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NOAH quick Weekend results

Pro Wrestling NOAH finished their Spring Navigation

 tour on March 30th 2014

Date: March 30th 2014
Attendance: 480 (Source: NOAH)
Location: Ibaraki Sports Centre

Zack Saber Jr. beat Hitoshi Kumano in a horrid talentless opener.

Yoshinari Ogawa beat Xtra Large in good action.
Atsushi Kotoge beat Kenou (Michinoku Pro) with a stupid disqualification result.
Taiji Ishimori beat Genba Hirayanagi.
Mohammed Yone beat Shane Haste in thirteen minute thrill by both.
Katsuhiko Nakajima & Naomichi Marufuji beat Super Crazy & Mikey Nicholls. Nakajima pinned Crazy after a vertical drop brainbuster.

Daisuke Harada, Takashi Sugiura & KENTA beat Hajime Ohara, Takeshi Morishima & Maybach Taniguchi when KENTA nailed the Go to Sleep on Ohara.

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All Japan Weekend Results

All Japan quick results

Date: March 29th 2014
Attendance: 432 (Source: AJPW)
Location: Kyoto KBS Hall

Takashi Hijikata beat Takaku Fuke in a short battle lasting seven minutes.

Ray Palomar and Masao Inoue beat Menso-re Oyaji & SUSHI when Inoue pinned SUSHI.
SUSUMU & Takao Omori beat Masato Shibata & Yutaka Yoshie. Omori pinned Shibata with the Ax Bomber.
Atsushi Aoki beat KENSO in a short disqualification. The referee was soon attacked.
Kaji Tomato (K-DOJO) & Ultimo Dragon beat Super Feldin & ? in 11:56. Dragon pinned ? after Asai DDT.
All-Asia Tag Team Champions Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Jun Akiyama beat Takeshi Minamino & Mitsuya Nagai retaining the titles. Kanemaru pinned Minamino after Touch Out. V3.

Hikaru Sato (DDT), Joe Doering & SUWAMA beat Kotaro Suzuki, Kento Miyahara & Go Shiozaki in the main event over twenty-five minutes. SUWAMA pinned Shiozaki after Last Ride.

Date: March 30th 2014
Attendance: 378 [sellout] (Source: AJPW)
Location: Kanazawa Circulation Hall

Atsushi Aoki beat ? (Debuting wrestler) in a good debut reaching 7:29.

Ray Palomar & Masao Inoue beat Menso-re Oyaji & Takashi Hijikata.
Jun Akiyama beat SUSHI.
Kaji Tomato & Ultimo Dragon beat SUSUMU & Yoshinobu Kanemaru when Dragon pinned SUSUMU from a stunning Asai DDT.
Masato Shibata & Yutaka Yoshie beat Takeshi Minamino & Mitsuya Nagai.
Takao Omori beat KENSO.
Kotaro Suzuki, Kento Miyahara & Go Shiozaki beat Hikaru Sato, Joe Doering & Suwama over twenty plus minutes.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wrestling Wonders Women's Pro 25 2013

Wrestling Wonders 
Pro 25 2013

Written and finalised on 09th January 2014

Wrestling Wonders presents the annual Women's Pro 25 of the last year covering the period from January 1st to December 31st 2013. Placement has been based on wrestling skill, talent and promos delivered with exceptional or interesting involvement. 

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You're Welcome!


2012 Placing - 17

Watched match between Kaitlyn and Tamina at Elimination Chamber on backstage monitor... Reappeared as valet to Kaitlyn as ringside extra... Brief match at Smackdown on 12th Mar with Kaitlyn to beat Aksana and Tamina in nothing bout... Joined Apr UK Raw divas contender Battle Royal won by AJ... Dropped in two minutes by AJ on Raw next month... Fought off Kaitlyn in Aug... Brief battle following with Cameron and Naomi... Lost with Tamina in team battle on final televised appearance on 23rd Sep Raw...

Has not been spotted with WWE since despite being healthy... May have irked officials at the top after wayward comment on backstage skit... At 36, might not be fully utilised any longer by company grown dissatisfied... Needs to prove something credible if to contain prominence... Clinged on to place in WW Pro 25 by a thread with mic work, in ring action and supporting role... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Defended NSPW title as champion with the big boys from James Stone on Jan 12th... Stopped Giovanni in another title defence in tough and powerful fight in Feb...  Had excellent scrap with Mercedes Martinez on 9th Feb at WSU... Paired with ignorance in tag with Sami Callihan fighting equally ignorant empty vessel Adam Cole... Reached semi finals of AAA Reina title tournament at Fusion on Mar 1st... Fought great battle with part-ignorant influences in Saraya Knight's lineage falling to champion in no disqualification, no countout collision... Challenged champion Christina Von Eerie for AWS Women's title on 28th Sep with good involvement unsuccessful... Ignorant cartoon character travelled to Britain on 11th Oct in ludicrous mistake that has destroyed reputation for since rising non-entity... Failure went back to SHIMMER in tag losses month later... Proved inaccurate in follow up with Martinez in Falls Count Anywhere bout which Martinez held together with sloppy 'Fisto... Inconsistent challenger to Cheerleader Melissa's heavyweight title in SHIMMER on 20th Oct was tedious tussle devaluing title...

Haggered 34 year old dolly with anime frolic taunts has peaked... Clumsy, weighty and short of the big one, rising in the early year, LuFisto has proven to be nothing more than substandard filler... Should avoid wrong pairings or make clear to bookers match involvement may have awkward reputations arising... Comfortable in her position as floater...


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Participated well in Stardom's seventeen man Royal Rumble... Reached finals week later on Jan 14th for vacant Artist of Stardom titles... Strong competence in SHIMMER over Apr kept Skater in contention passing competition on credible involvement... Took off Storm in Aug at PPW with tough action holding own... Defeated Madison Eagles for the PPW Pacific Women's title in a thrilling clash at Ignition... Returned to SHIMMER in Oct dominating all events to drive power and might in tag action... Fell short of Wonder of Stardom Title in pleasing Year End Climax card to winner Act Yasukawa...

Did enough to push past contenders for the top 25 of 2013... Held own standing, skillset and technique... Should continue developing in tag scene to evolve further... How she holds onto standing next year will be interesting to watch... May require reserved caring attitude to do so...


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Removed from Royal Rumble card due to time shortage... Didn't defended title until Elimination Chamber in Feb against Tamina in a fair battle with four minutes given by WWE HQ...  Played minor role backstage into AJ program upstaged by Tamina's banana at Extreme Rules... Was given tedious secret admirer angle originally planned as Mark Henry altered to AJ's heavy Big E. Langston after internet marks spoiled WWE's plans... Payback battle with devious diva AJ was regarded as best battle ever had, losing Divas title... Sought vengeance at Money in the Bank with new friend Layla, forced to tap out to AJ in slow but passable bout... Disappeared for numerous months to return at Survivor Series as bookend in Total Divas verses non divas elimination battle...

Was released from contract on Jan 8th 2014 upon request due to creative booking frustrations and lacking storyline involvement... Plans to return to fitness industry complete with clothing line... 


2012 Placing - 3

Put in empty battles over Feb, Mar and Apr with AAW promotion filling time... Lost to Allysin Kay and Taylor Made in good tag match at SHIMMER with Christina Von Eerie... Joined with non-wrestling, cum barbarian fantasy promotion Ring of Honor often joining husband Michael Elgin and others in standard battles over Summer... Held decent matches in SHIMMER again in Oct... Failed to win AIW women's title over smoother champ Kay on 1st Nov Double Dare card...  Lost to Jessicka Havok in powerful 2CW fight on 22nd... Finished up with six man tag defeat for mixed AAW card to Dan Lawrence, Knight Wagner and Markus Crane...  

Lost momentum, stance and drive as filler character... Drooped standing immensely since taking bait of fandom glory... Abandoned core being becoming spare force... Has lost passion and technique once perceived as capable...


2012 Placing - 25

Made sustainable impact on 1st Mar for AIW women's title defence as champ over Mickie Knuckles... Joined intergender AIW Absolute title contenders gauntlet with 29 others won by Colin Delaney on 29th... Played for SHIMMER tag titles in unsuccessful four way elimination scrap...  Qualified for SHINE title in May... Jun Girls Grand Prix entry reached final three way comfort with Jessicka Havok and victor Cherry Bomb... Put in great twenty-two minute tag loss for WWWD tag titles in Diana promotion early Aug... Dropped Veda Scott with ease to retain AIW title with tender support... Remained competent over following months... Ended year on double disqualification with Havok after intense battle at SHINE on 13th Dec...

May be receiving mild wins in SHINE promotion but could leave as strong independent as clearly not giving stronger involvement...  Fishnet fighting babe has proven strong communication and rising qualities... Can hold match together with opponents... Needs to refine smoothness in exchanges... Can develop further on 2014 if booked consistently... 


2012 Placing - 19

Began year in TNA... Couldn't win number one contenders challenge for Knockouts title in multi-man match won by Velvet Sky at Genesis... Part of useless Team USA World X Cup PPV booking gaining win to no lasting effect... Had another match at X Cup losing to Aces and Eights representative Ivelisse in fair lock up...  Destroyed Serena Deeb in ten minute nothing battle at Knockouts Knockdown... Beat Brooke Tessmacher for number one Knockout contendership privilege... Won the TNA women's gold from Sky in cheap tussle on regular television over May... Dropped Knockouts title to ODB in decent match on 12th Sep Impact... Booted out of TNA soon after... Reappeared on independent scene with a Nov 23rd clash against Jessicka Havok adding smooth supporting qualities...

Horrible run as champion was lacklustre event filled with lacking female talent available... Default champ James couldn't maintain strong profile... Both TNA and James are to blame individually... Should consider giving more attempt at building opponents up... Booking did James no favours, leaving her to self serve as result... Ageing James as a talent is lukewarm and passing prime...  


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Wasted in return to TNA to fall to Mickie James in good display... Proved worth to SHIMMER over April in tags... Reached semi finals of Girls Grand Prix passing Nevaeh, bested by Allysin Kay in compact interplay over Jun... Tangled near sixteen minute scorcher for WNC women's title over Jul unsuccessful against Lin Byron in Tokyo, Japan...  Beat Makoto pleasingly on Aug 3rd to earn WNC women's title league decider... Eventually won women's gold on 10th over Byron in near eleven min tantaliser... Didn't ride victory wave long dropping title back one month later on 18th to Syuri... Enjoyed victories in multiple tags on 29th... Fought Cheerleader Melissa and victor Angelina Love on FWE Openweight Grand Prix card on 12th Oct in tight triple threat challenge...

Has proven ability to stand ground in field of female competition... Could be risen further in 2014... Should become rising star if promtoion/s decide to position her faourably... Has skills, technique and beauty to encourage fan communication... Can work well with others for wider outcome... Needs singles push to establish footing... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Flung into program with best friend and champ Kaitlyn over Apr... Gained career defining accolade snaring Divas title from former pal Kaitlyn at Payback in Jun... Watered down battle at Money in the Bank with milked series against Kaitlyn with Big E. in corner earned successful submission win... Struck boyfriend Dolph Ziggler's opponent Alberto Del Rio with title on same card to disqualify Dolph... Split from babe Ziggy imminently... Dissolved partnership with Big E. shortly after... Replaced with bodyguard Tamina instead... Stopped howling mess Brie Bella at Battleground in disastrous botch fest title defence... Tired out rematch with Bella next month at Hell in a Cell was shambolic scream fest littered with mistakes... Paired in seven diva elimination calamity at Survivor Series against Total Divas TV stars where enemy Kaitlyn unexplainedly turned to her side losing to Natalya and Nikki Bella... Retained title from Natalya at TLC...

Awkward year for the girl next door... Hasn't done much as Divas champion... Matches barely adequate and lacklustre... Mic work poor but acceptable in part... Could really do with improving detail and fine tweaks than follow random headlock structure... Uneventful input distorts any real progress available... Carried in light of low performers... Won't retain much colour after title loss...


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Began New Year event on 12th Jan for APW in tag success with Jody D'Milo as the The Moonwalk Thrillers... Returned two months later on 23rd Mar to capture APW women's title from Addy Starr... Seven days later won Bellatrix title at NCW event from Allison Danger in competitive battle... Headed up SHIMMER competently with Cheerleader Melissa in title challenge failing to win over Apr... Defended APW title in Special Referee Addy Starr beating Xandra Bale following month... Went to a pleasing double disqualification with Melissa at NCW for Femmes Fatales International title contendership on Jul 6th... Retained APW title once more over Vanessa Kraven one week after... Fell at second round of Quest for the cup tournament by Brian Kendrick and spot monkey Paul London on 14th Aug to end wrestling year...

Strong detail and competence has risen Rush's profile to the Pro 25 for 2013... Able to stand out and assist with competitive battles against notable opponents in the field has benefitted well... Multi champion has singles battles ahead that can steer company reputations credibly if booked well... Should remain in singles competition for next year to further enhance credentials...      


2012 Placing - 7

Rejoined industry on 16th Mar with SCW for ladies title challenge as failure to Shanna retaining... Kept hold of SHIMMER gold in defences over late Mar to early Apr in NCW... Lost to Cheerleader Melissa with SHIMMER title on the line in gripping Steel Cage smash... Qualified for SHINE tournament in Apr passing Su Yung in fierce fun frenzy... Stole HEW Women's title from Skarlett on 25th May in England... Bested by Jessicka Havok at SHINE first round tournament in Jul... Lost HEW gold four months later to Skarlett in first defence... Returned to SHIMMER for three stages of hell tension seeker with Christina Von Eerie as successor over Oct... Stood tall over Havok in SHINE rematch as Last Woman Standing victor on 25th Oct...

Partly ignorant forces around her will ultimately decide future prospects... Could consider repenting to enhance stance in trial and error booking... Becoming filler for bookers with odd victories leaves on equal footing of level outlook... Decent but partly wayward involvement will be test of displayed interactions over coming year... Has done enough to earn placing for 2013... 


2012 Placing - 18

Girlfriend to The Great Khali over January on Smackdown... Won Raw tag match after months of isolation with Khali in Aug over then couple Dolph Ziggler and AJ... Pitiful no contest result for divas title contendership with Naomi and Brie Bella lasted a record 1:45... Returned to action to gain victory in a run-in match submitting Brie Bella at Summerslam... Awful Survivor Series Total Divas win over Non Divas was throwaway filler... Could not topple lady of the night AJ for title in Fatal Four Way with Brie and Naomi at Night of Champions... Switched to dark side with Eva Marie and Kaitlyn in empty tag match on 8th Oct Smackdown with Cameron, Naomi and The Bella Twins...  Turned days later on live events... Held decent match working Summer Rae well in five minute Raw battle... Lost mixed tag match with boyfriend Khali at Hell In a Cell to dancers Rae and Fandango... Won mixed tag rematch on 4th Nov Raw after revealing husband Tyson Kidd, as documented on PR magnet Total Divas... Ended year with victory over AJ for divas title by DQ at Main Event on 12th Nov...

Has not been seen on primetime TV since Raw with hubby Kidd... Has dipped lower than average and unrated by WWE... Uncle Bret has done her no favours either... Hard times ahead for one of WWE's strongest female talents... Could go either way... Needs to find niche in empty division...


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Battled a sloppy and disjointed Knockout's contendership Gauntlet to winner Velvet Sky in Jan... Won empty matches over March... Lengthy time out from Mar till Jul... Returned strong in three way hardcore with Gail Kim and Mickie James despite short six minute fumble... Regained stride on 12th Sep Impact taping lasting almost eleven minutes taking TNA Knockout's gold from James with improved technique... Defended championship at Bound For Glory in tame but skilled bout with Brooke and Gail Kim ruined by run in from newcomer Lei'd Tapa helping gal-pal Kim win... Put in powerful battles with Kim over Nov raising bar... Had horrible No contest, number one contendership with Sky and Brooke for ten pointless minutes on 7th Impact... Paired with a returning Madison Rayne on 3rd Dec at Final Resolution to win over Tapa and Kim...

Messy year in homegrown company TNA for 35 year old Kresa despite maintaining own prolific merit... About to be sidelined by returning mother Madison Rayn... As one of TNA's strongest figures, needs better booking than comedy with no sustainable outcome... With wayward TNA out of control, the Knockouts division, at an all-time low, needs strong sense and skill which behind the drunken woman's repertoire, hides capably skilled lady... Adopted WWE diva Sable's attitude era tee-shirt hand prints... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Dropped from scheduled Royal Rumble battle for title as contender due to time shortage... Fought champ Kaitlyn instead at Elimination Chamber with fierce aerial skill... Stole the show at Extreme Rules eating banana whilst backstage scuffle arose between Kaitlyn and AJ... Installed as bodyguard to AJ after Sep... Assisted AJ from outside who retained gold at Battleground... Hell in a Cell appearance kept standing... Was best worker on the card at Survivor Series surpassing favourite Roman Reigns with amazing wrestling skill in the worst Total Divas match... Caused distraction in Natalya/AJ battle at TLC receiving clothesline with believable force...  

After growing tired of AJ's protection and taking attacks may see brute brawler dissolve partnership... Is best challenger to tackle former friend... Could easily hold title over course of year... Supergroup leadership not unquestionable... Has multiple options for healthy WWE career if WWE give opportunity to rise with strong placement... 


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Four way frolic with Kana, Misaki Ohata and Yumi Ohka ended in tense time draw with pleasing interplay... Challenged well for OZ Academy tag titles with AKINO unsuccessful in Feb to winners Mayumi Ozaki and Ohka... Held prominence in wild Regina Di WAVE title tournament semi final defeat with Kana... Paired victory with GAMI regained stride... Announced retirement on March 28th for August 4th... Credible Apr SHIMMER smash with Mercedes Martinez... Barbed Wired Boards Street Fight with Ozaki over twenty minutes tore house down for OZ academy card on 24th... Joined rival Kana as tag pal to victories over following months... Butted heads again with Kana on WAVE Jul card with ten minute draw joy... Moved on to GAMI in singles competition in three battles first won by GAMI in 17 seconds... Second fifteen min scrap was excelling point for Kurihara winning... Dropped GAMI one last time in sixteen minutes in excellent transition of star worth rising... Joined Tsukasa Fujimoto in tag success on New Aisuhiro card... Shone at 4th Aug retirement card winning in triple tag excellence with AKINO and Mika Iida downing Tomoka Nagawaga, Aja Kong and GAMI... Finished on same card one last time to beat Mike Iida at Thank You For Everything celebration event...

At thirty years old and highly underrated elsewhere, standout Kurihara has left on categorical high... Able to work others exceptionally and ahead of in ring psychology for youthful age, beautiful starlett will be sorely missed in female wrestling... Could make brief appearances as special guests or managerial positions in future if considering return not directly involving heavy action...


2012 Placing - Unlisted

Returned to independent scene on 16th Feb with PPW tag win... Gained vacant PPW Pacific women's title against Storm with intense battle... returned to SHIMMER regaining stride in battles with Jessie McKay, Kana, Athena and Courteny Rush over Apr in victorious stock raiser ... Wasted in SHINE tournament qualifier won by Jessicka Havok on 19th... Kept PPW Pacific title in defence over May from Shazza McKenzie... Retained again on 13th Jul in sizzling rematch against Storm... Dropped title on 21st Sep in tidy loss to Kellie Skater... Entered sturdy time limit draw back at SHIMMER with Nicole Matthews on 19th Oct... SHIMMER domination continued through October with triple back to back wins against Mia Yim, Havok and three way with Hikaru Shida and Kana... Ended on 25th failing to defeat Awesome Kong in SHINE...

Smooth, detailed and refined, Eagles can saftley regain lost stride from mishap previous year... Should attain core force and involved around main event with other contenders as equal... Can resurge depth to division and raise comeptitors together...


2012 Placing - 11

Feisty Hardcore Rules tag battle with Wolf Fang destroyed HUB and Yuu Yamagata in Jan... Won 2-1 Two of three falls glory from Sadica fervently... Excellent four man with Yamagata, Mercedes Martinez and winner Kana at SHIMMER 56... Took five impressive scores over Catch the WAVE Glamourorus event in Jun... Battled OZ Academy Openweight title champ AKINO in gripping sixteen minute loss.. Close contest in twelve man Battle Royal in Oct... Ended month on 30th with WAVE tag title victory alongside Yamagata from equal champions Hikaru Shida and Tsukasa Fujimoto... Held strong detail throughout... Played in seventy-seven man Royal Rumble on 30th Dec WAVE card...

Held own standing with strong values once again... Can deliver strong technique, engagement and ability for fun... Makes wrestling interesting for casual fans... Can encourage further strength and works others expertly in standing... Has firm pathway as tag champ which is suited to outlook for 2014... 


2012 Placing - 4

Began year for CFW 2nd Anniversary event on 5th Jan with sterling victory over Angel Dust... Retained WSU World championship from challenger Athena in hotly fought contest with sheer excellence from both females... Paired with ignorant Adam Cole on CZW card against equally ignorant goon Sami Callihan in lacking event despite effort with LuFisto early Feb...   Returned to SHIMMER in April to regain stride in battles with Serena Deeb, Mia Yim and Allison Danger and Leva Bates...  Looked like foolish fan favourite on opposite side in SHINE on 19th for tournament qualifier over Madison Eagles... Idiotic intergender battle with useless block Callihan in May WSU contest... Participated in SHINE's tacky tournament series reaching semi finals... Lost on 9th August to online inspired newcomer Maxwell Chicago at FIP event in Ybor City, Florida... Regained victory in evening gown against Chicago on 11th Oct instead... Successful defence day later for WSU against Lexxus... Maintained profile in SHIMMER late Oct with Bates, Mary Lee Rose, Mary Dobson and Madison Eagles... Gimmick bout in Last Woman Standing for SHINE was fizzling farce falling to Saraya Knight on PPV on 25th... 2CW challenges with Mickie James and MsChif somewhat inadequate...  Final battles in December with Mia Yim fair and Allysin Kay pointless in double disqualification on 6th and 13th respectively failed to highlight potential rise as Indy female star more vividly...

After making it last year as one of the highest climbers to number four, Havok is slowly falling... Needs to carefully choose what's profitable for career emphasis... Gas mask leather fishnet fighter losing spark in consistency... Should retain some 2012 empowerment to regain stride... Could become distant nobody if stronger challenger arises within next year... 


2012 Placing - 5

Multiple success rate in Jan with WAVE promotion... Passed through to finals of Regina Di WAVE title tournament against Yumi Ohka losing chance to win vacant title... Joined SHIMMER for multi tag match as partner to LuFisto falling to Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez in four man elimination in Apr... Put in further joy with Jessie McKay and Madison Eagles on 13th in singles... Victorious in stunning four way over Mercedes Martinez, Ayako Hamada and Yuu Yamagata night later...  Retained WAVE tag title with Shirai from Tsukasa Fujimoto and Misaki Ohata... Won almost every match involved over months following till late May... Kept WAVE tag title once more on Jul 7th wonder... Dropped on 15th to Shida and Ohka instead in another fine display... Dethroned champ Arisa Nakajima in thirteen minute masterpiece for JWP Openweight title... Defended month later in Sep beating Manami Katsu in another strong battle... Held great matches at SHIMMER in Oct with Madison Eagles, Allysin Kay, Kimber Lee and Hikaru Shida... Held huge prominence over next few months with heavy profile wins... Finally released JPW title to Nakajima at Climax card on 15th Dec... 

Booked like crazy and in high demand, thirty-two year old has evolved personality further... Has placed herself as key player in business of women's wrestling for years to come should success continue... Stronghold of character, skill and passion, has the attributes to shock, dazzle and thrill in abundance... Looks wonderful in beautiful kimono hiding hidden depth to unassuming opponents... 


2012 Placing - 9

Smashed three way vigour with the boys Davey Vega and Shawn Vexx in intergender wonder for ACW in Jan as winner... Couldn't capture WSU gold from Jessicka Havok in stunning Feb 9th title fight... Bested Thomas Shire on 24th to defend the Anarchy TV title transferring to male battles... Added smooth and detailed matches in SHIMMER over April... Joined questionable partner with slight ignorance AR Fox in Queen and King of the Ring tournament to win against small yet equally ignorant stick Drew Gulak and Kimber Lee over May... Held onto ACW TV title at 5th annual Queens tournament in first round... Wasted over Jul in Ring of Honor in pointless defeats which should make her jump instantly... Took down Leva Bates with a good interaction over late Jul... Gave last good push on WSU Secretshow for others in multi-tag display on 9th Aug... Took lengthy hiatus since...

25 year old fresh faced fighter has strong future in women's wrestling with rightful choices... Is making good headway and continues to grow as one of the best upcomers for the industry... Could do with better booking in places that really count... Credible champion should be signed by WWE if it really wants a strong female with skill and glamour... Smooth technical whizz... 


2012 Placing - 6

Early showings in Jan with Awesome Kong and LuFisto in Feb were credible map planters... Dropped Kalamity for NCW Femme Fatal International title on 30th Mar in outstanding smash... Took on Cheerleader Melissa at SHIMMER on Apr 13th for Melissa's title in superlative loss... Kept momentum strong in four way with Kana, Ayako Hamada and Yuu Yamagata... Went to No Contest with Kimberly in fair vacant WXW Women's title match... Couldn't pass round one of SHINE qualifying in May for tournament... Defended NCW title from Sweet Cherrie in another compact performance... Jul trouble re-surfaced in SHINE failing to make it into another tournament from losing four way to shortcomer LuFisto... Looked foolish against Awesome Kong in SHINE in Aug... Kept hold on NCW title perfectly in Oct... Guided Veda Scott to credible match in SHIMMER on 19th... Last year show on 13th Dec at SHINE was pathetic seven min hollow victory against unknown jobber Heidi Lovelace...

Tough times for one of the females biggest stars... Should avoid the troublesome arena of SHINE which ultimately disrespects her as a performer... At 33, Martinez is still powerful enough to contribute to excellent wrestling and one of the best being highly downplayed... Should jump or stick to SHIMMER where she is valued than waste skill on non-importance crippling her profile disastrously... 


2012 Placing - 12

Began year with powerful time limit draw at fifteen minutes as defending Triangle Ribbon Title three way besting Makoto Oishi and Tsukasa Fujimoto on 5th Jan... Failed to gain tag titles from Fujimoto and Aoi Kiuki for Ice Ribbon combo card with REINA X Feb thriller... Undefeated for a month from March to April in expert battles... Took Goddesses of Stardom straps in Korakuen Hall with Kyoko Kimura on Mar 17th... Dropped gold month later on 29th Apr in another powerful tag exchange... Replaced with TLW World Women's tag title with Aki Shiuku in another outstanding matchup early May... Impressive stance continued over Jun including pacy Four Team Scramble on 2nd... Dominated tag division over Jul... Won twenty-four min delight with Hikaru Shida over Hamuko Hoshi and Fujimoto on 3rd Aug wonder show named in her honour... Left wonders of Japan with high prestige for both... Focusing on American shores...     

Swiftly signed by Japanese promotions most notably Ice Ribbon, Hatred has captured the hearts of overseas markets handsomely... Delivering empowerment and courage, with a hard stance and charismatic intent, can dominate further in 2014... Supports tag scene perfectly among singles stronghold... Key player for female interest worldwide... Has been booked thoughtfully throughout... 


2012 Placing - 1

Couldn't become number one contender to Knockouts title over Jan... Failed to nab title in Four Way Elimination with champ Tara taken by Velvet Sky instead... March madness at Lockdown continued, losing to Sky as challenger in seven minute something... Horrible Battle Royal for Knockouts Knockdown with eight awkward participants over twenty minutes... Slammiversary Last Knockouts standing mark match was excellent scrap with Taryn Terrell despite fantasy booking from head office on name only stupidity of match... Moved on from tireless battle with Sky... Battled Mickie James, new intermediary champion instead in July... Lost Hardcore Justice three way with James and ODB in Aug... Had tense and well played Two of Three Falls encounter with victor ODB in short eleven minute donation... Finally won TNA Knockouts title from ODB and Brooke in three way female fancy though gave skill to an eye candy booking at Bound For Glory... Resumed pairing with new bodyguard Lei'd Tapa... Began losing to returning mother Madison Rayne over December in nothing matches...

Despite awful bookings and horrible competition to work with, Kim always manages to rise skill into matches handsomely... Remains primary diva on roster regardless of TNA booking... Shouldn't be overlooked... Given TNA's financial turmoil and only five women, could have to continue swings and roundabouts with transitional title passing... Has kept own standing while working others well... 


2012 Placing - 15

Went to outstanding time limit triple threat draw with retaining champ Hailey Hatred and Makoto Oishi for Triangle Ribbon title... Reached semi finals of Icex60 Title race with Tsukushi mid Feb... Dropped titles from previous year with Misaki Ohata to crown Kana and Mo Shirai WAVE tag champions over Apr handsomely... Tense involvement in four way International Ribbon / REINA X tag titles grab bag victory holding both gold with Hikaru Shida from Tsukushi and Aoi Kizuki... Defended WAVE tag titles on 22nd Jun with flying colours...  Dropped on 7th Jul to Kana and Shirai in another expert thriller... Challenged champion of champions battle with Tsukushi to retire IW-19 title and merge with ICEx60 gold in yet another mesmeric scrap... Defended newly named ICExInfinity title from Miyako Matsumoto in gripping November opener... Kept title month later... Week after kept hold of Ineternational Ribbon tag with Shida in another connective partnership joy... Lost to GAMI in a fantastic 77 man Royal Rumble on December 30th... Ended on New Year's Eve with a successful fifth Infinity defence heading into 2014 as sterling champion dominator...

Put in exceptional battles and in demand almost every day of the months... Shone against all opponents interacted with... At thirty years of age, youngling has bright and heavy future as key female player exclusive to Japan with Ice Ribbon... Booked well, charismatic and attentative, can drive audiences to engage on fuller capacity... One rising newcomer to watch vividly... Obliterated 2013... 


2012 Placing - 8

Returned to action competitively with opening bout against Jillian Hall to a no contest on 5th Jan for CFW event... Won PWR World women's title from Dark Angel in vacant decider on 23rd Feb thriller... Returned as Alyssa Flash losing to Gail Kim in hapless promotion TNA at Knockouts special in Mar... Gained biggest accolade dropping Saraya Knight in stunning SHIMMER championship steel cage to lift heavyweight title beginning Apr... Defended week later with Mercedes Martinez and Courtney Rush in further delights of excellence... Fended off Shelly Martinez in another consistent defence of PWR title on 15th... Relieved of title in PWR week later from Ivelisse Velez in graceful handover from Melissa... Recaptured gold over May from Velez with another categorical delight... Smashed Sweet Saraya in twenty minute time limit draw at Bellatrix 7... Held firm standing in three following defences of SHIMMER gold over Oct including intense battle with LuFisto...

After dipping last year from TNA mishaps the distilled diva migrated to full on female excellence... Triple champion raises others, herself and company interest with sheer technique, power and radiant skillset... After last year's suggestion for a possible stable, Melissa has no need to rush anytime soon since returning to mainstream prominence as singles champion... 


Next year's 2014 will prove interesting. Let's see who can maintain, rise or outdo others to gain a place in the Pro 25 for Wrestling females. It's all to play for.

Next year's Pro 25 will move to a Jan-Feb upload slot, after the male version of the Pro Wrestling 50. As ever, Wrestling Wonders thanks its loyal supporters and readers who enjoy the respect of talent every year. 

©  Max Waltham 16th March 2014