Thursday, 28 January 2016

WWE hire AJ Styles, Austin Aries, and 3 New Japan stars. Doomed to fail.

WWE hire AJ Styles, Austin Aries,
and 3 New Japan stars. 
Doomed to fail.

WWE's signing of foreign stars of no value will offer no solution to an improved future or even a good, interesting way forward for Triple H's impulse choices of favouritism. Triple H hires people on a basis of who 'he likes' rather than who is made fr the company and can be tailored to a main event star that fans deserve and respect. 

The triple ignorant trio of AJ Styles, some old bald dude in Karl Anderson (who?), the other one (Nakamoron) and Doc Gallows (from TNA, who no-one remembers had a bit part in WWE beforehand) wont drive WWE to a new age future. It will only hamper them more and the hope of a 'buzz factor' won't last. The hype, as with Triple H's personal impulse buys, always evaporates quickly. 

Disingenuous, deceit ridden,
 ignorance abuser 
Everyone remembers Triple H's failings at trying to run WWE vividly. Paige, Sin Cara Mark I, Kharma, The renewed Tag Team division. Where are they all now? Fizzled out and defunct in less than three months to this very day and not one of them is over or respected. Poor Triple H. Always so desperate to prove to WWE's top boss and his wife that he can contribute as an honourary McMahon at running WWE and failing dismally. Why such a failure though? Stubborn pride, egotistical approach, hatred for not being better than creative British pioneers in the field today and too personally involved with fandom choices which truly aren't best for business.

Alas, Paul Levesque will not accept constructive criticism. It is all firmly about him and his pride. He will fail to listen, go against the grain and as a result, suffer the fallout. WWE lost huge ratings over 2015 and the product was overly disgraced, tepid and clueless in its direction as a product.

Triple H, in charge of hiring, has failed to make the necessary gains that benefit a long term goal and continues to hire ignorance, with high warnings, to be antagonistic. That is the true face of Triple H. Anyone who would assume he has changed as a manager of WWE are deluded. Tripper is exactly the same as he was when he jobbed out Booker T in thirty seconds at Wrestlemania, hated Edge for being 'better than Triple H' and wanted to overrun John Cena's world title wins as the key player in the business. Triple H has not learned and is truly bad for business. Unless he changes his disgraced attitude and more so, thinks that he can continue to behave like it and succeed, he's in for a serious shock. WWE and Triple H will always laugh and mock it with their own assumption they will always overcome. The time and the landscape is more tentative than ever and a couple of action figure hires in AJ Styles and other ignorance, not even with this trio, will cripple Triple H and WWE's long term future.

Some dude. Same old pose. Nobody.

Triple H has had and continues to have an option to stabilise the future. Until he figures it out and continues these fandom choices, WWE proves one thing. 

Triple H is a mark. They mock fans for being marks but desperately cling on to that hope that they will swallow such choices. They fail to respect the fact that WWE fail to respect fans and jump on a bandwagon of lunacy that wont ever materialise for WWE. It looks cheap, tacky and plainly pathetic.
Once again, WWE are the undoing of themselves. 

As of 22nd January, WWE have hired ignorant TNA disgrace and midget man Austin Aries of TNA fame, who left to chase Hollywood, to its developmental brand, NXT. 

Ah, NXT, WWE's desperation of Triple H's own personal project trying to make himself and Indy promotion feel. It looks foolish, ignorant and plain absurd. Fans fail to respect the show outside of its handful of bubble darlings. Austin Aries on the other hand? A pint sized nobody who has become ignorant over the last three years and never achieved much in TNA? 

Once again, Triple H breaks kayfabe commenting on the decisions by Tweet, when he is meant to be off TV and speaking duties when he has currently put himself on television, being slammed through tables and 'recovering' in efforts to build up green rookie Roman Reigns as heavyweight champion.

NXT is officially remained. NXTNA. Triple H is a fool.

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