2012 with a clean eight win record though needed help almost everytime from his partner and associates to get over with the crowd and win.

Softspoken, tender metrosexual Devitt has previously worked for homosexual soft porn esq wrestling company BGEAST. Devitt has also denied questions from fans of his sexuality being backward. Devitt tweeted his adoration for enigmatic footballer Robin Van Persie on social network Twitter last year.

Fergal Devitt has agreed with New Japan, after other people’s recommendations, that Devitt can work overseas independent shows on occasion. This was a huge mistake that ate into Devitt’s credibility and proved outside of NJPW he could not have great matches with competition and looked a fool which has highlighted immense flaws in Devitt’s in ring style, high flying masquerading haze and awkward promos. It follows neither clear direction nor value and all involved look feeble.

In mid-2013, Devitt has now resorted to a modified version of Max Waltham just as WWE had CM Punk, TNA had minor tool Bully Ray and ROH’s Kevin Steen copying the hard talking, honest notion fused by promotions with a level of rude intentions displaying insults, aggression and in some cases nobility. Only problem is they all fail miserable and can never be a Waltham and don’t get how to act properly as a heel whilst remaining noble in moral intent.

Devitt has begun swearing, dropping unnecessary lack of style and progression very awkwardly as a bad boy. His failings as a nasty guy are clear and tacky. It won’t be long before it all falls apart, despite having an entourage of jobbers in Japan at his side to mask his inaccuracy.

Prince Devitt has now currently proven, despite his chances to change perception, that he is of minimal value, only a poster boy for international communications and lacking real identity as a performer. Devitt went from being a caring, charming, respectful gent to an obnoxious, clumsy and foolish disrespecter. With no true scope and technique or clever donation to certain promotions and promotional work, Devitt has not only tarnished his credibility but also NJPW’s look as a company.

©  Max Waltham 13th June 2013

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