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WWE Royal Rumble 2016

WWE Royal Rumble 2016

WWE presented its most prolific card with the most specific match that defined WWE's livelihood, namely the Royal Rumble match. Built around the infamous annual Battle Royal seeing one man triumph over twenty nine others, could WWE develop a new age star it so often used to create overnight? Or would it revert to a more simpler way of being? This year, with a spate of injured main event stars sitting out and only three people involved, all of whom the WWE Universe are already tired of, can the Rumble prize to be champion succeed itself?

Coming live from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida on January 24th Roman Reigns will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship instead of a traditional gold ticket, main event challenge at Wrstlemania, as number one in the Rumble match itself.

Let's find out...

As if there was any doubt, the McMahon's, Vince and his daughter Stephanie, arrived and mocked interviewer JoJo with misogyny tenfold. McMahon crouched to JoJo's level in a derisive moment to brag about his feud with Roman Reigns. They also mocked it being "chilly" which was plain insensitive during its recent snowstorm crisis in America.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Last Man Standing
Dean Ambrose (c) Vs Kevin Owens

Typecast champion Dean Ambrose entered first as fart music bowling ball Kevin Owens weakly strolled on with no absolute being whatsoever. Once again he just walked slow and stood there. There is nothing to him and is plain embarrassing for WWE to emphasise such an ignorant jobber that won't ever be in WWE's future, no matter how much bias they GIVE him. The longer it continues the more weak and foolish WWE looks.

Ambrose started the match again as Owens predictably needed a rest spot not ten seconds in, and thirty seconds after, followed with a turnbuckle moment beat down on Ambrose. All four corners were used in less than a minute of starting. Ambrose knocked Owens down, who rolled outside and was knocked over the announce table before the two minute mark.

Trying to be all gimmicky wont compensate for such lacking lunacy. Owens magically came back with a weakly tepid jump and smash. Then he was flung into the ringside steps where he sat down on the ground once again, with not one iota of believable pain. It was sad and pathetically embarrassing.

Ambrose once again missed a Kendo stick attack to sell for Owens where once again, Ambrose continued to look like he could not wrestle or get any interest. That means Ambrose is redundant. Fans have already dislikened his typecast boredom. As a future prospect WWE really are hampering him from being one of its top stars of a future to cover for an infeasible glutton.

Owens took too long walking around the ring when Ambrose was down and failed to command the setting on his lonesome. He looked under the ring for a while to put lots of chairs in the ring and after a brief tap to Ambrose outside, sat on the chairs in the centre of the ring, which spoke volumes on Owens' lazy attitude. 

Ambrose got a cheap clothesline. Who cares?

Owens shouted at the audience like it was an Indy show, still failing to learn this is WWE. Owens feeble taps his elbow jabs on Ambrose with literally no effect that was just utterly abysmal. Kev smashed Dean into the steel steps outside and stood around for a while again to catch his breath after doing literally nothing almost twenty minutes in. Ground-breaking.

Owens showed no style, no charisma and no personality. A troubling sign for Triple H's favourite best friend who has had high, main event favouritism and titles given to him through bias longer than six months. There is no future here. WWE are screwed. 

Owens stacked two tables on top outside by the corner as he lifted Ambrose on the top turnbuckle. Owens broke free and threw a chair into Owens' face who calmly stepped down the post instead of selling for Ambrose in another display of pure working disgrace.

Owens has another eight second rest and then stood up again only to be slammed back down for another long count to nine, rolling to the outside. Can he ever do anything off of his back and sell? Owens really wasn't fighting much, was he? He has yet to do so once.

Ambrose set a table on the other outside and laid Owens on it who was rather unflattering rolling himself onto it in a total botch moment. Ambrose elbow dropped him.

More tables and chairs were used. Have they forgotten the match type? Where's the wrestling? Owens can't so needs accessories to cover his inadequacies. Ambrose lifts Owens from the turnbuckle who makes it look like Owens turned and put both of them through it. Sadly Ambrose looks like the stooge. Both make a nine count in weak fashion. Ambrose then walked into another powerbomb Ambrose created for Owens. Ambrose magically springs up at nine in an unconvincing rise. 

Owens stacks chairs as Ambrose pushes Owens off the top turnbuckle into a spot of the night moment when Owens climbed the top post. It was cheap and tacky as Dean Ambrose received a ten count victory to retain the cursed and irrelevant Intercontinental Championship over Kevin Owens.

WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day, Kofi Kingston and Big E w/ Xavier Woods (c) Vs The Uso's

WWE's creative humour failed to hit the spot with New Day entering with a long talk and grinding their booties with twerking and thrust dancing which was poor, disgusting and simply unoriginal toilet humour. This is the WWE garbage it is known for, one commentator tells us. 

The Uso's enter to a muffled and silence sound as no-one really cared. WWE know how to get tag teams and matches over. 

The Uso's tried to dominate but were an afterthought to WWE's rushed and lacking booking to balance the card with side attractions. It was simply a match. Both teams were talented and trying to make the best they could but it was against them from the start. It became boring. It was clear WWE did not care for it either.

Big E dropped a Big Splash on one of the Uso's backs. WWE couldn't make out which one it was for the fans, who are still oblivious to which is which. That was the only memorable moment and was forgotten instantly.

Big E caught one of The Uso's, saving Kofi Kingston to win the match and keep the Tag Team Championship for New Day.

Big E and Kofi laid on their backs after pushing up in sex motions to Xavier's trombone playing sound. It looked utterly repugnant as if Big E was having sex. WWE agreed to this and made it happen. On a family show, no less.

WWE United States Championship
Kalisto Vs Alberto Del Rio (c)

Ignorance of the highest order taking on ignorance of the highest order from WWE not only proves to be disgraced, but testing times for WWE. Either they do it on purpose, proving they haven't listened to crucial advice, or are simply out of touch with what is relevant and will never get over.

Twitter users post hashtag
amid the bland battle
Transitional champion Craplisto, who barely held the title one day on the pre Rumble Raw to lose it on Smackdown the following taping, proved to be used by WWE. The midget that can never excel, was fodder for the new network move for Smackdown and nothing more. 'Listo is a useless wrestler who is now content on ripping of Rey Mysterio as the midget Mexican mask guy in WWE. How embarrassing to Mexican and Wrestling in general. Del Rio is also trying to be the Eddie Guerrero of today which WWE mentioned and are encouraging. WWE's distaste for legends shows no bounds.

One minute in and it was boring with both people on the outside of the ring trading the odd kick. Ooh, it's so new and original. I'm thrilled. 

Rio applied a loose headlock as all dishourables in WWE do, with a massive gap clasped around his foe making a complete joke of this so called match. Fans truly paid for it. 

As predicted WWE commented "Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio" from the back to front agreement. 

Kalisto's main offence (apart from 'wrestling')was a jump from the top Senton which missed much connection on dismount. What a highlight of such a career. Kalisto did some more flying tricks and Del Rio put him back down again. Both ignorance's of the highest order, WWE managed to devalue its US title, fans and product with two useless stars no-one truly cares about or envisages as WWE's future. Are WWE in the twenty-first century? 

Look everyone, it's
Rey Mysterio!Belt
is still too big
for him.
Kalisto did some random back flip over thingy to win the United States title and make a compete laughing stock of Vince McMahon's WWE. Laughable. "Now two time champ." Does the first one really count? First major title and it's a one day, transitional run? Future looks bright. 

The kick-off show inform us of the Pre-Show Tag match where the team who win get entry into the Royal Rumble match. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger advanced over The Ascension, The Dudley Boyz and Damien Sandow and Darren Young. They are a team now and no-one knows why. Titus and Darren randomly split without explanation. That's WWE for you.

Paul Heyman visited "madam" Stephanie McMahon in her office. 

WWE Divas Championship
Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte (c) w/ Ric Flair

Non-dimensional barbie in latex Charlotte, now a nasty gal like her daddy, who has only been using her daddy as her entire gimmick and failed to wrestle once yet, Charlotte was met with disdain. Instead of boos, fans could not even be bothered and made negative hand gestures instead. Go figure. Woooooooooooooo!

Same old story throw together last minute of best friends. Yawn. 

After Becky impressed with technical whizz forcing Charlotte into the corner for a moment to recover, the action was firmly in Becky's leading court. Lynch held the match together and carried Charlotte, who has not wrestled once in her title reign, was given good innings thanks to Becky. She'll need more than a fluke though. 

Naturally Charlotte hid behind her father on the outside and the old pervert in Ric Flair showed itself by grabbing Becky from behind and kissing her on the lips. IT was practically a storyline sexual assault. WWE seem to think it was funny to mock such a serious issue. Charlotte got the advantage in ring, with a very unflattering forward view of her nether regions. 

"Let's go Becky" gave Lynch some support. 

Flair "Woo"ed from ringside. Someone tell this ignorant old cretin its 2016. Get some new material. We know how you love to talk. 

Pervert! Dirty old man Ric Flair
sexually assaults Becky Lynch
in match distraction.
String set of reversals until Charlotte botched Becky's turn to flip for a failed pin which had to be redone. Sloppy concentration issues.

Once again, Ric Flair caused a distraction as Charlotte cheaply speared Becky Lynch to retain the useless diva's title. This was Becky's moment to win. It didn't happen. 

After the match Sasha Banks came out and stared at Charlotte. Banks then attacked Becky. Clearly Becky should have won if Banks was on the turn. The action from Banks was also a letdown and so weakly cheap. As Charlotte left the ring Banks grabbed her from behind to place the Banks' Statement on. Even when playing possum, Banks looked stupid and had no power to her in establishing her place. Another missed opportunity. 

Royal Rumble
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Roman Reigns (c), Rusev, AJ Styles, Tyler Breeze, Curtis Axel, Chris Jericho, Kane, Goldust, Ryback, Kofi Kingston, Titus O'Neil, R-Truth, Luke Harper, Stardust, Big Show, Neville, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, Erick Rowan, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar, Jack Swagger, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Triple H

WWE decided to put its main prize on the line instead of creating a new star, on its road to Wrestlemania. This was clear as to why. WWE, with man injuried, headline stars and no capable, newly built options in WWE's eyes, despite the lockeroom brimming with talent, decided to change tack. No-one was ready to be main event challenger at 'Mania so building Roman Reigns up either way in a title defence was WWE's only viable solution (to them). Though the WWE Universe and critics can see this is a pure act of desperation. 

WWE always fail to make new stars and have not done so for a good seven years, even with the Royal Rumble match itself. The Rumble launches a star to the main event stardom of Wrestlemania, whether winning or losing the main title and becomes WWE's hottest property on the three month road. WWE have lost this magic and since, Wrestlemania has been the poorest show of its kind for at least the last five years running. All before them used to be epic.

Only 1992's nostalgia of Ric Flair's defence to build him into the WWE from the WCW transition was a tense time, audience wise. Ignorant to this day, the former Hall of Famer is no longer valuable and a complete liability. Trying to build the empty shell of Roman Reigns on an epic 'Ric Flair moment' with an emphasis of the rebellious Stone Cold character (who to this day is completely repugnant and violence personified) shant maketh the man. Believe that.
So it begins...

Roman Reigns enters as number one to a host of boos. No-one wants this. WWE mention the disgraced woman beating quitter Stone Cold, whom they are trying to loosely base the same formula of Reigns Vs McMahon feud on. It is not working and proves McMahon is outdated with current situations. He's too stubborn to make it work. 

Number two is the Bulgarian Brute Rusev! Flanked by supposedly injured Lana (another one of WWE's necessaries) Rusev was a strong start to get it going but will WWE treat him right? None of the fans are really into it. A disbelief of elimination attempt came early on by Rusev in cheap fashion. Rusev flung Reigns out the middle rope which was a complete waste of time not two minutes in. Rusev was eliminated first by Reigns just before number 3 arrives.

AJ Styles arrived and WWE acknowledged him as such. To a WWE audience who isn't a smark who the f**k is this random action figure? 

AJ no Styles. There is he,
standing still,
with arms open.

Number 4 is Tyler Breeze. Styles did a clothesline on the spot punch downs of Breeze before Reigns jabs him out from over Styles' shoulders. Someone new comes now.

Number 5 is a social outcast. Yay! It's last year's complete mismanagement of Curtis Axel. How long will it take for WWE to mess this one up? Styles cheaply sends Axel out as an afterthought just before a new entry's ticking to time.

In comes another piece of ignorant trash in Chris Jericho as number 6. Another outdated and useless entry joins Reigns and Styles who seem to stop all action. Talk about taking it easy. Worst debut for lukewarm Styles or what?

Styles did a running clothesline jump like Action Man on Y2J which was plain sad. Number 7 comes now. It's Kane! Definitely the weakest start to the match which is supposed to have had some grand players by WWE's illogical standards. 

Next in is Goldust. It's the same spot with the same type of people every year. Ryback joined next and was viciously booed instantly. WWE seem to love him every year. He's going nowhere. 

The first half of entries is complete with number 10. It's one of the New Day. Spot monkey Kofi Kingston arrives. A re-run of the last two years is this? Titus O'Neil is in at 11 as the crowd don't feel complementary for letdown jobbers (in their mind) and feel deserving of more. Since when has WWE ever delivered that in recent memory? O'Neil eliminates Goldust.

R-Truth is number 12 to literally no reaction. He gets a ladder out and puts it in. *sigh* Wait for it... He climbs where there is no title. Kane pulls him down and drops him over to elimination. Fans boo. The ladder is removed. 

Wrong match.
Kofi gets tossed over but lands on Big E's shoulders. Yes, the spot monkey lunacy continues every year with Kofi booked as a fool. WWE wonder why it never gets taken seriously any longer. 

Number 13 comes Luke Harper and not master Bray. 

The League of Nations come to the ring and pull out Roman Reigns to beat him up, next to Mr. McMahon, who sanctions the stupid interaction conning the fans once again with a ridiculous booking angle every year. It was a boring beat down too.

In comes galactic nutjob Stardust. Thanks for coming. Rusev charges over the tables and belly flops Roman Reigns through it as Vince laps it up. You know he has to be eliminated over the rope, yeah? So Reigns gets to sit out for god knows how long 'til the big end moment? McMahon and his stooge troupe leave. Reigns left under the first rope and not top. Zzzzz, this shiz is old.

Back is the Big Show. Show easily sends out Titus as Ryback follows. Reigns is led out of the arena. Doubtful is a big comeback? How flawed can you get?

Neville entered next and was loudly booed. Kofi was finally dumped with a botched dropkick that never touched him from Chris Jericho. Fans cheered "This is Awful!"

After no selling the table beat down
kayfabe wise, in weeks, Triple H's
 crew turns the table on Roman.

Braun Strowman comes in at 17. He sent out Kane and then faced off with Big Show. That's the Wyatt's next feud then. Strowman sent Show to sleep and sent him over the rope, who hung on like a sweet sloth but eventually fell to the ground. Number 18 came out just in time as Kevin Owens came in. H feigned stumbling to the ring so weakly on hob legged moments which was boring. The indie lovies took each other on as Styles and Owens bored further. Kevin Owens then flung Action Man AJ Styles out of the ring he should never have been in. Owens doesn't belong their either. Fans gave Styles a cheer because they didn't want to hope that they had wasted their money on such a cheap event hoping for interesting change which short-changed them instead.

Dean Ambrose came in next. He went for Owens. Didn't we already see this? Not one of them looked tired. That's Owens' natural look. It did nothing for the match or WWE. 

Another independent midget as Kevin Owens best friend Sami Zayn walked out to Triple H's fan filled independent mark fest frenzy. It will take more than a cheap moment of two minute entry to entertain. Owens was dumped out soon after. Wow WWE is so new and current, isn't it?

The flippy sh*t has arrived. 

Next in at 21 is Erick Rowan, the man who ruined Curtis Axel last year. Chris Jericho was finally dumped with some teamwork with Harper. They sent out Stardust. Jericho suddenly rejoined the match, perplexing some fans who didn't see the elimination come non elimination. Eh?

Lovable non-entity Mark Henry came out and no one battered an eyelid. Eight to go! Henry was eliminated by the Wyatt Family. What was the point in wasting two crucial spaces? (Jack Swagger is to come.) 

Brock Lesnar finally picks up the momentum for bored fans. He gives everyone his suplex move. The ignorant beast who managed to show up tonight was somewhat off and had nothing really standout to his core. He cheaply sent out Erick Rowan. 

Someone new now. It's Jack Swagger. Lolz! He ran into an F5. Then he was dumped a second later. What a monumental elimination and powerful fight for Brock Lesnar. WWE booking at its finest. 

Next is The Miz. Okay... He goes and puts a commentary headset on. Why, just why? Oh yeah, Roman is still AWOL. 

Brock randomly taps Luke Harper out which was just lazy. In at 26 is ignorant tool Alberto Del Rio, who was already in a match earlier. He did nothing of value and pretended to punch Lesnar without touching him. Lesnar messed up an elimination of Strowman so had to do it again. He simply bumped into him to flip him over. Poor.

Who's next? Number 27 is lone member Bray Wyatt. The Wyatt's return and beat Brock in the match. Lesnar failed to move swift enough and then flung the Wyatt's out as a stare down of Brock and Bray began. Waltham versus Waltham in WWE's eyes. How novel that they still can't figure out how to book it right. 

The Wyatt's return so Bray can give Lesnar Sister Abigail as Brock Lesnar was dumped over the top rope. HaHaHa!

Most fans at ringside just weren't interested at all and completely demystified  by the booking approach.

Dolph Ziggler (who?) enters at 28. Whatever. Number 29 is Sheamus. Oh really? OMG! Roman Reigns runs back in to the Rumble and attacks Sheamus from behind to get back into the match. He takes out Del Rio. 

One more to go!

As predicted its Triple H. No-one cares. They don't want Reigns and they don't want Triple H's overblown, ignorant egofest. The rumble was slow and HHH's entry did not heighten the show. It's all about the ego, not the fans. A wasted moment that quickly fizzled out as Trips made it to the ring to have a long stare down with Reigns before a dumb Ziggler charges into a Pedigree. Roman does a Superman punch as the pair trade one-upmanship.

Triple H fakes falling out and holds on as Ziggler superkicks him. Ziggler is shortly dumped. HHH comes face to face with Bray Wyatt now. Triple H attempts to back off and respect by Wyatt gives him a rightful smack in the mouth. Ignorance and Triple H's conniving ego is not to be trusted no longer unless he proves otherwise. 

Triple H and his best friend Sheamus eliminate Bray Wyatt. Ambrose tosses out arrogant Jericho. 

The final four are Triple H, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Sheamus. It's just like last two previous years. Nothing has changed has it? Still limp and boringly booked. 

Sheamus is eliminated by Roman Reigns as Triple H sneaks up behind him and dumps out Roman Reigns. Elation from the crowd as Roman Reigns is no longer champion.

It's Triple H or Dean Ambrose. This is poor. Fans quickly tell Triple H he is unpopular as they cheer for Ambrose. That's right. Triple H uses many and the fans just wanted Triple H to be the hired monkey to eliminate Reigns but not win himself. They don't want an old and outdated fool.

The man event of Wrestlemania from
 ten years ago, Triple H.

Dean Ambrose is then thrown out cheaply by Triple H who becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a complete nonsense move.

Triple H cannot separate his ego from harming the product. No one wants another outdated Triple H run at all. The PPV closes on the predictable outcome on the Road to the main event of Wrestlemania. What a mess that will be.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Man / Women of their matches - Dean Ambrose, Jimmy Uso, (Neither was good enough), Becky Lynch, Bray Wyatt (choice was slim) 

Man / Woman of the PPV - Triple H

Triple H has always been WWE's master politician. He knew that adding a diversion such as AJ Styles would make him look good to the WWE Universe who are as desperate as WWE not to hope that their childhood nostalgia of the company has sunk. It has. WWE is no longer what WWE once was and with Vince McMahon's outdated running of the product and Triple H hiring random fan choices to try and gain fan support is laughable at WWE's misdirection.

Fans will tell themselves it was a good PPV/Rumble yet in hindsight it was just as bad as the unforgivable mess that was 2015. Fans don't want to admit that AJ Styles and Triple H made the product poor and pathetic and once the dust of markish hype wears off, WWE will once again be in the same position it was.


No fan or critic is prepared to tell the truth or admit what's right to. That is why Max Waltham's opinion is the only one that matters. The cold hard truth is an ugly cross to bear. WWE's constant life in denial does them no favours and ignorance hires are certainly not the way to ruin it further. Karma is a real one.

The Rumble itself was the same predictable show. Eliminations on the same outdated way, Kofi Kingston's lunatic theatrics and everyone standing around like a sore thumb doing nothing, waiting for someone to come in and go out. Everyone had their moment and barely anyone was memorable. Was a new star born in WWE's absence of headline stars to injury? No. The man who hires and books ignorant disgrace booked himself to win the Royal Rumble with the father in law's backing and pleasing the wife. It's all Triple H can do. Even running developmental into the ground trying to be an Indy promotion in WWE is hilariously tedious. The man cannot remove his aggressively divisive ego from the product and fans have realised while they want McMahon off the booking committee, Triple H, the shadow to his wife's success, will never cut the proverbial mustard making a future for WWE. Triple H makes Dixie Carter look good. That's a scary thought.

There was no buzz, no style and no awe. Royal Rumble needed someone to come through in its time of need. It booked a majority owner to win. That will increase the ratings, won't it? Fans told the McMahon's Triple H was one big reason they left the product, on air as The Authority and overdoing his own hype. The McMahon's took it for granted and dismissed that claim. Among many other reasons, WWE's ratings nosedived. They continue to book the same, outdated, boring interactions of no value. They snub and they can't do what is right for the product and pick Triple H's random favourites than skilled stars that will craft WWE's future. Triple H is desperate to prove he can run WWE. Yet all he has proven is how to drive fans away, lose investment and fail to hire the right stars. It's all about his own egotistical opinion as king. He needs to abuse the situation on screen because, in reality, this is all he has. He has no cultural power or influence and hates Max Waltham for being so creative that he attempts to be Waltham in WWE and fail miserably with his own opinion on stars he likes as a mark than a professional basis. He has always wanted to outdo others and takes a evil, hateful persona of real distaste because he can't achieve on his own merits. We've never had any hate at all, but WWE, caught in their own bubble, and Triple H's need to prove he can do a better job than everyone else, has placed the pedestal too high. Oh how the mighty fall hard. Lose the ego and do what is best for business. Listening is also key. Triple H has had his chances. He's failed and his last run attempt as title and Wrestlemania glory is a shining testament to living out his lost youth one last time.

Out of touch.
No one wants Roman Reigns and they certainly don't want Triple H, a 46 year old has been, ring wise. Nothing ever changes in WWE.

If anyone thought it couldn't get any worse than last year, this topped it. Lacklustre, no spark and slim pickings. Royal Rumble is now a useless PPV with sandwich filling bookings before the main Rumble event, which fails to build new stars and is booked and run so methodically infeasible to product and talent that the magic has been lost. Plus no-one on the card elsewhere should enter the Rumble match. Though in recent years WWE avoided this because it was short stacked and desperate. 

It would have been far better for WWE to put Roman in as number two. It would give more emphasis to the number and can be a perfect build up angle that it wasn't unfair to give him a chance to instantly view his competition. WWE should then have placed Dean Ambrose as number one to captivate the audience pitting the pair of former pals against each other. 

Another missed opportunity to
WWE's negative attitude.

Surprises have always been in store where the Rumble is concerned. With such shortness on offer, having Stephanie McMahon enter would have been better, at say 23. Following on from that Vince McMahon should enter either before, at 13 and go the distance or just before/after Steph. Of course, then number 27 can be the shock everyone fails to anticipate. As Stephanie rules the roost, Chyna can make her epic return which would send shockwaves to the WWE. Entry number 30 would need more than two minutes to enter, and who better to have their grand debut (and possibly win) the Rumble than Max Waltham. These decisions would boost WWE to where it needs to be. Though WWE won't do it, because they are too stubborn and proud for whatever personal reasons they have going on. It's what's truly best for business and once again WWE always miss the trick in making it so much better as it could be. 

Can you smell the ego?

At least WWE gave Roman Reigns (soon to be three time World champion [lol]) more than five minutes, but it really doesn't count sitting out so long, does it? 

The Intercontinental Championship was a waste of time warm up. The lethargic heaven for Kevin Owens became a  complete mess. This happens in every Owens match and he failed to sell for Dean Ambrose just like TLC beforehand. Ambrose looked like a plus one jobber out there. He's meant to be a future star that when in The Shield two years back was destined for greater things today. Here he is, struggling to get by and cursed with ignorance making him typecast and forgettable. Owens will never make it for WWE and Triple H's best friend who has been given everything in every major win and title without any skill or effort needs imminent demotion and sacking. WWE are too weak to act. It won't ever happen for them and the festing ignorance of the highest order. It will harm all opponents and WWE's so called future.

Further ignorance of the highest order continued to mar WWE's product with both disgraced acts in the paltry United States Championship match. Anyone remember Triple H last year saying it was to embrace and rebuild the US title as the great American staple it should be? What a turncoat. The US title, featuring two Mexican stars, made WWE look completely pathetic. Fodder.

The title needs new competition on both sides. Drop Craplisto and Del Rio imminently and never title them up again and get some valid competition to rebuild the champ and challenger of said title. WWE's US title is nothing more than a passable trinket around the locker-room like a juicy used needle or easy going gal needing a career boost. 

The pair have terrible mic skills, awful characters and reek of ignorance. Using their Mexican heritage to get over is another tacky, cheap slap in the face to Mexican Wrestling and all Hispanic audiences (not to mention English ones.) WWE are so desperately trying to hold onto for ratings. These have contributed to the ratings decline. WWE are completely deluded and needs a complete insider overhaul if it is ever to survive the coming storm.

WWE are still oblivious to the fact that lack of creativity and using such ignorance without accepting advice on how to improve from it has cost them their ratings nosedive. It is not bliss. Get wise and act, or get lost and lose. You choose. (Lose the ego, be a professional).

Becky Lynch needed to win tonight and was at the hottest she's ever been. Royal Rumble needed a title switch up too outside of the Rumble and either the tag or Diva's strap needed switching. WWE decided Becky Lynch was a jobber to the stars. After an expert outing, and making Charlotte look considerable for once, despite her lack of skills on the main roster, WWE dumped Lynch twice. Once with no win of the title, which needs to be freshly changed. How WWE can never see these necessities or is plain stubborn to move the gold is as lame as it comes. The second knock to Lynch was being jobbed out by returning tweener playing both sides Sasha Banks. After being the one WWE fans wanted, WWE once again acted six months too late. The direction of Banks was tepid, poor and weak. Her grand stabilisation as contender now looked like a cheap and useless moment that signed her as boring and unnecessary. WWE always make their own problems. Time waits for no man. Oh, and a Ric Flair sexual assault was utterly repugnant. Even in a storyline, WWE putting this out there means they have to act and turning these serious issues into random jokes on air is another distasteful lump of gristle in the mouth, ever so difficult to swallow.

The tag titles also did not change and it would have been better for Becky to win and The Uso's at Fast Lane next month to win. WWE booked the New Day with such disgraced sexual themes and toilet humour that no one was able to get over tonight. This was a filler match for tag team jobbers who should have been tag team gold on all sides.

WWE wasted everyone's time building to the Rumble match. The rebellious and ego ridden job off was plain pathetic. If anyone thought Dean Ambrose was going to beat WWE, they were laughing. Same goes for Bray Wyatt. Rusev being jobbed before getting started and the addition of ignorant tools AJ Styles and Chris Jericho were plain mark actions trying to be smarks from WWE. Royal Rumble exposed them as the weakest they've ever been and fans were completely dejected, even in attendance but did not want to admit their costly tickets were meaningless entertainment. WWE shareholders should bail on WWE now.2016 is in trouble for the 'E at this rate. Triple H is leading WWE on air as champion. How original, how exciting, how wonderful. HaHaHa! Hilarious isn't it?

WWE could easily have made this an epic match but their direction and creative talent at developing the good of the product is clearly stumped. WWE don't like to admit its flaws. This is a business not an ego ridden novelty act, Triple H is now clearly playing up to for one last nostalgic run. Isn't nepotism great? WWE have proved none of the bigwigs have any talent and is only based on their inheritance. A business man never allows his or her company to sink through stubborn ego, but in wrestling, Dixie Carter and the McMahon's fail to see a future beyond themselves. With it the fans suffer. With that the fans finally wake up and leave. What incentive is there to stay? Nothing ever changes and the running of the shows are predictable, similar and outdated. WWE need to get their brains into gear and make some awkward calls if it really wants a future it can be proud of and respected for. Currently ignorance buys have eaten away at its very core and WWE are in for a tough year unless it figures what to really do than get some guy from the other company to fix its dry spell. WWE needs talent, not spot monkeys. Lose the ego. This is a business.

© Max Waltham 25th January 2016
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