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Wrestling Wonders Pro 50, The Wonder List 2014 Part 1 (50 - 26)

Wrestling Wonders Pro 50
The Wonder List

Part 1 (50 - 26)

Since the last calendar year, the best, hardworking and charismatic fifty wrestlers have made it into the Wrestling Wonders Pro Wrestling 50, also known as the Wonder List. Here, Wrestling Wonders presents the annual professional top 50 countdown. Criteria establishing their places involves in-ring ability, quality and strength in promos, mic work and wrestling as well as deliverance. This is not a favourite wrestlers list or ‘men of the minute’ appeal.

It is the list every professional wrestler should aspire to make, can create careers and respects their work. It is an honour to place on the list.

The list, comprised by Max Waltham and finalised on Tuesday 30th December 2014 covers the annual year of 1st January 2014 – 30th December 2014.  

Who held onto their place, who rose to the occasion and who crashed out of the pro wrestling spectrum? The answers are below. 

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2013 Placing - Unlisted

Returned to WWE in leaked but exciting two minute playfulness with Damien Sandow on April 7th Raw… Launched into finals of vacant Intercontinental championship resulting in a loss on 28th April Raw to weak prospect Bad News Barrett…  Lost Triple Threat attraction by Antonio Cesaro in Elimination battle at Extreme Rules featuring Jack Swagger…  Carried ignorant (then) Alberto Del Rio into passable Beat the Clock challenge on mid-May Raw… Worked tirelessly to help garbage win by Bad News Barrett in Intercontinental defence at Payback… Failed to qualify for Money in the Bank mega match two weeks in a row over June beat by Cesaro and Roman Reigns… Took humours vocal jibes from Seth Rollins without ego enhancing attitude to later deliver outstanding aerial joy with Rollins on Raw… Was magically entered into Money in the Bank match with winner Rollins, Jack Swagger, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston as Cesaro was miraculously dumped without sustainable explanation…  Lost a quick but decent job on way out match to Cesaro for number one United States title contendership in August… Awarded Seth Rollins same courtesy on Smackdown before leaving… Part0time contract expired with WWE…

Welcomed return for Van Dam upon shaky but since improved action… Has not allowed personal ego to ruin clear direction on match quality and smooth showcase of skills… Began easy approach but really changed for better since motivated morale boost…  Has done enough to bag first WW Pro 50 spot, which is no easy feat even at number 50… Proud worker sold for other tremendously…



2013 Placing - 29

Produced amazing aerial Wrestle Kingdom IWGP Junior Heavyweight title loss with Kota Ibushi for New Japan Pro Wrestling… Floundered in New Japan Tag’s over coming months with less than to be desired attitude which had no place as outdated concept in wrestling’s new age… Failed to carry the company as new aggressive type to bypass cookie dough vanilla splodge image… March 22nd circus act with Shinsuke Nakamura proved both ignorant fellows are falling short of pecking order as credible options… Did not re-sign with New Japan after April… Was booted out by former tag pal Ryusuke Tagauchi at Invasion Attack PPV... Tried to fool fans and industry experts over signing with WWE… Resurfaced on WWE’s NXT shows on September 25th rechristened as Finn Balor, a named made from comic books inspiration… Has spent time tagging with fellow Japanese hero KENTA, now named Hideo Itami as a tag act…

Lacking colour, grace and dignity, ignorant Devitt has ground to make up… Has lost all magical qualities exposed as high flying fancy only… May have tough few years learning ropes in WWE… Will be called up shortly but could have lost aura by then for failed repentance… May not be as mesmeric as often perceived… Needs management understanding than dressing up in make-up to become wrestling nomad in several inferior promotions which add nothing to profile… Is in watchful doubt…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Made impressive shock entry into Royal Rumble debut for WWE primetime television call up though lacked finer exchanges during in-ring kicks and punches… Returned to NXT to brush up on skills… Gained beautiful female valet come spokeswoman in the form of the lovely “Ravishing Russian” Lana… Pummelled through random jobbers over months including Zack Ryder, Xavier Woods, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston with ease… Took on R-Truth and Xavier Woods at major PPV entry Extreme Rules in two on one Handicap win after adopting Russian persona… Flag waving awkwardness began at Payback where Big E. was squashed like a bug in a weak building block casting doubt for the career of Rusev… Entered program with only American left in WWE for patriotism angles Jack Swagger and his manager Zeb Colter as Lana urged Rusev to submit Swagger in Crush building turnaround… Waved honour in victorious Summerslam flag match over Swagger in gimmick battle… New American hero was sought in Mark Henry for next battle at Night of Champions ending in a smooth Rusev submission where Henry sold for the Bulgarian Brute… Had a Raw showdown with The Rock in an electric yet rare promo… Put in finest work yet against Big Show where both surprised at Hell in a Cell card delivering a very good match… Scored biggest accolade to date dropping injured Sheamus in cheap WWE Network plugged special to seize America’s most prized possession, the United States title… Joined with The Authority in power changing risk at Survivor Series over traditional five man elimination well… First major defence of United States title against typecast US regular Jack Swagger was won with ease and smoother transitions…

Considerably weak start and tentative interactions have been smoothed over in drastic improvements… Has been granted strong mouthpiece with hot siren Lana… Duo work perfectly on the mic adding exemplary dynamic to further infuriate crowds… Learning to improve and making cleaner transitions… Has made progress over year proving a place for self on WWE programming… Could start defending US title more to gain credible standing as champ before losing it cheaply…



2013 Placing - 28

Dropped New Japan’s newly installed Intercontinental Championship to main star Hiroshi Tanahashi in a convoluted mess on Jan 4th extravaganza... Could not achieve similar success in rematch on 9th February in a lukewarm effort… Spent time in CHAOS stable to pass time… Won New Japan cup finals in letdown for future prospects as nothing achievement despite decent offerings… Regained IC title from Tanahashi showing good attitude over April with consolation prize victory instead of glorious gold as champ… Fought portly sadsack Kevin Steen on May combo card with NJPW and Ring of Honor in disastrous twelve minute distraction… Became ignorant disgrace on UK shores in June fighting a string bean that served no prolific purpose… Lost IC title again in June with huge inconsistencies by both himself and opponent… Failed to win G1 Climax tournament by ignorant number two Kazuchika Okada… Regained IC title in September in another push/pull lunacy booking… Joined in World Tag League over Nov-Dec with Tomohiro Ishii who carried Nakamura’s wandering aerial antics… Failed to topple top three tag men in Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi and Togi Makabe alongside Okada and Ishii which was less than to be desired outside of Ibushi and Ishii…

Doesn’t know if he’s coming or going… Dithering around with no consistency… Needs to figure out how to repent and interest once again… Littered with opponent’s and own mistakes, Nakamura is not the star New Japan have intended to create… Anticlimax, Nakamura is treading water… Always a constant number four billed as three has much ground work to achieve if to improve after Max Waltham’s colossal recognition last year that boosted his star as the newest ‘thing’ in wrestling…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Kept hold of NEFW United States title after pleasing battle with Green Ant… Displayed further skills beating Kimber Lee in intergender battle in three of five falls thriller… Kept hold of US title in four man highlight… Joined David Starr in many successful tag matches as The Juicy Product providing entertaining perspective… Scored tag contendership success leading to tag team title win for CZW over The Beaver Boys in another high point of career… Took the FIP tag titles following on against Roderick Strong and Rich Swann…  Held strength of character over June in challenges with Booby Fish and Last Man Standing booster with Chris Hero fruitfully… Took the NYWC tag titles from Rack and Sack Dickie Rodz and Nikki Starr in another tag team delight… Odd title change winning WSU Tag titles from Chicks Using Nasty Tactics Annie Social and Kimber Lee in just ten seconds… Successfully defended numbers of their tag titles for various promotions with flying colours… Dropped CZW tag titles on 27th September as well as NYWC belts same day… Beat limp bean Johnny Gargano in great display which could have gone wrong for growing profile in XWA… Went to C4 Black Friday event hoping to win Tag titles with an unsuccessful four way including Super Smash Brothers Player Uno and Player Dos adding high energy…  Played for DREAMWAVE tag titles on 6th December with contendership battle loss in another efforted challenge… Failed to beat Crimson and The Amazing Red in HOG tag title showdown on 19th December with another amazing entry…

Tag team wrecking ball opened eyes with boosted elevation… Cutesy appeal and charismatic in-ring action has stamped footing on Indy wrestling scene as newbie with interest… Must be carefully selective of certain opponents… One match could ruin chance of success… Can grow if considerable in style over year… Should remain tagging to boost position and partnership…



2013 Placing - 32

Began beating Bobby Roode in fair Steel Cage lacking real style… Defeated ignorant waste of time Magnus with inconsistent and appalling match action held together by Angle minimally at World Cup PPV… Joined with loony tune Willow rip off (Jeff Hardy) at Sacrifice in tag win over Ethan Crater III and goof Spud where interactions with Carter were feasible… Sold for Carter in rematch loss at Impact tapings after technical tussle… Partnered MVP until breakdowns emerged… Bitter battle between Angle and MVP ended in backstage beatdowns leading to storyline injuries… Took time off for surgery again… Returned to be General Manager type Authority figure for TNA… Slotted into weak Special Referee battles with biased intentions… Chose carefully after September contract expiration to remain at TNA after trying to publicly ask for WWE job… Denied being inebriated on plane flight making the rounds in WWE and TNA lockerooms as liable drunkard with previous…

With an aging broken body and a compulsive liar, ignorant waster Angle’s WWE return looks unlikely forever… Wise choice to stay in TNA as only place which would have him… Ruined all options for self with ignorant behaviour and lying about body, drink and other instances… Should really consider retirement… In TNA, needs to be less stiff and ego centric… TNA’s last remaining veteran as number two from WWE Must work for younger talent where appropriate…



2013 Placing - 3

Entered weak performance in forgettable Royal Rumble January mega match… Was put over expertly by Batista at Elimination Chamber bout… Lost ten-minute battle to Sheamus proving lack of depth on Smackdown… Was moved into Intercontinental title division being less than decent mid card support with  Dolph Ziggler… Selfish shows of display with Christian and Rob Van Dam on television over IC title hunt losing both outcomes… Soon challenged for United States title in decent match held together by Curtis Axel and Dean Ambrose in four man Smackdown scrap… Trapped in midcard with belief was better than likes of Ambrose, Cesaro, Van Dam, Axel and Sandow with own input marginally supportive… Lost vacant IC battle Royal to The Miz to fill space… Lost consistent Beat the Clock challenge with Dean Ambrose over fifteen minutes   on 4th August Raw… Physically assaulted backstage employee leading to contract release…  Played racism card in WWE to shamefully retain profile when unable to get own way in WWE booking… Messed around on Mexican circuit briefly with empty matches adding little value to character… constantly attacked WWE verbally in ignorant interviews to spark racism card further in sympathy vote to fool and use Mexican heritage as tactic… Won AAA heavyweight title in sympathy vote on 7th December in minimal match with El Texano Jr…. Finished up year with ignorant inconsistency on UK shores adding no value to scuppered career…

Selfish technique failing to get own way led to public fallout shamefully using racism as tool to stay relevant… Exposed self-ignorance swiftly after in interviews and sympathy from UK markets after top UK point of call praised style for years above no one else… Jumped on bandwagon to build repertoire… Needs less attitude vocally and more understanding of market… Believes is better than everyone else including WWE’s strongest and outsiders praise… Is waste of time and money with calculated and shrewd intentions using anyone and anything to move forward…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Over January, held impressive six man tags for CMLL cards showcasing supportive skillset and technical/comedy moments where appropriate for fan enthusment… Failed to win six man CMLL World Trios titles with Damian El Terrible and Herodes Jr from Los Estetas del Aire trio with another credible encounter over March…  Won by countout on 16th May First round En Busca de un Idolo tournament against El Soberano Jr… Ruined chances getting carried away by causing disqualification to Cachorro in comical yet wrestling driven interplay… Fell short in Mexican National Welterweight title two of three falls battle with champ Titan earning one fall to two charisma filled thriller… Continued the year in supportive tag competition… December 16th tag title battle with Los Reyes de la Atlantida proved unsuccessful alongside Hechicero… Proved amazing fluidity in Lightning win over Dragon Rojo Jr on 19th… Fantastic end to year in terrific six man tag two of three falls match with Felino and Kraneo beating La Mascara, Titan and Valiente…

Goofy, crazy caveman proved to be credible mat tussling success despite daft characterisation with image… Capable and efficient, has the skills to really send profile with fun entertainment and fan interaction to boundless places… Can be a credit, where applicable to certain companies looking for entertaining fixes with levels of wrestling skill… Has silenced critics with backed up repertoire…



2013 Placing - 16

Relieved Shinsuke Nakarmura for IWGP Intercontinental title diminishing Nakamura’s chance to be important… Kept gold in predictable Feb rematch… Spent time filling in on tag battles of no real exceptions… April return of IC title to Nakamura battle at Invasion card was peculiar letdown… Squared off with All Japan rival Joe Doering and partner Jon Bolen in self-serving tag scrap with Takaaki Watanabe losing at BCW card… Gained number one contendership to NJPW tag titles with Togi Makabe in May… Dropped the gold month later to inconsistently meaningless encounters with opponents… Made utter laughing stock as ignorant Tanahashi was dropped by equally ignorant blob Davey Boy Smith Jr. at G1 Climax qualifiers… Took on New Japan rookie AJ Styles on October 13th for IWGP title unable to best the champ as challenger in weak pair off filled with spots and infludiity… Made way to Tag League Block A match with CHAOS members Kazuchika Okada and YOSHI-HASHI in daft but near bearable tag lasting twelve minutes too long… 

Star was simmered over last year and a half… Hasn’t learnt how to adapt to respectful retribution… Becoming boring and tedious to watch, may not be as wonderful as previously assumed… Needs to repent… Must find new way of connecting carefully… Should not jump on bandwagon of overseas bookings without heavy though of company or opponent… Market research would prove valuable…



2013 Placing - 20

Began year leaving TNA’s travelling circus going on his own instead to the independent scene with empty money earning matches which was supposed to build tarnished profile… Almost crippled an ignorant worker on British scene in a very badly handled move in the ring with the Styles Clash in what many are calling karmic retribution for both as a wake up call to better booking management of selves... Modern day Action Man figurine joined New Japan Pro Wrestling in May dethroning Kazuchika Okada for his NJPW Heavyweight championship in shock debut… Replacement to outgoing New Japan mainstay Prince Devitt, styles fell short of credible delivery including Indy bookings and title defence with Okada rematch on May 25th… Beat by Tetsuya Naito in G1 Climax bearablity on Day 4… Day 7’s meeting with Minoru Suzuki added glint of hope… Was finally relieved by ignorant company leader Hiroshi Tanahashi in King of Pro-Wrestling irony in which neither had excelled and only portrayed above average in their transition… Booked favourably by New Japan despite being its number 5 dressed as 3 which is not working for other opponents necessary to grow… 

With a high level of ignorance and popping up in inconsistent companies has failed to boost profile as intended… Outside of TNA Styles has proven to be better but only marginally… Should be booked by New Japan as solo star and reflect on how to build character… Seems New Japan is one step above Dixie Carter but still backward in booking, approach and star belief overtaking credibility with decisions…


2013 Placing - 48

Defended CWFH International Television title over January from Willie Mack and Eric cross in stable encounters adding value to title… Vacant battle for WCA Golden State tag  titles with Rocky Romero unsuccessful with credible action… Defended CWFH’s Hollywood gold in an entertaining and technical triple threat with both Mack and Owens…  Fought Cheerleader Melissa in long awaited thrill built on comedy intentions… Put in numerous hardworking appearances on Independent circuit including further successful CWFH title defences… Awarded luxury of booting out Drake younger in PWB television title Farewell event… Teamed upto form impressive intergender King and Queen qualifier with Cndice La Rae for WSU over May… Became number one contenders to DRAMWAVE tag titles with LaRae to win the gold day later as World’s Cutest Tag Team… Lost those titles day later in weekend win-loss confusion which worked in places as transitional champs… Lost PWB title ending June in another good match… Solid performance with LaRae to grab PWG tag gold over August… Had good laugh as exception to rule in QPW’s man in woman’s world beat by Christina Von Eerie at tournament finals… Tested edges of career doubt in IPW four man tag with losers Joel Redman and Mark Haskins adding nothing to their repertoire… Dropped IWL’s anarchy title over September in obvious namesake… Lost tad of magic on PWG tag defence against Chuck Taylor and ignorant bean Johnny Gargano…  Defended tag titles in PWG against Frankie Kazarian and the floundering ignorance of Christopher Daniels which could affect the linage of titles and performance…

Thinks carefully about match opponents but bookers should realise Ryan, who is valuable to the Indy circuit t this time, needs good booking… Any ignorant bedfellows must be avoided if Ryan is to survive Indy circuit with level of probably credibility… Has capabilities as one of hardest workers adding joy and entertainment to technique… Has grown since last year’s WW Pro 50 recommendations…



2013 Placing - 30

Defended MCW heavyweight title over Cobian in Anniversary card in certified encounter… Played in first round OMEGA title tournament dropped to CW Anderson in another fertile battle… Battles with Luke Hawx ended with no contest and two of three falls stunners in same night on 26th April in London, Ontario… Finally relieved of MCW heavyweight gold in another tantalising fight against Drolix over no disqualifications… Challenged Chuck Lennox in another show of might during  MCW Rage Television title chancer in June… Rewarded MCW tag titles with Ruckus on October 3rd with strong involvement… Weird change next night losing same titles diminishing title and performer prestige… Couldn’t best Flex Armstrong at BTW title square off over November coolly… Lost raging fuelled content driven Falls Count Anywhere No Count Out No Disqualification MCW heavyweight title mouthful with Drolix on the 15th … Placed onto House of Hardcore card with much needed win to boost star aura again against Bryan Myers… Finished up year with tidy singles loss putting over Mitch McGillicutty in Maryland…  

Receiving losses after expert title building over previous year… Has built incredible place for self on Indy scene… Works others perfectly to substantial performances… Team player needs rewarding despite understanding necessary losses where appropriate… York’s respect shouldn't taken for granted … Holds company worth together with credible input… TV title should suffice in 2015…



2013 Placing - 2

Defended IWGP title in splendid fight against Tetsuya Naito on 4th Jan lasting thirty strong minutes… Followed defence month later with challenger Hirooki Goto guiding well… Joined multiple tag battles over March falling to likes of Hiroshi Tanahashi becoming wasteful… Proved failure to AJ Styles losing IWGP Heavyweight title starting May in awkward singles fight… Dysfunctional triple threat against nobody Michael Elgin and ignorant Styles for promotional rematch marred lineage… Failed again week later with Styles title defence in one on one beatdown… July summer resurge won G1 Climax B Block tournament… Fought ignorant loser Joel Redman, among others, on British shores devaluing profile greatly… Also battled ignorant shrimp Austin Aries night after at inconsistent card host… Joined YOSHI-HASHI in tag team relegation at NJPW tag league to fight Rob Conway and Jax Dane in controlled match… Lost in another smooth tag bout with winner La Sombra and Tetsuya Naito…

Last year’s Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 number 2 has drastically dipped since becoming sloppy with exchanges and wrestling principals… Ignorant worker filed to exceed expectations as all-round performer… European tours were waste of time where 26 year old did nothing of note… Weakly exposed in ground and physical work… Cannot seem to really reach the big one with fans or industry experts…



2013 Placing - 37

Won eight man Battle Royal from Pro Wrestling NOAH in January with follow up tags to fill time… Defended Ring of Honor tag titles against Tadarius Thomas and ACH (Adrenaline RUSH) with Kyle O’Reilly as reDRagon in controlled pairing on 12th anniversary show… Lost to Dalton Castle in decent IWC World title match in March… Further problems arose when dropping ROH Tag Titles to The Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson in fifteen minute flying frenzy… Lost to ignorant blob Kevin Steen in nothing match on 22nd by disqualification… Regained tag titles on ROH/New Japan promotional tour card from the Bucks in another waste of time over May… Couldn’t beat Rampage Brown and T-Bone at UK wrestling show of no value in tag team tosh, also wasting time with no hoper Dave Rayne and Chris Masters… Beat Rhett Titus back at ROH in June thanks to healthy competition… Fought a Cheeseburger in July for ROH in another moment of laughability… Carried to great match with Time Splitters (Alex Shelley and KUSHIDA) in NJPW for Junior Tag gold… Won Super Junior Tag Tournament over The Young Bucks at NJPW in another tawdry trade exchange… Won Tag titles from Time Splitters in mild battle build again on financial trading for popularity, heavily diminished as result… Disgrace self for another combo weekend with inferior wrestling company in England which meant nothing to anyone involved…

After being re-born three years ago back into the scene by acknowledgement of change by Wrestling Wonders 2011 Pro 50, Fish has become complacent… With everything to lose, Fish at 43 has shown questionable belief to his wrestling abilities… Could change if he loses ignorance… Started well but has dipped from talent to trading card pawn… Retribution should be sought to remain relevant…



2013 Placing - 38

February 11th title loss of NEVER Openweight gold to Tomohiro Ishii was another display of Naito’s best work on offer… Went to a time limit draw of thirty minutes partnering Naomichi Marufuji against KENTA and Masato Tanaka in NOAH’s Great Voyage spectacular… Defeated Tomohiro Ishii in a twelve minute technical joy to pass first round of New Japan Cup in March… Failed to secure NEVER title in gripping rematch in April… Put in supportive battles following months but forgotten about slightly… Entered G1 Climax tournament as defending champion losing block at last minute in inconsistent booking… Failed to secure number one contendership in New Japan test for possible heavyweight upgrade to ignorant NJPW number two Kazuchika Okada… Paired up perfectly with La Sombra going into World tag league with sheer dominance putting strong highlight in against IronGodz Jax Dane and Rob Conway… Had tag partnership with Tomoaki Honma continue excellence in partnership with a high delivering amazement in tag loss to Hiroki Goto and Katsuyori Shibata…  

Cool, calm and collected worker has remained a consistent force for New Japan… Lower down pecking order, could be boosted up if less aggressive nature and optical feature character re-packaged into a wrestling understanding… Ferocious, smooth and tender, can deliver all-round qualities to matches… Could go for big one upon above re-packaging in short pants with brawling nature and figurative approach to technical title ground works… Submissions would benefit…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Took on Ethan Carter III after bursting onto TNA’s scene as ‘star buy’ revelation… Scary bulk had a go at TNA World title ten man grab bag contendership gauntlet calamity… Dropped Kenny King by Count out in awkward display… Joined MVP and King in new three man wrecking team instead wrecking TNA’s management angle… Thrust into battle with absurd TNA World champ selection from nowhere, goofy backstage favourite Eric Young… Entered a best of three series with Young which failed to gain fan respect because both prospects lacked everything required to seem credible options… Won World title opportunity against Samoa Joe in fair battle at Slammiversary… Joined World title on same card later with ignorant midget Austin Aries and champ Young in decent entry of three way cage loss…  Smashed Young four days later on June Impact television show to win the TNA World Heavyweight championship… Defended against multiple challenges from Young and Jeff Hardy separately to establish key profile… On course for domineering stance until Bobby Roode came along to battle for title in handover of gold by ignorant and bitter Special Referee Kurt Angle on Impact… Lost double count-out in efforts to make Austin Aries seem relevant again after upsetting multiple people in the business, including his key asset to success…

Despite TNA’s financial struggles causing its categorical failure on an industrial scale, Lashley, while weak in certain areas improved as a star… As frontman of company, Lashley worked to the best of his ability putting in strong battles were necessary… Not perfect, but improving… Needs to work on mic skills and look a little less stiff regardless of monstrous appeal… Tidier transition on moves will help too…



2013 Placing - 44

Defended recently won Ring of Honor World Television title over Silas Young in biggest start for championship career respect… Fended off second defence in three way thriller from Matt Taven and ignorant loser Jay Lethal… Impressive credentials moved Ciampa to World title contendership opportunity, snatched by bumbling oaf Kevin Steen four way challenge… Brief six min match made best of allocated time shortage in defence over Hanson on 12th Anniversary show… Defended slur of shows for TV title at tentative promotion wXw with Freddy Stahl in consistent challenge… Ignorantly defended it in ludicrous bingo hall equivalents on UK shores with weakly ignorant opponents adding no flair to star quality… 2nd March event in UK was undone by previous ignorant bookings… Also battled ignorant stick insect waster Johnny Gargano in a ridiculous time limit draw at one of the worst booking houses possible… Defended back in ROH with Taven in considerable but foolish anti-climax… Lost gold to Jay Lethal after ignorant mini tour crippling reputation, brand and star essence on April ROH PPV… Challenged ignorant self-server Adam Cole for ROH World title which was entirely diluted lacking any flavour…  Failed to follow up success in new World title chance with ignorant blubber Michael Elgin… Won an XWA title three way off of David Starr in pointless spell… Returned to same ignorant UK promotion on ROH combo card in November failing to realise its diminishing effect as a superstar of the future… Waste of time at Final Battle with Elgin loss in December… Couldn’t in four man at OWG days later in nothing match…

Has transitioned from excellent monstrous prospect to pointless promotional fodder… Hasn’t learnt from mistakes be them childish, na├»ve or plain idiotic… Ignorant block of muscle now towering mess of vanilla… Bland in-ring standards slipping… Needs road to retention imminently to regain any hope of figuring how to succeed future career… Shameful waste of potential ability by personal choices…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Trade export that never really made the big time years ago in Japan… Began Jan-Feb with WRESTLE-1 battling numerous foes including Rene Dupree in considerable matches until TNA trade foray began… Won TNA X-Division Title contendership Battler Royal in Feb on W1 soil… Instantly dismissed weak fodder Austin Aries as champion in transitional of X-Division title with smooth undertaking on Arch 2nd combo card for TNA/Japanese advertising…  Went over to TNA with Tigre Uno as trade exports… Paired played together in X-title defence series well including predictable but workable best of three series matches… Entered TNA World title contendership in multi man scrap decently over April… Put in hearty effort with Ethan Carter III over May at Victory Road loss… Played good Samaritan after decent run of title holder to predictable previous champ Austin Aries making title meaningless again…  Lost out to Samoa Joe in June lunacy management with three way chance to regain vacant X-Division title days after Aries won… Transformed into The Great Sanada over September for CHIKARA with positive results… Mentored by The Great Muta, Sanada’s transformation of sell out influence was short spell of meaningless piffle… Returned to WRESTLE 1 promotion… Joined WRESTLE-1’s First Tag League beginnings with success alongside Hiroshi Yamato over KAI and Ryota Hama in excellent pairings…  Followed up another stunner with thirty minute draw against AKIRA and Manabu Soya…

Was better as star when in tights and beefy body in Japan… Colourful coat was good addition but lost magic behind TNA’s production… Despite strong effort and technical joy is slightly below par as real contesting force… Could use heavier push and credible manager to boost profile… Teaming with Hiroshi Yamato in W1 might benefit tag extension… Needs wider outreach other than trade export…



2013 Placing - 13

Twin Gate Tag title successful defended against CIMA and T-Hawk held together by Takagi… Fair defences including Open Twin Gate madness with MAD BLANKEY’s YAMATO and Cyber Kong lasting a decent 28:07…  Dropped T-Hawk in March ending best of seven series second match rouser… Played in Captain’s Fall Elimination match against captain T-Hawk, Flamita and Eita alongside ignorant teammates Ricochet and Akira Tozawa… Reached King of tournament Semi Finals putting over Jimmy Susumu fairly… Dropped tag gold in July to Hawk and Eita with considerable effort… Tag League Summer tourney finals reached beaten by Hawk and Eita once more… Took on Dragon Kid briefly in successful singles endearment… Continues Monster Express as leading star without Akira involvement any longer boosting career further…

Needs to remain away from ignorant Tozawa which could hold back … Looks better as tag force for meantime with Masato Yoshino and others… growth capable of adding small parts supportively to build others as needed… Is spare wheel at this time and run of mill with no jumping out qualities of excellence as previous years… Must not overdo growing stages and ruining other potential company growers but support them instead over 2015…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Scored biggest New Year return possible in WWE entering and winning the Royal Rumble with ease to huge speculation amid indifference hoping for pleasing fan reception… Found opposite fan appreciation to expectancy problematic… Upon bad reception from fans, proved himself valuable when working backbone to help Alberto Del Rio seem credible at Elimination Chamber collaboration… Caved into fans wrath and blamed them swiftly becoming a dishonourable man after failed attempts to please the fickle bunch in best decision for Batista yet… Held good tn minute Raw match with Daniel Bryan ending in tacky disqualification in run up to big one at Wrestlemania… Joined old pal Randy Orton in Triple Threat World title challenge at Wrestlemania against burning favourite Daniel Bryan who snagged the gold from Orton and ‘Big Dave’ in crowning justification which all three stabilised… Lost a mesmeric six man battle with The Shield re-joining Evolution stable with Orton and Triple H at extreme Rules really coming into own… Proved outstanding in Payback match dressed in new blue attire to become “Bluetista” in follow up ending leading to The Shield’s dysfunction…

As soon as becomes technically sound has left WWE once again ironically… Didn’t take short return to WWE for granted with hardworking attitude… Could easily fit back into WWE again after Hollywood career… Hollywood success is main priority, which could see Batista become the second wrestler to actually make a success in such a transition…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Blistering Ladder match win over Bo Dallas on NXT arrival in February was extraordinary ask and skill driven personification… Beat Brodus Clay in five minutes to keep hold of NXT title in No Disqualification encounter over April calmly… Moved into terrific battles with Tyson Kidd for NXT gold in successive wins in May… Moved onto internet favourite Sami Zayn who “does all that flippy sh*t” where Neville upheld the matches and made the action extraordinarily meaningful… Tested by Dolph Ziggler wannabe Tyler Breeze over Summer for title offering in winning battles fervently…  Could not be beaten for NXT gold by all-comers including Breeze, Zayn and Kidd… Tested water on dark Smackdown taping in victory over Fandango on 4th November…  Finally dropped the NXT title in another outstanding display of technical exchange to carried stuntman Zayn at NXT takeover…

After serving his time and making good on all in NXT, has done it all and faces natural progression with call up to main roster… Has clear direction and carries good deliverance… Must be decent on mic promo’s for audience to lap up… Needs strong direction if lone force or tag guiding star… Should start solo then move towards mid-year teaming if necessary… About to take WWE fans to newer highs and greater prospects if Triple H can resist his ego personally taking over future prospect…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Impressive eight man with partner Rocky Lobo for ERLL Elimination input a strong boost for year beginning… Joined team Millenials with Eita and Yosuke Santa Maria in another amazing showcase for Dragon Gate nine man elimination… Won biggest starting point to career as new prospect with Brave Gate title win from Genki Horiguchi HAGeeMee…  Proved sterling force as last team standing with MAD BLANKEY in twelve man elimination mash up… First title defence as Brave Gate champion was successful victory over Jimmy Susumu with even more flight and growing oomph… Proved capable in four man as winner and stronghold to title with some doubters based on size… Followed with another three spate defences in following months to September proudly… Continues to hold gold in multiple defences including most recent triumph from Ryo Jimmy Saito in longer seventeen minute joy…

Despite size and new to scene has grown in short space of time expertly… Understands opponents and works credibly for them… At an astonishing 20 years old only has huge potential to a bright future if up-kept by companies involved with… Could do with few more promos and build on mic work… Tag partnership working well and should not be rushed…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Two and a half months after his debut, Carter began new year against ignorant old sack Sting which was a stepping stone to spotlight at least in nothing feud filled with run ins…  Moved onto equally aging ignorance with tee total Kurt Angle in pitiful encounters supposed to make him successful… Was allowed credit for storyline injuring Angle… Entered huge contest at Lockdown with injured Angle in idiotic booking scene where match was no-contest for Angle’s lack of ability to continue as result… Open challenge met by incoming force Lashley where Carter won by disqualification on Jeff Hardy’s rip-off Willow lunacy as confusing distraction from nowhere… Tagged with midget goon Spud losing to Willow and Angle in empty battle again at Sacrifice card… Entered as plus one to Aunt Dixie’s battle with abusive blubber Bully Ray in lacking feud where Carter put in credible technical performances among lack of talent available…  Blamed Rhino for Aunt Dix being slammed into a table, which audience heavily cheered as two fingers to Dixie’s daft management leading to Street Fight which Carter dominated perfectly… Moved into stupid battles with another of Dixie’s backstage favourites Abyss to lacking thrills… Easily beat idiotic retard Grado playing a Eugene simpleton type character with a level of highly neglectful down-syndrome connotations plugging ignorant TV show British Bootcamp 2, which serves no valid purpose… Beat Eric Young in decent but unfulfilling entry over September adding stability… WRESTLE-1 combo card fight with Ryota Hama proved lucrative with skill, talent and mat fluidity… Ploughed through idiotic clown Spud, turning on the Carter’s as resident stooge, where Carter destroyed the ignorant tiny beanie baby… Recruited former WWE heavy Tyrus, then Brodus Clay, as bodyguard… Tyrus lost first significant battle for TNA debut to reforming Hardys to maintain Carter’s so called undefeated streak since last year’s debut…

While saddled with Aunt Dixie’s troublesome surname, Carter’s place is solidified on TNA programming for now… Has been given strong place as new force… However is neglected as jobber despite being of high storyline value to TNA by useless management… Has real potential to be its heavyweight champion should TNA stop comedy booking and push with credible opponents and interactions… Could feud with Jessie Godderz over Summer 2015 losing or winning Heavyweight gold from him, should TNA use brains… With one haircut, WWE dropped the ball… Should rehire… Could use personality boost than less rigid guy…



2013 Placing - 5

GHC heavyweight title battle with Takeshi Morishima lasted gripping 21:48 handover for NOAH… Won intense No Disqualification battle with Maybach Taniguchi establishing further international value… Failed Second Navigation card rematch for GHC title from Yuji Nagata in February… Participated in NOAH’s Global League tournament losing to imports Chris Hero and Colt Cabana in what many feel was a laughing stock moment for Itami’s skillset…  Parting match with Japan’s esteemed veteran Takashi Sugiura and Katsuhiko Nakajima with iconic Naomichi Marufuji was a prevalent 28:31 send-off on 17th May… Finally signed with WWE, debuting on NXT in September… Deal was secured on television by WWE ambassador Hulk Hogan… Constantly new NXT interactions have begun delivering positive, quick wins… Has joined incoming ignorance from former New Japan luvvie Finn Balor. Previously Prince Devitt in a tag team to raise profile…

Finally made necessary jump to WWE… After having done it all in Japan was only logical step left… Is unknown and needs boost to WWE roster, though saddled with Balor is only logical choice for WWE minds to raise both… Needs high booking faith on sole principals and hard backstory… School of current NXT stars are ignorant independent wastes that may devalue Itami’s eventual rise…



2013 Placing - Unlisted

Failed to grab hold of Triangle Gate six man tag titles after amazing skirmish during vacant February battle… Created carnage in Free Weapon and No disqualification battle with BxB Hulk and Kzy… Missed out on Twin gate tag gold as MAD BLANKEY with Hulk against Shingo Takagi and the ignorant Akira Tozawa… Won twelve man tag elimination battle as three man team with great in-ring action over the near forty minute mayhem… Took on BxB Hulk after fall out in trusty King of Gate first round tournament… Hammered Hulk down in five on one handicap match including YAMATO and Cyber Kong on side adding match balance to action... Won triple tag gold in nine man elimination with Kong and Kzy with flying colours… First major defence against the Jimmyzs in three team challenge was another developing joy… Strange victory in four on one handicap winning BxB Hulk’s Dream Gate title with Cyber Kong, Naruki Doi and Mondai Ryu… Dropped gold back to Hulk in singles action both keeping staying power as fighters… Continued stable title defences of triple tag titles until 9th October loss to ignorant short comer CIMA, Don Fuji and Gamma… Returned after heated feud on 2nd November for Triangle Gate title opportunity with Jimmyz over twenty-four minutes of splendid and engaging action…

Has been strong potential in tag divisions adding much needed stability to unsure, developing area… Came into own for first time with leadership qualities in faction formation… Is strong supporting character vital to successful progression of unit in company… Rewarded with titles was contained, smooth and efficient… Beautiful battles with others put shining light on rising WW Pro 50 entry…

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