Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Shield's options at Wrestlemania

Trio's triple 
trouble solution? 

With The Shield's involvement at Wrestlemania undecided and fast approaching at the start of April, we'll look at what could be done to save the trio from an uneventful and lacklustre booking. Though WWE really should have had this laid down by now.

After a looming break up being teased for Roman Reigns to fly solo the trio could easily battle in a super hot threesome. Though WWE will expect Reigns to come out on top if it heads down this route, WWE can actually protect the group by making Reigns lose. This will safeguard the entire three members regardless of a split.

Should it be for the United States championship? Two options. Yes and No. With the title on the line WWE can retain Ambrose as leader, though the title needs to change hands ideally. In order to retain it into The Shield's supergroup walls, Rollins would be a perfect transition. Ambrose, if he stays, most likely, would appreciate that over time. This will freshen Ambrose and often viewed as a curse to those who can't carry it with well backed up pathways, Reigns, as a new star, would be demoted with the gold. For Rollins, a capable and exceptional worker, this would raise the prestige and promote his role in WWE and the group, also proving himself to leader Ambrose.

Reigns does not need to depart from the group in a loss. He can stay and build up the dissention and contemplate leaving after patchy support in the triple threat and beyond. On a losing streak with the Shielders, Reigns would be further set and with an over convoluted NostalgiaMania WWE need a full PPV to boost the disagreeing partners. One or two months will do it, unless WWE want to build longer. There si also the possibility Reigns could take over The Shield, too.

If the title isn't on the line the same can happen in principal, or Reigns could win. The choice is the 'E's but The Shield must be built strongly than a throwaway battle with no meaning.

Having the Wyatt Family's Luke Harper and Erick Rowan in a tag with Reigns and Rollins may be passable, but overall it would be empty and lacking as a standard tag bout. What can they all feasibly achieve? Nothing much. Why would this be a stepping stone for Reigns to be upset with only Rollins?

With Dean Ambrose being the spare, the unification battle possibly scheduled for Elimination Chamber was postponed. Planning to attempt it here, WWE should avoid. Unifying the United States with the Intercontinental championship is a huge mistake. Already unifying the heavyweight titles at TLC with only three weeks preparation and another John Cena/Randy Orton clash fans are sick off, WWE lost huge and predicted buy rates. Ideas like that, with such monumental meaning behind them cannot be ushered in on a whim. With such a unification, as touched on before, the contenders will have nothing to strive for. When WWE needs huge stars to rise and secondary titles are that platform whilst WWE earmarks its favourites for heavyweight favourtism, rostered stars need something to aspire to. Removing both titles does not increase the prestige of a title. WWE simply get bored or feel there is no one capable backstage. There are tons. Christian, Mysterio, NXT newbie's, Hennig Jr., Young, Sandow, Rio, Fandango and even Heath Slater. When WWE wants to drop its stars, there are many waiting to pick up the prestige, some will only reach the top of the midcard, others will be resting in transit before heavyweight re-launch. Many can value WWE's gold if it re-evaluates their rosters' commitments and direction given.  One title will decrease the options available to strive forward with such unachievable goals. It is counterproductive and offers no sustainability.

With late booking and running out of options, the company need to lock something in fast. Whatever it chooses, it has to protect The Shield overall. Destroying this group for no reason would not deliver what WWE needs to move forward with and this should be sought to protect all major groups when forming such decisions that affect the entire product in what will become a rising achievement for all or a simple outright destruction of two guys for one boost gaining  a five minute interest. Remember, Reigns, among others need opponents to fight with once they become the star. You are only ever as good as your last performance. 

©  Max Waltham 05th March 2014

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