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Wrestling Wonders Pro 50, 2015 (Part 2) 25 - 1

Wrestling Wonders
Pro 50, 2015 
(Part 2) 
25 - 1

Continuing on from Part 1 (link below) of the WW Pro 50 2014. 

The Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 annual ranking includes the period of 1st January to 31st December 2015. 

The most impressive and earning 50 have gained a place on this pioneering list which ever performer, wrestle and entertainer in the field of wrestling should aspire to enter on. There are no other substitutes and is not based on fandom picks or kayfabe thrills.

The top 50 have earned their place based on match quality, in-ring ability, strength of promos, vocal range, depth of character and entertainment within wrestling. This isn't a top of the company listing nor a office backroom fandom choice becoming a glorified fanzine. 

This list always has and will always continue to honour the best of the year who have shown immense commitment and skill beyond materialistic one-offs.

It is the list everyone copies, aspires to and rips off, but can never maintain credibility or respect. Wrestling Wonders leads where others continue to follow.

As ever, Max Waltham has written the entire lot, and has not skimped on anything for a couple of print media lines for tacky disrespect to the entries.

This isn't simply being ranked, for others it is rising the ranks and holding onto their former positions and improving on them or not. All seem to be thoroughly compelled to do so. 

This year, as a bonus, for our fifth year online, a top 100 list is compiled but will not receive a write up. Only the top 50 earn this accolade. It is also an indication to see where and how far between others rank and how close they could be to entering the next year.  

This year was a close run for the top spot. So, shall we begin...

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Dragon Gate

2014 Placing - 29

Since December 28th 2014, Flamita refused the Open the Brave Gate Championship after a DQ title defence, leaving it in the ring instead, where Dragon Gate announced three days after it was vacant when Punch Tominaga unmasked him in an action of sheer disrespect beyond wrestling principals… Flamita returned three months after, launched back into action with the ignorant new champion Akira Tozawa, with a loss with selfish Tozawa… Dazzled in between dates on Independent scene over May through to August which really proved such value as growing star… Disbanded from Eita and T-Hawk as Milennials were defeated in a three man team match back in Dragon Gate… Joined with Dragon Kid in rapidly thrilling Summer Adventure Tag League exchanges… Flamita soon sought shelter in the Dia Hearts group thereafter… With guiding partner Kid, Flamita knocked the tag titles off of NarukiDoi and YAMATO in an absolute corker of an event over 23:35, defining earnt success… Returned back onto Indy scene to fulfil commitments as a true professional, as Fireball, with more interesting battles, except for the ignorant battle with disgraced vanilla block Magnus…

Has real value and growing strength to captivate and stand tall… Needs high respect returned as clearly earning such with wrestling talent… Should have lengthy run as tag champ ‘til mid-year and build personality more in promo’s… Highly dissed by Dragon Gate, who don’t seem to care any longer, nor have a clue what to book for its stars and only interested in a handful of ignorance… 


New Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - 36

Started a turbulent year in New Japan with a daft loss to AJ Styles in forgettable non-title bout… Impressed over the New Japan Cup with wins and a loss to Kota Ibushi, delivering compact skill… After plodding along in empty battles, went to disgraced company Ring of Honor combo card to beat Kyle O’Reilly as fodder, losing to the ignorant TV champion Jay Lethal the following night in mid-May… Joined the likes of La Sombra in Mexico fighting Negro Casas and Shocker trying to gain their CMLL tag titles with tense precision… Returned to New Japan after being on loan for G1 Climax inclusion as defending winner last year… Risked entire career by joining ignorant promotions in the UK which were of no value to anyone, anywhere in the world festering on such vile ignorance of the highest order in nothing matches… 

Has made some questionable decisions and must decide if they are his own or by his management. If management, then he, like others, must stand up for themselves and say no, even at the cost of upsetting them. Ignorance will ruin the entire career… Research of international markets and who not to wrestle is crucial to any developing star, even those from far away… Is currently borderline, warm up act… 



2014 Placing - 14

Was woefully dismissed in nonsense elimination that did not count in Royal Rumble match, still counting days of still remaining in the bout exposing the lunacy of WWE’s ill thought out booking strategy… Uncoordinated elimination led to grand repertoire of AxelMania… Wrongfully snubbed star was tossed out of ring on Raw night later over top rope in WWE booking point that failed to connect or address situation which still counts as not eliminated for Axel… Made sheer excellence of all jobbers on Main Event, Live shows and NXT building stars with reputation WWE so quickly forgets… Squashed by Rusev in most appalling March Raw booking lasting a disgraceful twenty-six seconds from WWE… Was jokingly mistreated in the annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania, which should have seen more presence than throwaway moments… Was relegated for rest of year from prime time television who still made most impressive impact than most on it…

Lack of booking faith and creative direction from losses WWE HQ has dipped Axel’s star but talent has kept his place… Able to work others perfectly to their best and dismissed… Needs to be given better angles, boosted runs and real backing commitment from lazy WWE… Has kept fans happy but many have left ratings for WWE badly as one of many poor decisions ruining key future prospect with skill… Two years prior, was trainer to The Rock in comeback collision with John Cena at Wrestlemania…


Total Non-Stop Action

2014 Placing - 15

Despite continually mistreated by brainless TNA production team, Godderz continues to be the man that could but TNA never would look towards as its main attraction… Poor entries and Joker’s Wild contests for an unbelievable sum of a $100,000 prize, among TNA’s cash strapped failing was too much a lunacy to behold… Eventual team break up was sought and received with Robbie E being naturally favoured over TNA because Dixie Carter likes him. That’s all she needs to book such a ‘talent’… Since being forgotten, Godderz still stood out as the defining act among building everyone else up to his standard… Somehow won a Street Fight with a cheap eight minutes which could not boost Godderzenough on a two hour show to gain hardcore recognition once respected for in OVW… Failure to qualify in a King of the Mountain title race, using the old TNA Legends title, to ignorant Lashley, was a mistake and a blessing not to hold a poor title… 

Stuck in a rock and a hard place with TNA, who continue to mock and disrespect Godderz, his muscle, talent and opportunities to be the leading man in favour of TNA’s somewhat hairbrained decision process… In his unbelievability on TNA booking, Godderz mains at the top of TNA’s idiocy with his in-ring skills and technical power… Is the best prospect on the roster alongside ECIII, but TNA seem to disagree, after Wrestling Wonders has told them for three years… WWE should offer contract… 


Dragon Gate

2014 Placing - 26

Grew immensely once more as tag team champions ripping up the scene with Yamato, who is the best on the roster today, and has been overlooked for three years by company… Veteran tag specialist became tad boring in places with outdated feud with Jimmyz lasting almost all year due to Dragon Gate being short stacked and clueless at booking today… Needed fresh outlook with Yamato as tag team that can be relied upon as water tight… Put in tasteful loss to T-Hawk over twelve minutes in second round King of Gate definer… Took the tag titles once more with yamato in a superb June frenzy over 24:12… Was crossed over by K-ness in five on five tag match with Jimmyz where losing unit disbands, leaving MAD BLANKEY to finally separate… Previous match proved pointless as Doi created a new band called VerserK with tag partner Yamato, Cyber Kong, Kotoka, Shingo Takagi and MondaiRyu on an already shortly stacked roster which would have been better to have him tag with Yamato only… 

Tag team and stable member loyalist has trouble separating self from pack with own momentum outside typecast role… Needed to develop tag team with Yamato instead of same old routine… Lost lot of momentum failing to honour match principals, which was booking office’s mistake, not Doi’s… Always concentrates efforts on succeeding in placement on card and for company good… 


Dragon Gate

2014 Placing - 22

Returned from shoulder injury quickly with strong composure on January 1th proving to be a stronghold for company in short space of time… Was protected and rewarded with profile retaining good show of respect with victories throughout months in tag matches… Contributed in six man team Cage skirmish on 7th April well… Recuperated vastly to lift Dream Gate title from Cyber Kong in a crushingly skilful collision on May 5th card… Took off with new lease of fresh air during King of Gate tournament entries… Smooth run ended on 14th June by Masato Yoshino with another masterful display of talent and commitment… Impressed as Dia.Hearts stablemate leading the charge over Summer Adventure Tag League… Continues to rest easy while working without letting side down…

Makes working through, with and after injury look effortless… Sheer commitment and respected veteran who has done much for company is encouraging to see… Did not relent during return to work with sterling efforts to build the lacking roster… Hopefully 2016 will gather more pace with hearty feuds and passionate encounters Hulk is clearly capable of delivering… Shining example to all…


Total Non-Stop Action

2014 Placing - Unlisted

Started his year with a winning bout over Joey Ryan at IWF Chosen One with impressive technique… Was choosen one month later by TNA, who picked up Shaun Ricker to re-christen Eli Drake… Began slow but decent in outings for the company, testing the waters but still managed to look less than attractive due to TNA’s slow approach… After what should have been his best call up yet, and such a valuable prospect, Drake suffered in TNA more than succeeded with patchy singles, though worked tight magic with Jessie Godderz along the way… Plodded around in empty matches including No disqualification with Drew Galloway, which Drake indefnsiably lost… Had strong chances in the King of the Mountain tournament, losing out to TNA favourites, including lacklustre Bobby Roode, further disrespected by TNA, which was meant to be a new and fresh concept for all…Has since become TNA’s standard jobber rather than sexy, skilled and championship worthy… Only in TNA… Despite WWE’s former refusal on Ricker/Drake, WWE should offer him a serious job, which would be over in all aspects , which can also provide future… Drake should take it instantly… 

TNA should have boosted him up higher, especially after it decided to ‘buy’ him only to place him into a corner instead… Is drastically treading water only six month in, which is utterly embarrassing, despite not being his fault… Has depth, skill and stamina to fill audiences… How TNA are so blind to real talent is worrying to its future transitions when it made a bulk payment to secure his services… 


All Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - 5

Finally gave way to initial choice champion Go Shiozaki on 3rd Jan firecracker when Doering was parachuted in due to an injury last year… Doering’s title uplifting presence was blessing in disguise for All Japan, who seem to realise capabilities of man who can in times of need… Paired back with Suwama in tag action to re-establish depth of partnership… Held solo capabilities in Champion Carnival tournament missing out to Akebono maintain heavyweight stance among the big boys… Ending half of year battles in singles and tag title battles with KentoMiyahra were eye opening pleasers, displaying compact structure and core development…

After enjoying his best year ever, has managed to settle back into tag team wrestling capably while keeping heavyweight aspirations open… Needs to contain controlled entries and impress All japan where needed… Is dependable and suitable should AJPW need or choose to add changes to division to mix up and entertain among a challengingly lower, but growing roster, beaming with talent… 



2014 Placing - 48

Feud with John Cena was limp action from Cena, but saw Rusev become the best ever with agility, high flying dropkicks and powerful presence that thankfully hushed critiques and made the shout loudly with adoration instead… Initially thought to be despised, WWE joke turned on them when Rusev, the anti-American hating Russian aggressor was cheered by fans, with United States Championship as successful insult to injury… Grew as US champion to a perfect standard, alongside equally over beauty Lana… Predictably lost the title to Cena at Wrestlemania where Rusev was starting to be booked as a comedy act, losing credibility… Had exceptional matches with Cesaro on Raw in filler bouts that WWE weren’t expecting to encapsulate the fans with skill and poise when seeking a new mid level title challenger which both were shunned from… Took some time out only to return to poor feuds of no value and a break up with Lana, who fell for DolphZiggler, which Rusev sought Lana clone Summer Rae instead… Real life engagement to Lana infuriated WWE, who enjoy using media outlets for stories, but unable to control this one… Has predictably reunited with Lana on television as result, missing a trick to turn honourable… Is currently acting as random jobber…

Greatest year propelling anti-American ox who dispelled all doubters with talent and poise… Lost lovely Lana as result of intense Cena series… Recovered roots to Bulgarian nationality… Made Cena series and lone battles refreshing with such improved technique… Bad love triangle with Summer Rae momentary blip… Could change on to the honourable side, before or just after Wrestlemania… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Held short year as part-timer but put in epic and respectable matches with strong promo’s and dedicate belief that surpassed numerous star’s still lacking today… After an excessive and slightly mis-managed build up, defeated nemesis Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31, but fans felt lacked style, as well as ‘Taker’s unnecessary Streak loss to invisible blurb Brock Lesnar last year… Won such re-appearing feud at Summerslam against Lesnar proving to be the consummate professional with enticing skill… Moved back to fighting Wyatt at Survivor Series alongside re-ignited brotherhood with Kane…  Title abdication of injured Seth Rollins altered 4 on 4 with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose plans to a paltry 2 on 2 deflator, losing fan buzz…Stole the shows at Wrestlemania, Battleground, Summerslam and Survivor Series, outshining everyone with sheer talent and card involvement…

Unafraid to get hands dirty and please fans wherever possible despite concerns over bodily functions with age… Loved and respected to the very core for his sheer involvement, cannot be faltered for epic battles, promos and mystically captivating aura… Can back up everything in the ring and outside of it… Wrestling Wonders would like to see one on one ‘Mania epic with The Rock and dark ‘Taker…



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Sat out for long while on Mexican Independent scene, donating time to well sought matches during company relations dramas… Still proved most valuable player as free agent and champion veteran at just 50 years old… Returned to CMLL on August 19th only a week later announcing fulltime contract only to reveal was fired by company on September 11th because wrestling on their 82nd Anniversary show “didn’t suit his interests” for loyalty to L.A Park who was sent packing days earlier by the promotion… CMLL’s mismanagement scored AAA a coup by signing loyal and committed star daring to take bold risks… On November 2ndbetrayed ignorant manslaughterer Rey MysterioJr… Made steady progression on Indies currently, with no contract yet in sight, but may not even need one…. 

UWA Heavyweight champion since 18th June 2004 lasting 4206 days proves longest reigning champion of all time has no level of relenting from wrestling prowess… Equally impressive IWL World title run of 814 days continues his standing with honour… Relationship dysfunction between companies and principals cannot sidelinegung-ho veteran who stands up for beliefs… Despite Mexican Wrestling managers uncoordinated, Wagner Jr remains its rightful heavyweight kingpin… 


New Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - Unlisted

Has developed front heavy, hardcore bruiser to more controlled and worthwhile wrestler bringing intense emotion from fans fully engaged in the headbanging hound… Lost to equally compelling competitor Tomohiro Ishii in an unpredictable NEVER Openweight title loss for the vacant championship… Kept stance on roster developing in tag team pairings to fully enhance repertoire further… Played in the annual G1 Climax tournament, entering with strong air of competitive edge… Continued to make believable magic in tag team with TogiMakabe as powerful underdog’s in World Tag League… Sitting pretty at top of tag division in comfortable pair that is slowly building much more steam and captivating audiences with a steady pace… 

Tough, hardworking and committed performer in Japan, not only New Japan is not fully appreciated by the company that employs him… Toning down transitional to a more rounded performer has been a crucial success after realising hardcore madman only goes so far… Capable to prove can alter image and standing for greater good and develop a future… Should predictably own a title in 2016…


All Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - 20

Comfortably re-welcomed Joe Doering back into tag team fold to continue team Evolution’s strengthened bond for All Japan… Re-invigorated over Champion Carnival series after drab tag outings during April boost, including powerful time draw with new heavyweight champion, Go Shiozaki… Put in many stamina crunching matches, most over twenty minutes, proving vital necessity to brand, promotion and divisions involved in… Lost by a disheartening disqualification to Akebono in the Royal Road second round tournament, hence knocked out… Repetitive double count out in tag month later could be sign of trouble for star, who needs to keep open levels and not be too foolish looking where counts… 

Should space out mishap finishes rather than too close together, to avoid looking foolish to audiences when star has bright future as stable force and can be called upon when needed… Veteran grappler has no sense of backing down any time soon and continues to keep All Japan grounded well… May need title run once more, but should have Doering at side for a while, before eventually turning on him, to re-develop tag scene, opponents and one another, as well as fans… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Veteran luchador flew to Japan in January as part of the Fantastica Mania tour to defend his NWA World Historic Welterweight gold from Gran Guerrero with stunning splendour… Formed Sky Team with Mistico II and Valiente to build triple tag team values in feud with Los GuerrerosLaguneros for the very CMLL Trio tag titles… Defended NWA strap over Negros Casas in another flawless victory… held on to the UIPW Heavyweight title from Flamita in another superlative aerial acer in June… Had standout matches with Dr Wagner Jr and La Sombra to name a few delivering dependable and powerful technical repetoire… Halted all challengers in Mephisto, Sombra and Casas for NWA title with another finer display of sheer aerial fantascism…  

Continues to prove style, grace and depth to Mexican wrestling scene… Cutely honourable man can back up style, substance and championship basis to develop any company forward… Has no level of retraction any time soon… Nerves of steel entertain and prove championship worth in boosting title credibility… Could use more promo time to develop more feuds… Hot style and CMLL veteran contains restorative harmony in wrestling values for which he is highly regarded and respected… 


New Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - Unlisted

Was given an equal standing victory while working magic with NEVER Openweight challenger TomoakiHonma with believable work on the night… Suffered troubling loss ending April in first major defence to TogiMakabe which had such raw emotion from champion and challenger as befitting testament to Ishii’s portrayal… Settled for next three months in powerfully entertaining tag matches where Ishii continues to sell tremendously for all others… Won his B Block entry in the G1 Climax event over the ignorant mess Michael Elgin, proving how well he can work a bad situation New Japan should never have put him into with such an opponent… Rematch with Makabe for the NEVER title was a roaring success where many began pulling for Ishii to win on 12th October card nearly eighteen minutes of pure talent… Made a fool out of in the World Tag League which stunted growth as champion who build huge repertoire before him… 

Tough as nails brute is so believable and connected to fans that make him climb into a steady position as a top competitor… New Japan continues to manage promotion with bad ignorance and ends up ruining prospects that have just achieved much only to lose huge chunk of credibility by one wayward match or two… Needs real booking faith, no ignorance and stronger management… 



2014 Placing - Unlisted

Little and Large team with Cesaro proved greatest success to modern tag team division and wrestling overall, with stunning and jam packed tag title victory at Fastlane… Raucous crowd respect on technique and power kept Cesaro and Kidd in swift partnership bromance dominating for months over The Uso’s, New Day and others… Did not relent as Kidd saw transition of titles at Payback in respectful outgoing loss to New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Big E in Two for Three Falls stunner… Entered his and Tag Team’s first Elimination Chamber match in sandwich PPV in failed title rematch where Kidd and Cesaro mixed up the entire core putting New Day over immensely… Unnoticeable, hampering injury at PPV transition showed esteem professionalism before warming the bench to recuperate… 

Swift and stunning action gave Kidd his best ever run in WWE, sadly taking sideline effect… Gave it all to impress WWE with his abilities and partnership worth to tag team and singledom if WWE can get behind him with strong options… Is a little winner for WWE upon return, if kept in high regard… Invaluable flyer WWE really need at this time in pro wrestling… Requires another future title run, without Cesaro…



2014 Placing - 13

Japan’s most entertaining fruitcake encapsulating audiences finally achieved dream, relieving Naomichi Marufuji of GHC Heavyweight title at NOAH’s Great Voyage with an impeccable main event… Defences with Marufuji, Maybach Taniguchi and Yoshihiro Takayama exuded strong personality with heightened credibility than outright joke act… Was relied upon to add some extra magic to WAVE promotion in August with another classic exchange with Mo Shirai… Stabilising tag team battles during World title run did not embarrass leading star despite strings of losses amid entertaining presence…  Got serious with esteemed veteran Takashi Sugiura in near thirty minute September fest that maintained championship value and bruiser boy credentials…  

Stabilised NOAH with an initial choice of doubt to carry company with heavyweight title donation… Did not fail to entertain crowds, become respected as a main event star and deliver bi-lateral personalities to strengthen Japanese Wrestling at a troubling time… Could be one for near future to continue rise but must be careful not to entrap self into ignorance… 


All Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - 17

Settled in new tag team with Takao Omori since Go Shiozaki’s mainstream call up perfectly with natural charisma to carry the pair… Retained Tag title at Excite Series from Evolution’s Joe Doering and Suwama with impressive connection… Lost month later in March at Power Series which was another charismatic approach… Won the Royal Road tournament to become the top force in AJPW over September to pursue title glory… Shocked the world with Triple Crown title victory  over company favourite Akebono with an outstanding show of force, aggression and championship worth All Japan have been waiting a long time for… Continuing tag team hunt whilst wearing Triple Crown strap, which can only ever boost his worth and the good of the company’s too…

Since joining a couple of years back, has sat moderately in place well for All Japan’s infrastructure… Now proved why he was still a perfect addition even at only 46 years of age with no chance of dipping his talents… Respected veteran by insiders and crowds regardless of attitude in and out of the ring has stabilised him, company and roster… Has seemingly honed skills ad toned down attitude for greater good to succeed on the exceptional talent he clearly has, beaming from the rooftops…


Dynamic Dream Team

2014 Placing - 8

Played in the festeringly ignorant company’s New Japan Cup, with crowning victory over Hiroko Gotowhich failed to raise expectations… Produced highlight of the night on 21st March for DDT with Openweight title defence against blow up doll YOSHIHIKO, which Ibushi exceptionally made another growing star in all its absurdity… Looked furthermore the fool as stooge champion AJ Styles defeated Ibushi in testing NJPW heavyweight title defence, amounting to nothing… Entered number of near perfect matches in DDT, which highlyrespects him also, with gimmick matches and tournaments that developed all involved, with high-flying great… Joined the NJPW G1 Climax tournament to fall to TetsuyaNaito as A Block victor over scorching Summer…  Returned to home promotion DDT with Daisuke Sasakito grab the tag titles as Golden Storm Riders with magical rebirth of tag successes in promotion… 

Ability to make a star out of a blow up doll further elevates such talent of Ibushi many could not even contemplate how to work with or to watch with artistic tone… Comfortable and fully respect where it all began, in DDT, has continue to raise Ibushi’s affinity with world and regional audiences… Stint in New Japan has proved to be a bad decision, where such company is festering in much ignorance, harming its growth and company produce… In DDT, should flesh out title reigns to rest of world’s attention, without engaging in such ignorant matches which would only destroy Ibushi forever… 



2014 Placing - 9

YAMATO’s advancement continued in his home promotion, Dragon Gate and U.S affiliate DGUSA adding finer details to his wrestling transitions… These include red hot feuds with Millenials and matches against the two Jimmyz, BxB Hulk and Masaaki Mochizuki highlighting true worth to the blistering tag team core… Was ruined by ignorant ego by company stakeholder CIMA in six way loss over April, imposing on prospects… Fell in the first round of the King of Gate race with a corking battle over twenty-four minutes with T-Hawk… Secured place as tag Team kingpin with NarukiDoi on impressive tag victory for DG Tag championships… Fought off multiple competition with ease over coming months whilst keeping his unit team together in Loser disbands triple team match up on 6th August only to lose fortnight later, convoluting options… Reached finals in Summer Adventure Tag league and held onto Tag titles against the victors Jimmyz on October 4th’s tender tag match… 

Continues joyous rampage as star turn in Dragon Gate, however highly underutilised and taken for granted… Failure to be put at top of DG’s company tier when most needed displays awkward running of such promotion picking favourites over real talent that can bolster its reputation… YAMATO is stalling in process and stuck at a state of excellence fiercely holding his position but not advancing it further, through all his trying might… 


All Japan Pro Wrestling

2014 Placing - 10

Seated atop All Japan’s mountainous throne with the Triple Crown World title on Jan 3rd extravaganza with Joe Doering to raise audience adoration… Tight defence of the title elevated position in company stature… Grew in champion role with audience recognition as credible in tag title victory on May 6th downing Akebono and Yutaka Yoshie with Kento Miyahara at Super Power Series smasher, as double champion… Charade of crowning glory was made clearer two weeks later when Akebono surprising lifted the Triple Crown title from Shiozaki on 21st May, which felt like a demotion for fans of Shiozaki… Lost stride back in tag team division as Team Xceed leader in exchange’s with Joe Doering’s Evolution team including multiple Captain’s Fall losses… Lost to former pal Jun Akiyama in a brief but tidy eight minute Royal Road tournament opener...

Clean, sooth and credible championship material, Shiozaki looks every part the star All Japan wants and needs to develop its brand further… Has more defined look and wrestling style that can engage Western audiences and boost AJPW to higher levels of recognition… Brimming talent from 33 year old superstar who has finally made the big one possible… Must now own its challenging entirety … 



2014 Placing - 6

Continued sterling work with comfortable sparring partner Papadon after long time apart I stunning no contest thriller at NYWC… Was made a fool of against the ignorant Davey Richards which NYWC should never have booked with its standout performer Nese…  Returned to fight the Juicy Product at FWE with Jigsaw in what was another exceptional battle of depth, passion and charisma… Was treated like dirt by EVOLVE with ignorant cat loving, string bean loser Johnny Gargano, which Nese should have refused… Returned with Papadon as Premier Gods to shake up and thrill the tag team division once more… Featured on WWE Raw with cameo as security guard… Why he wasn’t hired or discussed with was somewhat perplexing as WWE really need him and fans want him, in every way possible… Continued on the Independent scene including a Christmas special with Kenny Omega that pleased with technical exuberance that is truly respected upon viewing experience…

Another consecutive top 10 and 5 placing for Nese in WW Pro 50 due to skill and style in the ring… Topped talents once more with workrate, believability and finesse… Might eventually get on WWE’s radar as one for the future, though time is running out… Still keeps enthusiasm among audiences… Class act will take sometime to fell as new riser on charismatic depth to wrestling overall… 



2014 Placing - 2

Stunned at Wrestlemania opener with a smashing aerial RKO on Seth Rollins which was an amazing battle brimming with talent at both ends…  Was mistreated by WWE in efforts to build up utter joke in Sheamus in unannounced match on PPV and pointless follow ups that Orton once gain carried exceptionally where others would have failed… WWEs five star worker moved back into title scene briefly with Rollins to build up green challengers Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns at four man Payback event… Work with Cesaro in tags was another highlight with powerhouse skill and smooth communication which pair made look effortless… Sailed through as World title contender against Cesaro and plus one ignorance that should never have been booked which Orton managed to salvage from the lazy interactions… Continued poor Sheamus actions once more which was so outdated WWE office didn’t seem to get… Ratings decline hit WWE hard near after… Brief move onto New Day was stunted after suffering tough injury sidelining him until Wrestlemania, sending WWE into a panic… Got married to wife number two, which wasn’t Max Waltham, as fans respect but miss their 1 in 1 million chance with wrestling’s most eligible bachelor… 

Allowed others to shine and still kept own place in spotlight… Still WWE’s 5 star worker has boosted scores of talent again… Cannot be relied upon forever… Is re-assessing role in Pro Wrestling but still claims spot at highest of order when involved… Could do with another hot title run in future or raise affinity to tag gold before WWE next Summer… Can be called upon when WWE is in need to deliver… Would be sorely missed creatively, ratings wise, generally and talent-wise… 



2014 Placing - 1

Unsuccessful bid for WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar and John Cena in triple threat 22:48 stunner at Royal Rumble began ascension to top spot superstardom… Began string of defeats in absurd bookings with J and J (Jaime Noble and Joey Mercury) Security tags… Excellent bout with Randy Orton opening Wrestlemania was smokescreen loss well covering epic defeat of ‘Beast’ Brock Lesnar cash-in with title chancer to win defining WWE World Heavyweight Championship awe… Alliance with The Authority did more harm than good in efforts to get Rollins over as stooge than star… Exposed online with naked pictures of majestic manhood luckily avoided reprimand by head office… Flew with mighty stead as champion, relishing in role, beloved by public, defeating Randy Orton in another showstealer at Extreme Rules… Was moved onto Dean Ambrose, suffering typecast downfall, in decent challenges that Rollins kept relevant… No Contest results with Brock Lesnar did not excel The Authority’s star pick as Face of the WWE… Risked it all on social media and engaged attendances of rival company’s unbefitting to role as WWE champion… Booking as chump champ continued despite excellence from Rollins in matches… Marked historic first as WWE World and United States Champions simultaneously, downing company megastar John Cena remarkably well… Lost U.S title back to Cena month later as transitional champ which harmed WWE’s new number one guy… Shortly sidelined on karma overseas on international tour with career staling injury…

With a strong start and excellence to the quest of lifting WWE’s top prize, Rollins’ charisma, depth and heat have gained him near top spot… Almost held onto top position for second year in row on WW Pro 50 which led to title success run… Lacklustre booking mid months to end need retracting… Has had lengthy run where no one else was plausible… Much needed and deserved… Needs stronger booking to continue such place at WWE’s superstar top… Started becoming too egotistical in role…



2014 Placing - 3

High climber in recent years on WW Pro50, this year being no exception wining fans over with skillset…  Made excellent success in tag team duo with Tyson Kidd captivating fans the world over… Starting change at WWE Fastlane with Tag Title victory from Uso’s was fast-track to success… Was bumped to number of Pre-Show’s for PPVs, with sterling tag defence over Wrestlemania… Ploughed through all of tag division receivingraucous crowd support for sheer talent on offer every time… Dropped the gold well at Extreme Rules to developing trio New Day in plausible defeat… Was greatest star in New Day feud with exceptional, awe dropping manoeuvres, including Kidd, leading to impressive 2:1 loss in Payback’s Two of Three falls masterpiece… Came back ten times better in Raw matches with Rusev and US Title Open Challenger John Cena over Summer and beyond which was earth shatteringly mesmerising…  Skills, depth and in-ring psychology helping to grow WWE’s landscape has kept fans engaged to new levels despite WWE politics displacing him… Took troubling injury later in the year after working through clumsy inept by another bumbling superstar…

Sterling work in tag division gone unnoticed by WWE, who has helped Kidd and New Day become highly relevant and grown talents once again…Has some internal problems with booking power who feel Cesaro may not be “connected” to fans despite hottest year ever… Still cannot retain first name which neutered him to begin with… Has real potential at main event contenderships… Best technical wrestler oozing charisma for decades… Has fan appreciation for skill and attractiveness…  Needs strong booking and faithful push among pecking order WWE so desperately needs… Is already over in abundance…

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